Now it seems,Those who return from the deep abyss all gain,They all look very excited,No one has mentioned Li Hongyan yet,She feels underground“warehouse”The likelihood of exposure is much lower,I don’t want Gan Yifan to say anything to Wu Heng。

Where does Wu Heng know this inside story,Xu Wan said that Gan Yifan worried about him,Suddenly laughed,Say:“do not worry about me,It’s just a little longer going up and down the cliff,I almost couldn’t hold on it several times,Just keep going。Going down to the bottom of the cliff is not so scary,Master Ruo gave me a pill in advance,Said to be used for detoxification,But the air doesn’t seem to smell like corpses,On the contrary, cold wind blows from time to time……”
When it comes to this,Wu Heng lowered his voice,Go on:“Actually, we didn’t get to the bottom this time,Strictly speaking, the place full of bones is just a fault,There is still space under the fault,The cold wind is blowing up from below,The wind is much bigger than the above,Whining,Especially gloomy。
The chief can only go on for a while,I was covered with frost when I came up。The two Taoists will last for a shorter time,Shivering with cold。Even the drone lost two,Down from the fault,Estimated to fall less than ten meters,Both drones lost their signals,Drop directly,I can’t hear any movement。Dao Ziyun said something mysterious,He said that under the fault is the Shenlong Lair,And Shenlong is a frost dragon,Mortals cannot approach。”
“Frost Dragon??”Gan Yifan was in a daze,Can’t help thinking of Yunji Island environment,Thinking of the monster“Pooh”——A mouthful of thick sputum,All ice ballast。
“When shall we go back?”Gan Yifan asked suddenly。
“Should leave soon,Send things back。”
Gan Yifan looked towards the abyss,Consider whether to secretly stay behind and take a look at the bottom of the cliff like Li Hongyan?
at this time,Li Hongyan appeared。
Carrying a bulging marching bag,Staggering,A look like you will faint at any time when you are hungry,Walk out of the cave。
But not from the original cave,But from another cave tens of meters away。
Gan Yifan and Xu Wan looked at each other,All know that Li Hongyan’s move is to cover up the underground space of the cave。
The knife passed,Before I had time to speak,Li Hongyan staggered into his arms,“Captain,I’m hungry。”
Another officer passes by,Want to take away Li Hongyan’s backpack,Li Hongyan“weak”Shook his head,“I can,Just hungry。”
She started eating,Xiuxiu asked。
Xu Wan gently pulled Gan Yifan,Gan Yifan points to ears,“I am listening。”
“I’m wrong,Shouldn’t stay privately……”Li Hongyan has a good attitude,While eating,Make up lies。
Daozi go to the grotto where she came out,Come back later:“She is cunning,I dug a hole in the wall to hide myself,No wonder we can’t find her。”
“I really knew it was wrong,I have survived on two bags of compressed biscuits these days,Never dare anymore……”
Li Hongyan sells poorly,Xiuxiu said coldly:“Now know wrong,late,Turn around and hand you over to Colonel Ning,How to punish you is up to him,hurry up,Fill your stomach and prepare to leave。”