Liu Shangxi: The target of economic growth lies in the target of employment rate

Liu Shangxi: The target of economic growth lies in the target of employment rate
Sauna, Yewang (Gu Zhijuan, Cheng Weimiao) On May 22, Sauna Yewang held a series of national “two sessions economic strategy” salons to challenge China’s economy, and invited CPPCC members to interpret the freshly released government work report today, including economic value-addedSpeed, fiscal and monetary policy and other important rules.  Liu Shangxi, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and dean of the China Academy of Fiscal Sciences, said that although the government work report did not propose a GDP growth target this year, the deficit level can be reversed through employment levels.The government work report puts the deficit rate at 3.Above 6%, the nominal expansion of GDP that can be initiated may be 5.About 4%, the actual actual may be between 2% and 3%, and the economic growth expectation from the deficit rate should be positive growth.Moreover, to achieve positive growth, we can complete the task of replenishing 9 million employed people.”It is not a matter of ignoring economic growth, or an expected consideration of economic growth.”Liu Shangxi said that there is a lot of uncertainty in the development of the epidemic, so it is necessary to change the thinking of economic work.The previous thinking has always put economic growth first, and employment first this year. In fact, if the employment rate target can be achieved, the goal of economic growth will be in it.He believes that seizing employment is a correct choice. Employment is not only related to economic development, but also the interface between economy and society.  This also embodies a new understanding and thinking.Liu Shangxi said that traditional economics believes that there must be economic growth before employment, but under the existing new economic environment, employment upgrading may become the internal driving force of economic growth.People used to look for work, but now people can create jobs. There are many examples of this in the Internet age.Under the conditions of digitalization and platformization, in fact, many jobs can be created, and innovation and entrepreneurship can promote employment.Therefore, putting employment in the first place creates a good environment and conditions for various forms of employment, especially flexible employment under the Internet, so that everyone has more opportunities to create jobs for themselves, which in itself can drive economic growth.The relationship between economy and employment has gradually broken the textbook’s argument. There are many new practices in the new era, and it is also an era that is subverting traditional theories.  Liu Shangxi said that, without mentioning specific economic growth targets, putting employment in the first place may also become a routine practice in the future.Reporter Gu Zhijuan Cheng Weimiao Editor Sun Yong proofread He Yan

Fergud will make up for the last moment, the key steals help Beikong to achieve a four-game winning streak

Fergud will make up for the last moment, the key steals help Beikong to achieve a four-game winning streak
In the last round, Lectra took the lead in the Guangdong men’s basketball team, which boosted the morale of the team. The players continued their efforts and achieved a key victory on the road.Fogg contributed a key steal at the last minute.Figure / Osports Tonight, the Beijing Basketball Men’s Basketball Team challenged the Shanghai Men’s Basketball away. The recent state of the two teams is in a consistent situation. The Beijing Basketball Team went to Shanghai with a three-game winning streak, and the Shanghai team has lost four games before the game.In the end, including the three foreign aid teams, the Beijing Control Men’s Basketball team made a double-double of 6 men, 99 to 95. The Beijing Control team reversed the last quarter under most of the time and achieved a 4-game winning streak.”We are well aware that the Shanghai team has not played well recently, and has lost four straight games before the game. They have a strong desire to win at home in this campaign, which is a tough battle for us.”Beijing’s men’s basketball coach Marbury is very clear that this game will be very stale, and this is indeed the case. The two sides did not win or lose until the last minute.There are 19 seconds left in the game. Under the close defense of the opponent, the foreign player Fogg of the Beijing Control Men’s Basketball team made a fatal pass error. The ball returned to the Shanghai team. The Beijing Control team only led 97 points to 95 points.However, Fogg made up at the last moment, perfectly restricting the opponent’s small foreign aid McCallum’s breakthrough. After a successful steal, he counterattacked the layup and the North Control men’s basketball team laughed thrillingly to the end.In this game, Fogg contributed 23 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, Sonny Sakakini, Jason Thompson’s internal performance has always been good, contributing 13 points, 13 rebounds and 17 points, 14 aRebound, Sun Yue, Wang Shaojie, Zhang Fan 3 local players also hit double figures.Marbury said after the game, “All the players have fought to the last moment, showing a strong tenacity and fighting spirit.”Next, the Beikong men’s basketball team will return to the home court, followed by the Qingdao team and the Jiangsu team, which are ranked lower than the Beikong team. If the players can continue to be in a good state, the Beikong men’s basketball is expected to expandWin records to further improve their record and ranking.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading He Yan

[Dangers of eating noodles _ What are the dangers of eating noodles often]

[Dangers of eating noodles _ What are the dangers of eating noodles often]

Because noodles are very convenient to make, many people often eat them, but some preservatives are also added to them, so eating them regularly can cause some harm to the human body, even some patients with high blood pressure.After eating the noodles, the blood pressure will rise, so when we eat noodles, we must make a vegetable halide. So what is the harm of eating noodles often?

Does noodles cause you to develop high blood pressure?

Maybe you do n’t know. Noodle manufacturers usually add a certain amount of sodium chloride (that is, table salt) and sodium carbonate (edible alkali) to the noodles to increase the noodles ‘gluten and ductility. The addition of sodium chloride can increaseThe whiteness of the surface color of the noodles is also conducive to shortening the cooking time and other effects, and also has a certain effect on the preservation of the noodles.

So the content of sodium in individual products can be as high as 1200mg per 100g, which is about 3g of salt when converted to table salt. Just a small amount of noodles allows us to replace the country’s recommended daily salt reduction by half.The intake does not exceed 6g).

And this is not counting that most people add salt and other condiments after cooking the noodles.

This kind of noodles are often eaten over time, and it is very likely that “noodles will cause you to develop high blood pressure.”

At the same time, everyone is advised to choose products without adding “sodium carbonate” when buying noodles.

Adding edible alkali has the effect of improving the quality of noodles, but at the same time it destroys the nutrients in wheat products, resulting in a reduction in nutritional value.

Is “Nutrition” Noodle Reliable?

In the past, the variety of noodles was monotonous, but now the noodles in supermarkets are various. More high-priced noodles are branded with nutrition.

Vegetable noodles, egg noodles, miscellaneous grains noodles, low-sugar noodles with nutrient-enriched noodles, etc., are rich in variety and beautifully packaged.

Are the types of noodles really “highly nutritious” as the promoters hype?

Take a closer look at the tag of the noodles. The added amount of eggs, vegetable juice, and whole grain flour is just geometrically difficult to find.

In view of the current state’s lack of uniform regulations, each manufacturer can prepare the proportion of the ingredients of the noodles, and the specific nutrition level, I am afraid only the merchants can understand.

Some small workshops even add pigments to pretend to be the colors of eggs, vegetables, and cereals, and use flavors to imitate the taste of food to confuse consumers. Long-term consumption of this type of noodles can cause adverse effects on our health.

Egg noodles Noodles are the most sold category among many color noodles.

The process of making egg noodles with fresh eggs is strict. A little carelessness may cause odor and deterioration.

There is a high probability that complaints will arise during the sales process.

So adding egg yolk powder has become the first choice for most noodle manufacturers.

Egg yolk powder is a process of drying the egg liquid into powder after multiple processes. It is easier to store and transport, but it will lose some of the nutrients in the eggs.

If the amount of eggs added is not clearly marked, the main amount of eggs added is 5% -8%, and it will not exceed 10% at most.

Because too much egg mayonnaise causes the noodles to taste too hard and affects the taste, so businesses will not add too much egg sauce.

Egg noodles are not as yellow as possible, and artificial noodles may be added to the noodles that are too yellow.

[Eating food of this color has the first anti-cancer effect!

[Eating food of this color has the first anti-cancer effect!

Cancer is currently a precaution that requires people to be cautious and preventable. After all, it is extremely deadly. How to prevent cancer is an important thing. Diet may be an aspect of everyone’s attention. Absorbing some food can prevent cancer.

Eating foods of this color will have better anti-cancer effects. Purple foods have strong anti-cancer properties. Purple foods are foods with black or purple cuticles. Such foods include vegetables, fruits, potatoes, etc. For example, grapes,Onions, mulberries, blueberries, purple potatoes, etc. These are common purple foods.

Compared with other colors of food, purple foods have anthocyanins that overlap. This substance is a type of flavonoids and has strong antioxidant properties.

It is very helpful to eliminate free radicals in the body.

In addition, eating purple food has a better effect on lowering blood pressure, protecting the liver, and anti-virus.


[12 month baby recipe _12 month baby recipe]

[12 month baby recipe _12 month baby recipe]

The 12-month-old baby has grown some deciduous teeth and should be more comprehensive in diet. In addition to eating some appropriate high-quality protein foods, you should usually pay attention to supplement some foods rich in vitamins and minerals.It is some fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can eat some pasta and rice in the staple food. This has a certain effect on the balanced nutrition of children.

Staple food recipe 1, colorful sweet potato porridge ingredients: 30g white rice, half a sweet potato.

Method: After washing the rice, add enough water to cook white rice porridge.

After washing the sweet potatoes, peel the skin and cut into thin slices.

Add to a steamer and steam until cooked through.

Take out the steamed sweet potatoes and crush them with a spoon into a mud.

Cook the white rice porridge.

Add sweet potato puree to white rice porridge and stir well.

2. Ingredients for chestnut and jujube puree millet porridge: millet 25g, peeled chestnuts 3, dried date meat 7g, water 250ml.

Method: Cut the red dates into small pieces, add water that can cover the dates, stir well with a blender, and then cook in a pot.

Put cooked jujube meat into a tea strainer and twist with a spatula or a small spoon to filter out the jujube skin.

Add millet into the rice cooker, add 250ml of water to boil the porridge, and cook it softly.

Cook the chestnuts and use a spoon or fork to make the cooked chestnuts into small pieces.

Boil the jujube puree and millet porridge.

Break up the walnut kernels.

Spread boiled date puree on millet porridge and sprinkle with walnut kernels.

A baby with a vegetable recipe for ten months has begun teething, the digestive system has further developed, and the stomach capacity has gradually increased. At this time, the baby can be fed vegetable puree.

Vegetable puree can be supplemented with rich cellulose, minerals and vitamin C, and it can also make the baby’s food gradually transition from vegetable water to vegetable puree diet, so as to adapt to changes in digestive function and meet the baby’s physiological needs.Be prepared while exercising your baby’s chewing ability.

1, broccoli mashed potatoes ingredients: 20 grams of potatoes, 10 grams of broccoli.

Method: Peel and cut potatoes into pieces, add boiling water to steam and cook thoroughly.

Wash the broccoli, take the tender bones, boil them in boiling water, and remove the minced meat.

Crush the steamed potatoes into a mud, stir the potatoes and broccoli, knead them into a ball and serve.

2, yam and wheat paste ingredients: 110 grams of yam, 3 spoons of oatmeal, water.

Method: Peel the yam and cut into small dices.

Steam the yam until it is soft.

Soak the oatmeal, add the cooked and soft yam to the oatmeal, then put it into the blender together, beat into a semi-mud, and stir it out.

Yingqu Technology (002925): Growth in line with expectations optimistic about the strength of the e-cigarette business

Yingqu Technology (002925): Growth in line with expectations optimistic about the strength of the e-cigarette business
The company released three quarterly reports for 19: Q1-Q3 achieved revenue of 26.2 billion (+29.02%), net profit attributable to mother 6.50 billion (+7.31%), deducting non-attributed net profit 6.1.1 billion (+9.62%).Among them, Q3 achieved revenue of 9 in a single quarter.7.2 billion (+36.97%), net profit attributable to mother 2.32 billion (+11.58%), deducting non-attributed net profit2.32 billion (+20.49%).Overall, the company’s performance is in line with expectations. Home engraving machines maintain rapid growth, and IQOS business is expected to be repaired month-on-month: Overall, Q3 revenue growth has continued to grow rapidly: (1) In terms of innovative consumer electronics products, we expect that customer orders for home engraving machines will still maintain high growth; according to PMI IIIQuarterly report, Q3 single-quarter sales of IQOS cartridges increased by 84% each year, a significant increase from the first half of the month. We expect the company’s electronic cigarette precision plastic parts business to recover from the first half of the month.(2) In terms of intelligent control components, the growth rate is expected to be slightly biased due to the impact of trade frictions, but the company continues to deepen cooperation with Logitech, Asetek and other major customers, such as cutting into Logitech’s gambling and video business, and the growth is expected to remain stable.(3) The automotive electronics business from Yutong, Jinlong, Yaxing, Volvo, Marco Polo and other commercial vehicle customers maintained rapid growth in orders, contributing to revenue contribution. Iteration of new products + expected heavy volume in the US market, optimistic about the strength of the IQOS business in the coming year: the new IQOS 3 DUO (which can continuously use 2 cartridges at a time, reducing the charging time by 50%) was the first to be released in the Japanese market, further consolidating the Japanese advantage market.And is expected to end promotion to more markets soon.In addition, through the strict supervision of flavored electronic cigarettes in the United States market, the only IQOS that has obtained PMTA certification is expected to exceed expectations. PMI expects to achieve an annual reduction target of 90-100 billion cigarettes by 2021.We continue to be optimistic about the rapid growth of Yingqu Technology as the core supplier of the IQOS smoking accessory industry chain in the coming year. Extension to strengthen the business chain, continued construction of overseas factories, transfer of production capacity: In September, the company acquired the entire equity of Focuson for $ 800,000. Its owner owns Chuanyun Technology (mainly engaged in R & D and sales of Bluetooth positioning equipment) and Tracmo (mainly engagedSoftware), e-commerce and internet business); Acquired 56% of Shanghai Kaiming’s equity for 19.6 million yuan. Its business is the development of intelligent factory management systems for the electronics manufacturing industry, which has a synergistic effect with Xiamen Youxin.With a 51% stake in Si, its business is automotive electronics, which is expected to be synergistic with the company’s automotive electronics business.Initially, the company pushed forward the construction of the plant in Malaysia. On September 3, it leased 41 in Johor, Malaysia.60,000 square meters of land (58 years lease, total rent 1.5.7 billion US dollars, about 2.71 million per year), part of which is used for self-built factories (transfer of export throughput to the United States), and part of it is provided to domestic high-quality suppliers to build 杭州桑拿网 factories to enhance industrial chain coordination. The change in product structure led to a decline in gross profit margin, and the fee rate rose slightly during the period: Q1-Q3 company’s gross profit margin was 38.74% (down 3 from the same period last year.22pct), due to the decrease in the proportion of high gross margin e-cigarette business sales.The rate is 9 during Q1-Q3.45%, an increase of 0 compared with the same period last year.76 points.The sales rate is 1.41%, a decrease of 0 compared with the same period last year.34 points; management + R & D expense rate reaches 10.59%, an increase of 1 over the previous year.30pct, which is due to fair incentive expenses (amortization of 2162,1158, and 3.62 million yuan respectively in 19-21) and increased R & D investment; financial expense ratio -254%, -2 in the same 天津夜网 period last year.38% refers to the increase in income and exchange gains.The quarter is that the company’s Q3 single-quarter asset impairment loss of 15.61 million, fair value change loss of 17.28 million (mainly forward contracts), the total loss increased by 38.58 million compared to 18Q3, if this effect is excludedbetter.Taken together, the net profit attributable to the parent company of Q1-Q3 is 24.98%, a decrease of 5 from the previous.08 points. Inventories, receivables increase, and cash flow is under pressure: the company exchanges inventories at the end of the period.6.4 billion, an increase of 0 from 19H1.4.2 billion, mainly due to the increase in inventory at the production plant in Malaysia; inventory turnover days increased by 4 over the same period last year.55 days to 75.95 days; Total accounts receivable and notes.2.9 billion increased by 2 over 19H1.6.6 billion, accounts receivable turnover days increased by 9 compared with the same period last year.49 days to 99.91 days; accounts payable and notes increased by 0 compared to 19H1.0.6 billion to 6.7 billion.Taken together, the net operating cash flow of Q1-Q3 companies1.53 trillion, a reduction of 77 a year.68%. Earnings forecast and investment grade: We expect to achieve revenue of 36 in 19-21.75/46.82/59.3.7 billion, an increase of 32.3% / 27.4% / 26.8%; net profit attributable to mother 9.60/11.71/13.9.2 billion, an increase of 18.0% / 21.9% / 19.0%.The current corresponding PE is 19.23X / 15.77X / 13.26X, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: Trade War Affects Orders from Foreign Customers

Top Group (601689) 2019 Semi-annual Report Comment: Multi-product layout slightly lower than expected

Top Group (601689) 2019 Semi-annual Report Comment: Multi-product layout slightly lower than expected

Affected by the industry, the performance was slightly lower than the expected company H1 to achieve revenue24.

380,000 yuan, at least -20.

70%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

11 ‰, at least -51.


Revenue in the second quarter was 11.

9.3 billion, at least -24.

40%, net profit attributable to mother is 9,714.

990,000 yuan, ten years -59.


Affected by the decline in customer sales and the decline in gross profit margin, the company’s performance was slightly lower than expected.

The gross profit margin was under pressure, and the expense ratio increased. The company’s gross profit margin in the first half of the year26.

It is reduced by 3% every year, and the gross profit margin of shock absorption / interior / chassis / smart brake is 31 by business.

2% / 19.

9% / 16.

6% / 32.

1%, which decreases by 3 each year.

5 points / 2.

6pct / 4.

5 points / 7.

2杭州夜生活网pct, the largest reduction in the reported production capacity and the increase in depreciation and amortization (fixed assets increased from 2.8 billion to 35 billion in the initial period of the report) and other factors dragged down the company’s profitability.

Report a statutory three fee ratio of 15.

79%, an increase of 3 per year.

21pct, of which selling expenses cost 5.

11%, an increase of 0 every year.

45 points, management cost 10.

63%, an increase of 3 per year.

02pct, mainly for H1 R & D expenses1.

5 billion (+ 10%) and the increase of depreciation booths of the factory, the financial expenses were 0.

05%, 0 per year.

26 points.

Rich in products, Tesla’s domestic production helps performance growth 1) The chassis business masters high-strength steel and light alloy core processes to develop lightweight products; the electronics business actively develops automotive electronics based on the electronic vacuum pump and IBS.

The expansion of new products guarantees the long-term development of the company.

2) The company has established good supporting relationships with domestic and foreign car companies such as Geely, GM, Ford, Volvo, and Tesla. Tesla plans to start production in the fourth quarter of 2019. By the end of this year, Tesla will start fromStarting with 3,000 vehicles per week, rapid increase in mass production in stages. We believe that Tesla’s domestic sales will help rapid growth and help the company’s performance increase.

Deep plowing on lightweighting and electronics has benefited from Tesla’s domestic production, and the company has been downgraded to an “overweight” level to benefit from Tesla’s domestic production, with a lightweight layout + automotive electronics.

Affected by the decline in sales and the growth of depreciation stalls, the pressure on performance growth, the mid-to-long-term view of new products and the release of new projects are expected to support the company’s growth.


85/0.98 yuan down to 0.



68 yuan, the current corresponding dynamic price-earnings ratio is 22.



1x, downgraded to “overweight” level.

Risk warning: Geely’s sales volume has increased, and the domestic progress of the Tesla project has exceeded expectations.

Eat less for dinner and sleep well at night

Eat less for dinner and sleep well at night

Most urban people maintain the habit of having breakfast and lunch casually, and dinner with a lot of fanfare.

Calculated according to work at 5 pm, return home for an hour, and buy and cook for another hour, so 7 pm is the time to open meals.

Depending on the time off work and the distance between the journey, this meal may soon be replaced or replaced.

You may have to ask, does having dinner have anything to do with time?

The answer is yes, dinner is always related to time, and it has a close relationship with how much and what you eat.

Let ‘s take a look at the healthy way to eat dinner: (1) Eat less dinner and sleep well with breakfast, the proportion of Chinese food, eat less dinner.

Because there is no other activity after dinner, and if you eat later, if you eat too much, it can cause insulin to rise, stimulate the liver to produce more low density and very low density lipoprotein, and induce arteriosclerosis; long-termDinner fullness, repeated stimulation of large amounts of insulin secretion, often lead to premature failure of B cells, thereby laying the bane of diabetes.

  In addition, dinner fullness causes stomach bloating, which causes pressure on surrounding organs. The intense work of the stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs after meals will send information to the brain, cause the brain to be active, and spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex.To induce insomnia.

Therefore, if you want to sleep comfortably and sleep early, you should try to control the amount of dinner.

  (2) Dinner time is stressful. It should be early or late, most families have dinner time around 7 o’clock, and some people never go home for dinner. After work, they start to “entertain” every day, eat and drink for a few hours, onlyStomaching, shaking his back to his home.

Those who stay up all night working overtime put dinner and supper together and go to bed immediately after eating.

In fact, these bad habits can cause many diseases.

  Time, 4-5 hours after meals is the peak period of calcium excretion in the human body, but according to most people’s living habits, at this time they have gone to bed and fallen asleep, so the urine remains in the ureters such as the ureter, bladder, urethra, etc.Excreted from the body, causing the continuous increase in calcium in the urine, easy to deposit to form small crystals, over time, gradually expand to form stones.

Therefore, health experts recommend that the best time for dinner should be 6 pm.

  (3) Tired of eating at dinner and more calcium. According to scientific research, eating a large amount of high-protein foods such as meat, eggs, and milk during dinner causes an increase in the amount of calcium in the urine, reduces the calcium storage in the body, induces rickets in children, and myopia in adolescentsAnd middle-aged and elderly osteoporosis; the replacement of high calcium concentration in urine, once the risk of urinary tract stone disease will be greatly increased.

In addition, if too much protein is absorbed, the body can’t absorb it, it will stay in the body, it will deteriorate, produce poisons such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and stimulate the intestinal wall to induce cancer.

And too much aunt intake will increase blood lipids.

Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that light meals containing fiber and glucose are the best for dinner, because tandem foods can produce more serotonin in the human body, play a calming and soothing role, and help sleep.

  (4) Eat as little as possible after meals. Too many people like to eat fruit, sweets or fried foods after dinner. Treat these as snacks while eating TV. In fact, this habit is not good for digestion.

Some people like to drink alcohol during meals. This is a bad habit, because too much alcohol will hinder metabolism during the night, and the alcohol will not allow the stomach to rest and lead to poor sleep.

Therefore, try not to eat after dinner to make the food fully digested and reduce the burden on the stomach.

  It seems that eating dinner is very particular about it.

Like breakfast, it plays a vital role in good health.

For most working people who are still on the way to work at 6 pm, if the journey home is far away, it is likely that the stomach has already begun to beat before drumming, so you can eat something in advance before work.Grow a small piece of cake, bread or fruit to reduce the dryness of your stomach, so that when you get home, you will naturally control the amount of dinner and eat healthier.

  Health Tips Health experts suggest that after 8 pm, it is best not to eat anything except drinking water.

  People who use high-intensity brain for a long time need to supplement choline to enhance memory.

Therefore, a nutritious dinner recipe is recommended for mental workers: 100 grams of steamed catfish or vegetarian tofu, 200 grams of cold celery or spinach, a cornmeal nest, a small bowl of seaweed soup (without shrimp skin) or a bowl of purple rice porridge.

Tianhan Bushen Black Rice Best

Tianhan Bushen Black Rice Best

In the cold season, the kidney qi is the first.

In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five elements, black corresponds to the kidney, while black rice is flat, sweet, and has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing qi and activating blood, and warming the liver.

  □ Efficacy of dietary therapy: brain health and prevention for all ages. Black rice is rich in vitamins and zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other essential trace elements of the human body, which is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain.

Iron in black rice can significantly improve the body’s ability to protect against cold. Its cortex contains anthocyanin pigments, which have a strong anti-aging effect. They are more suitable for patients with chronic diseases and patients with physical recovery.Good nourishing effect.

In addition, this pigment also contains flavonoids, which are five times as much as white rice, and have a great effect on preventing arteriosclerosis.

  □ Nutrition: Pre-soaked and easily digested black rice can be cooked with white rice, or porridge with walnuts, jujube, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.

Because black rice has a hard and tough seed coat, it needs to be soaked in advance before it can be cooked and eaten. Otherwise, it will be difficult to be digested and digested by stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which may cause indigestion.

In addition, the water of the rice must be boiled together with the rice to preserve its nutritional content.

  □ Contraindications to eating: weak digestion, eat less. Because black rice supplements and calms down, most people consume it, especially teenagers with white hair, weak postpartum, weak body after illness, anemia, kidney deficiency, etc. Eat 50 grams (one or two) per mealcan.

But because it is not easy to digest, people with poor digestive ability should take it with caution.

Our reporter Teng Yuanyuan added that black rice has higher nutritional value than ordinary white rice, and contains 100% of protein in every 100 grams of black rice.

3 grams, ordinary white rice contains only 6-8 grams of protein.

Black rice contains 8 essential amino acids, of which lysine is 2-2 of white rice.

5 times.

Fresh breathing method

Fresh breathing method

When doing this, try to contract the lower abdomen and inhale naturally.

When exhaling, be careful not to swell the lower abdomen.

Breath rhythm should be harmonious and moderate, not too fast or too slow.

When starting this breathing method, do not increase your breathing volume immediately.

Because the bra has not been fully expanded, the air will habitually correct the lower abdomen, so the breathing volume should be appropriately increased.

Action 1 (Inhale) Keep your legs straight and keep your ankles at right angles.

Place your feet in the air too.

Keep inhaling.

  (Breathe) Keep your blood pressure straight, hold your toes with both hands, and stretch your upper body forward while exhaling.

  Action 2 (Inhale) Sit down with your legs extended slightly.

Straighten the coaxial while aligning the vertical alignment to the ground and inhale.

  (Exhale) Exhale. Imagine the abdomen is on the ground. Lean your upper body forward until it twists and bends.

Repeat 3?
4 times.

  Action 3 (Inhale) Bend your knees downwards and lie down with your face up, so that your ankles are pressed against your hips to inhale.

  (Breathe) Imagine that the pelvis is open to the left and right while exhaling.

That is, imagine the lumbar bone being pulled up.

  Action 4 (Inhale) After exhaling, imagine holding the heels with both hands and lifting upwards, slowly lift the heels, and then inhale.

  (Breathe) Hold the soles of your feet with both hands and imagine that your upper body is pulled toward your head and exhale.

  Action 5 (Inhale) Open your legs, bend your knees, center your feet with your little toes as the center, place your hands on both thighs and inhale.

  (Exhale) While exhaling, press down with your hand on the thigh, so that the outside of the thigh is on the ground