but,From scratch,This is a qualitative breakthrough,Also the most difficult。

By contrast,Further improvements to the method are much simpler。
The next twenty-eight years,Second Qi Refining Method《Liangyijing》Born,Compared to the superficial Hun Yuan Jing,Whether these two rituals are formed from‘Mana’strength,Still enough to carry‘Tao’Have improved a lot。
And with the birth of this method,The true god Zhuang Zhou, who is in charge of the Avenue of Dreams, also understands the way of heaven,Became the second true god to realize the existence of heaven。
Pangu Period One Hundred Thousand Eighty Seven Years,Finally one door is enough to carry‘Way of Heaven’Realm。
《Big compass》This world,As the main creator of this method,True God Yuanshi gritted his teeth and started practicing。
Although it took some time to cultivate,But still successfully cultivated and named by them‘Mana’the power of。
And the ultimate in practice,You must realize the way of heaven before you can practice,As a person who realizes the sun of heaven,True God Yuanshi finally succeeded in practicing。
The ultimate of this system,Known as Dao Zu,The power of mana is not weaker than the true god。
Such a state,Called by the gods and demons‘Luo Daozu’!
And Yuanshi is the first Daluo Daozu in the world。
Successive,Fuxi,The true gods of Xiaoyao who have realized the Yin Tiandao have stepped into the realm of Da Luo Daozu by this method.。
but,Although Da Luo Daozu’s mana is not less than the true god’s divine power,But in actual combat, it is far inferior to the true god。After all, the true gods are powerful,At the same time, the gods and demons have also developed many methods of fighting with supernatural powers.。
So called‘Supernatural power’!
While refining mana,After all, a newly born system,The method of use is very immature。
Of course, Da Luo Daozu are also developing the role of mana。
Fuxi was very pleased to discover,Mana used in formation,Easier to control than divine power,It also runs more freely and delicately。
Yuanshi True God also created the first spell between heaven and earth。
Li Ming,In the name of the candle dragon,Also created the first magic weapon in this world。