ICBC Beijing Branch promotes online product innovation

ICBC Beijing Branch promotes online product innovation
Efficiently release the first small and micro enterprise loan restructuring of Beijing Shoudai Service Center, ICBC Beijing Branch has always maintained a strategic focus, giving full play to the “head geese” effect of large production banks, focusing on the problem of “difficult financing and expensive financing” for small and micro enterprises, Continue to strengthen support for key areas of inclusive finance.By advancing online and offline two-wheel drive, the bank based on product innovation, and further created a “wide coverage, multi-level, high efficiency, sustainable” inclusive financial system, constantly improving the comprehensive financial service capacity of inclusive finance, and strive to meetDemand for comprehensive financial services from enterprises.  On April 1, the Beijing Capital Loan Service Center was officially opened at the Beijing Municipal Government Service Center in Liuliqiao. The center took full advantage of the centralization of municipal approval centers at the municipal level, the concentration of service companies, and the concentration of information on approval results.Loans provide more bank choices, more convenient financing channels, lower financing costs, and better quality financing services, which provide convenient conditions for banks to handle loan business and obtain more customer channels, further helping to optimize the capital’s business environment.ICBC Beijing Branch optimizes on-site product promotion and personnel service resource allocation, actively improves the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission ‘s work requirements for increasing the first loan rate of small and micro enterprises, opens a green channel to accelerate business replacement and approval progress, and reissues it in the form of “operating fast loan”The first small and micro enterprise loan in the industry.  It is understood that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch is actively accelerating the innovation of online products, and is guided by the inclusive financial special scene, providing pure credit “operating fast loans”, anti-pledged “e credit fast loans” and supply chain “ICBC e-trust and other online financing products.Among them, “operating fast loan” is a corporate bank using big data and Internet technology, based on customer’s settlement, assets, taxation, payroll and other multi-dimensional data, to provide credit loans for qualified small and micro enterprises online to meet customer incomeSmall amount of fast funding needs.“经营快贷”无需抵质押、自助办理、随借随还,受到轻资产、科创型企业的广泛好评,某高新技术小微企业负责人表示“‘经营快贷’就像一张企业的Credit cards, the amount of recycling, to solve our difficulties in property-free loans.”A company is a small and micro enterprise that provides professional contracting and engineering technology consulting services. It has been operating basic accounting in ICBC Beijing Fengtai Sub-branch for 8 years.On the first day of the official operation of Beijing Shoudai Service Center, the company went to the comprehensive window to raise financing needs, and automatically selected the intention bank of the industrial behavior.ICBC station personnel were received through the first loan center comprehensive approval platform for the first time, and matched with ICBC’s online financing “operating fast loan” products, and a series of business process operations such as investigation, approval and lending were completed efficiently on the same day.After the self-banking withdrawal of the corporate customer’s online banking terminal, the first small and micro enterprise loan of the Beijing Shoudai Service Center was successfully issued at the ICBC Beijing Branch. The quick and convenient product features and thoughtful and efficient comprehensive services won the customers and the first loan service center.Unanimously praised.Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the enterprise, lamented: “The online transaction of this product of ICBC, self-withdrawal through corporate online banking, is indeed easy to operate and the rate of loan is fast.”In the future, ICBC Beijing Branch will further deepen inclusive financial services support, fully rely on the first loan service center platform, promote online financing products in multiple dimensions, continue to enhance the financing availability of private and small and micro enterprises, and vigorously promote comprehensive financial servicesTransformation and upgrading will further realize ICBC’s brand responsibilities of “inclusive finance with temperature” and the responsibility of big banks.

The market calmly accepts GDP data for the first quarter, and policies should be tilted toward consumption and infrastructure

The market calmly accepts GDP data for the first quarter, and policies should be tilted toward consumption and infrastructure
The full year macroeconomic data for the first quarter of this year was released on April 17 as scheduled.In the face of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, many industries and companies have stopped work to fight the epidemic, the market has a full prediction that the Chinese economy will decline to a certain extent during this period, and the announcement of economic data only proves this prediction.In the first quarter, GDP fell by 6 every six months.8%.When this data appeared, the market also calmly accepted. Instead, the stock market got rid of the suspense because of the “boots landing”, and there was an upward trend. The trend of the RMB against the US dollar in the foreign exchange market also maintained growth.Although the market has experienced a decline in economic data in the first quarter of this year, this is after all the first negative growth since the GDP data began to be published in 1992. This also indicates that this economy has experienced serious problems under the influence of the new crown epidemic.However, from the actual situation of the market, it is precisely because the quarterly GDP data fell in the market’s forecast, so when it actually appeared, the market did not obviously make a significant negative for it, but was instead on the A-share market.Think of it as “empty.”This situation more shows that the market still recognizes the unsatisfactory economy in the first quarter, but still has confidence in the future economic operation.However, the negative economic data in the first quarter is still a situation that must be highly valued.In recent years, China’s GDP growth rate has been declining year by year. Even this is a normal response to economic transformation, but it still reflects the continuous advancement of economic restructuring. The original driving force supporting the rapid economic growth is changing.In the past few years, the practice of using GDP growth as the baton has been criticized by public opinion. Local governments only buried a lot of such social and economic hazards in GDP growth. The real benefit of high GDP growth is not only to local governments.Officials have created political achievements, and more importantly, it has created rich employment opportunities for urban and rural residents. With the high growth in China’s economy, the employment rate of urban and rural residents has always maintained a better record.In the first quarter of this year, GDP declined, and the accompanying problem was that many companies, after pressing the “pause button” due to the impact of the epidemic, are currently facing difficulties in resuming work and resuming production, resulting in a large number of urban and rural residents’ job positions cannot be guaranteed.If the employment of residents is not guaranteed, it will affect the activity of the consumer market and affect the continued operation of enterprises after resumption of production, which in turn may lead to a further decline in the employment rate of residents.Therefore, although the negative economic data in the first quarter is in the forecast, it still needs to be highly valued.In fact, the central government has planned and planned for this.Under the rampant epidemic, the lives of each other ‘s people were threatened. What was equally serious was that economic growth could not be guaranteed, which caused a series of economic and social problems.Therefore, after the epidemic situation was changed in some places in early March of this year, the central government has made precise deployments for resuming production. Whether it is fiscal policy or monetary policy, it has launched a series of highly targeted measures to support the resumption of production.In advance, received good results.At present, the resumption of work of various types of enterprises has already exceeded 70%. If you look at the data in March alone, it is already close to the level before the outbreak.Therefore, if the time dimension is extended long enough, a new prediction can be made optimistically. The economic data for the second quarter of this year will be able to achieve a transition from negative to positive, and the gradual economic scale can still continue from previous years.Operating status and level.In the series of data released on the same day, two data are notable, and the retail sales of social commodities have dropped every time.8%, fixed asset investment fell by 16.1%, which means that the decline of indicators far exceeds the decline of GDP, and they occupy an important position in the composition of the national economy.This also reminds us that subsequent policy formulation should pay more attention to incentivizing public consumption and appropriately improving infrastructure construction.After the epidemic, the repression caused by residents ‘consumption, the difficulty of normal operation of enterprises and the sharp reduction of residents’ income, these will damage the exertion of social consumption power.Now, some places have introduced measures to release consumer vouchers to residents in their jurisdictions. It is necessary for the central government to sum up the experience of these places and release consumer vouchers to residents nationwide, so as to stimulate the outflow of social spending power and enhance the market sentiment.In addition, infrastructure investment is a category that can achieve immediate results in improving employment. The government should seize the current opportunity to launch rapidly-needed infrastructure projects to consolidate market awareness and increase employment rates.Active consumption and active infrastructure have increased the basic plate for sustained economic growth and can effectively increase GDP levels.According to the “two hundred years” development goals drawn up by the Party Central Committee, it is scheduled to be fully built into a well-off society in 2021 and achieve the goal of the first century of struggle. This determines that this year is a crucial year.Due to the impact of the epidemic, economic data declined in the first quarter. This is unexpected but not terrible. The key lies in the government ‘s need to pinpoint the “disease” in the current economic and social operations, to implement precise measures, and to use extraordinary means to remove this in extraordinary times. ”Lesion “.The latest economic situation put forward in the analysis of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China recently published, and the relevant party committees and governments proposed to strengthen the sense of urgency, optimize according to local conditions, and optimize the epidemic prevention and control according to the time, and do everything possible to create something conducive to the resumption of productionConditions, without losing the opportunity to unblock the industrial cycle, market cycle, economic and social cycle.The requirement of unblocking the “three cycles” has pinpointed the new obstacles and pain points in the socio-economic operation after the outbreak, and pointed out the combination of the current focus on resumption of production and resumption of production, which is conducive to the smooth progress of resumption of production and guaranteesThere are no major problems in China’s macroeconomic operation.To achieve these “three cycles”, more governments need to support enterprises and people with a more positive attitude and strength, so that the economy and society can get out of the shadow of the epidemic as soon as possible and return to a healthy state of sound operation.Zhou Junsheng (financial commentator) editor Chen Li proofreading Li Shihui

[Black bean flavor flavor classics]_attribute_effect

[Black bean flavor flavor classics]_attribute_effect

Now it is very popular to eat some grains to nourish the body, because the food itself is not harmful and irritating, and there are no additives and chemical ingredients. After eating, you no longer have to worry about harmful to the body, as long as you eat some of the aboveThe impurities are cleaned up and guaranteed to eat well. Many people in black beans compare the sexual flavor to classics. Here is a related introduction for everyone.

[Introduction]It is the black seed of leguminous herb soybean.

Synonyms: black bean, black soybean.

[Function]Bushen Yiyin, spleen and dampness, remove heat and detoxify.

[Sexual taste return to classics]sweet, slightly cold, flat, into the spleen and kidney.

[Indications]Li Shizhen recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Eating black beans often can prevent all diseases.

“For kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, drink more frequently, drink frequently, urinate frequently; liver and kidney yin deficiency, dizziness, dim vision, or early whitening; athlete’s foot edema, or dampness restraint, low back pain; high blood pressure in the abdomen, pain or diarrheaAbdominal pain; poisoning or excessive drinking.

Rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, phosphoesters, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, niacin, folic acid, choline, daidzein, saponin, etc.
[Usage]Jiantang, dipping in wine, making pills, powder, or cooking.

[Note]This product is used raw, cold for frying, warm for frying, and difficult to digest after eating.

Attached party: 1. Xiaokejiu pills: black beans (sautéed incense), trichosanthin.

Grinded into fines and batter into pills.

15g each time, 2 times a day.

When in use, use another 15g of black beans and take the soup.

Derived from “Puji Fang” (called Jiuzhi Pill).

This prescription takes black beans to nourish the kidney and nourish yin, and trichosanthin is an essential medicine for the treatment of thirst in Chinese medicine.

The original side is expected to “treat those who are indifferent to kidney deficiency and thirst.”

2. Gallbladder and black beans: Put the right amount of black beans into the cow gall (insertion), and use the full degree to suspend and dry in the shade.

5 each time?
10g, send warm water.

From “Back Elbow”.

Cow bile has a bitter taste and a great cold, which can clear heat and quench thirst.

After the black beans were transplanted with bile, they had their effects.

It is used to quench thirst, yin deficiency and fire, drink thirsty, and dry stool.

“Ophthalmology Longmulun” cures sweat and dim eyes, tears in the wind, the same method.

But only 3 per night?
17 capsules are swallowed.

3, bean drench wine: 250 grams of black beans, stir-fried, soak with 500 grams of rice wine while hot for several days, each serving one or half wine glasses.

Derived from “A Thousand Gold Recipes”, “Ben Cao Yan Yi”.

This side takes black beans to nourish the kidney yin to control the hyperactive yang, and soak it in rice wine while hot, its medicinal power is particularly strong.

It is used for yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, disturbance of virtual wind, dizziness, headache, fever and so on.

4, black bean soup: 250 grams of black beans, add an appropriate amount of water, fry for a long time until the soup is thick, drink.

[Does black tea cause constipation]_affect_hazard

[Does black tea cause constipation]_affect_hazard

Black tea is a kind of tea that can cause symptoms of diarrhea, and generally does not cause constipation, mainly because black tea can promote gastrointestinal motility and improve digestion. Drinking too much can cause diarrhea without causing constipation.Constipation is effective.
Black tea can lower blood lipids and cholesterol, and is beneficial for preventing arteriosclerosis. It is suitable for elderly people to drink in normal times.
Constipation is a common clinical symptom, not a disease. It mainly refers to a reduction in the number of defecations, a decrease in the amount of stool, a dry stool, and a laborious defecation.
Symptoms of constipation can be diagnosed when two or more of the above symptoms are present.
It is usually based on reducing the frequency of defecation, and constipation is generally defecation every 2 to 3 days or longer (or less than 3 times per week).
So can drinking black tea cause constipation?
will not!
Drinking black tea for a long time will become cold and the stomach will no longer be as strong as before and often diarrhea.
What’s more, sometimes the kidneys are cold.
Fully fermented tea, such as Pu’er tea, black tea, etc.
The more complete the fermentation, the more it will destroy the beneficial compounds in the tea (such as vitamin c); on the contrary, the negative effects, such as the occurrence of palpitations and slowing down the body’s absorption rate of calcium, will be harmful.
Drinking tea can lower blood lipids and cholesterol, thereby reducing the incidence of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
Tea polyphenols of tea is a strong and beneficial antioxidant, has a strong function of scavenging free radicals, and has a strong inhibitory effect on cell mutations, so it can enhance human immunity and pray for anti-aging effects.
If you want to lose weight, it is recommended that you drink Pu’er tea, because it is a microbial fermentation tea, which contains yeast and is fermented for a long time. It is rich in enzymes that can decompose and digest fat.helpful.
But be careful not to drink tea on an empty stomach. Some people will experience some discomfort because of drinking tea on an empty stomach.
If you’re used to drinking tea on an empty stomach, that shouldn’t matter.
In daily life, friends must take relevant preventive measures for constipation, develop good habits, eat more light foods, and avoid spicy foods.

[Efficacy and edible method of Panax notoginseng]_Sanqi_Benefits_How to eat

[Efficacy and edible method of Panax notoginseng]_Sanqi_Benefits_How to eat

Panax notoginseng is a common Chinese medicinal material, which can be ground into powder, and has the effects of hemostasis, analgesia, and lowering blood pressure; it can also prevent serious diseases such as heart and brain tissue diseases.

In general, there are many cooked methods of Sanqi, sometimes milk, stew, boiling water and so on.

First, the efficacy of Panax notoginseng (1) Hemostasis, disperse blood stasis, swelling, and pain.

(2) Treatment of vomiting blood, coughing up blood, bleeding in the stool, blood in the stool, blood stasis, bleeding, dysentery, postpartum halo, lochia, falling blood, trauma bleeding, bloated pain

The role of panax notoginseng powder: 1. Enlarge blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, improve microcirculation, increase blood flow, prevent and treat heart and brain tissue scale, hypoxia; 2. promote protein, ribonucleic acid (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) Synthesis, physical fitness; 3, promote blood cell metabolism, balance and regulate blood cells; 4, two-way regulation of the central nervous system, improve brain power, enhance learning and memory capabilities; 5, enhance the body’s immune function, anti-tumor; 6, stop bleeding, promote bloodHuayu; 7, liver protection, anti-inflammatory; 8, delay aging; 9, two-way regulation of blood sugar, lower blood lipids, plasma, inhibit arteriosclerosis.

Two, thirty-seven edible method Cooked method: You can use chicken stew or broth, red milk powder, hot boiling water cooked cooked.

4-10 grams each time.

Sanqi has the concept of “shengdashushubu”, that is, Sanqiqi has obvious effects on hemostasis and blood circulation, while Sanqiqi focuses on tonic.

The principle is that after the panax notoginseng is heated, the saponins and other components of the panax notoginseng are destroyed, the blood circulation function is weakened, and the tonic function is enhanced.

In addition to using boiled water for cooking, the Panax notoginseng powder, there is a folk method of making Panax notoginseng powder. 1. The method of warming the spleen and kidney recipe: Wash the chicken and cut into pieces.Put them all together in a stew pot, add the right amount of boiling water, cover the stew pot, and place in the pot and simmer for 2 hours under gentle heat, seasoning.

2, Yangwei hemostatic recipe practices: 5 grams of panax notoginseng powder, 1 fresh section, 1 raw egg, lard, salt amount.

Wash the ravioli, smash it, and twist it into a small cup, add it as called, and boil; mix the panax notoginseng powder with egg green and yellow, pour into the ravioli juice, add lard, and boil the salt.

Addison Precision (603638) Quarterly Commentary: Production Capacity Continuously Released and Continuous High Growth

Addison Precision (603638) Quarterly Commentary: Production Capacity Continuously Released and Continuous High Growth
Core point of view: The company released the 2019 first quarter report to achieve operating income3.64 ppm, a 68-year increase of 68.03%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.91 ppm, a 74-year increase of 74.47%. The downstream prosperity continued, and the company’s production capacity was gradually released, returning to the high growth channel. According to the data of the Construction Machinery Association, in the first quarter of 2019, the domestic sales of excavators7.50,000 units, an increase of 24 in ten years.5%.The increase in sales of excavators has severely driven the market sales of accessories such as hydraulic breakers.At the same time, environmental protection emissions have been upgraded. Mining and urban demolition have gradually replaced the traditional operating mode with a breaker, which has increased the counterweight rate of excavators.Since the second half of last year, the growth rate of the company’s single quarter growth rate was mainly affected by the company’s capacity release. The production capacity was gradually released in the first quarter, and the revenue and profit growth rates returned to a high growth channel.At the same time, Q1’s overall gross profit and net profit reached 43.15% and 24.45%, also returned to the average water level in the past 2 years. Hydraulic components continued to increase volume, strived to break through the front-loading market, and began to contribute steadily to revenue and profits. In 2018, the company’s hydraulic components achieved revenue3.51 ppm, a 43-year increase of 43.79% of hydraulic main pumps and motors sold 4.20,000 units, an increase of 74 in ten years.99%, gross profit margin 39.34% continued to stabilize. In 2018, the subsidiary’s hydraulic technology realized a net profit of 71.85 million yuan, and the hydraulic parts business began to gradually and steadily contribute to net profit.Based on the aftermarket, the company’s hydraulic components have begun to enter the field of front-loading, and have made some breakthroughs initially. They have shifted production capacity and are expected to further expand the scope of customers. Investment suggestion: The company’s annual report of the transfer of equity has been registered but has not been removed from the rights. We calculate PE based on the merger after the removal of rights and the share capital after the rights issue. The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is 0.89/1.25/1.59 yuan / share, the corresponding PE after merger is 武汉夜生活网 24x / 17x / 13x.同行可比公司2019年PE估计为35x,公司和可比公司在行业特征和竞争格局上类似,均是位于专用设备领域的龙头企业,业绩均处在快速增长的通道中,因此我们给予公司19年 32xReasonable PE multiple, with a reasonable value of 28 after dividing the weight.48 yuan / share, corresponding to a reasonable value of 42 before ex-rights.15 yuan / share, continue to maintain the “Buy” rating. Risk warning: industry demand is lower than expected; new product development fails to meet expectations; intensified industry competition leads to price fluctuations; new capacity expansion is less than expected.

SPDB (600,000): Adjusted profit growth, revenue continues to grow rapidly

SPDB (600,000): Adjusted profit growth, revenue continues to grow rapidly

I. Event Overview The company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 increased by 5 year-on-year.

36% (the growth rate in the first three quarters was 11.

90%), revenue increased by 10 in ten years.

60% (15% in the first three quarters.


Preliminary annualized revision of ROE 12.

30% (the first three quarters of ROE13.

76%), a drop of 84bp a year.

Second, the analysis and judgment consolidate the quality of assets, the non-performing ratio increased slightly, the expected revenue, and the profit before provisioning still maintained a rapid double-digit growth.

Initial revenue is growing by 11.

60%, it is estimated that the profit before provision increases by about 15% per year.

The probability that the initial profit growth rate will decrease compared with the first three quarters is because the fourth quarter of 2019 only confirmed the stock of non-performing loans to the public.

Defective rate from 1 at the end of Q3.

76% increased to 2 at the end of Q4.


Regarding the fluctuation of asset quality, we believe that it is mainly to consolidate the quality of existing assets in stages to create space for subsequent performance release.

Because of the observation of subdivided indicators, the NPL ratio (excluding discounts) has continued to decline since 2018, and credit risk has gradually improved.

The deviation of the company’s non-performing loans in the first half of 2019 was only 80%. Until the end of the third quarter of 2019, the attention rate continued to decline for three years.

Our estimated provision coverage ratio decreased slightly from 160% in Q3 to more than 150%.

Because the company meets the requirements for the reduction of the provision coverage ratio, the provision coverage ratio of about 150% will not be “on the line”, and the subsequent credit costs are expected to be relatively stable.

The estimated net interest margin is stable and the effective income rate has dropped. Our estimated expected net interest margin2.

07%, unchanged from the first three quarters.

Q4 single quarter net interest margin 2.

09%, unchanged from Q3.

Because the interest rate spread in Q4 2018 has increased and contracted from the previous month, the contribution of net interest margin to the growth rate of revenue in Q4 2019 has weakened.

Competitive offers also contribute some profits.

We measure the expected effective interest rate.

70%, down 66bp from the first three quarters.

The drop in asset growth is speculated to be a short-term adjustment of the release rhythm, from 11 in Q3.

52% dropped to 11 at the end of Q4.


Because the company’s capital is very abundant, the core tier one capital adequacy ratio is as high as 10 at the end of 2019Q3.


The capital is still being replenished. By the fourth quarter of 2019, the company issued USD 50 billion convertible bonds, USD 50 billion perpetual bonds and USD 80 billion secondary capital bonds are being issued.

We expect room for asset growth to pick up.

Third, the investment suggestion that the new leadership team will be in the second half of 2019, and we can look forward to the next stage of strategic advancement.

We predict that the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers 重庆耍耍网 between 2020 and 2021 will be 7 respectively.

63%, 9.94%.

The BVPS in 2020 is 18.

46 yuan, corresponding to 0.

65 times static PB.

Maintain a “cautious recommendation” rating.

Fourth, risks suggest that loan demand weakens and deposit costs increase

Joyson Electronics (600699): Business integration steadily advances Tesla and other contributions

Joyson Electronics (600699): Business integration steadily advances Tesla and other contributions

This report reads: The company’s automotive safety business integration is steadily advancing. In the 杭州夜网论坛 medium term, the gross profit margin will increase, and the downward trend in the expense ratio will gradually appear. Tesla and Volkswagen Meb will contribute significant increases to the company, raising the target price to 30.

Investment Highlights: Raise the target price to 30 yuan and maintain the “overweight” rating.

As Volkswagen’s MEB platform goes into production in 2020, the company’s automotive electronics business will usher in a period of explosive performance; meanwhile, the integration of the company’s automotive safety business is progressing steadily, and Tesla will become an important increase in the company’s automotive safety business.

Maintaining the company 2019?
EPS forecasts for 2021 are zero.



69 yuan, with reference to comparable companies to give the company 25 times PE in 2020, with a target price from 20.

26 raised to 30 yuan.

The automotive electronics business has entered the delivery period and profitability will gradually improve.

Since 2016, the company has been preparing for the new energy vehicle plans of the vehicle giants. The company’s automotive electronics include smart cockpits, smart car couplings, and automotive power systems. The automotive electronics R & D expense rate is 7 from 2016.

97% increased to 17 in 2018.


In 2018, the company’s new orders for automotive electronics exceeded 17 billion (full life cycle). After the Volkswagen MEB and other platforms are gradually put into production at the end of 2019, the company’s automotive electronics business will usher in rapid growth in revenue and profits, so that the company’s superior performance in the automotive electronics sectorIt has become one of the important choices for localization of Tesla’s supply chain.

The integration of automotive safety business is progressing steadily, the trend of improving profitability will gradually emerge, and Tesla will contribute an important increase.

After the acquisition of Takata in 2018, the company began to integrate Takata and KSS, two major automotive safety giants.

Its gross profit margin is gradually improving, but its profit contribution is masked by high restructuring costs, and through the gradual reduction of restructuring and expansion, the net profit margin of the automotive safety business will gradually improve.

At the same time, the company is an important supplier of automotive safety fields such as seat belts, airbags and steering wheels for Tesla. The rapid growth of Tesla’s sales will contribute an important increase.

Catalyst: The core customer’s electric vehicle platform is put into production, and the demand for passenger cars is gradually picking up. Risk reminder: the risk that the automobile safety business fails to integrate as expected, and the risk of goodwill impairment

Snoring and napping should not be underestimated

Snoring and napping should not be underestimated

According to British media reports, we always anticipate the nature of nighttime sleep. In fact, snoring and napping have a great effect on maintaining physical strength during the day and promoting learning and work efficiency.

Snoring is often regarded as lazy. In fact, the opposite is true. Snoring can both improve memory and solve problems.

85% of mammals have short sleep during the day, and humans have a certain amount of waking and sleep time, which is unusual for humans.

  Snoring improves factual knowledge. A study published last month at the forefront of systematic neuroscience found that adolescents who took a 50-minute nap performed better in academic content tests (tests based on factual statements).

Researchers point out that daytime naps, including slow-wave sleep, can improve the learning of factual knowledge.

  Studies on adults have shown that snoring for 6 minutes (excluding the average 5 minutes of falling asleep) can improve memory and improve people’s problem-solving efficiency.

So why not take a nap after lunch?

  Snoring should also be done at the right time. The survey shows that 85% of the population will take a nap once a week, which can make up for sleep (the most common cause) and keep people awake.

  Due to the reduced circadian rhythm, it is difficult for us to stay awake from 1 to 3 in the afternoon.

Snoring is usually between 1 and 2 o’clock. It is best to improve performance and alertness before we are sleepy.

Taking a nap at the wrong time (late afternoon) can cause dullness after bedtime. When you wake up, you will feel groggy and disoriented. It will also disrupt your nighttime sleep.

  A study comparing napping to caffeine and prolonging nighttime sleep (10-15 minutes) found that napping was the most effective way to reduce afternoon drowsiness.

Studies indicate that short naps (10-30 minutes) can improve learning, creativity, and alertness, but the longer you sleep, the more confusing you will be, reducing mental reasoning.

  Snoring needs to be promoted. For people of all ages, it seems that snoring has the effect of restoring health and can generate a healthy consciousness.

Google actively encourages employees to snooze during the afternoon, arranges “snoring pods” for employees to isolate external interference, and wakes up employees with light vibrations and lights.

  Snoring is worthy of collaboration. Don’t care if the snoring sound will be laughed at by others or care about your sleeping position on the sofa.

Snoring does not indicate that you are lazy or your sleep pattern is incorrect.

On the contrary, snoring enables middle-aged people to maintain physical strength, so that young people can maintain better alertness.

What are the nutritional benefits of oranges?

Pay attention to eating oranges?

What are the nutritional benefits of oranges?
Pay attention to eating oranges?

Oranges are rich in fruit acids and vitamin C. Therefore, you should not eat oranges when taking vitamin K, sulfa drugs, spironolactone, aminophenone, and potassium supplements.

Let ‘s take a look at some things to pay attention to when eating oranges!

  Oranges are sweet and sour, warm to the lungs.

Mainly treats chest stagnation, lack of vomiting, lack of stomach yin, thirst in the mouth, lung cough, and excessive drinking.

It has an appetizing effect, quenches thirst and nourishes the lungs.

But know that oranges are not delicious, but eating too much is not good for your body.

  1. Don’t eat more oranges.

Eating 3 oranges a day can satisfy everyone’s daily requirement for vitamin C, but if you eat too much and absorb too much vitamin C, the oxalic acid metabolized in the body will increase, which can easily cause urinary stones and kidney stones.

And eating more oranges is harmful to the mouth and teeth.

If children eat too much oranges, they cannot convert them into faeces, and they ca n’t consume them in time. Then they may cause “fire” due to accumulation, and symptoms such as stomatitis, periodontitis, sore throat and constipation may occur.

  2. People with poor gastrointestinal function can cause citrus disease by eating too much citrus fruits, causing the accumulation of gastric dungstones and yellowing of the skin.

  3, the protein in milk easily reacts with the fruit acid and vitamin C in oranges, and solidifies into blocks, which will produce digestion and absorption, which will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, if you want to eat oranges, you should drink milkEat again after 1 hour.

In addition, those with high blood pressure, kidney, and lung function deficiency should preferably eat less oranges, so as not to cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and waist and knee weakness.

  4, after the radish enters the human body, it will quickly produce a substance called sulfate, and quickly metabolize to produce an anti-thyroid substance-thiocyanate.

Eating oranges after eating radishes, the flavonoids in oranges will be decomposed in the interaction, and the decomposition will be converted into hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid. These types of substances strengthen the inhibitory effect of sulfur on the thyroid and cause goiter.
  5, oranges are rich in fruit acid and vitamin C, so when taking vitamin K, sulfa drugs, spironolactone, aminophenone and potassium supplement drugs, you can not eat oranges.