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Microsoft is planning to abandon the operating system,Did you change it to a short video??
494 Best programmer
Domestic companies that clearly have the upper hand in market competition suddenly separate,Microsoft is going to acquire the International Version of SyllablesAPP,Microsoft also sold its own R&D center to competitors,And when competitors are most short of people,Substantial layoffs。
This one2020Some magic,A bunch of bigwigs who like to give pointers on the Internet have shouted that they can’t understand the business logic.。Not to mention ordinary people eating melons。
of course,Put international perspective,Direct competitors in Silicon Valley are also very confused。
For example, Wang Yufei has not been able to receive calls from many international friends recently,The reason why Changxiang Technology suddenly separated。
For such calls, Wang Yufei always tells the truth about his thoughts openly.。
I really want to say that this belongs to Wang Yufei’s concept of small family。
While not very trusting in modern management systems,,Confusion about the future technology tree,Make Wang Yufei reluctant to use equity incentives like other companies,It’s not shameful。
After all, not everyone has a sense of worry like Wang Yufei。
Because according to his idea, point the technology tree,One day Changxiang Technology may go bankrupt。
As for the big guys, believe it or not,Then it’s none of his business。
But anyway,At present, most people on the China Internet are still looking forward to enjoying technology,Or the current Yuxin Technology Service Co., Ltd. is good。According to mainstream media,The current prices of brain-computer chips and solid-state high-energy batteries are relatively cheaper in China.,Xin system is even completely free,It’s all because of the company’s priority strategy。

The sour squeezing sound began to continue from all directions,As if there is a hard object around it is cracking and deforming,Make people feel terrified and disturbed。

“I gonna go see。”Elder Yi stretched out his hand to beckon his weapon and wanted to leave,But was drunk by the Golden Crow Sacred Palace。
“I’ll go,You guard the Five Elements Island,Open all defensive formations。”Golden Crow has turned into a big golden bird while talking,Into the sky,Going away quickly in the flapping wings。
One thousand two hundred and forty seven chapters Void Adventure
The teenager was thrown out by the continuous energy shock, I don’t know how far it is,He fainted after slashing his life before,Wake up now,In front of us is a dark and vast void world,Just like the big eyeball brought him to see him not long ago。
Boundless darkness,There are stars in the distance,Such an ethereal picture left a deep impression on the teenager,And luck looks good,There is no harassment from the void storm。
The feeling of the rest of his life makes the young man lucky,Li Tan tried to cut off his vitality when he threw him into the space channel,Fortunately, Void Slash had dangerous signs in advance,Let Li Tan quickly let go,Otherwise he might be killed by the other party。
Teenager trying to turn his head,Want to recognize the surrounding environment through a wider perspective,Suddenly found the curved barrier full of eyes,I was actually in a big bubble,Bubbles float in the void,high speed,I don’t know where it will float to。
The key is,I don’t know who blessed this bubble,Obviously to protect him,Is it big eyes?Except it,The teenager can’t think of anyone who cares so much about his life and death。
Since big eyes don’t want him to die,Why should Li Tan be allowed to behave like this??It seems that these questions still have to be pulled back to the ultimate goal of the big eyeball。
The teenager has no time to think so much,Began to worry about the situation in the free world,Before he was in a coma,The space channel obviously has a big bang,Not only was Li Tan cut off his only way of life,It may also seriously undermine the security and stability of the free world。
Except for anxious,The teenager has no way,Vast void,He has no sense of direction at all,No way to talk about finding a way back,There is no way in the void,Only coordinates and lighthouse,This is what the big eyeball said,The facts are the same。

Chen Xiu left a blatant sentence and rushed out,When he came to the yard,I saw the helicopter that took me back and took off more than ten meters,He raised his hands up and shouted,Unfortunately, the noise of helicopter propellers is too loud,The pilot didn’t understand his cry。

In a hurry,Chen Xiu jumped up,The distance of less than one meter from the helicopter is already exhausted。
Chen Xiu directly controlled himself to stay in the air,Take advantage of the air to jump up again,I caught the helicopter’s landing gear,Helicopter tilted for one,The pilot finally knew there was someone on the landing gear,Finally opened the door,Chen Xiu flipped into the helicopter。
The driver asked with surprise:“Mr. Chen,When were you on the landing gear,I do not know how?”
Chen Xiu waved his hand and said:“This is not the point。
The point is to fly back to Miss Ou’s house just now。”
The driver said embarrassingly:“Mr. Chen,Every time you fly at high altitude in the city, you must apply for a route with the flight bureau,Otherwise it is easy to be regarded as terror by the troops stationed on the islandimolecular,Otherwise it will be shot down by a missile。”
hand machine station:
1051 Flying
Chen Xiu said:“Don’t worry about the flight route,I will now let people communicate with the troops stationed on the island,You fly first!”
“that……OK then。”
Chen Xiu took out his phone directly,Make a call to Huang Nanguo。

“Old Zhu,The two of them chased very close,I’m afraid I can’t get rid of them。and also,What is our escape plan,How to leave after entering the city?”

“No plan,See step by step。”
“no plan!
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“I thought you had any plans to escape,That brought me into Xiangxi,It turns out that you are so terribly chased!”
812 Ten knives
Zhu Huiwei also ran wildly,Said without a good tone:“Where is the plan!”
I haven’t thought about it,I thought Zhu Huiwei had a complete escape plan,Didn’t think about it,I don’t know this guy has no plans at all。
Chen Xiu said stiffly:“I think the first step,We have to leave Xiangxi first,The sooner the better,The farther the better!”
“nonsense,I asked you how to leave!”
“The best airplane,It’s better to be faster!”
“Where does the private jet come from?”
“Don’t you have?”
From Annan to Australia、From Ao Island to Xiangxi, I took Zhu Huiwei’s private plane.。
“That was all arranged by Zhang Haibao,My power in the world is in An Nan,Not in the country!”

Chen Xiu knew that the Sun brothers and an uncle were the master of the Big Sword Society,He doesn’t know how powerful Sun Yang is,These two brothers are dead in their own hands, they will not let go,I must find my own revenge。

I can beat it,Naturally don’t mind killing Sun Yang too。
Can’t beat,Run by yourself,But when the time comes, the people in Longxi Village will be affected。Now bury Sun Zhenchi and their bodies,Create an illusion of missing,It can also delay the people in Longxi Village。
Daniel doesn’t know the depth of Chen Xiu’s burial,It’s just that I respect Chen Xiu like a man,What Chen Xiu said was a plan,Tie fifteen black horses behind the ox cart,Just to drive the bull forward,Turned around again:“Chen……Brother Chen,Won’t you stop going back to the village?!”
Chen Xiu said with a smile:“I caused trouble for the village,I won’t leave until I finish killing the big sword club!”
Daniel got a positive answer from Chen Xiu,This time I drove the ox cart back to the village with confidence。
After the big cow goes far,Chen Xiu looked at a dead body,If you want to destroy the corpse, you have to dig a bigger pit。
“Easy to kill,Destroying the body is troublesome!”
Chen Xiu sighed,A palm on the ground,I made a big hole,Dusty Poplar,Still not deep enough、not big enough,After all, sixteen dead bodies and a horse have to be buried。
1110 Wild Wolf Gang Remnants
Chen Xiu waved his palms again and again,I don’t want to, but it alarmed a group of people in the distance。
The crowd looks nervous,I’m even more embarrassed,Everyone is injured,Everyone’s complexion changed a lot when I heard the sound of the palm slamming on the ground。
“Uncle Hu,How to do!”
The speaker is a young man in the team,Gorgeously dressed,Only a piece of dryness on the chest turned into a dark brown blood stain,I don’t know if it’s his blood or someone else’s blood。
“Young Master is not afraid,I’ll check it out。”
The speaker was a big man in his fifties in front of the team,Even whispered to a man in his 30s:“Uncle,If there is any change before,You will take Young Master and everyone,leave me alone!”
“master,but……” “Nothing but,This is an order!”
Uncle Hu is curling up,Approach carefully with the lightest pace,Look aside the grass,I saw a young man made a big hole in the space with his palm strength,Still corpse in the pit。

“It seems,This Zhao family,It’s not easy to deal with。”

Wang Teng said,Not long,The people from Hubao Camp have arrived here。
One of them held a fist at Wang Teng,Speak directly。
I followed the person in front of me to finish,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,I feel more and more in my heart,This scene is very funny。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng。
Such a thing,Essentially,It’s more direct than imagined。
And after watching for a while,Actually from now on,These things,How to make a decision,Just these things,Actually all need to be re-planned。
And looking at it all,Actually here,Wang Teng said very directly。
“but,You guys go out with me now。”
Zhao Shijie did all this,I want Wang Teng to forgive him,That is absolutely impossible。
So next,Looks at Wang Teng,It is also necessary to solve some things。
With Wang Teng said here,The people around me nodded again and again。
After all such a thing,Actually from the original,Is what they want to do。
“Good lord。”
These people from the Tiger Leopard Camp,It’s really boring。
So it looks like,If you can take advantage of now to go out and pack up some people,That’s really perfect。
As for Wang Teng,Of course I don’t know this。
But didn’t go far,Wang Teng noticed。

“what?You didn’t see?”Jia Lina asked in surprise。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“I didn’t see it,But wait and see,This person will come to us in a while”His voice has not fallen,Hear someone walking ahead。
Xia Jian hurriedly walked out from inside,I saw the fat woman in the restaurant next door looking a little embarrassed。Xia Jian smiled and said:“Fat sister want to buy something?”
“Oh!Get me a bag of washing powder!”Fat woman talking,Put one hundred and sixty dollars on the counter。
Xia Jian has a look,Reminded softly:“Washing powder six yuan and five jiao,Can’t use so many fat sisters”
“Ok! I know,Isn’t there any other oven money。I think you are selling quickly,Afraid of sold out,So I moved one myself,Did not say hello to you”When the fat woman said this,Sound like a mosquito,Very awkward expression。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Must say next time,If I yelled out last night,Alarm neighbors,It’s not too embarrassing”
“Which is which is,Thanks brother”Fat woman takes washing powder,Head down,Blushing and ran out of the shop。
At this moment Jia Lina walked out from inside,She didn’t say anything,I just gave Xiajian a thumbs up,The eyes are full of admiration。
Near noon,The surrounding villagers came to the town in groups to participate in the exchange meeting at the end of the year,Most people want to add something to the family,Of course there are also hanging out,Look at the lively。
Jana’s shop buys grain, oil, rice noodles and some small department stores,Because of the complete variety,There are so many people here。The remaining ovens of yesterday were less than half an hour before and after,Was all taken away,And also ordered a few。
See the business is booming,Don’t mention how happy Jia Lina feels。He let Xia Jian look after the shop,I hurried to the post office and called which boss in Teng County。
Just when Xia Jian was busy selling goods to others,A pickup truck stopped on the side of the street,Got out of the car in his thirties,Chunky man,This person has a mustache,Two shrimp-like eyes rolled straight forward。

Not long after he came to the navy,Simply training your body is definitely not enough,There are not many swordsmen in the Navy,Less can put pressure on Leo,So Leo focused on Gion, whose position is not high.。

but,Gion didn’t want to pay any attention to him,So I keep rejecting。
at the same time,There is another guy named Jia Ji who has been entangled,I’ve confessed to Gion many times,All rejected。
Two people are pestering Gion like this,No wonder Gion thinks Leo is interesting to him。
at this time,The embarrassing place is here,It’s also full of muscles,The straight guy who chased his sister。
It’s just one sentence when you meet Gion,Be my woman,I will take you to kill the pirate!
Facing this kind of confession, Gion naturally refused repeatedly,At this time, Leo, who is more subtle and knows how to please Gion, appears,The result is such a comparison…
Straight guy is really a comparison,There is no straightest man, only straighter man,And Leo is undoubtedly rendered in the environment of the previous life,Even straight,But compared to Jiaji, it is undoubtedly a lovely little cutie。
“I’m really just to compete with you,Not picture your body,My Leo is not that kind of mean person!”
“Hum,Then you are not as good as a beast!”Gion said coldly。
“Sister Gion,calm,Don’t get close!”
The tall Gion keeps approaching,I was about to wrap Leo’s face with that protruding bosom!

“Hey。。。Mengshehou and Hulanhou have a half chance of you two,The melee strength of this kid is not inferior to the control of Nianli weapons.。”Chi Xiao Hou knows he will lose,Instead, I want to see who Mengshehou and Hulanhou can get the final bet。

“According to the current strength of this kid,Probably the strength of the fiftieth wave。”Hulanhou still looks calm:“But he may not be able to keep,I guess I can make it to the 60th wave,I may not lose!”
“But it is also possible that the strength has exploded to the extreme,Stopped in the first fifty waves。”Although Mengshehou said so,But his face is a bit ugly。
Fifty-ninth wave of opponents,Is a Zerg mother emperor。
This zerg is a very special race in the universe。It can be said that there are so many,It can also be said that the number is very small。
Said the number is very small,That’s because the Zerg mother emperor with high wisdom,Very few,Of course its individual strength is also very strong。
Even if it’s the twelve pinnacle bloodlines of Behemoths,Naturally grow to the peak of the world lord,I still have to lower my head in front of immortality。The grown-up master-class Zerg mother emperor,Has terrible fertility,Can easily multiply a huge sea of insects for large-scale war。
Under the joint efforts of the massive Zerg soldiers,The master-level Zerg mother emperor’s overall strength surpasses most immortal gods。
Of course Li Ming dealt with this,It can only be said to be a low-profile castrated version of the Zerg mother emperor,But even the low castrated version is absolutely strong,At least far more than the star behemoth。
“Green Mango、Red Man。”
“Big One、Black armor。”
“And the blade ants。”
“Although individual strength is not too strong,Can be many,Reunite!”Li Ming shook his head。It is impossible to fight head-on,Only relying on the dark cloud shuttle’s limit to dodge like this,In order to remain undefeated。

There are 40 pieces in this book,There are also twenty-six pages of poems,Each depiction is a scenic spot of Huashan。

As far as i know,These forty paintings were lost overseas in the early years,The Palace Museum can only recover eight of them。
I never expected you to have one here,Really amazing!”
Inside the antique,The first thing to identify is the word,The second difficulty is painting。
And everyone in Xia has always been“word”、“painting”Regardless of family,This is undoubtedly more difficult。
So in the private museum of Niu Weidu, a major collector in Kyoto,From the time you can find Xia Wenmian to the present,He dabbles,Only never touch the collection of calligraphy and painting in his life,I’m afraid of being beaten in the face。
Chen Xiu knew it at a glance《Huashan map》Coming,Rightly speaking,Fang Zhishan also knows that Chen Xiu has real skills in life,Not to pursue my granddaughter,Specially learned antique knowledge temporarily。
Not only exclaimed:“You kid can,Better than my son-in-law,My granddaughter has a better vision than my daughter’s!”
Chen Xiu was not counted by his tongue twister-like relatives for a long time,O Sheng’s face is even redder,Said:“Grandpa,I ignore you,I cook!”
“Osheng,I’ll help you……”
Chen Xiugang wants to run to help,Fang Zhishan grabbed him and said:“The working woman in the kitchen did it,what are you going to do。Come,I will show you something good,I also collect a lot of Ming Dynasty government,Today i show you!”
Chen Xiu is really interested now,Ming Dynasty was the last dynasty of Han,It is also the last peak of Han costumes,And after entering Manchuria,,Cut hair easy,The cheongsam is beautifully done,It’s also a bit less than the traditional school beauty of the Han family for thousands of years。
Research on summer clothing,Mr. Hu Shi also wrote an article,Said western suits or evening dresses worn by men and women,All highlight lines,Show personality like their culture;And Xia’s costume is a“Tibetan”word,Under the loose clothing is to completely cover up my body,This is very Xia Confucian thought。
After all, wild boar skin did not learn the complete Han culture,Cheongsam is also close to the body、line。
From this point of view,Clothing collection,The value of clothing collection in the Ming Dynasty is far above the Manchu。
Wang Zhishan also has a lot of good things,Men’s gold crowns respectively、Girl’s Phoenix Crown、Children’s Ming Kesi gourd pattern Tibetan gowns have everything,The dragon, phoenix, bead and emerald crown studded with twenty-four grams of longan-sized pearls made Chen Xiu greedy.。
“Kid,Do you want!”
Chen Xiu subconsciously nodded like a chicken pecking at rice,Fang Zhishan said with a smile:“What anxious,Be nice to my granddaughter,These will be yours from now on!”
Before Chen Xiu wanted to understand what this meant,The bell above the store door stepped forward,A young man walked in,Even more:“Fang Lao,Traffic jam,I’m late!”
Young people come in,I was surprised to see Chen Xiu;And Chen Xiu was even more surprised to see the people coming from ear to ear!