Dingxi City package policy promotes economic health development

Original title: Dingxi City package policy promotes economic health and development recently, Dingxi City introduced a package policy measures to effectively respond to new coronal pneumonia epidemic, actively co-evolve the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and continuously promote the city’s economic chase, as scheduled "all year roundWang "and" 14th Five-Year Plan "wonderful opening.

These policy measures mainly include focusing on market to promote consumption, focusing on special investment, focusing project exposing investment, focusing on strong industrial, focusing on financial anti-risks, focusing services Sixty-six content.Among them, Dingxi City puts forward new model consumption in development, support traditional commercial enterprises to speed up digital, intelligent transformation, and cross-border fusion; further deepen and expand the "Blue Sky" supply chain financial model; implement entrepreneurial capacity improvement action, for eligibleCollege graduates, returning home, entrepreneurial migrant workers, etc. provide 200,000 yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loan support.(Editor: Zhou Yu Ting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

At 0-24 on November 6, Chongqing has no new increase!

  First, the local epidemic situation November 6 0-24, Chongqing has no new local confirmed case report.

  As of 24:00 on November 6, Chongqing has 5 cases in the hospital (Jiulongpo District, Changshou District, Banan District, two rivers New Zone, Shapingba District), accumulated 572 cases, cumulative death 6 cases of cases, the accumulated reported local diagnosis of 583 cases.

  Second, the overseas input epidemic is November 6th, 0-24, Chongqing has no new intercepts and enrollment case reports. As of 24:00 on November 6, Chongqing has a diagnosed case (input to Uzbekistan) in the event of outside the hospital, cumulative treatment of 25 cases, accumulated 26 cases of incurned cases.

  Third, asymptomatic infected people 0-24 on November 6th, Chongqing has no new increasing symptom infection.

  At 24:00 on November 6, there were five cases of non-symptomous infection (including 1 case in Singapore, the north, Changshou District, Shapingba District, two rivers New River, is being accepted. Fourth, close contactrs take the close contact to the close contact to 2,8791 people, and have been relieved 2,7594 people, there are 1197 people who are receiving medical observations. * The cumulative data in the above data is statistical data since the first case of January 21, 2020. (Source: Chongqing Municipal Health and Health Committee official website) (Editor: Chen Qi, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

Continental residents to Taiwan’s personal tour, add 4 people in Taipei Huaoshu

  Breaking into a butterfly dance, illusion bee to enjoy the happiness of collecting pollen; spending flowers, leaf falling grass, all waving together. These occurred in the dream museum of the Taipei flower garden.

  On August 29, 4 cities in Jinan, Xi’an, Fuzhou and Shenzhen were officially launched.

In the face of new opportunities, the Taipei Municipal Government Sightseeing Bureau invites mainland tourists to Taipei to experience free travel journey.

In many attractions in Taipei, the Taipei Tourism Bureau has a strong recommendation of the flower garden and experience urban civilization and the aboriginal style.

  "Taipei has traditions and modern co-coexistence, the flower garden is a great urban epitome.

"Director of Taipei Tourism Bureau, Zhao Xinping," The park not only reflects the dream hall of modern technology, showing the World Expo Taiwan Pavilion in Taipei, also has a fusion, multicultural Chinese style hall. "In a dream museum, visitors can choose one of their own preferences at the entrance, in accordance with their own preferences, in 5 dreams such as" heart, health, career, feelings, family ", and wear their own dreams. The bracelet visits, through wireless RF identification technology, the mood of tourists will be recorded. In a beautiful music, visitors are illusion into butterflies, flying in the flowers, illusion, and enjoy the happiness of the collected pollen; Continue to move forward, "Flowers" in the "Love and Dream" hall, 438 perceived and communication skills, with the movement and body temperature of tourists, the instant light and the body change, and the mirder is swaying around you, close to you. At the end of the journey, I recorded the bracelet of visiting the mood "Summon" unique flowers, and the card is printed to the tourists blessing.

  As the Aborigant Fantasy Museum as the Aboriginal Wenchuang Exhibition Center, there are 14 abroad costumes, diet, publication, etc., as well as the original agricultural products, food, etc., show unique aboriginal flavors. "The most artist of the Aboriginal artist is the southern and Luce, the most beautiful is Zou people, the most personality is the poor man …" Aboriginal Dada enthusiastically introduced the characteristics of the aborigines for tourists. In the Expo Taipei Pavilion, in the interactive experience area, I took a photo with the Taipei Forbidden City, Longshan Temple, and Taipei 101 Building; wearing 3D glasses, Taiwan Director Hou Xiaoxian built 3D three-dimensional real film, will convenient, warmth in Taipei There is no bustling.

"Taipei is beautiful, Taipei welcomes the freedom of travel to Taiwan!" Zhao Xinshou enthusiastically invited.

2021 China Mark Ball Open in Longri Well

Op 18 juli, de People’s Network Dragon, 18 juli, een driedaagse 2021 China Mark Ball open in Longli County, Guizhou Province, China Railway International Eco-City Woodbine Base.Deze competitie trok 9 provincies, 24 teams in het land aan en er werden meer dan 200 houten spellen deelgenomen.De competitie heeft in totaal twee projecten en twee projecten van de baan, en het stangnummer is ook een groepswedstrijd, een persoonlijke concurrentie, een gemengde dubbele klasse en een klasse van een klasse.Volgens rapporten is de houten bal een opkomend nationaal fitness-project.Vanwege de groene, milieuvriendelijke, milieubescherming, is de locatie niet hoog, de actie is eenvoudig, het plezier is sterk, de oefening is matig, dus het is populair.Er zijn momenteel meer dan 40 sporten in meer dan 40 landen en regio’s, en voert meer dan 20 internationale evenementen uit, zoals houten Wereldbeker, strandmarkt World Cup, World University Mulcoon Championships en Yisa Woodball Competition.

(Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

2020, the industry added value of 1.67 trillion yuan Zhejiang manufacturing "Teng Chan changed the bird" results significantly

  On the morning of August 30th, Zhejiang’s new round of manufacturing "Teng Chan changed the bird, the phoenix Nirvana" attacking the Action Promotion Conference was held in Hangzhou.

I will release the new round of manufacturing of Zhejiang, "Teng Chan, and Phoenix Nirvana" attacking the "four lists" and the first batch of manufacturing fields in the province, "leaders" "leading geese" R & D research plan project, simultaneous online "acres The hero "multi-scene application. The manufacturing industry is the base of strong provinces, the source of the people, the implementation of the new round of manufacturing "Teng Chan for the bird, the phoenix Nirvana" attacking the action, it is a key to promote the high-quality development of Zhejiang manufacturing, realize the improvement of improvement and expansion. .

In recent years, Zhejiang adheres to a blueprint to paint in the end. Then a year later, it is proved to promote the "Teng Chan, Phoenix Nirvana", and the development of manufacturing has achieved remarkable results.

  On the scale, in 2020, Zhejiang realized the increase in industrial increased value, the profit of 554.5 billion yuan, the operating income profit margin, the scale efficiency is in the national forefront; the proportion of the research and development costs of industrial enterprises account for the proportion of business income The new product value rate is 39%, the service-type manufacturing regional development index is the first national second, the national enterprise technology center has the second, corporate technology innovation capacity, national third; two fusion level leads the country, the industry digital index national first, The total number of digital economies reached trillion; 500 private enterprises in the country, the number of single champions, the national key advanced manufacturing cluster cultivated several national second; the industrial 100 yuan operating income cost is more than the national average Yuan.

  At the same time, it was read at the same time to read the list of the third batch of specialty "small giants" enterprises in the country in Zhejiang and the awards.

SMEs, "special refinement", refers to small and medium-sized enterprises that have been specialized, refined, specialized, and innovative ability. "Little Giants" is the drain soldiers of "special refinement" SMEs.

In August of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the third batch of special new "small giants" enterprises, and 308 companies in Zhejiang were selected, and the number ranked first in the country.

Up to now, in the three batch of lists publicized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhejiang has been selected by 470, accounting for% in the country, ranking first in the country. Based on the new stage of development, Zhejiang research and formulated "Zhejiang New Wheel Manufacturing" Teng Chan and Phoenix Nirvana "attacking the Action Plan (2021-2023)" (Draft for Comment). According to the "Solution" "Tengling challenges, phoenix nirvans" attack hard.

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Then the hundred years of Fenghua Fujian Ningde Jiacheng Ming Dynasty embroidery building repair completed

"She", there is no beautiful flying arch, there is no smart window flower bird, and there is no spacious backing day, but the simple combination of white walls, blue bricks, and two interlaced beam columns, it seems so solemn and simple.."She" is an ancient architecture situated in the historical and cultural street of Pengcheng, Ningde, Fujian Province.At the beginning of October this year, Jiacheng District successfully completed the repair of Zhongnan embroidered buildings. After about 400 years of ancient buildings, it reproduced its former ancient rhyme.In the past few years, the Sino-South embroidery building is from the southwest to the northeast of the northeast. It is built in the Ming Wanli years (1573-1619), which is a good building of the wooden structure, and there are seven, the two, the double slope top, highRice, covering an area of 332 square meters, is an extremely precious example of the Ming Dynasty.

On December 25, 1992, he was announced as the second batch of county-level cultural relics protection units by the former Ningde County People’s Government. According to the "Marscar" and Qing Qianlong version "Ningde County Zhi (Human Zhiguan)" related text records, the construction of embroidery buildings is related to a first ancestral horse of Markov.

In Ming Wanli, Ma Chengke has created the ninth generation of Markic City in Jiacheng, from this past generation.

Due to the operation of the operation, there is more than 2,000 rental income every year, and when the Ningde Mark’s family is quite rich.

The fourth wife of Ma Chengshu is a Women, and Luo Xiangxiao, and there is a hand embroidered process.

The budget will be dedicated to the second floor of Majia House. Roche passed the embroidered craft to the house girl, the maid.

From this embroidery building, it is not only a reputation in the entire county, but also a name. According to legend, the Jinlingfu Gaozi official robe is also from the embroidery building. The horse house embroidery building is named, and it has been circulated so far.

According to the 18th generation of Mark’s 18th Generation, the entire court of embroidery building is three-way three or three, there is a premium, and there is a living room, and the garden has a distinct place and the characteristics. The entire main building consists of two parts: the hall and the embroidery building. The main building is from the hall (front Ningde Mall) to the back garden (after the training school in the back area), there are about 3 acres.

The rear garden is about an acre size, back to the hard mountain, there is a bamboo, yellow bullet, grapefruit, pear tree, jasmine, etc., is the "heaven" of Ma Zhibu and the children played. After the wind and rain, the old appearance is no longer at the end of the 1990s, in the tide of the old city renovation and commercial development, the developers settled in Zhongnan Road, and the aboriginal people took out the embroidery building. In the next 20 years, the embroidery building has been in The state where people live. "Our banana city is frequent, there is no artificial maintenance, and the roof of the embroidery building is broken year by year. It gradually began to leak, and the wood structure is most fear is rain.

Slowly, the embroidery building wood components are decayed, and there are multiple collapse. Prior to this, the internal spatial layout of the embroidery building was transformed. "The Director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Center of the Jiaocheng District said. It is understood that at that time, although the overall pattern of the embroidery building was basically complete, due to the increase in the number of years of failure, the number of new houses on both sides of the north and south are crowded to the embroidery building space, and then the day Have been transformed into buildings such as kitchen, toilet, picking out to be lofts in the north side of the second floor, partial decoration, segmentation, roof part of the building, and the overall wood components, the local wood components are decayed, leaking water, breeding white fungi, Various garbage is piled up, and the preservation conditions are extremely poor.

Careful repairs, the repair of Fenghua still embroidered building is highly valued by the Jiacheng District Committee and the District Government. Under the concerns of local cultural research in Jiaocheng District, with the attention of the project, on-site investigation, investigation, program design , The end of the preparation of the construction before the expert review, July this year, the District Works and Tourism Bureau launched the repair project of the Zhongnan embroidery building, using the weeding and sterilization, revealing the renovation, positive, the wooden frame, the anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion Wall masonry, ground recovery and other measures to carry out overall protective repairs in Central South Embroidery Building.

Following the principles of "protected, the old, the old", the materials and processes become the key in the construction process.

"According to the shape characteristics of the Ming Dynasty, we will require the use of raw materials. For example, the gray plate wall should use the shell, the ground should be used for three-way soil, the void wall on both sides should be used and the surrounding ancient construction is the same material and size In order to accelerate the construction progress, we also scientifically divided the carpenter, mud hard, stonemason, etc.

"Zhong Rongfu said. Since mid-July, the construction party has removed the two-sided room in the north and sides of the front day and other post-rehabilitation parts; the ground floor of the backfill in the late stage, restore three-in-one land; masonry, brick airfield, pair of embroidery building The overall structure of the architecture is positive, replacing the partial trough, repairs and returning to Ansiang, 枋, etc .; the roof is partially unveiled and restored to the local collapse, break the hole, and remove the renovation of the renovation.

"At that time, since the columns on the two layers of the embroidery building were disadvantaged, this unique architectural structure of Ming Dynasty was very affecting the progress. The optical structure was supported, and we spent 1 week.

There is also the repair of gray plate walls and floors, and it is also very complex, in order to do ‘restore’, we spend more than half a month, in the expense of the materials and craftsmanship, and do waterproof processing on the roof to ensure roofing Do not leak water.

"The person in charge of the construction unit is encountered during the construction process, in addition, since the embroidery building is located in the urban area, the environment is complex, and the transportation of raw materials is obviously blocked.

In order to speed up the construction progress, the workers also specially use night time to prepare for stock, work overtime to grasp the stage.

Today, the repair work of Zhongnan embroidery building has been successfully completed for more than 2 months, and the original appearance is restored. The repaired embroidery building will give full play to the activation utilization of cultural relics. As a display point in the Pengcheng History and Cultural Quarter, let "quiet" "ancient buildings" for many years, rejuvenation. "The repair project of Xiuhua Building has become a template project protected by the cultural heritage of Jiacheng, in the future, the repair of the wood structure, the repair of historical buildings, the repair of the traditional villages, the protection of historical and cultural districts. A certain reference and reference value. "Zhong Rongfu said," Next, Jiacheng will increase the daily maintenance efforts of the embroidery building, delegate special cultural relics, and through the installation of video surveillance and alarm systems, and district cultural relics smart security management platform Inline docking, form 24 hours a day, safety control.

"(Zhou Siying Yangci Jun) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see.

This disease "eats goods" is most common! Ten strives to teach you away from gout

Cool summer is coming, about the three or five friends to eat barbecue and drink beer, becoming the best choice for many people in summer. However, hyperuricemia and gout are often worried about this happiness.

So why do someone will have hyperuricemia and gout? Hyperuricemia and gout are long-term sputum metabolic disorders, and blood uric acid increases a group of diseases that cause tissue damage. Gantogenic diet will increase the intestinal absorption, so that the extracellular fluid uric acid concentration changes rapidly, induces gout arthritis acute episodes.

Treatment is through intake of low olitine diet and drug treatment, control gout’s acute episodes, prevents aggravation and development, prevent complications. In daily life, insist on doing the following points, you can effectively avoid the attack of hyperuricemia and gout: 1 limiting 呤. Gout patients need long-term control of sputum intake, strict control at the time of acute episodes, and the mitigation period is appropriately relaxed. Food with high 呤 has an animal’s internal organs, sardines, phoenix fish, small shrimps, lentils, soybeans, concentrated meat soup and bactera.

2 Limit the total amount of food in the whole day.

Combined with each person’s height, weight, physical activity, determine the appropriate diet.

3 Maintain an ideal weight. Due to the close relationship between gout, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, there is a need to reduce weight, limit energy supply, but weight loss should not be too fast, otherwise it is easy to induce gout, should be gradually entered. 4 protein is appropriate, mainly based on plant protein.

Animal protein can choose milk half a catty, 1 egg, a small amount of chicken and lean meat, and boil the soup.

No visceral and large number of sea products. 5 limit fat.

20 to 30 grams of oil per day, light and less oil.

Do not eat fried food, fat, caviar, crab yellow and other high-fat foods.

6 The staple food can’t be too small. 6 to 8 two days a day, honey, affecting uric acid excretion.

7 Various vitamins and minerals should be sufficient and eat more vegetables.

8 Drink plenty of water, the amount of liquid per day is 2000ml ~ 3000ml. Eat a water-containing vegetables and fruits to promote uric acid discharge. ⑨ ⑨ 酒 酒, disabate strong spices and spicy condiments.

Coffee and tea can be used appropriately. ⑩ trauma, drinking, infection, surgery, overeating, drugs (such as aspirin drugs), hunger, radiological treatment, etc., should be avoided as much as possible.

Director Li Hui, director of the Chinese Medical Sciences, and Li Hui for scientific.

The national examination registration ushered in the peak period of more than 9,500 people in Tibet

  Data map: Candidates have taken out the national examination examination room. The cold thinking of China’s reporter Wang Zhongji shooting in the hot examination is worth mentioning that behind some of the registration of the registration is the "practicing" mentality held by many candidates. Tianjin’s colleges and universities (pseudonyms) have registered in the 2022 national exam, and there is not much professional restriction, and the post can be approved. It is a small number of posts. "Application is to go to the scene to feel the exam, and some of the selection of the province will refer to the score of the national examination. The score can directly participate in the interview. I will go to the exam, I want a score.

"In addition, some candidates have given up national exams because of national examination time and recruitment or time conflicts. Zhao Jing (pseudonym) in a college in Beijing registered the national examination last year, but finally the written test time and a pen test The conflict chose to abandon the test. Zhao Jing felt, and four five hundred people compete with a position, there is no advantage, or go to the company’s written test.

  "But I itself is a mentality registration with the first report, it is a chance to give yourself a choice.

Zhao Jing said.

In fact, many candidates are like Zhao Jing, only the national examination is a way out of the future, not the only choice. In fact, it is observed that the data in recent years can find that the abandonment of the national test written test has been more prominent. Take the 2021 national examination as an example. Ten thousand people in the registration stage passed the qualification review, and there were 10,000 people in the past. There are 10,000 people in the 2020 National Examination through qualification review, and thousands of people actually take the exam.

  Suzhou University Political and Public Administration College professor Qian Yuying said that there is so many people choose to use the national examination as an alternative, except for some civil servants, the development prospect is broad, and it is also because the civil service has strong credibility. Standardized characteristics.

"Adhere to the principle of fairness and justice, enough outstanding people can stand out in the civil service exam, which also creates a national test from another side." (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Tianjin Second Batch of Police and Legal Team Education Rectification "Looking back" report will hold Zhang Zhijun to attend

Tianjin Northern News: According to the central unified arrangement, Tianjin Second Bureau of Police and Legal Team Education has been held back to see the report will be held in the morning of the 13th.

The National Political and Legal Team Education Central Second Supervisor Group leader Zhang Zhijun attended and speaking. Zhang Zhijun pointed out in his speech that the Tianjin Municipal Committee resolutely implemented the party’s central decision-making deployment, will learn to implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session and promote the second batch of education and rectification, and the impact of clearing the influence, adhere to high advancement, focus on key issues To maintain the strongest strength, strengthen the construction of the system, improve the supervision and efficiency, and all departments work together, and in depth, in-depth feedback, rectification and education rectification, and achieve real results. Zhang Zhijun pointed out that according to the national education and rectification office, the supervision team will launch the supervision of the supervision by listening to the report, check the information, individual talks, discussment, random summation, and unannounced visits, etc., focus on the five aspects: First, understand the clear Progress in the special work of the influence of the influence of the influence of the influence of Sun Lijun, Wu Changshun and others, see whether to see if people see the case; the second is to understand the implementation of feedback to rectify the implementation, see whether to develop rectification measures for feedback, whether to rectify In place, etc., the third is to understand the investigation of the tag supervision clues. Whether to achieve breakthroughs, whether it is deeply cut; four is to understand the continuous deepening of the stubborn disease, see if the clearance is good, whether to deal with the relevant personnel, is it? Seriously carry out me to do practical things for the masses, I will understand the problem of grassroots, and the five is to understand the chapter of the chapter, see if the good experience in the education and rectification is institutional, and whether the deep level problem is effectively solved, whether the system is implemented strict.

I hope that Tianjin is so good, good as good as good, high-quality completion of education and rectifying various tasks, and build a party and people’s trust, rely on the new era of the new era of the party, rely on the new era, with new weather, new, new, new The performance resolutely built the capital political moat, and welcomed the party’s twentieth victory in excellent results.

At the report, Zhao Fei, deputy director of the Municipal Education and Reward Leadership, reported on the second batch of political and legal team education in Tianjin, and the implementation of the work of the central supervision team. He said that the political and legal organs at all levels of Tianjin must adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, resolutely implement the training of the Treatment of the Rule of Law, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and insist on political construction as a leader, constantly Consolidate the expansion of education and rectification, and continue to do a good job of rectification of central supervision and feedback, high-quality high quality completion back and see the inspection and acceptance, and use the performance of safety and stability. Dong Jialu, Li Jing, Qiang Ming and the Municipal Bureau of Justice, and the relevant responsible comrades of the Municipal Justice Bureau reported back to the field, and the implementation of the rectification.

The members of the Central Supervision team, the municipal law team education rectification leading groups, relevant members and the responsible comrades participated. (Jin Yun News Edited Fu Yong).

The film "Children Zhou Enlai" premiere main venue was held in Nanjing

This newspaper yesterday afternoon, the film "Childhood Zhou Enlai" premiere main venue was held in Nanjing, the Minister of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, Zhang Aijun, attended the premiere and watched the film.

Deputy Minister of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Film Bureau, Secretary of the Provincial Film Bureau, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Publicity, Xu Ning, Provincial Women’s Federation Chairman Zhang Wei, Provincial Party Committee Provincial Organs Work Committee, Lu Xinping, provincial power TC Party Secretary, Temple Boy, Minister of the Municipal Committee, Minister of Publicity Department, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Organization, Minister of Organization, Zhou Enlai, China Chief China, Director of China, Zhou Bing, Military Sciences World Military Research Department Xiao Yusheng, deputy director, leadership, leaders in the relevant departments of the province, the province’s private section, the restricted part of the provincial, attending the activities, with the head of the Yuxian Institute and the hospital, to learn models with the audience, express the admiration of Zhou Enlai Prime Minister Love wear.

Zhang Aijun, Jiaocheng Jun, Chen Zhizheng, Xu Ning, Bu Yu, Zhou Binghe, Xiao Yuzheng and other leaders, guests jointly launched the premiere of "Childhood Zhou Enlai".

Jiaocheng Jun said that "Children’s Ye Enlai" is the key film in our province to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party. It will provide vivid textbooks for the education of party history education. Spirit nourishment, condense the masses of cadres, and struggle to write a new chapter of Jiangsu high-quality development to provide powerful spiritual power.

At present, Jiangsu Province is underway, in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected Jiangsu’s "consideration, striving to do demonstration, walk in the forefront", and promoted all kinds of business continuously with the spiritual state of high-spirited. Excellent results greet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

I hope that the relevant units and departments of the province, the institutes, theaters and news media, organize, propaganda, and release "childhood Zhou Enlai" and other films, and create a harmonious and warm social atmosphere for the 100th anniversary of the founding. Chen Zhi often said that learning and promoting Zhou Enlai spirit, for the Prime Minister’s hometown is not only a conscious pursuit, but also the best way to tail comfort Zhou. "Childhood Zhou Enlai" is not only a characteristic result of Huai’an Party’s history and education, and is also a literary force of the city to celebrate the 100th year of the city. We will take the first film premiere, in-depth promotion of the party history education, continue to use the Wonderful spiritual rich mine, innovate to carry out the learning and publicity activities, carefully create more excellent works, often warm red memory, often a red nutrient Strive to build a team of Zhou Prime Minister’s hometown with distinctive qualities, continuously start Huai’an Party’s sexual education brand. At the same time, adhere to the general secretary of the Top Secretary to Jiangsu, the proposal of Jiangsu, focus on the development of "green highlands, hub new city", the symptoms are different, and the replenishment is strong, innovative, struggling to promote high quality leaping Opening a new bureau, working hard to hand over the "strive rate, strive to make demonstration, walk in the forefront" Huai’an wonderful answer, and better show the "symbolic meaning" of the construction of premiell hometown.

The film "Childhood Zhou Enlai" focuses on Zhou Enlai Prime Minister from birth to 12 years old in Huai’an growth, lend the audience with the main line of "the key to life and ideological transformation", the image shows the generous life and the great life Learning the scene, where the three female elders are in the daily perspective of life reflect the enthusiasm of Chi Enlai Prime Minister’s childhood and broaden the chest. The whole film is vividly interpreted by Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s noble product, delicately interpret the childhood period. Zhou Enlai is saving the country. Save the people to touch the touching deeds.

The film is authorized by the Prime Minister of Zhou Enlai, will land on the nationwide line on June 1. The premiere is set up in the city, and the deputy mayor Wang Honghong and other leaders and some public representatives, "Zhou Enlai" student representatives represent the lives of Nanjing main scene through large screens, and went to the theater to watch the film.

(Chen Hui Baotian, smashing, Yan Yan).