“Small nine!You and you are too strong.!It is impossible to task in us.,And you are simple and simple,Especially what you can mobilize is really surprised.。”

Because Wang Tianfeng saw Li Xiaoyu this time.、Jing Yun and Zhou Dak Leading the Warman Team and Several Guerrillas,That is, everyone jumped out of the ghosts before the leader search Huishan.。
Because,Can be seen from the other weaponry and equipment is not like a Communist guerrilla,Because some of them use Montonin,Original twenty refuters,There is also a charge gun,Therefore, Wang Tianfeng pursue this is another and five special agent group.,Song Qi Group,Hurricane Action Series。
“Brother,Is our purpose??”
“Reached,The senior general of the captive in Wuhan,Guangdong was changing with the devils of the devil and some patriots changed back.,Otherwise, I will not put the ghost general.,Twenty-seven!I really want to slaughter them.。”Wang Tianfeng is very regrettable.,
Guangdong fell to the devil blocking the entire coastline,Rui sharp sigh:“Guangdong is too big.,Many factory facilities have no evacuation,Today, our army has also been removed from Wuhan.,Wuhan team ended!”
“In fact, this time, Wuhan will fight, we are very tenacious.,I heard that there is also your credit.,It is you in advance to deploy the entonization route of the 11th Army and the soldiers.,Small nine,You really have to。”Wang Tianfeng praised again,
“These are all I should do.,Brother,This action Japanese know that you did it??”Qi Rui,
“Japanese only know that it is a military specializer,Specifically, I think they should guess,Less you less than you kill you。”Wang Tianfeng laughed。
“Brother,You are best to leave Shanghai for a while.,Wuxi,Nanjing,Hangzhou,Suzhou,Because the recent high school class and special service headquarters will also increase the search,And will apply it again to the rental,It is very likely that the public bureau will compromise to allow Japanese to enter the legal rental search for anti-Japanese molecules.,I have let the No. 5 agent group left.。”
Wang Tianfeng promised very much:“Let’s go to Nanjing.,The last time Guo Lianyun only killed the name called Cai Guangyuan.,There are still many traitors in the list.,This time I personally took them to kill。”
“Then I will wait for you.!correct,I have told you before I have said that the master of wine Yibei, I don’t know who it is now.,They should make makeup into Chinese in finding you,So, no matter who you, don’t believe it easily.。”Rude,
“I remember!Small nine,You help me with great efforts.,Thanks!”More than big credit,Director is more stable,Wang Tianfeng still value this,
Li Xiaoyu is also safe,And I have been reported to the film factory.,Because the Japanese officers have found her,The film plant is also very polite to her.,Although I can’t mix the female one,Female two,Female Sanna is she chose.。
Special Class and Specialist Headquarters now atmosphere,Although hijacking incidents occur in Wuxi,But it is certain that the special train is before entering Shanghai.,The chefs and bilists on the car have been converted.。
Because it is all successive,Therefore, I didn’t notice when I was investigated their identity.,Because it is said that these people are familiar with each other when they check.,And all people are communicating in Japanese。
Wine Yi Yibei puts all the hopes all in Hansu Huizi this old spy,But now she has no movement here.,Re-ask again:“Huizi,Doesn’t you have any news here??”
Hankui Huizi is scratched:“This time is really strange,Perhaps because there are too few people in the military Shanghai station.,They act too secretly,We can’t find them with the old way.。”
“Last time you also said that there is an eyebrow。”
“It is not what we find, is not what we want to find.,Instead, in some of our agencies, the talents,These are small fish, and they are also silent.,So now I caught them without any meaning.。”Hankui Huizi said,
“Is there any clue to this hijacking incident??”
“From this incident, it can be seen that the strength of the military Shanghai station is stronger than we imagined.,I have considered it,There are fifteen people with all the passengers.,Because of the military escort,So there is not so many people,But the military agent actually has a strong staff,This is really making me dare.。”Hankui Huizi said,
“Yes,According to the people of the tour group, the dessert made by the chef is very authentic.,Absolutely a professional dessert teacher,Japanese cuisine to eat at noon is also very authentic,Everyone can speak fluent Japanese,Very familiar with the etiquette of Japan,So no one was suspected of。”Wine Yi Yibei said,
“This is where I let me doubt.,A Shanghai station is impossible to have so many excellent agents。”
“so,These people will not be called from other places.?”
“This may not be big,Tourism group came to Shanghai only notified two days in advance.,I judge that these people who are proficient in Japanese may be by our side.。”
“Just by our side?”
“Yes,We can disguise into Chinese,They naturally can also disguise our Japanese,Mei Huizi,Does you have such a person around you??”Hankui Huizi asked,
“How can I have such a person around me?,The person who specially walked, no one left my line of sight these days.,Never be the people around me。”Wine Yi Mei Hui is really paying,Especially the person of the special lesson is only for three or four hours a few days.,This is the case.,Others are also in the post,How can they have time to go? Wuxi。
“I just ask,Maybe they are hidden in other departments,Still you must find them。”
“Huizi,Do you really have a way??”
“We really don’t have any way in Shanghai.,Because they have hidden in the dark,So I have already shown the general,I will take Zhongjing and Qianchuan to Chongqing survey.,I must find the poisonous bee.,Who is killing God?!”
“You have to go to Chongqing!?”
“Yes!I am planning to have a young and beautiful bamboo cloud??”

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Chapter Twenty Four The power of escape
Distant Australia,One hundred and five kilometers below a lake。
A rock began to tremble,then‘call、of,It’s like a bubble burst,That thick rock turned into nothingness and disappeared,And a triangular crimson spaceship appeared on the place of the thick rock before!
The lights inside the spacecraft flickered a few times,One with two horns on his forehead,Blood red eyes,Wearing a black robe。A child who is only 1.5 meters tall suddenly appeared in the air。
If Li Ming is here to identify carefully,It can be seen that this is actually the same as9The crystal bald head of the ancient civilization remains,Is a virtual figure。
It’s like waking up after countless years of sleep,The eyes of this child’s virtual figure are a little loose,But then it became sharp。
“Fifty thousand years,50,000 years have passed!”The black-robed child said in surprise,“Unexpectedly, no talented people have been born for 50,000 years on earth,This appearance is a brain width reaching42Elite apprentice。”
“Even when the master was there,The brain width of a person who has not received a spiritual teacher education42All of the elite apprentices are already qualified to come to Meteor’s Lair to focus on training。I believe he will be the heir of the master。”
“It’s a pity that the blood of human beings on Earth is really poor,Even the apprenticeship level may not be reached after adulthood。but42Times the brain width is much more important than that bloodline。”
“But let’s cultivate and observe first。。。”Talk about it,The body of the black-robed child is dark,And quickly recovered。
And Li Ming in South America didn’t notice,There is a strange program in the auxiliary light brain in his hand。
Li Ming didn’t wait too much,But temporarily confessed that the scientific research staff arranged a room for him,Temporarily practiced all night。
Of course it’s a rest,In fact, Li Ming used his mental power to search carefully after the change,Carefully《Escape》Secret law and《Master Secret Basics》《Master secret master》《Basics of Martial Arts》Read it through,Read this information,Li Ming knows how great his harvest is。
《Escape》Is the secret method of escaping the sky。Before Li Ming used Dun Tissot,Just use Dun Tissot as a flying knife,But actually,Dun Tissot is very special‘Mind weapon’,The method of use is also much more complicated。
Dun Tissot footsteps365Blade composition,Can be decomposed,Can also be combined,Dun Tissot in normal state is just a state suitable for flying。
And learned《Escape》after that,Li Ming understands,This365Trace marks on the road blade—It’s actually called the rule of secret pattern,Combine flying knives with secret patterns,Can form Dun Tissot into different states,Exert a powerful force。

Just got a report from his subordinates,Illuminati today‘glory’‘sacred’‘ruling’The three knights have been completely broken up。

And this dispersal is not an army confrontation,Then he wouldn’t be so angry,He is angry,The royal camp outrageously sent a strong sanctuary,Forcibly kill the leaders and generals of those troops with the strength of the sanctuary powerhouse,The morale of the army plummeted。
“A bunch of timid scum!”Gritted teeth,“Second brother,We can’t go on like this,If this continues, the army will be over,No army,It is impossible to build the kingdom of God on earth by relying on the strong in the sanctuary。”
Is called‘Second brother’Desi Li’s face is not much better than Lie at the moment,But he is restrained and steady by nature,Did not express his anger like Lie。
He is thinking,Why did the sanctuary of the royal camp suddenly behave so aggressively?。He saw it in previous wars,There are many factions in the royal camp,The behavior of the strong in each sanctuary is based on security,Dare not make such a crazy move—Even if you don’t count your risk of being siege,,Such behavior may also be subject to equivalent retaliation by the other party,That is to send each other Sanctuary powerhouses to assassinate the 8th and 9th level middle and high level,Split the army,Then became a battle at the sanctuary level。This is actually what the royal camp has been trying to avoid。
“Desiree、strong~”The soft voice brought back Desi Li who was in the thought,Respectfully:“Pope。”Even though they are considered brothers in private,But in this formal occasion,I still call it very respectful。
The legendary pope of the Illuminati,Ernst is an ordinary looking man,Thin body,Has a hook nose,Give his temperament a gloomy and fierce,But overall,It seems very gentle。
Following Ernst,Is a handsome man with cold temperament,Andrew, the leader of the angels of the Holy See,Converged three pairs of wings at the moment,Guard aside。
“Our army was attacked,I have heard,May they find eternal peace in the kingdom of the Lord。”Between Ernst’s Words,With endless compassion,Let everyone in the temple stand in awe。
“Remnants of the Puang Empire,Committed the crime of killing the warrior of God,We should be tortured。”
“Ever since the Pu’ang Empire has been in the dark cult,We have been dormant for a long time,Gathered enough strength,It’s time to show to the world,Let them understand the greatness of light。”
Ernst’s words are erratic,But the core figures of the Holy See in the temple understand,This is the rhythm of a full-scale war with the royal family。
After announcing full war,Pope Ernst of Illumination screened the ninth-level strong,There are only a few sanctuary powerhouses who have excellent relationships。
“but,Big brother,I am worried whether the Puang Empire has planted any traps。”Dare to give an opinion to Ernst,Only Desi Li,Of course it’s not just because of their good personal relationships,It’s even more because Desli is recognized by the Holy See in the light of wisdom.。
“no need to worry!”Ernst smiled gently,Palm up,A drop‘Drops of water’Exudes a weak light power,However, it has a slight breath,Just let Desli hold his breath。
“this is。。。”Desli’s eyes widened。
“Our recently expanded faith,Satisfied with the great master of light!”Ernst’s face showed a fanatical expression“The great master bestows a drop of divine power!If Koland dares to face me one-on-one,Sure to die。”
“Do not worry,Even if Koland can bring in two or three more Sanctuary Extreme Powers,At best procrastinate me,There is some possibility of escape。Instead you have to be careful,Avoid being besieged by the sanctuary strong。”Ernst is also very concerned about his brothers who are comparable to brothers in private.。

Yao Junli is not only standing at the door,And there is Ouyang Hong。Yao Junli appeared suddenly,A surprise for Xia Jian,The appearance of Ouyang Hong,It was a surprise for Xia Jian。

“What do you mean?Not open the door for a long time,Isn’t it a woman hiding in the room?!”When Xia Jianzheng was in a daze,Yao Junli laughed and asked。
Xia Jian recovered,He laughed and said:“Hide more than one,There are several”Xia Jian laughed and stepped aside。
Yao Junli deliberately looked inside and said:“Don’t be afraid of getting tired, just do whatever you want。Ouyang and I are waiting for you in the VIP room on the third floor,Let’s have a meal together”Yao Junli finished,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,He turned around and left。
Ouyang Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Say lightly:“Then hurry up”
Xia Jian nodded,He walked back to the room quickly。As a man,There is nothing to clean up。He sorted his clothes,Then bring your mobile phone card,Stepped the elevator。
The third floor is the restaurant of this hotel,Xia Jian, who was familiar with the road, entered the VIP room。There are several hot and cold dishes on the table,There is also a bottle of red wine。
“long time no see,Let’s drink some white!Drinking this red is uninteresting”Xia Jian just sat on the chair,And put forward his condition。
Yao Junli glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Ouyang is now a good wife and mother,She doesn’t know how to drink liquor,The three of us drank two kinds of wine,Boring”
“Nonsense,Did I tell you that I don’t drink liquor??I think you keep good wine and don’t want us to drink it”Ouyang Hong said and laughed,Yao Junli’s army。
Yao Junli stopped talking,But to prove,She sits still,But made a call。Soon,Then a waiter walked in with two bottles of liquor。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“More or less,Just these two bottles。When shall we finish drinking,When will it end?”
“Two bottles is not too much, right!”Ouyang Hong is a little scared。Because among the three sitting,She should be the smallest drinker。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“Don’t you say i’m reluctant?Now willing,Don’t be afraid。Xia will drink it for you”What Yao Junli said,Ouyang Hong stopped talking now。

Li Qifeng is also called the topic.:“I just received a patient who was suspected of crossborn muscles.,I have to deal with some things now.。”

Say,He started to go to the stay room。
Just taken a few steps,Li Qifeng also remembered what is like,The eyes are swept from the face of the three people like a sweeping device.,Finally stayed on Yanye。
Zhou Ye felt a bad premonition!
really,Li Qifeng is thick face:“Xiaomu,Let’s go to the treatment, just the ribbed muscle solubate patient.,Clinically, it is difficult to see,Worth learning!”
Learn your sister?!
Zhou Ye is really speechless。
This old fox crushing labor,I still found a good reason to listen.!It’s too much.!
Zhou Ye left right,Weekly and Shu De seems to have no hand.……
He shook his head,Shake the shoulders and follow the Yanye,Go with。
Li Qifeng also exposed a smile of satisfaction……
Interlocation,Before the bed of takeaway。
“doctor,What is this disease??”Takeaway little brother saw Li Qifeng,I quickly sat down to the bed.。
Li Qifeng’s side of the ear:“You explain it.。”
This seems to be a chance to train practitioners.?
I don’t know if Li Qifeng is interested or not.,But for Zhou Niwu,This kind of training opportunity should not be。
His board:“You are currently considering the possibility of cross-ribbed muscle solubility。”
Extended small brothers are obviously surprised:“My muscles are dissolved.?”
When he said,Also lifted his right hand,Strong muscles,There is no sense of fatigue。
Zhou Ye is not laughing:“Hundreds of factors lead to muscle dissolution,The most common surpass、Drug, etc.,I estimate that your limbs muscles and chest muscles have problems.,I am trying to make a muscle electrogram.。”
“Still you are heavy on your body,Are you drinking??”Zhou Ye wrinkled。
Takeaway little brother is also refreshing and recognized。
Drinking the wine also rides a battery car to send takeaway……
Zhou Ye smiled helplessly。
Perhaps it is the difficult for life.,Maybe it’s great idea.!
“It’s so good.。”Zhou Ye, I hate Iron, I am not a steel。
Adults have the same difficult world everyone,But don’t cherish your life,That should not!
At this time,The doctor of the NPC consultant came to see the patient.。
“why you?”Zhou Ye is a little stay。
The doctor who came to the consultation was a Baihong.。
Bai Hong saw Zhou Yewei is also a little unexpected:“You are still working hard from the breath.?”
Zhou Ye looks to Li Qifeng,Just this helplessness contains how much wrony,And Baihong as an end of a fourth is about to understand naturally。

At this time Li Tianchou has walked out of the bungalow,Standing next to Qi Baozhu stretching,It’s not surprising to see Wu Fang,And guess what the other party will bring。

After a simple greeting,The three moved a small stool and sat in a circle。Wu Fang asked without evasiveness,“Old Zhu seems to be busy?”
“Okay。The Xue Yikai next to Wang Fan is moving。”Li Tianchou doesn’t hide it,I will briefly explain the situation mentioned by Broad Bean。
Wu Fang nodded,“Ok。That said, it was very rewarding last night?”
“Can’t talk about,But confirmed that the people behind the scenes are oldA,Purely psychological speculation,No evidence。Dawei, the middleman, just takes orders,There is really not much useful stuff to dig。”Li Tianchou’s understatement,It’s as simple as visiting a neighbor’s house and asking some short stories from the parents。
But what Wu Fang learned is completely another scene.,Dawei’s nest was copied last night,I hurt six or seven little brothers,I also had a leg scrapped,Ping pong shots at night also attracted the police,It can be seen that the fighting was fierce and dangerous,This incident has caused a sensation on Yunshan Road。What is even more sensational is that Brother Chun, the boss before Dawei’s self-supporting mountain gate, was stripped and hung in his own courtyard.,Wailing for half a night,Because the bodyguards around him were all brought down。
And the initiators of these two sensational events,Sitting in front of me rubbing my sleepy eyes that are not fully awake,Wu Fang has a strange feeling that can’t be said。Li Tianchou’s direct purpose in doing this is to trace the truth,But it also has revenge in the eyes of others、The smell of warning or even intimidation,It’s impossible to think about things。
In the past few days, Wu Fang clearly felt Li Tianchou’s changes,Decisively、It’s not too much to describe the other party’s recent style of doing things harshly。This is the change he wants to see,But also a headache,For the first time he realized that his grasp of Li Tianchou was somewhat inadequate。
“Dawei’s mouth is so hard?”Wu Fang suddenly thought of the miserable look of the big tall man in the ghost building。
Li Tianchou smiled,“Time is too late,And it’s not as good as a ghost building,The effect will naturally be greatly reduced。correct,Speaking of Ghost Tower,Let all those people go?”
Wu Fang gave a wry smile,The other party clearly understood his mind,“Gave them a knife,Self-reliance。”
Li Tianchou thought about it and turned away from it.,Asked seriously,“Brother Wu, have any good news for me??”
“Have。About oldACase,It’s also a matter of time,My brother’s investigation is still a bit rough,But I can tell you first。”Wu Fang unconsciously took out the cigarette,Inexplicably addicted to cigarettes these days,“oldAIs a foreigner,My age is estimated to be almost fifty。Also in the early yearsSZCity mixed,Later, I didn’t know why I went to Qingshui and started the drug trafficking business.。At first,Later it became bigger,Start making drugs,It is assumed that the scale is large now。”
“Homemade drugs?Nobody cares?”Li Tianchou was quite surprised。
“Why nobody cares?Encirclement and suppression more than once。”Wu Fang shook his head straight,“But this old boy ghost,And cruel,Sacrificed a few small drug dealers,Hidden deeper。Qingshui and Yunshan are similar,Mountains everywhere,Complex geographic environment,It’s really hard to find a cat in the deep ravine。In addition,He snatched a bunch of desperadoes under his hand,By no means the gangsters we saw yesterday,And have friendship with some big gangsters in neighboring counties,The network and background are complex。”
Li Tianchou thinks of Caijiayuan in Yunshan,The emperor is far away,indeed so,“According to you,This guy is really hard to deal with?”
Unexpectedly, Wu Fang nodded directly,Responded with two words,“Yes。”This also directly caused Qi Baozhu’s sneer and white eyes。
Li Tianchou smiled openly,“I cleaned up Dawei yesterday,I don’t believe this old boy didn’t respond。”
“Strictly speaking,Dawei is not his,At best, the relationship gets closer。Unresponsive,It depends on whether it hurts his interests。This old boy only recognizes money。”Wu Fang didn’t take Qi Baozhu’s eyes to heart,Instead, he passed a cigarette,“As far as I understand,Actually oldAThe trial of Yuxing has achieved its goal,It’s hard to tell the rest。”
“If it is a temptation,There must be a back hand,Brother Wu,I don’t want to be so passive。”

“This is decided by the coaching staff,I have no right to interfere……”

“You as a star player,It must be the core of the team’s tactics in the future,You speak useful!”Farah still insists。
“Firebirds(BOF)This time all members enter the professional league youth training selection,Huahuo entered the Lima team,Crimson has entered the North Star,The garbled code entered the grand plan of the hegemony……Why don’t you choose a mid-lower team?”Xu Tian asked。
“Firebirds(BOF)except you,My data is the best,Especially survival rate,I have always been number one,As a sniper,Isn’t this important……”
“I heard coach Baiyue talk about some coaches’ replays,they think,The Firebirds last game against the Ghosts,You were the first to expose the location and be killed,Is the main reason why we fall into passive……”
“Even if I didn’t play that game well,You can also study after entering Phoenix!”
“Why choose the Phoenix team?You should be clear,Phoenix as the top three team in China,Already signed me……Even if you come in, you will never have a chance to play……”Xu Tian can’t hide this result。
“I know,Because i am a female player,So not taken seriously,But they obviously still have places!If i am not skilled enough,It’s ok,I can work hard!Even looking at the drinking fountain,I also recognize!”Farah shouted。
“Tai chi?Tai Chi, they were No. 1 in China last year,Their youth training team lacks snipers,You may still have a chance to go to the trial……”Xu Tian suddenly thought。
“I dont go!You don’t understand what to ask!”Farah can’t suppress,Finally cried。
“for……what?”Xu Tian hesitated,Still asked。
“because……I……And fireworks、Crimson、Garbled they are not the same……Although I train with you,Join the competition again……but I……What I like is not the game itself,But like to be with you……”Farah said with a tearful smile,Just like Zhu Yingtai in Liang Zhu,I entered the school because I like Liang Shanbo,She has nothing to hide since then。
Xu Tian across the glass and the loud rain outside the window,Can only see Farah’s mouth,Not clear,When going out to see,Farah is gone。
That night,Xu Tian wakes up suddenly,I heard the news of her leaving from the phone of Farah’s family……She went from6The height of the floor leaped with open arms,Ended the ignorant love and dream of becoming a professional player,Even my own life。
Farah has always been called‘Iceberg beauty’or‘Glamorous goddess’,Why she left,Some people say it is depression caused by excessive stress,Some people think it’s a shady pick in professional circles,But one thing cannot be denied,She wrote a suicide note before she left,Expressed his love for Xu Tian,And hope that he will win the championship and stand on top of the world。
2019that year,Firebirds(BOF)Have4Players enter the Glory Gun Pro League,Only without their snipersBOF.FAla……Maybe it’s because Xu Tian’s light has been too dazzling,People cannot witness the true strength of the blue-collar sniper who is known for his calmness。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventy Two Flower and embers
Zhang Song did one night to enter the new game last night“Battle of Glory”Zhongda kills the dream of the Quartet。As if he is like Xu Tian,Become a vigorous posture,Outstanding marksmanship“Legendary”Break up。however,Certified by the Glory Gun National Service Glory Gun League“Legendary”There are only ten players in total。
Wei Wei ranked first and Xu Tian ranked second,Two“God”Players of the character generation have retired。The third“Stone Buddha”He Chong’s reputation is not bad,But the appearance is too cold;Fourth Gandhi、Sixth Zhang Xuan、The tenth Huang Haoran is obviously a team player of Team Phoenix;The rest of the night goddess and the azure blue,Zhang Song disdain to be with him。

Be around,Talk to Wei Yunquan,Actually these things,Come and see in Wei Yunquan,It is necessary to come。

When seeing these,Actually for this scene,Wei Yunquan’s heart,The more I think about it, the more I feel,These things are quite tricky。
And Wei Yunquan saw this,I am more confident。
“You guys don’t worry,Now we have reached a very critical place。”
“But now look,I won’t talk about other things for now,If it can be solved,There should still be this need to be resolved。”
When Wei Yunquan’s words are finished,obviously,For these people around,In their hearts,Actually I fully understand。
Since this is the case,Then we should still have this need to deal with this matter quickly。
“That’s what it said,Since the owner said that,Then we should still have this need to resolve this matter as soon as possible。”
“That’s what it said,But now look,These things,In fact, it should be speeded up。”
“If this is the case,So let’s not talk about other things for now,Should be resolved as soon as possible!”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,at this point,It is very direct。
And with these people,I didn’t forget to say here。
For the moment,Wei Yunquan clenched his fists。
“Humph,Wang Teng,Aren’t you able to toss,Now I really want to see,How can you keep tossing on。”
“Just give me a chance,Then Wang Teng,You are destined to die!”
When Wei Yunquan saw this,At this moment,Wei Yunquan clenched his fists even more,There is even a hot look on his face。
Other things,I won’t say so much for now。

Chapter Nine Hundred and Fifty Eight Out of the ordinary woman

Qin Feng was really kind at the time,So things here are also normal。
A group of people also eat and drink,Then Qin Feng went back first。
of course,Most people go back drunk,Qin Feng is so easy to go back。
Originally Tianguang and Huang Longwen wanted to send Qin Feng,But Qin Feng said he didn’t need it anymore。
Gao Yu is still eating there,This is what Qin Feng arranged for。
Qin Feng went back by himself,After returning to where I live,Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan and asked:“Why didn’t you go together today?”
“Ugh,There is no way for this,Because that place is your man’s place,Isn’t it suitable for me to go??”Jiang Yan also said seriously,Seems to be afraid of。
Qin Feng suddenly thought that this woman is different。
“This is nothing,You must go with me in the future。”Qin Feng said with a smile too,“Otherwise those guys don’t know what kind of situation。”
“Let’s take a look at this time。”Jiang Yan didn’t like this situation,“correct,This time someone said they wanted to invest in the school here,What do you think?”
“what,Someone wants to invest now?”Jiang Yan didn’t understand either,Why did that guy do this。
But what is certain is that the guy is really sincere,Otherwise it would be impossible to show her such a large sum of money。
Qin Feng pondered for a while and said:“This is not needed temporarily,Even if we have funds, we need to take the initiative,Also, the school cannot be broken,That is the pure land of this place。”
Qin Feng knew that those capitalists couldn’t figure it out,But their only requirement for the future is profit,The problem is one of the conflicts between Qin Feng and those guys。
Although Jiang Yan doesn’t understand,Why does Qin Feng reject those guys so much?,But she knew Qin Feng made the right decision。
Many times,There is a woman who trusts herself like this,What a happy thing?
At least Qin Feng doesn’t need to think about each other,That also has to be explained repeatedly。

Because if you have to dig while standing,Too hard,And want to dig a fresh location,I have to jump up and whistle,This action consumes too much energy,It’s also a gamble on luck,I believe unless it’s dizzy,No one would do such a stupid thing。

and so,When Lu Menglin walked to the cliff,Many people can’t help laughing。
This kid is so ridiculous!Who does he think he is?
That ghost place has been dug long ago,Unless he can fly,How else can you dig it up??
It’s no use digging to the top,Who said there must be a mine on it?
He was obviously scared crazy,Already delirious!There are such people in our mining area every month,Nothing good。
Everyone talked,Say everything,In short, just one sentence,No one is optimistic about Lu Menglin’s actions,Not even one。
The four overseers held their arms,Smiling and watching this young man’s almost idiotic behavior。
Anyway, as long as the other party doesn’t make trouble,Just go down to the second floor obediently,They don’t care about other things,Happy to see the joke。
The old man who lied to Lu Menglin went down and slapped his mouth a few times,As if still aftertaste the delicious instant noodles,Looking at that silly boy with gloomy eyes,The old face showed a mocking look,Without any guilt。
Lu Menglin walked to the cliff,Reach out first,Touched the mottled cliff face lightly,Seems to be sensing something。
suddenly,Lu Menglin gently jumped,Jump up like a monkey,This jump is more than three meters high,Rise from the ground,It surpassed the traces that had been planed before。
He jumped up,There were shocking sounds from all directions,No one could think that this young man’s jumping ability was so terrifying。
but,Everyone is still not optimistic about his results。
Isn’t it just jumping higher??Could he really find crystal ore from the cliff body?He has his hands free,Didn’t even bring a shovel!
Just when everyone’s thoughts flashed,Lu Menglin’s body has risen to its highest point。
People in midair,As strong as a dragon,Twist the waist,Swing arm,Punch,All the actions are done in one go。
Gang Jin burst,Lu Menglin punched the surface of the cliff close to four meters in height。
Peng!The rock fell apart by this punch,Rubble scattered,Smashed down。