“report。”Xu Wan stepped forward,“I have something to say。”

“can,You said。”
“He lied。”
“Eh!”Gan Yifan looked back at her。
“Eh what eh,Full of nonsense,Do you really think we are playing with you??shut your mouth,I didn’t let you speak。”Chen Duxie’s evil face to him,Looking back,Calm down:“Xu Wan,Gan Yifan’s time to enter normal society is too short,He is incomprehensible,Don’t understand the seriousness of the matter,We can handle,But you are different,He doesn’t understand, you understand,Every word you say will be recorded,Think about it。”
“Yes,Instructor,I know。”Xu Wan salute,Go on:“Before,I hope the teacher is there,Because this matter is important。”
Actually after landing,The moment the backpack was tied,Xu Wan knew that he couldn’t hide it。
Just because of Gan Yifan’s words,She raised a glimmer of hope,But in fact, Gan Yifan thought things too simple,From underground“warehouse”The two swords and one sword that I took out can’t explain at all,And bamboo slips?Also can’t explain。
Can only tell the truth。
Chen Du and Major Ji looked at each other,Be cautious,Major Ji said:“can,I make a call,University Li also invited。”
Major Ji called on the spot,Chen Du looked at Gan Yifan,“Now you have another chance,to be frank,Which are your own?What is brought out of the abyss space?”
Gan Yifan held the scimitar and black blade in his arms,“I brought this from home,Other not。”