Artificial meat concept stocks twin tower food now roller coaster market once hit the limit

Artificial meat concept stocks twin tower food now “roller coaster” market once hit the limit
The merger of the artificial meat concept stock Shuangta Foods began to show a “roller coaster” market. After four consecutive trading days, the Shuangta Foods began to fall sharply until the midday closing, with a single-day decline of 9.46%.Recently, Shuangta Foods found more information about pea protein and other products when accepting investor research.Shuangta Foods said: “At present, the sales market of pea protein and ingested fiber is in good condition, and the market demand is strong. Pea protein is widely used in solid beverages, energy bars, plant meat and other fields.The price of pea protein is currently higher than the price of soy protein.The company has developed crude fiber, ultra-fine crushed fiber, pulp fiber and other products through technology research and development, which can be widely used in baked goods, coarse grain products, cat litter and other fields, and its added value has been greatly improved.”At present, the company’s pea protein scale is the largest in the industry. At present, the pea protein extraction technology has mastered the extraction technology of dry process, new dry process, and physalis process, which is at the leading level in the industry.”Shuangta Foods said,” At present, the company is the only national circular economy education base in the industry. Through the 1 + 10 circular industrial chain model, one bean can extract 10 products, and the comprehensive cost far exceeds the industry average.”In terms of raw material procurement, Shuangta Food Weighing has been planned in advance.” There is currently a surplus raw material reserve that can meet the company’s production needs in about half a year.In response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Shuangta Foods stated that the company’s production and operations have not been affected by the epidemic.The company transformed the epidemic crisis into business opportunities, made advance arrangements, and made good raw material guarantees to distribute the pea protein that actively seizes the overseas market.The reason for the rapid growth in the first quarter of this year is mainly due to the good sales of the main business products protein, fiber, fans and so on.”Sauna, Night Net Yan Xia editor Yue Caizhou proofread He Yan