“The two fight like this。。。I’ll take it。”Beirut whispered,And the patriarch Baihu only thinks that his eyes are blurred,Beirut’s figure slowly dissipated。f

Chapter Twenty Seven give up
Wright’s divine consciousness had long discovered Beirut’s appearance,He was also surprised,I didn’t expect Beirut to show up。In his memory,Beirut took away the body and godhead of the four beasts,Threatened by the light,The main god clone can only hide in the Magnolia Continent,And the dark god clone cannot appear on the highest planes and god planes outside of hell.。
And the situation in Beirut is also weird,Not flying in from outside,But appeared directly in the periphery of his spiritual consciousness,It seems to be directly condensed from the elements of heaven and earth。
“Please stop your hands。”Beirut directly soul-transmits to Wright and Bayer。
Wright will not fail to give Beirut face,And Baier wanted to take a step down。。。He really doesn’t want to fight anymore,The opponent seems to be using the fusion of divine power and physical power,He is using the power of the main god—He is the messenger of the main god and not the son of the main god,Although the power of the main god does not consume much,But it’s also the main power,He is distressed。
“Lord Beirut!”Say hello to Lyrics。
“Beirut,You too。”Although Baier has a slight disdain for Beirut in his heart,But on the surface, Bye is not too vague,Even he knows vaguely,The relationship between Beirut and the Lord of the Blood Peak is very unusual。
“Two,Your strengths are almost the same,Can’t hold back,If you want me to say, I don’t have to fight anymore.。”Beirut said with a smile,“Really want to fight,Maybe even the Lord God will be alarmed。”
“Humph!”Byer sneered,He wants to stop too,But the other party is not willing,What can he do。
“Master Beirut spoke,I naturally have to give face to the Lord Beirut。”Wright nodded and chuckled,Even directly retracted the spear into the space ring。
This statement made Bayer even more unhappy,But he can also see,The two opposite are in the same group。
If it really hits,Two enemy one,Lieshan and Beirut may join forces to exile him into the turbulence of space。He won’t hold on for a breath,Since Beirut came forward and gave it a step down,He won’t fight again because of the tone in his heart。
The three exchanged and discussed,After all, they are really standing under the main god,The pinnacle of countless gods。Since no one can do nothing,Naturally, don’t take the feud,If you have any grudges, try to resolve one or two。
Shouldn’t be bye. After all, there is still a breath in my heart,Just chatted a few words,So he nodded to Wright and Beirut,Turn into a breeze and leave directly。

as expected,He set it to boot upQQHas started to flash,Xia Jian busily clicked on his avatar,I saw Wang Lin’s message popped up“Are you there?”Several in a row。

Xia Jianzheng should reply to Wang Lin,Maybe Wang Lin has found out that he is online,A video chat request has been sent,Xia Jian is busy。
The three heads of Wang Lin, Alice and Ruth appeared on the video,It turns out that the three of them are squeezing on a bed,Waiting to chat with him。
“Hey!President Xia!Why did you go online so late??We have been waiting for you for a long time,The penalty”Alice waved at the camera,Then rushed to say。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Something delayed,So come back late,You said how to punish,I agree”Xia Jian leaned back on the big swivel chair,Yawned and said。
The naughty Ashley said with a smile:“Kiss each of us,Never go back”
Damn!Isn’t it just that??A thousand miles away,Don’t talk about it,Even a hundred,It’s not difficult for Xia Jian。Thought of here,Xia Jian cocked his mouth,I clicked madly at the camera,Which three people on the opposite side made me laugh。
Several people are thousands of miles away,Had a great chat,This may be the passion young people should have。They talked until a little more,Alice and Ruth haven’t had jet lag in a few days.,It may be really sleepy at this time,And they were on the bed,Stop rushing to talk。
Wang Lin ran to another room holding the computer,After coming to the door,She immediately turned off the video,And then sent a message saying“Let’s type!I wonder if these two guys are asleep,I’m afraid they will overhear”
“We don’t say too much,What are you doing,Are you my dear?”Xia Jian suddenly overflowed with emotions,Sent a message like this in the past。
Wang Lin immediately replied“Stop it,Let’s talk about business。Entrepreneurial groups are undergoing major changes in internal reshuffle,Dragon Ball and Heiwa are gone too”
“what?They both left too?What the hell happened?Go on like this,I’m afraid I can’t wait for me to go back,These old people may all be finished!”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
after awhile,Wang Lin returned a message saying“may be!Xiao Xiao’s new recruits in the company now,Guo Meili also submitted her resignation report,I am going to apply for transfer to Pingdu”

Original Twelve Episodes and Twenty Three Chapters,The upper god Sadista made it clear

“Ten thousand years ago.”The Purple Blood Demon entered the Yulan Continent in the first year of the Yulan calendar,There is no doubt about this.
Chapter Seventeen End
The sound of broken bones,Joyce·Hoover felt a sharp pain,He never felt the pain,Under severe pain,He didn’t even know that part of him was injured。Followed by,Feeling dizzy well over his head,Eyes closed,The consciousness of the whole person fainted instantly。
Wright body moves,Appearing in Joyce·Behind Hoover,He simply tore off the arm of this respected great magister。
“This pain faints,It’s really cheap for you!”Wright waved his hand,Joyce will be incomplete·Hoover threw the Gale Eagle down into the sky,“roll,Don’t let me see him again!”
Gale Eagle received Joyce sensitively·Hoover,Then flew away quickly。
“It’s probably the mercy of my men just now,Make you think I can’t kill people, right。”Wright sneered at the three ninth-level powerhouses and Hydra of the Horace family!“Tell me,How do you want to die!”
Wright does not want to involve too many innocents,Have been showing mercy,Actually from the battle,Wright did not kill a member of the Horace family,Instead, it’s a hydra attack,Kill a few fainted level 8 fighters!
But his kindness,In other words, there is a limit to compassion。
Deep“puff”The sound of,Wright hit Aya directly with his foot·Hora’s head,However, Aga·Hora and another ninth-level fighter,But dare not even resist。
As for Hydra,Lost the owner,After the contract expires,It flees in the direction of the Warcraft Mountains immediately,Wright didn’t have time to cook a monster that was enslaved and controlled.。
“Now you guys say,How to solve this!”Wright’s aura suppressed two ninth-level fighters in silence。
“Little Wright,That’s it!”A gentle and kind voice came from behind Wright,Wright was also surprised。
Gray hair,A plaid cloth jacket often worn by ordinary civilians and old women,The old lady with a good complexion is suspended in mid-air。
“Eleanor!”Wright bowed。Because of this old lady,Is the wind magister at the peak of the sanctuary,President of the Northland Magic Guild,One of the three most powerful people in the entire Northland Province,Heroes·Eleanor。
“Lord Eleanor!”Aga·Horace was almost crying with joy,This adult comes forward,At least my family won’t be destroyed by this one.!
Jenny·Eleanor ignored him,Instead, I chatted with Wright,Of course she cares about Wright’s teacher,Cromwell Saint Magister。
Wright can only answer this patiently,But I asked,Wright gradually tasted something,This teacher who can’t talk to himself,What is it!
But Wright quickly put this gossip aside,it has started“Complain”!

The He family father and son and Guo Yingdong laughed even more,They probably have seen such a direct way of speaking by Gu Rimou.。

Guo Yingdong laughed and said:“Turned out to be old acquaintances,I met Zhang Haishan a few years ago,Since you are his apprentice,Say we are all our own。”
Even turned his head and shouted to the back:“Come out thirteen!”
I saw Guo Zijian walking out from behind the hall tremblingly,When He Shouheng sent someone to kidnap him last night, he specifically explained that he could not hurt others.,It didn’t hurt at all。
“grandfather、Master Gu、Grandpa he、Uncle He……”
Guo Zijian greeted everyone at once,It’s even more embarrassing when looking at Chen Xiu,Never know how to speak。
“Dumb?,Call someone!”Guo Yingdong angered。
“Chen……Chen Ge……”
“What brother,His master and I are friends of the same generation,Called uncle!”
“Chen……Uncle Chen……”
Although Guo Zijian is unwilling in every way,Still shouted,He dare to challenge his Laozi,Don’t dare to be presumptuous in front of my old man。
“How did i tell you last night,What should I say to your Uncle Chen!”
Guo Zijian hugs his arms,Bend over ninety degrees,Salute to Chen Tao:“Uncle Chen,I’m wrong,I hope you won’t remember the villain,forgive me!”
Chen Xiu was taken aback,Always saying that he and Guo Zijian don’t have much antagonism,The conflict in the casino is just a sudden juvenile mania,Young people jealous,Later when he was assassinated, he suspected that Guo Zijian’s black hand was also angry.。
But a series of things happened later,Let him know that there is another black hand leading in the middle,There is really no resentment towards Guo Zijian at this time。
“anything else!”Guo Yingdong reminded me。
Guo Zijian tremblingly took out a bank note from his pocket,Hand over:“Uncle Chen,This is the two billion bet that I bet with you,I lost this bet!”
Chen Xiu was even more surprised,Unexpectedly, Guo Yingdong would give two billion to himself so easily,To know,All his current assets plus the real estate he invested in are no more than 2 billion.,The cash is definitely not enough。
Face 2 billion cash,Chen Xiu said it’s impossible to be indifferent,Took a bank check and took a look,The heading above is Swiss Bank,Knowing that this kind of promissory note will never skip the ticket after signing,Just take this cashier’s check to redeem it is definitely not a bad check,Guo Yingdong went after him personally, or came back。

“I understand!”

“Sapphire flowers are useless to humans,Of Beasts,Open wisdom,The effect of enhancing strength!”
“This flower is the most delicious delicacy in the eyes of beasts!”
“It’s no wonder they attacked me!”
Chen Xiu looked at the five blue jade flowers in his hand for a while.,I feel that sapphire flowers are hot taro。
912 The attraction of sapphire flowers to beasts
Chen Xiu intends to let Gu Rimou’s sapphire flower go to the secret realm in exchange for medicinal materials that prolong life。
But now this flower emits such a peculiar smell,Attract the beasts in the forest,How can I escape Liu Yibai and others’ chase?!
“It would be a pity if I threw it like this,Take it all the way with beasts chasing,Then Liu Yibai and the others will find me。”
“by,Where did Gu Rimou go at this time??”
“He must know how to hide the smell of sapphire flowers,The man who disappeared at the critical moment!”
“Really unreliable guy!”
When Chen Xiu complained about Gu Rimou,Suddenly there was a burst in the woods“Ba Ba Ba Ba……”The sound of。
“wrong,This sound is louder than the sound of ordinary elephants,Could it be……No way!”
It’s Chen Xiu who is worried about it,Then there was a sound of trees being hit in the woods,The mammoth that was about ten meters tall came out of the woods。
Chen Xiu recognized at a glance it was the one Liu Yibai and the others besieged.。
“Gu Rimou didn’t mean to chase an elephant,What about others?”

Li Na after getting dressed,Calm down slowly,She went to the bathroom to take off her crying makeup,Then Xia Jian and Zhao Hong smiled slightly:“Excuse me,I’m so sorry,But I can’t stay in this place,I want to go back“

“slow!I shouldn’t ask about you,But i found,Current you,Seems very dangerous,Call the police!It might be too late“Xia Jian blocked Li Na who was about to leave。
Li Na took a breath and said:“I have embarked on a path of no return,Sisi is a good girl,You have to use her well,Goodbye“Li Na finished,Push Xia Jian,Two steps out of the room。
Looking at her back,Xia Jian seems to have seen her very tough side in the past。
“Don’t worry, just follow along,I still have to sleep,It’s almost three o’clock now“Zhao Hong said,Turn around and leave。Xia Jian obviously felt unhappy in her heart。
“Sleep sleep!Where to go“Xia Jianyi turned around,Picked up Zhao Hong,Threw her on the soft big bed。
One forward,Xia Jian is like a hungry wolf,Pressed Zhao Hong under her body,With the patter of turning off the lights,The big bed made an overwhelming creak。
In Xia Jian’s mind,Suddenly there was a picture of Li Na naked just now,Which man she was tied to like that,They don’t know what they are doing?An impulse that I have never had,Let him snorted madly,Night is no longer quiet,The whole room is full of love.The breath of desire。
Wind at dawn,There was a light rain,But it stopped soon,Make this small county look extra fresh,As if this light rain brought a little bit of coolness。
A green taxi,Gently stopped at the door of the convenient hotel,Yao Lijun walked out of the car radiantly,Her little white suit,White one step skirt,Let her original elegant temperament,Looks more charming。
Security guard sitting at the door dozing off,When I saw the boss coming,Hurriedly stood up,Rubbed his eyes and said:“Yao Zao!“His voice,I have reported the letter to Zhengxiang’s waitress who was sleeping at the front desk。
In fact, Yao Junli sees all this,But at this time she still understands a bit。
“Is there anything unusual last night?“Yao Junli stared at which security guard。
The security can’t help being taken aback,What’s always wrong with this?Never came so early,Never asked this question,She feels a bit abnormal today,But he still hurriedly answered:“Report to Mr. Yao,everything is normal“
Yao Junli’s hanging heart just let go,Since Xia Jian asked her last night8106After the key to the room,She never sleeps well。In accordance with hotel management regulations,Has settled in the guest’s room,No one else can go in,Said to be a hotel manager,Have a good reason。
Xia Jian asked her for the key in the middle of the night,And so urgent,There must be an article in it,Yao Junli is more afraid,This hotel is for her,Is also the sustenance of her life for the rest of her life,In case something happens,How miserable,This should be placed before,She doesn’t bother to care。
The waitress at the front desk saw Yao Junli approaching,Immediately stood up and said:“Good morning yao!Why are you here so early?“
“8106The guest in the room hasn’t left yet??“Yao Junli deliberately asked such a sentence。

“No no no,Chen Suicong left this money to you,How do you want to spend,up to you,I can’t use a point”Wang Youcai resolutely rejected Yao Chunni’s kindness。

I’m so embarrassed to ask for money。Yao Chunni married Chen Suicong,Keeping the widow for so many years,In the end。His compensation was all taken away by his old lady,For Yao Chunni,Only the 20,000 yuan left after the funeral。
Great youth,Is it just 20,000 yuan??
Wang Youcai uses his own money,I bought a lot of scented candle watches for Chen Suicong。Various kinds of tickets filled the trunk。The shop owner has never encountered such a good business,Before leaving,He also gave two more tickets。
There are so many things that Wang Youcai can’t get to Chen Suicong’s grave alone,He asked Tian Wa to call some workers,With everyone’s help,A truckload of dead people’s stuff was moved to Chen Suicong’s grave。
The flame of burning the Ming ticket is as high as one person。Wang Youcai asked to light all the candles,Went around Chen Suicong’s grave several times。The scene is really spectacular。
Yao Chunni cried and said something to Chen Suicong,Then turned around and left。Husband and Wife are gone,One is underground,One on the ground,This life is over。
On the way back,A few crows flew over from nowhere。These nasty birds are hovering above their heads not willing to leave。
Yao Chunni, who returned to the base, looked like a different person。Yao washed his face,Put on clean clothes,So I went to the kitchen to help Liu Ying。
Wang Youcai’s hanging heart was let go。
Liu Ying is older than Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni,So when considering issues, they are much more mature than these two。She suggested,Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni will get married after a year,But Wang Youcai should always take Yao Chunni to meet his parents。
Although Liu Ying is an honest woman,,But she also has her own careful thoughts,He is afraid that Wang Youcai will regret it。Doesn’t Yao Chunni suffer from this?,Then she who is talking in the middle,Isn’t it embarrassing。
Met his parents,One is respect for the elderly,The old man will take care of this。
Wang Youcai didn’t think much,Actually got into the set Liu Ying set for him。But when Wang Youcai mentioned this to Yao Chunni,,Yao Chunni really hesitated。She thinks Chen Sui has just left,She seems to be a little sorry to do so。In fact, she was too worried,Because even when Chen Sui was alive,,The relationship between them is long gone。
Later, after Liu Ying’s meal,,Yao Chunni only agreed,But the time is set two days later。Because Yao Chunni wants to restore her red and swollen eyes a bit。
Wang Youcai wants to take Yao Chunni,The three of them have discussed,I can’t let anyone know about this。Even if someone can guess,Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni can’t admit it either。
Of course,Wang Youcai takes Yao Chunni back to her hometown,It’s impossible to tell your parents that this is a little widow who lost her husband。He would definitely say that Yao Chunni has not been married yet,He and Yao Chunni had agreed on this beforehand。
Just in the morning two days later,Yao Chunni, with Liu Ying’s help,Dress yourself up。Against a few fashionable clothes,Yao Chunni’s old-fashioned breath is no longer found。People who don’t know thought she was a white-collar worker in an office in the city。
Because Yao Chunni’s age,Towards maturity,And she had a baby,It feels more plump and hydrated。This is the type that most men like。

Although insight into people’s hearts sounds awesome,But how handsome you can predict the future。

Heard Leo’s complaint,Karp laughed again。
“Leo Boy,Don’t know blessing,It’s harder to perceive people’s hearts than to foresee the future.!”
Foreseeing the future is a vertical hierarchy,As long as you see and hear the color increase,One day can do it。
But it’s different to see people’s hearts,Horizontal ability,If you fail to comprehend it is not comprehend,no way。
Seeing people’s hearts and foreseeing the future have their own characteristics,Can’t tell which is better or worse。
“But I foresee the future handsome!”
“Ah ha ha,I really don’t understand your brain circuit,How can you be handsome if you foresee the future!”Carp laughed。
“Foreseeing the future is not as good as you think,This seeing the future is just a possibility,May change at any time,This time it will hurt myself!”Karp explained。
“So don’t use to predict the future when your opponent’s strength is about the same,Because not only is it useless, but it may pit yourself!”
“It’s not the same to understand people’s hearts,When confronting an enemy, you can clearly control the opponent’s thoughts!”
Leo pouted,Karp is bullying him。
“Master Cap, you are fooling me,Insight into the heart is not so easy to use,If the other person’s experience is not worse than your own,It’s hard to perceive the other person’s thoughts!”

Sitting by the fire, Wang Youfa raised his brow,I felt extremely uncomfortable and said。

Chen Yueqin glanced at her elder son,Then said coldly:“You pour me a cup of hot water,I give your dad medicine”
“Don’t mess around,Why don’t you invite Doctor Liu to infuse a bottle of liquid?!”
Wang Youfa said,Just stood up。As the boss of this family,He doesn’t seem to be responsible。
Chen Yueqin hesitated a little and said:“Ok!You go please。Just say your dad feels very hot,But I was cold and trembling。Also has a severe cough,Let him make a bottle and sling will heal faster”
Wang Youfa finished listening to my old lady,Then turned and left,He walks unhurriedly。
Wang Youcai, who was sitting next to Wang Degui, sighed,He suddenly asked his old mother Chen Yueqin:“mom!How did elder brother become like this?Is the life between him and Song Fang still unhappy?”
“Humph!They are fine now,Family life is pretty good。He is pretending to look like this,In front of others,He is still very particular。I already knew this,He turned your dad tricked around”
Chen Yueqin’s voice has not fallen yet,Wang Degui who was lying on the kang coughed again。Chen Yueqin patted him on the back and said:“OK OK!I won’t talk about him”
“mom!Is my dad very sick?No, let’s go to the city,Also delayed”
Wang Youdao walked in,He whispered to Chen Yueqin。
Chen Yueqin shook her head and said:“Nothing,It’s New Year’s Eve today,What city to go。Moreover,People are getting old,Headaches and colds are not very common”
Wang Youdao didn’t say anything,And I took off my shoes and got on the kang。He took a breath,A little embarrassed to say:“It’s my fault,Drove all night,I fell asleep as soon as I got on the kang,Forced dad out to freeze”
Wang Youdao’s voice just fell,I heard footsteps in the yard。Uncover the curtain,A middle-aged man in his fifties walked in,Wang Youdao, who followed him, was carrying a medical box。
“Damn!Doctor Liu is here,Hurry up on the kang”
When Wang Youcai saw this person,Quickly jumped off the kang。Doctor Liu is not far from Wang Youcai’s house,Is the only doctor in the village。Although he has practiced medicine for many years,But his level can also see minor illnesses such as head illness and cold。
Doctor Liu smiled slightly at Wang Youcai,So he took off his shoes and put on the kang。He ignored Wang Youdao and Chen Yueqin who were sitting on the other side,But directly began to signal Wang Degui。

“very good!Very kind。Pour the wine quickly,See you like this is not drunk or not,Let’s take a swig“Xia Jian said and laughed。

Lu Wanting took off her coats,Revealing a white vest,But this vest is too small,The two balls on her chest stand proudly。Xia Jian couldn’t help thinking,Are all martial arts practitioners,This guy is also a burden。
“Are you optimistic,Drink if you like“Lu Wanting laughed,Raise the wine glass。She was not angry after seeing the sample,So Xia Jian’s eyes are even more unscrupulous。
Wine is a good thing,Two cups,The two of them chatted wildly。Xia Jian first talked about some of his stories in Pingdu,And then it came toGZ,Lu Wanting forgot to drink。
I’ve suppressed people these days,Finally found a vent。Xia Jian drank a big glass of wine,Like a rugged hero coming down from Liangshan。
“Xia Jian!I like you like this,You take the posture of a boss every day,Make people uncomfortable“Lu Wanting’s white face,Already blushing,Looks very nice。Xia Jian knew,What she just said,All the truth。A woman with a personality like her,There is no scheming。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Lu Wanting!You are a famous little witch。But I am a jealous person,Bohemian guy,So don’t tell me like the word。Turns out you threatened me to date you,And now it’s different,I think we can be good friends,I can treat you like a sister“
“Can you control?who do I like,That’s my business,What does it have to do with you?Treated as a sister,Just like you are crazy,Unworthy“Lu Wanting’s face suddenly changed,Said very angry。
Xia Jian calmed himself down,Then I feel talking to this woman,Still have to be very careful,Just now by Jiujin,He told his true thoughts,It means don’t let her have any other thoughts about him,But did not expect,She was angry。
“Xia Jian!You are not a thing,Although Lu Wanting said I was not born well,There are two notorious parents,But i’m not that kind of person。Why am i fierce?Because what kind of environment do I live in,If not fierce,Will be bullied by others。Everyone calls me little witch,But i didn’t do anything bad“Lu Wanting said,Actually cried。
Xia Jian did not expect,A word of my own,Even provoke someone。
“Oh don’t cry,Even if I made a mistake just now?“Xia Jian said,Reach over,Gently patted Lu Wanting’s shoulder twice,Not to mention,His two actions really worked,Lu Wanting stopped crying immediately。