“or,I am going with you.。”

“Hey-hey,This is something between men.,What are you going??
And I am going to fight with each other.,I just want to take the other side, don’t move.,After all, I don’t want anyone who is unfavorable to you.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also got up and sorted up。
When I left, I didn’t forget to look back at the perfect body of Qin Xue.,Beautiful face。
And Qin Xue looked at Li Hui’s back,If you want to think that if she is just a bold,It is very likely that you have already rolled up the machine with the other party.。
Especially the massage method that Li Hui Feng is thinking,She can’t help but feel the kind of arming from the heart.。
I can’t help but think of Li Rong,The rest of the three apples are also ready to finish,See what changes can you make yourself?。
Li Hui Hui left Qin Xue’s residence,Follow the address given by Sun Yaru to the hotel where the school is not far away.。
To the hotel,Li Hui Feng directly in accordance with the guidance of the other party, in front of the room。
At the entrance of the room,Li Hui Picks up the phone and dialed Sun Yaru’s phone.。
“Hey,I have come.,Open the door。”
Sun Yaru did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually came so fast.。
When you open the door directly,When I saw that Li Hui’s moment, I was rushing to kill, and I took Li Hui.。
Then I cried in Li with the wind.。
The tears of the bean is also very soon, and the chest clothes of Li Hui Feng.。
Feel the body of Sun Yaru,That feels that he is not a sway.,But soon recovering calm。
After all, he is no longer a lot of the wind.。
If this is before,He said that he would be happy to be happy by Sun Yaru.,I can even sacrifice myself for each other.。
However, since the other party fell into himself once,He didn’t have a half-point love for Sun Yaru.。
Sun Yaru hugs Li Hui Feng’s moment,Some amazed in the heart,The strong chest is a soft, the woman’s woman, the woman’s woman is simply a few days.。
Especially the taste of the sun in Li Hui,Let her feel a lot of regrets in her heart。
Before she didn’t look down on Li Hui,Just want Li Hui to become a dog under her pomegranate skirt.,But I never thought that the taste of Li Hui Feng was so good.,The body is so strong。
Those patterns who have played with Lincheng together,Sun Yaru did not help but increase a bit of confidence in today’s things.。
“Have you been crying??
Lin Cheng?”
Feel Sun Yaru is no longer so twitching,Li Hui Feng is very calm and putting the other party from his own arms.。
“A style,I know it wrong.,I am sorry for you.,You hit me.,I will never have some complaints.。”
Sun Yarru said,On the side of your face, I called a slap in my face.,Just when she wants to play the second slap in her face.,Li Hui Feng is reaching out to stop。
“You are wrong, not bad, there is no relationship.,If you want to continue playing,Then continue,I will stop you from,After all, you are not my love.,You don’t love me,The trick is still a good distance from each other.。”
Li Hui said this,I saw it on the left and right.,He always feels Sun Yaru invited him to have any good things today.,If it is not framed,He will feel a little strange。
How did Sun Yaru didn’t expect that she was embarrassed?,Li Hui actually does not have a point of reaction。
If she knows that Li Hui has been with Qin Xue.,She even doubts that Li Ping is not a normal man.。
“A style,Can you listen to me??”
“no need,If Lin City is here,Then I will go first.。”
For Sun Yaru,Li Hui’s heart will always keep a call,It may be that a snake is biting ten years old.,It may also have the inheritance of Shennong.,Some of his predictive feelings will be enhanced.。
“A style,I am actually in your own.,Just just don’t do it.,They will tell you,And they say that killing someone is a dish for them.,I have wondered you before.,I am afraid that you are hurt.,I don’t do it so much.,You can really entangle me again.,Do you know how terrible??”
The more you say that the tears that have already stopped in the eyes of Sun Yaru.。
This time,She did not pounce into Li Huifeng,Instead, I walked directly into the house and cried in the white bed.。

Li Tianzhu’s primordial spirit entered another deep and terrifying space,No wind around,But extremely cold,He is falling continuously,The deeper it gets, the brighter it gets,In a smog,His soul suddenly hovered in the air。

The breath here is not only cold,And it stinks again and again,Li Tianzhen urges the pupil of true vision,Finally see below,That is a huge mouth,Facing him one by one,Seems to want to swallow him in one bite,But worrying,Hesitating but impatient,The saliva flowing out is like a waterfall,Stinks。
“Finally met,Lord of Seven Flames!”
“Stop pretending,Kampot。”Li Tianzhen takes this big mouth as the center,The pupil of true vision moves around,Gradually see the surrounding scenery,This is an indescribable face,But by no means the old evildoer of Dala Mountain,When fighting in the dark space,He has seen the obscure face of the old monster,Although fierce,But it’s not so ugly。
“Ha ha,It’s nothing to be seen through by you,You still fell into my hands anyway。”Kampot is not without pride。
“so what?Pan Mang can’t do anything to me,How good are you?”Li Tianzhen knows what he is afraid of,The trace of divine nature hidden behind the Huoyan Temple is extremely violent,The old evildoer can’t handle it,Isn’t Kampot wishful thinking?
“That doesn’t matter,Just please‘Lord of Seven Flames’Stay in a small place for a while,I think you can figure it out。”Kampot opened his mouth again,The saliva overflows like running sewage,“For something so delicious,I have always been patient。”
“Privately intercept Panmang’s prey,You are not afraid that it will strip you alive?”
“Aha,rare‘Lord of Seven Flames’So self-aware,Finally admitted that he was a prey,I knew it,Why does it take so much effort??”Kampot laughs,“I don’t need to worry about things between me and my lord,heard about it‘Nirvana handkerchief’What?”
Li Tianzhi’s face changed after hearing this,He has seen this murderous thing in the classics left by Yu Wenqiu Tong,A fierce creature known in the devil world,Refined by an ancient devil with a dead soul,A handkerchief that seems ordinary,There are countless grievances attached to it、evil、Curse and insidious,It is a weapon for dealing with the supernatural powers of the gods and immortals,Especially good at corroding and dismantling the godhead、Divinity,notorious。
Chapter VIII Play dead
related‘Nirvana handkerchief’The rumors just came to mind,A dancing gray mist appeared in front of Li Tianzhen,I don’t know where it came from,Suddenly appeared in panic。
The outline of this thing is long and square,But in constant wriggling and wandering,Like having stubby hands and feet、The doll with no head,Sometimes fangs and claws,Sometimes it seems to twist the waist and push the hips,Looks quite weird。
But this thing appeared,The surrounding space is obviously different,As if the breath of silence in the abyss suddenly became active and noisy,Noise from scratch,And spread rapidly,There seem to be countless mouths talking in all directions,Whispering at first,But when I saw Li Tianzhen, I suddenly quarreled,Although I don’t understand what these things are saying,But he felt obviously malicious and aggressive,The cold air suddenly became warm from this。
Grey mist approaching,Li Tianzhen took a breath,That’s really dense and numerous mouths,Various,Zhang Zhang Hehe,Constantly cursing and cursing something,Make people look at me。
Li Tianzhen urges the pupil of true vision,Every mouth is an extremely powerful undead,They come from different worlds,Are the strong men in that world,The souls after death are all full of hatred and resentment,But was collected one by one by the unknown big devil,Use a certain law to suppress the square handkerchief woven by Sombra silk,And then use powerful force,And combine the curse to recreate these undead。
‘Nirvana handkerchief’When made,The big devil became the first victim,It is back eaten by Fangpa and completely absorbed,In the end it became the biggest mouth in the middle of the fog,So this handkerchief not only has terrifying abilities,And there are very strange thinking and perception。
Each mouth represents an independent mind,But all the mouths can work together to form a unified consciousness,Many magicians mistakenly believe that the mouth of the central devil is in command,Often when he is dying, he will desperately attack that big mouth,Actually fooled,because‘Nirvana handkerchief’Has formed his own independent thinking,You can let go of the consciousness of every mouth,It can also unify the mental power of all the mouths,It is different from any kind of creature,But from all the worlds,Extremely confusing。

of course,According to Wang Yufei’s plan,The new battery is the same as the Xin system,Priority to domestic manufacturers。

Electronic products,Priority supply for China、Rice、VO、OP、China and other domestic enterprises,As a power source,Naturally, it will also give priority to domestic new energy vehicle manufacturers。
Of course it’s not that Changxiang Technology wants to give up foreign markets。
I still have to talk first,Just need to wait for the output to rise。
This is really hard for Ge Lingyue,AsCEO,She has to play according to the rules set by Wang Yufei for her。
Wang Yufei dare to offend anyone casually,But she can’t offend people。
The first batch of companies that can get the battery is good to say,Those to be put in the second batch,Have to give a good reason。
And you can’t tell Wang Yufei’s orders directly,Otherwise, God knows what disputes will cause。Even the allies who have finally gone abroad to harvest may all be lost.。
This oneCEONot so good!
As for Wang Yufei,After arranging everything,Wholeheartedly……
I wanted to devote myself to the research of Quantum Brain,But Lao Guo came to Beijing with his family。
This is what has already been arranged,A bunch of things on the summer vacation。
The solid-state high-energy battery should be stared at,Built in the third underground of the company headquarters building、The fourth floor of the Quantum Brain Lab also has to stare,Wang Yufei can’t spare time to return to Star City。So I told Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian early,The whole family will come to Beijing for summer vacation this year。
Actually the summer in Beijing is also very hot。
But after all, it is north,The evening is still a little better than the summer in the south。

Li Tianzhi helpless,I had to pick up the teacup and smell it,Aroma,But I don’t know what’s weird in the tea,I don’t even know if I drink this tea,Will it leak out from the gaps in the bones。

“Don’t fellow Taoists taste this fragrant tea?”
“I look like this,I’m afraid I drink it for nothing?”Li Tianzhen wry smile。
“That may not。”
Dayan did not speak again,Pour another cup of tea,Drank again,After three cups,The tea in the small teapot seems to be finished,Dayan’s eyes full of regret,He actually turned his gaze to the tea cup in front of Li Tianzhen。
Li Tianzhen looks interesting,Purely complaining and teasing each other,I grabbed the tea cup and drank it in one go,Dayan’s expression is really painful,And the tea inlet goes through the throat,But it didn’t spill along the bones,On the contrary,Where the tea goes,Li Tianzhen’s flesh and blood are growing fast,From the flesh、Blood vessel、nerve,To the organ、Organs,The flesh from the neck to the chest and abdomen was quickly restored at a speed visible to the naked eye,Even the skin grows,Glossy and smooth than before。
Unfortunately,A small cup of tea is really limited,Behind the chest and abdomen,No skin growth,This is embarrassing,Li Tianzhen became a half-skeleton,Thin leg bones support a normal torso,Looks very weird,The magic of tea is unimaginable,Li Tianzhen immediately looked at the teapot in the opponent’s hand,Dayan was shocked,Busy picking up the teapot and sending it to the mouth,There is still some foundation in it, right?。
I didn’t expect Li Tianzhen to move like a dragon at this time,I grasped Dayan’s wrist,Open five fingers with the other hand to grab,Fast as lightning,In one go,“Since fellow Taoist invited me to drink tea,How stingy?”
Dayan’s angry expression suddenly relaxes,Then he laughed,“I was afraid that the old man would poison,I’m fighting now,Daoists are not atmospheric。”
Li Tianzhen is so difficult,Seeing Dayan let go,Grab the teapot,Uncover the lid,Pour the whole tea base into the mouth,This magical tea fruit is breeding new flesh and blood,The sad reminder is that when the knee is reached, there is no more text。
Li Tianzhen is upset about this,If you didn’t hesitate just now,Share this tea with Dayan,Two cups for one person,Isn’t it just right?
“Ha ha,Everyone has different chances,Fellow Daoists are just so close。”Dayan waved,Both the tea cup and the teapot fly into your hands,Shaking his sleeves again and stood up,“It’s almost time,Let me go to the snow mountain,after that,The old will not dare to keep fellow daoists,Shouldn’t delay things?”
Dayan’s weirdness has already aroused Li Tianzhen’s interest,The snow mountain is naturally going,But how to deal with that round bowl?It’s not just the problem of rare earths,There is a black unicorn lying inside,In that universe,I can’t hold on for long。

Hope,She still has a bottom。

“correct,Everyone agreed,If you don’t agree,Your10Shares,Our company is willing to acquire。”
Lan Xin doesn’t want to be because of such a thing and her。
She has already thought of,Just hard support。
Her love,Gone,Also let her heart。
Waiting for everything,Grudge,She is going to find AC,End of the world,She must find him back。
“Humph!I don’t turn equity。”
Gu An An anger。
Why is Blue Xin not need to do anything?,You can get everything,She is exhausted,But you can’t get it.。
She is full of fearful courage,But only,Incite trouble。
Blue Xin,All the way。
This makes her unable to bear。
“That snapped。”
Blue Xin looked at Ning Feifei,Ning Feifei got up,Pushing her away。
Everyone retired from both sides,After letting Blue Xin go out,Everyone is following it.。
Muzi,European,Su Sei Ming,Lin Biao,Also followed by the office of Blue Xin。
Ning Feifei knows that they have something to say,Quickly go out and wait。
Blue Xin looked at them four people,Laugh:“today,thank you all。”
Muzi honing:“Blue,do not worry,Company will not have something。”
As long as they are,Will not let A Cheng’s cardiostrum。
They will stick to Xiao Jun who grows up.。
This is the decision of the four people。
Su Shengming looked at them a few people,Anger,“This occasion today,It is suitable for the world of Gu An’an.。”
NS1089chapter:She has been hard
European:“idiot ,Not arrived yet,What are you eager??”
Su Seiming glared at him:“European,Who do you say??”
European,Half on the sofa,“Say you??”
Lin Biao:“so,Secret is definitely can’t let him know first。”Several people,All secrets are all I know.。
“Lin Biao,Do you also join in the fun??This occasion today,You can make Gu A’an and her good luck forever.,Who will dare to do business after reading?,Her empty glove of white wolves get company,I have finished playing in a few days.。”
European:“You know what you should say today.,I haven’t come to say it yet.,Once the grass is stunned,The two will be more vigilant,Now let them relax,Can we lose your side?10100 million to find it back。Can you know how A Cheng is……Accident。”The last sentence,Oujing 尧 气 气 气 气。
Everyone has a pain,All angry。
Muzi honing:“I have a meeting today.,I will go back to the company first.,What happens, everyone in the group。”
Ou Jing nodded。
Mu Ziyou nodded,Start wheelchair leave。
Su Sei Ming:“Walk away,I send you,I can’t see you.。”
Mu Ziyi smiled,Not talking。
Su Seiming turned to push him to leave,I still have a belly in my heart.。
Lin Yu Tiandao:“I have almost no thing over there.,Anyway, management models,Can’t,I will move the studio to this side.,You can also share some of your work.。”
Oujing glanced at him:“I think you want to go to the water building first。You don’t use it,Your use is taking care of those models.,Go back。”Ou Jing, a disappointing, waving 。

At lunch,Xia Jian only ordered one green vegetable,The other is a bowl of white rice。Because He Yumei brought him pickles,There are also special cured meats,Heated it up in the microwave a little bit,It’s so delicious。

But Wang Youcai is right,The snowflakes outside the window have been floating,It can be said to be very big。When Xia Jian opened the window and looked out,I found a thick layer of snow on the ground。Spring is coming soon,But the snow is like winter。
Standing at the window,Looking at the snowflakes floating outside the window,Xia Jian’s mood suddenly felt abnormally lost。So many come,He didn’t even know what he did。Look back,Feel nothing。
Just when he was feeling sentimental。The phone on the table rang again,He saw that it was an unfamiliar local call,He doesn’t want to pick it up,But think twice,He still got the call。
A familiar woman’s voice came over the phone immediately:“Happy New Year, President Xia!I am Tong Jie。You call this,Is it a bit presumptuous?”
“No!Where did you spend the year”Xia Jian never thought,Tong Jie will call him this call。Between them,It’s been a while on the phone。
Tong Jie on the phone smiled and said:“That’s good!Please hurry to the Metropolitan Office,Me and pharaoh,And Wei Xiaoming、Xiong Yongqiang,There is also a big beauty Zhao Chunling。We are all waiting for you,See or leave”
Tong Jie finished,So he hung up。Xia Jian holding his mobile phone,I haven’t recovered for a long time。These people used to be his old acquaintances,But for various reasons,He took the initiative to give up contacting them。I didn’t expect people to remember him。
Someone remembered,Always a good thing。Xia Jian quickly stood up and turned off the computer,Then tidy up the desk,I walked downstairs quickly。
Because of the snow,Pedestrians and vehicles on the road are much scarce。Xia Jian finally stopped a car,He didn’t expect to laugh as soon as he got in the car。
First2293chapter Misunderstanding again
It turns out that someone else is driving,It is Xia Jian’s high school classmate Gao Qiaoli。Old classmates meet on such occasions,This is an embarrassing thing。
Unexpectedly, these two people are very happy,Xia Jian laughed,I stretched out my hand and shook Gao Qiaoli。Gao Qiaoli was also very happy to say:“I didn’t expect it to be you,how is everything!Your original call can’t be reached now”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“The original phone number is no longer needed,This is new you write down”Xia Jian said,So he gave his old classmate a business card he just printed。
“Yo ha!You are awesome。Now it seems that I did it alone?”Gao Qiaoxian holds the business card Xia Jian gave her,Looked at and said with a smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“There is no alternative。how about it?Have you contacted them recently??”
Gao Qiaoli glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Contact a fart。They are getting less and less promising now。Take Liu Qiang as an example,This guy lost the position of deputy director because of his bad style,It stands to reason to be honest,did not expect,He’s a dog can’t change eating shit”

Drop the rope and pull him up,Neither of them spoke,Let him rest。

Gan Yifan is really tired,The return distance between three and four hundred meters is okay,Can recover slightly with the help of Mingzhu,But after a distance of tens of meters,He dare not continue to use Mingzhu,Eliminate[5200 ]Too much consumption。Here,There is not much left in the body,He didn’t even dare to jump,There is not much left from the fire needed to maintain body temperature。
“It’s too cold underneath,At least five or six times colder than Yunji Island,I can’t go down。”Gan Yifan gasped and said。
“troubled you。”Ning Beizhi patted him on the back,“Just come back safely。”Talking words of comfort,But the disappointment is hard to conceal。
“I didn’t get down to 500 meters……”
“Ok,Nothing,It’s just my imagination,Let you go adventure,The teacher wants to apologize to you。”
“no, I’m fine,The teacher’s judgment is probably right。”Gan Yifan said,“Although it’s not down to a depth of 500 meters,,But I found the abyss widened。”
“Ok?”Ning Beizhi suddenly became excited,“you sure?”
“I went down to a depth of about 420 and 30 meters,Five or six meters away,The rock wall slopes inward,The lower the tilt, the greater the angle,But the scope I can see is limited,Sure but not sure,It can only be said that the possibility of the abyss widening is very high。”
Li Dachuan thought about it:“According to this,The bottom of the abyss might be a forest,What about the dragon I saw?Does it really exist?”
“What dragon?”Gan Yifan surprised,“Where did you see the dragon?”
Li Dachuan glanced at him,Puzzled his attitude,But no explanation。
“Inside the giant cauldron。”Ning Bei Zhi,He didn’t stare at Gan Yifan this time,Vomiting blood once or twice,He has no hope of reading Gan Yifan related memories,“The reason why I want you to go down five hundred meters,Because I was awake,See the bottom of the abyss from the trance inside the giant cauldron。Similar experience,But what he saw was a dragon,Like an ancient Tyrannosaurus with wings。”
Gan Yifan blinked,No answer。
Time came to 9:30 in the morning,Three people got out of the tripod,Very tired,Sit down and don’t want to get up。
Ning Bei Zhi and Li Dachuan closed their eyes to rest their minds,Gan Yifan also leaned on the stone wall,Reluctantly pose for practice。
He is actually more hungry,But I’m used to running away from the fire,Enriched and warm,But now empty,Particularly unsuitable。
If it’s like a stream flowing inside when the fire is full,Then now,Lihuo is like sparks,Flashing,It seems to go out at any time,Even with him, the whole person looks weak and listless,Even feel cold。
Practice first,Eat more。
He practiced for a long time this time,More than three hours。Ning Bei Zhi and Li Dachuan finished their practice,Finished eating,Chatted for a long time,He just woke up from the practice。

“Eat your meal,Stop talking about your old stereotypes,Kids don’t like to listen“Sun Yuejuan counts on Xia Zecheng。

This may be a common problem of old age,I like most in front of my children,Leading the past with the present,Recall the past,Xia Zecheng’s routine is,Praise the moment,Immediately start to move to the past。Sun Yuejuan as his wife,Naturally very familiar with his routine,So he didn’t succeed today,Just show up,Was suppressed。
Fang Fang was amused by the old couple,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel happy in his heart。
Finished eating,Everyone watched TV for a while,They went back to their rooms。Xia Jian lying in bed,Looking at the English materials Wang Lin gave him,This is the advantage of Xia Jian,Although a busy day,But when free,He has never lost his English。
The night is already deep,But Xia Jian didn’t feel sleepy,He put on clothes,Walked out of the room gently,He found that the light was turned off in Fang Fang’s room next door,It means she is asleep。
An excitement is hard to control,Xia Jian gets dressed,Quietly slipped out the door。
Zhao Hong’s room,There is no light,It seems that I am late,But Xia Jian was still a little bit unwilling,Crept over,Gave it a slight push,Just a bang,But the door did not open,It means it is plugged in from the inside。
Just when Xia Jian was about to turn around,The light in the room turned on suddenly,Xia Jian hurriedly crawled on the crack of the door,Speak softly:“Zhao Hong,I am Xia Jian“
After the clatter of slippers,The door slightly opened a gap,Xia Jian’s side,Squeezed in,Smoothly inserted the door from inside。
Zhao Hong wears a coat,With white jade body,Said a little unhappy:“Don’t come if you don’t want to come so late,I didn’t force you“
Xia Jian smiled,A stoop,He picked up Zhao Hong,Two people rolled on the big kang together。
Zhao Hongjiao panted and asked:“Where did you die these days,Not make a phone call,People wait for you every night,But I didn’t even see your figure“
Xia Jian kissed Zhao Hong’s pink cheek and said:“I went back to Bucheon these two days,Highway matter,And the development of Pingyang Town,Are imminent,So no time to come back“
“Oh!How long will you be back this time?“Zhao Hong’s anger disappeared instantly,She lay tenderly in Xia Jian’s arms,Asked softly。

Lin Yuner looked at Lin Feng incredulously,Then he said to Lin Feng:“father,How is this possible?When Grandpa died,We want to go they won’t let us go,Why is it so abnormal this year,Will take the initiative to call us over?father,Did you misheard??”

Lin Feng sighed heavily,And then continued:“Such an important thing,How could dad hear me wrong??And also emphasized that all four of us should go!”
Lin Yoona hasn’t had time to speak yet,I heard Liu Chunlan say not angry:“What can they do well,Let us all go this time,There must be something bad in the middle?Want me to say,We won’t go!”
Who knows Liu Chunlan’s voice fell off,I heard Lin Feng and Lin Yuner say loudly together:“No way!”
Liu Chunlan stared at Lin Feng,Looked at Lin Yoona again,Then he said unwillingly:“What do you say?Do you know that they are holding back,Waiting for all of us to jump in,Do we still go?”
I haven’t waited for Lin Feng to speak this time,Just listen to Lin Yoona:“mom,No matter what kind of bad they hold,We all have to go,Because this is grandpa’s death,We have been waiting for so long,But never had a chance to go,Now finally got a chance,Whatever is waiting for us,We are all going!”
Lin Feng looked at Lin Yuner with a stubborn expression,Also follow the echo:“Yoona is right,I mean the same,When the time comes, we will fight with them,Anyway, we have no affection!”
Lin Feng understands the relationship between Lin Yoona and her grandpa,So Lin Feng knew,Once Lin Yuna knew about this,,I have to go anyway。
But Liu Chunlan just refused to go,So two people were depressed for a long time because of this。
Lin Yuner turned her head and looked at Xiao Fan,Asked:“Xiao Fan,If they hold back what kind of bad,are you scared?”
Xiao Fan was almost amused by Lin Yuner’s words,Is he afraid?
But in the end, many of Xiao Fan’s thoughts were transformed into two words“Not afraid”!
After Lin Yuner got Xiao Fan’s answer,,I looked at Liu Chunlan directly,And then said to Liu Chunlan:“mom,What do you think?”
Liu Chunlan looked at Lin Yoona not angrily,Then said:“Since the three of you have decided,What more can i say?”

Several firemen quickly replaced Xiao Gao in their positions,Where to stand to pick up people,As if not seeing the heat wave in my eyes。Others connect the device。

Start the ladder,While fixing the water gun,Start shooting water around the balcony of Populus euphratica,Hope to alleviate the heat wave,Let Populus persist for a while,Put down the old man。
Wait for their ladder to rise to the fourth floor,The old man has landed safely,Was quickly helped by firemen to leave。
“Spray water on that window,Don’t let the flames burst out。”The commander shouted。
The ladder has risen to the escape window,Populus euphratica can climb down the ladder。
Just when everyone was relieved,There was an explosion in the house,Almost made Populus fall。Everyone exclaimed,The audience in the live room,The heart is beating。
This rescue operation was actually very fast,Whether it is Populus,Or the fire brigade from behind。
“Hurry down,There is a gas bottle on it。”The old man jumped in a hurry。
Huazai and others,Also reminded in horror:“Hu Ge,Hurry down。”
Populus euphratica was buzzed by the explosion just now,I can’t hear what everyone is shouting。
He shook his head,Hammered his ear twice with his hand,Finally feel better,Then speed up the hands and feet。
And the fire brigade,After Hu Yang got on the ladder,Also quickly lift the ladder,Away from the building,Still shrinking。
“Who is he?”The fire chief asked。