Attribution and winners of the 2019 Asian Cup major awards

Attribution and winners of the 2019 Asian Cup major awards
In the final of the Asian Cup on February 2, 2019, Qatar defeated Japan 3-1 to become the ninth team to win the championship.Scored 19 goals and only lost 1 excellent transcript, allowing Qatar to win the three goals of best goalkeeper, best shooter and best player, among which forward born Ali in 1996, won both the golden boot and the best playerA name.Qatar won the best goalkeeper in the Asian Cup: Saad (Qatar) 7 games in the Asian Cup, Qatar scored 19 goals and scored 7 consecutive victories, and only lost 1 goal, Saad eventually became the best goalkeeperIndisputable.Best shooter: Almoiz Ali (9 goals, Qatar) Almoiz scored 1 goal against Lebanon in the group stage, and North Korea staged a senior favorite play. The duel with Saudi Arabia was scored twice. The group7 goals were scored during the game.In the semi-final against the host UAE, and in the final pk Japan, Almoiz Ali is expected to be credited.  In the end, Almoiz Ali won the gold boots of the Asian Cup with 9 goals, and broke the 8-ball record created by Iran’s famous Ali Day in 1996.It is worth mentioning that the Asian Cup in 1996 was also undertaken by the UAE.Best player: Almoiz Ali (Qatar) (Alibaba’s Barb) won the Golden Boot by breaking the Asian Cup record and helped Qatar win the championship. Almoiz Ali was finally selected as the best player.Controversial.Champion: Qatar Qatar’s best performance in the Asian Cup journey of the battle is the top eight, but in the UAE Asian Cup, Qatar has refreshed the team’s history record three times in a row.After entering the semifinals to create the best result in history, Qatar defeated the host UAE 4-0 in the semi-finals, and defeated the Asian king Japan 3-1 in the final, winning the championship for the first time in history and being the ninth champion team in the history of the Asian Cup.Runner-up: Japan and Japan won the championship four times in 1992, 2000, 2004, and 2011.But for the fifth time to reach the Asian Cup finals, the Japanese team extended the myth that they will continue to win this championship.But with four wins and one runner-up, Japan is still the most successful team in the history of the Asian Cup.In the group match, Japan played against the Oman Fair Play Award: Although Japan only won the Asian Cup runner-up, the Japanese team still won the Asian Cup Fair Play Award. The Japanese team captain Yoshida also took the stage to receive this achievement.It is worth mentioning that in the group stage against the Oman team, the Japanese team escaped a penalty and eventually won 1-0.After the Asian Cup Ma Ning came to the stage to receive the finals, the referee who enforced the game received the medal created by the AFC.Since Ma Ning served as the fourth official of the game, Ma Ning also took the stage to accept the medal.The national football team ranked sixth through the Qatar team to raise the championship trophy, the current Asian Cup also came to an end.The national football team did not take part in this tournament alone, and in the Asian Cup rankings, the national football team finally ranked sixth.  The above is the attribution of the simulations of the 2019 Asian Cup organized by you. Original Title: Asian Cup Budget: Qatar Shenfeng Packs Golden Boots + MVP National Football Particles Uncollected Ma Ning Winning

[Chicken pot seasoning]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Chicken pot seasoning]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Chicken casserole is a popular food, and many people like to eat chicken casserole.

Because it is not only delicious but also affordable.

Well, the chicken pot that is often eaten in fast food tastes better, but often eating fast food will cause some digestive diseases because it is unhygienic.

Well, if you make your own chicken pot, it is not only hygienic, but also very convenient to eat.

So what is the chicken seasoning?

Ingredients for small pot: 350 grams of cock, 6 garlic, 20 grams of green pepper, 50 grams of onion, 50 grams of celery, 10 grams of parsley.

Seasoning: 6-10 grams of hot pot bottom material, 3-6 grams of dried chili segment, 60 grams of special sauce, 20 grams of cooking oil, 15 grams of rice wine.

Special sauce for secret chicken casserole: Ingredients: 4 barrels of Haitian soy sauce (2 kg / barrel), 3 bottles of Lee Kum Kee seafood sauce, 3 bottles of Zhu Hou sauce, 3 bottles of Hunan spicy girl sauce, moderate amount of chives, chicken oil 1British pounds, 1 dry gram of salad oil, 500 grams of lard, 2 bottles of cooking wine, 500 grams of onion ginger water.

Spices: 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of cumin, 10 grams of cinnamon, 3 grams of fragrant leaves, 10 grams of amomum villosum, 5 grams of peppercorns, 26 grams of anise, 20 grams of ginger, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 20 grams of cardamom, 10 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of licorice, 20 grams of angelica, 4 Luo Han Guo (wash the above spices to dry and dry them, and then grind them into powder).

Chicken casserole is prepared as follows: Prepare all the seasonings.

Cut the chicken into small pieces and wash them cleanly, but you must wash them carefully with water and use a spoonful of salt.

Just put the ginger on the picture above, marinate the garlic in half, leave it for half a while, add the soy sauce, chicken essence, and the right amount of cooking wine.

Marinated chicken time (30 minutes of marinating) Cut the bamboo shoots and cut into hobs.

Prepare the peppers in sections.

Also prepare the chili powder in a dry bowl. After the oil is hot, turn off the heat for two minutes and pour the chili powder on top.

Making chili oil.

Put the chicken in oil for 30 minutes after marinating, and add ginger and garlic.

The onion explodes, and I use half of the onion as well.

Then add the freshly marinated chicken, the water in the chicken should be poured out, and the fry will change color.

The next spoonful of watercress sauce is not very spicy. The only thing that is not good about this watercress is that you don’t fry the water, and the dishes you take out as long as you cook it taste like watercress.

Saute two spoons of fragrant cooking wine and cook for a little.

Pour beer!

At this time, if the color is very white, you can have a little soy sauce, old soy sauce, color it, don’t make it too dark, and finally become a black-bone chicken.

On the chilli oil just adjusted, how much do you like to control? Then come a spoonful of chicken essence, salt.

Cover it with a pot for ten minutes. The water won’t dry too much in the ten minutes. If the pot dries quickly.

At this time, the nests shoots, pepper segments, three points, depending on the actual situation.

Add celery after 3 minutes.

Use one or two spoons of oil, a little sugar, and adjust the taste yourself.

Order the coriander after you boil it.

[Can frozen steak be directly fried]_How to fry_How to fry

[Can frozen steak be directly fried]_How to fry_How to fry

Steaks are rich in nutrients and are suitable for all ages. Steaks that everyone eats are often fresh, but some people like to buy more at once to make it easier to eat each time.

But can frozen steaks be fried directly?

Frozen steak is best not to fry directly. You can melt it before frying, add your favorite condiments, and add the pan to fry after the steak tastes. The taste and texture will also be better.

It can’t be fried directly. It’s not as good as fresh steak if it’s not thawed. If it’s fried without thawing, it’s easy to fry the outside and the inside.

How to Frozen Frozen Steaks? In fact, buy frozen steaks to go home and fry them. When you want to eat them, take them out. It is very convenient to make them. You want to eat a few cooked steaks completely under your control.

So more and more people make their own steak at home.

So how to fry frozen steak?

Ingredients for fried steak: 100g of beef tenderloin, 30ml of olive oil, 4 eggs, 3g of salt, and 2g of white pepper. Method: 1. Beef tenderloin is seasoned with salt and white pepper and set aside.

2. Heat the olive oil (1 tablespoon, 15ml) in a wok over medium heat. Put the beef tenderloin into the pot after the oil is hot, and fry on both sides for 2 minutes.
3. Take another non-stick pan, heat the olive oil (1 tablespoon, 15ml) in the pan over medium heat. After the oil is hot, beat the eggs into the pan and fry the sun eggs.

4. Put two pieces of fried beef tenderloin into 4 plates, and place the fried sun eggs.

叨叨 叨: Before defrosting the steak, you must first thaw it. Remember to not use boiling water when thawing, otherwise carcinogens will be produced.

How to thaw frozen steaks has improved through the improvement of people’s living standards, and Western food is becoming more and more popular.

The fast-paced life promotes the development of western food to convenience food.

In the past two years, family steaks have become popular with young consumers, and their market share has expanded rapidly.

The defrosting of quick-frozen steaks is also very particular. Let’s take a look at how to thaw frozen steaks.

NO1, thaw in cold air.

The air thawing method takes less time, but the loss of gravy is reduced. The method is to keep the frozen meat in the original packaging and put it in the refrigerator freezer (0 degrees-5 degrees) overnight to slowly thaw.The core temperature can reach 0 degrees, depending on the volume of frozen meat, it usually takes 12 hours or more.

NO2, stream crushed and frozen.

The flow crushing and freezing method is to add frozen meat to a sealed plastic bag and then soak it in clear water overnight. If necessary, you can change the fresh water intermittently. This method is faster than the air thawing method.

The application of plastic bags and the slow thawing process can effectively prevent the loss of meat juice and prevent the meat from being contaminated by bacteria in clean water.

NO3, microwave thawed.

The microwave thawing method is a convenient and fast method. The principle is that the water molecules in the meat are shaken and rubbed by the microwave penetration of the frozen meat, thereby generating heat to raise the temperature of the frozen meat and achieve the purpose of thawing the surface and the surface.

But be careful to control the heating time, so as not to overcook part of the frozen meat.

[Baby eats nutritious]_Baby_How to eat

[Baby eats nutritious]_Baby_How to eat

For babies, as long as they can eat complementary foods, you can eat some vegetables and meat at this time. Depending on the age of the baby, the way of eating is different. For example, in July and August, when you eat complementary foods, you must makeIt’s particularly soft and rotten, after all, the baby’s stomach is not particularly perfect at this time.

With the increase of children’s age, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness match at this time. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

What your baby eats most nutritious

Combination of thickness and weight: Nowadays, people’s diet is becoming more and more refined. Parents want to give the best and finest food to their babies. However, for babies aged 14 months, they should combine thickness and thickness to avoid vitamin B1.Deficiency.

Soft rice, porridge, small steamed buns, small dumplings, small buns, etc. can be eaten appropriately, about 150 grams per day.


Infant formula cannot be stopped: Some parents think that 14-month-old babies have started to take complementary foods, and they can also eat slowly, and the infant formula can be stopped. This is incorrect.

Infant formula is a formula that contains a variety of minerals, trace elements, etc. that even your baby needs, and even milk cannot be replaced.


Moderate amount of animal and plant protein: 14-month-old babies need to take appropriate amount of animal and plant protein, but animal protein is not easy to chew, does not prevent replacement of stew, or put in digestible foods such as minced meat and minced meat to facilitate chewing and digestion.


Vegetables and fruits should not be less: Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and cellulose, which can prevent constipation, etc. Therefore, 14-month-old babies must ingest certain vegetables and fruits every day, which guarantee 150-250 grams per day.

Babies may need to quantify regularly. I often hear many parents complain that their baby is not eating well, and feeding the baby every time is like fighting a war.

We also often see many parents chasing behind the baby’s buttocks to feed the baby.

Feeding your baby becomes the biggest problem for parents.

In fact, if you develop a habit of eating meals regularly and quantitatively from a young age, you will not have the trouble of feeding your baby.

For 14-month-old babies, the daily diet can be controlled at three meals and two to three meals.

Eat at dinner, and control the meal time between 20 minutes and half an hour. If the baby does not eat, remove it.

When it’s time for a meal, eat some fruit or milk juice. If your baby still doesn’t eat it, make him hungry.

If you persist in this way for a long time, your baby will gradually develop a good habit of eating and eating quantitatively.

Parents may be worried that the baby will be hungry if they don’t give it to the baby, so they give the baby some snacks, which is not desirable.

In fact, don’t worry, your baby’s daily activity will not be particularly large and it is not so easy to be hungry. Don’t let your baby develop the habit of snacking.

Zhou Laojiao (000568) Annual Report & 19Q1 Review: Quarterly Report Exceeds Expectations

Zhou Laojiao (000568) Annual Report & 19Q1 Review: Quarterly Report Exceeds Expectations

Investment highlights: Event: The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report, and achieved revenue of 130 in 2018.

5.5 billion, an annual increase of 25.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 34.

8.6 billion, an increase of 36 in ten years.

3%, EPS is 2.

38 yuan.

We forecast the company’s 2018 revenue and net profit attributable to mothers to increase by 25% and 34% respectively in the performance forecast. The company’s 2018 performance is in line with expectations.

1Q1 achieved revenue 41.

6.9 billion, an increase of 23 in ten years.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 15.

1.5 billion, an annual increase of 43.

At 1%, we forecast the company ‘s 19Q1 revenue and net profit attributable to mothers to increase by 20% and 26%, respectively, in the performance forecast.

Consolidating 18Q4 + 19Q1, revenue will grow 23% annually, and net profit attributable to mothers will increase 39% annually.

In 2018, it is planned to use the total share capital as the base, and a cash dividend of 15 will be distributed for every 10 shares.

5 yuan (including tax).

2019 business plan: Strive to achieve an annual increase in operating income of 15% -25%.

Investment rating and estimation: As the company’s performance exceeded expectations, it raised its profit forecast for 2019-2020, added a profit forecast for 2021, and forecasted EPS for 2019-2021.

18 yuan, 4.

02 yuan, 4.

86 yuan (previous forecast EPS for 2019-2020 was 2.

95 yuan, 3.

55 yuan), with an annual increase of 34%, 26%, and 21%. The current corresponding PE is 22x, 18x, 15x, and the target price is 85 yuan, corresponding to 2019 PE 27x and 2020 PE 21x. Maintain BUY rating.

We believe that Luzhou Laojiao is one of the companies whose fundamentals have changed substantially during the current cycle of the industry. The company has re-established an alternative channel model and sales system in the past 3 years, clearly sorting out the five orders covering high, middle and low.Product matrix, and continue to focus on building the brand strength of the dual brand of Guojiao 1573 and Luzhou Laojiao.

In 2018, the company proactively adjusted the layout on the channel in advance. At present, the channel control has significantly improved. The volume of Guojiao 1573 in high-end wine has exceeded the previous high. The current price and inventory average prices are benign.In the 60th edition, middle-to-high-priced products such as cellar wine and time-honored special songs can also be deployed and grow steadily.

In the context of the industry’s squeezed competition, the company has the ability 苏州桑拿网 to grasp the industry’s potential and achieve healthy, sustainable, and rapid growth.

Guojiao 1573 achieved benign growth in high sales, and its product mix improved significantly.

Guojiao 1573 continued to refine its sustainable channels and break through blank markets, maintaining stable and rapid growth.

In 2018, the high-end wine country cellar’s 1573 revenue was 63.

7.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 37%, and high-end wine accounted for 48.

85%, an increase of 4 per year.

13 single, we expect the growth in premium wine revenue is mainly due to sales volume contribution.

The mid-range wine Luzhou Laojiao special song and cellar age wine revenue 36.

7.5 billion, an annual growth of 28%, maintaining a rapid development momentum.

Low-end Jiu Tou Qu Erqu and other revenues 28.

07 billion, an increase of 8% before, low-grade wine to resume growth.

1Q1 revenue increased by 23.

72%, combined with channel feedback, we estimate that in 19Q1 Guojiao 1573 revenue will increase by about 30%, mid-range wine special song storage age will increase by more than 20%, and the product structure will further improve.

In 19Q1, the growth rate of profits clearly exceeded the growth rate of excess income. The increase in gross profit margin and the decrease in expense ratio brought about an increase in net profit margin.Net sales margin for 2018 was 26.

89%, increase by 1 every year.

86 averages, the increase in net profit was mainly due to the increase in gross profit.

Gross profit margin 77.

53%, an increase of 5 per year.

6 percentage points. The increase in gross profit margin was mainly due to the increase in the proportion of high-end wines and the increase in the gross profit margin of low-end wines.

The tax rate is 12.

3%, a slight decrease of 0 every year.

54 units.

Selling expense ratio 25.

99%, increase by 2 every year.

79 units, mainly due to increased advertising and marketing efforts, of which advertising and marketing expenses increased 41%.

Management expense ratio (including R & D expenses) 6.

01%, a year up 0.

53 units.

In the first quarter, the net income of mothers increased by 43 each year.

08%, excluding investment income, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was 41.

At 7%, the growth rate of profits clearly exceeded the growth rate of revenue.

19Q1 sales net profit margin 37.

28%, an increase of 4 a year.

With 31 scores, the net profit margin has reached its highest point since 2014. The increase in net profit margin was mainly due to the increase in gross profit margin and the decline in expense ratio.

Gross profit margin 79.

15%, an increase of 4 per year.

48 points, the gross profit margin reached the highest point since listing. The increase in gross profit margin was mainly due to the improvement in product structure and the significant increase in low-end wine gross profit margin.

Tax rate 11.

53%, increase by 1 every year.

33 units.

Selling expense ratio 16.

93%, down by 1 every year.

27 expenses, the decline in expense rate was mainly due to the gradual re-channeling of old warehouses in 2019, increasing the efficiency of use of expenses.

Management expense ratio (including R & D expenses) 3.

9%, a decline of 0 per year.

26 cash, the growth rate of cash flow is slower than the growth rate of income, mainly due to the increase in bills receivable.

Advance receipts at the end of 201816.

4.0 billion, an increase of 1 from the end of the third quarter.

9.2 billion.

Net cash flow from operating activities in 201842.

9.8 billion, a 10-year growth of 16.

04%, of which 148 were cash received for sales of goods and services.

2.8 billion, an increase of 19 years.38%, the growth rate of cash flow is slower than the growth rate of income, mainly due to the increase in notes receivable.

Advance receipts at the end of the first quarter of 1912.

8.6 billion, down 3 from the previous month.

1.8 billion, the advance receipts at the end of the first quarter of 2018 fell by 5 compared with the previous quarter.

6.9 billion.

Net cash flow from operating activities 5.

6.1 billion, an increase of 60 in ten years.

99%, the performance of cash flow growth is dazzling mainly due to the growth of paid taxes and fees instead of growth.

Cash received from sales of goods and services 41.

5.8 billion, a 10-year growth of 16.

2%, the growth rate of cash flow is slower than the growth rate of income, mainly due to the increase in bill use.

High-quality, benign, sustainable growth, long-distance running ability is fully demonstrated.

The increase in the price of Maowu batches will benefit the national cellar. After the holiday, the national cellar will be 1573, and the cellar will be 90 years old.

At present, the approval price of the State Reserve 1573 gradually rises to 740-760 yuan. Under the segmentation model, manufacturers have strong control over inventory, and channel and terminal inventory are not high in 1-2 months. The company has moderately replaced channels this yearAnd terminal fee release, which improves management efficiency.

We believe that in the context of the industry’s squeeze competition, the company has the ability to grasp the industry’s potential and achieve healthy, sustainable and rapid growth.

Announcement “Plan for Issuing Corporate Bonds.”

The budget of the raised funds shall not exceed 4 billion, and the term shall not exceed 5 years. It is mainly used for the second phase of the technical transformation project of the brewing engineering and the intelligent upgrade of the information management system.

At present, the first phase of the brewing project is progressing. In 2018, the value of the project under construction is 3 billion, and the project progress is 40%.

The entire project is divided into two phases. The bond issuance is to prepare for the second phase.

After completion, it will effectively improve the brewing and storage capabilities of high-end and high-quality base wines, modernize production, and ensure the company’s medium- and long-term capacity supply and sustainable development.

Catalysts for continued performance: Performance exceeds expectations Core assumptions Risk: Economic downturn affects overall demand for high-end liquor

Dongfang Shenghong (000301) First Coverage Report: Injecting high-quality polyester filament assets to accelerate the layout of the refining-chemical fiber entire industry chain

Dongfang Shenghong (000301) First Coverage Report: Injecting high-quality polyester filament assets to accelerate the layout of the “refining-chemical fiber” entire industry chain

The company injected high-quality polyester filament assets and significantly improved its profitability.

The company acquired Guowang Hi-Tech, injected high-quality filament assets, and focused on splitting and functional civilian polyester filament products. Its revenue accounted for 93% of the company’s total operating income.

The company has always effective technology research and development, differentiated products are positioned in the high-end market, the product differentiation rate is higher than the market average, and the company’s profitability aims to continue to improve.

  The Group expanded its PTA production capacity and promised to inject opportunities into listed companies.

The Hong Kong Petrochemical Phase I PTA, which the group belongs to, has an annual output of 150 tons. This project mainly provides raw materials for the downstream chemical fiber industry.

With the large-scale development of PTA equipment, the industry’s backward and small production capacity will be gradually phased out, and the industry’s prosperity will remain at a high level. Currently, the Group is constructing PTA Phase II 240 replacement capacity projects, and the Group has promised to choose opportunities to inject PTA assets into listed companies.
  The Lianyungang 1600 preliminary refining and chemical project opens up the company’s development space in the next five years and builds a complete “refining and chemical-PX-PTA-polyester filament” full industrial chain.

The company acquired Shenghong Refining and Chemicals with 10 billion yuan in cash, and injected the refining and chemical projects selected by Lianyungang 1600 into listed companies. The total investment of the project was 71.4 billion yuan, and the refining scale reached 1,600 euros / year. The main products are PX 280 volume / year, and ethylene 110.Year / year, etc.

  The strength of Shenghong Group’s chemical assets continues to increase, and it is expected to achieve an integrated upstream and downstream layout in the future.

The business scope of Shenghong Group involves the petrochemical industry, textile industry, and energy industry. It has invested more than 10 billion yuan in Lianyungang, completed a Siebang Petrochemical 240 unit / year alcohol-based multi-generation project, and has completed a complete set of about 1.4 million cubic meters.Liquid chemical storage, 2 5 plug-in liquid chemical terminals and cogeneration projects.

  Investment suggestion: The company will form a complete “refining-PX-PTA-polyester filament” full industrial chain in the future, bringing growth space brought by it.

The company is keeping abreast of the industry’s economic trends, orderly increasing the production capacity 北京桑拿洗浴保健 of polyester filament and PTA, transforming the industry’s high prosperity trend, and the company’s profitability will also be greatly improved.

Without considering the PTA asset injection and refinancing of refining and chemical projects, we estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 17 respectively.

5, 19.

1, 20.

80,000 yuan, EPS is 0.

43, 0.

47, 0.

52 yuan, corresponding to 14 for PE.

0, 12.

9, 11.

8 times.

Considering that the Lianyungang 1600 final refining and chemical integration project invested by the company is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2021, it will bring significant profit improvement space for the company after it is put into operation. Therefore, we cover and give the company a “Buy” rating for the first time.The estimated level of interbank listed companies after injecting refining assets, we give the company a 12-month target price of 8.

0 yuan, corresponding to 18 times PE in 2019.

  Risk reminder: International oil prices have fallen sharply, the macro economy has fallen, and the construction progress of new projects has fallen short of expectations.

Juneyao Airlines (603885): Acquisition of GD Airways to increase equity in China Eastern Airlines

Juneyao Airlines (603885): Acquisition of GD Airways to increase equity in China Eastern Airlines

The company’s recent situation, Juneyao 杭州桑拿 Airlines announced that it has completed the purchase of 100% equity of GD Airways held by the controlling shareholder Junyao Group, with a total transaction price of about US $ 1 billion. Juneyao Airlines has paid the first phase of the transaction price of RMB 600 million, becomingAt the agreed time, the remaining transaction price was about 400 million yuan.

According to the relevant agreement, Juneyao Airlines and its subsidiaries held China Eastern Airlines 8 after the transaction.

17% equity and 10.

07% of voting rights.

Commenting on the auspicious assignment of directors to China Eastern Airlines, the shareholding of China Eastern Airlines will be included in long-term equity investment using the equity method, and we expect to increase the company’s investment income.

According to the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” reached between China Eastern Airlines Group and Juneyao Group, the two parties will each exchange a director to China Eastern Airlines and Juneyao Airlines, each of which is a holding subsidiary of each other. At present, both parties have submitted a letter of recommendation.carry out.
According to our calculations, if it goes well, 8.

A total of 17% of China Eastern Airlines’ equity will bring about 5 to Juneyao Airlines in 2020.

The investment income of 90,000 yuan (accounting for 33% of the current year’s net profit, which is included in the current profit forecast), will significantly increase the company’s profit.

Cross-shareholdings between China Eastern Airlines Group and Junyao Group are beneficial to the development of both parties.

Eastern Airlines and Juneyao Group ‘s holding subsidiaries, Eastern Airlines and Juneyao Airlines, put their main bases in the parking lot in Shanghai. The combined capacity (in terms of seats) of the combined capacity accounted for about 50% of the total capacity of the two Shanghai games.

The joint cooperation between the two parties will jointly promote the further development of the maritime network, aircraft maintenance, service guarantee and resource sharing of Beijing Daxing International Airport, and continuous exploration in aircraft procurement, which is beneficial to the development of both companies.

We expect that the daily output of the company’s wide-body aircraft fleet will continue to increase, and cost pressure is expected to gradually decline.

The company’s wide-body aircraft has taken off from the end of June 2019 to fly to the Shanghai-Helsinki long-distance intercontinental route. The overall wide-body aircraft fleet will be used from 8 in 2018.


71 hours, rose to 11.

57 hours (2019 Interim Data).

The company plans to use the 787 to convert to the Shanghai-Athens route in June 2020. At the same time, the company plans to extend the Shanghai-Helsinki route to Manchester, Dublin and Reykjavik in 2020.It will continue to rise, and cost pressure is expected to gradually decline.

It is estimated that the company currently can sustainably correspond to the 22nd of 2019/2020.


5x P / E.

Maintain 2019 profit forecast12.

09 million yuan, considering that the company has completed the acquisition of GD Airways, the company’s shareholding in China Eastern Airlines increased, investment income increased, raised 2020 profit forecast17.

6% to 17.

78 ppm, maintain outperform industry rating and target price of 19.

2 yuan, corresponding to 31.


Double the P / E for 2019/2020, 37 as compared to the recent previous.

3% upside.

Risk Aviation demand is weak and oil prices have soared. The company has not dispatched directors to China Eastern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines’ performance is worse than expected.

Complementary medicine for 5 different physical dysmenorrhea

Complementary medicine for 5 different physical dysmenorrhea

Many women with dysmenorrhea often take the painkillers or endure pain.

Sometimes it is really unnecessary to have to aggravate yourself in this way, as long as you spend a little time in your daily diet to adjust your menstruation and nourish yin according to different constitutions, you can achieve improvement.

  Many women take painkillers or forcibly as soon as they have dysmenorrhea. This is very bad behavior and may cause more problems. In fact, in ordinary life, we can do well through simple dietRelieves symptoms of dysmenorrhea and even disappears.

The following introduces the recommended dietary therapies for different constitutions.

  Qi stagnation and blood stasis type-food therapy 1, Erpi honey ingredients: 1 grapefruit, 60 grams of Chenpi, appropriate amount of white wine, 500 grams of honey.

  Method: Peel the grapefruit, peel it, chop it, put it into the sand bottle with the rind, add an appropriate amount of wine, soak it for 6 hours, cook it, mix it with honey, and take two spoons each morning or evening or wash with water.

  Efficacy: Xingqi stasis 2, Amomum pork belly soup Ingredients: Amomum 10 grams, Tianqi 9 grams, pork belly 100 grams.

  Method: Wash the pork belly with boiling water, scrape off the inner membrane, remove the odor, put it into the pot with Amomum villosum and Tianqi, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it for about 2 hours.

After seasoning, drink soup and eat meat.

  Efficacy: refreshing the stomach and relieving stasis and relieving pain.

  Cold stasis type-diet therapy 1, fennel, pepper stew beef ingredients: 3 grams of fennel, 3 grams of pepper, 30 grams of beef, 15 ml of wine.

  Method: Wash the beef, add it to the pressure cooker with fennel, pepper, and wine, cook with water, and cook for 15 minutes with Wuhuo, then cook it with wenhuo, season, pick the beef, and cut into thin slices.

  Efficacy: Qu Han, warming the stomach, tonic.

  2, Angelica lamb pot (easy to eat in winter) Ingredients: Angelica 6 grams, cinnamon 1.

5 grams, 3 grams of peel, 250 grams of lamb.

  Method: Wash the mutton, cut into pieces, put it in the same pot as the angelica, and cook until it rots. Add cinnamon for 10 minutes and season.

  Efficacy; warming and dispersing cold, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, regulating menstrual pain.

  Damp-Heat Concentration-Food Therapy 1, Money Herbal Tea Ingredients: 20 grams of money grass, 12 grams of turmeric, honey amount.

  Method: After washing and putting the medicine together, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for juice.

Add honey and stir to mix with tea.

  Efficacy: Relieve heat, dampen dampness, dissipate blood stasis.

  2, Yinchen Hawthorn fried ingredients: Mian Yinchen 20 grams, hawthorn seeds 10 grams, silver flowers 15 grams, brown sugar amount.

  Method: Wash and apply the medicine, add the same amount to the pot, add water, fry the juice to add juice, add brown sugar to dissolve, and then convert in stages.

  Efficacy: clearing away dampness and heat, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  Deficiency of blood and blood-diet 1, ingredients of black bean and jujube soup: 100g of black beans, 50g of jujube, 20g of brown sugar. Method: Add black beans and jujube to water, cook into a porridge, add brown sugar, and take 1 dose.

Each menstrual period begins 3 days before menstrual cramps, 1 dose per day, and even 10 doses is a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstrual pain.

  2, Angelica sugar ingredients: Angelica 100g, rock sugar 500 grams Practice: first thicken the Angelica juice, and then boil with the rock sugar to make Angelica sugar for consumption.

  Efficacy: nourishing and regulating menstrual pain.

  Liver and kidney deficiency-diet 1, ingredients for braised tortoise meat: 1 tortoise, 10 red dates, 10 grams of longan meat Method: Wash the tortoise, remove the shells and cut into pieces, put in the pot with red dates and longan meat, addSoy sauce, wine, sugar, raw oil, water.

Boiled and seasoned.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, regulating menstrual pain.

  2. Black bean rice wine egg soup ingredients: 60g black beans, 2 eggs, 120ml rice wine Method: Boil black beans and eggs together, remove the shells and cook after the eggs are cooked, add the rice wine when the beans are cooked, eat the eggs and drink soup.

  Efficacy: nourish liver and kidney, regulate menstrual pain.

  Prevention and conditioning of dysmenorrhea Because dysmenorrhea is closely related to menstruation, dysmenorrhea that has just been reconstituted in the body should be treated with qi-regulating drugs on the eve of menstrual cramps, blood-regulating drugs during menstrual periods, and nourishing and blood drugs after cleansing.
Menstrual periods should not use drugs that are greasy or too cold to avoid stagnation.

The treatment time is generally agreed for more than 3 cycles, and the medication should be prevented.
Treatment will begin in 5 days.
  At the same time, women must pay attention to four points, pay attention to the hygiene of menstrual period, avoid sexual life, pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue during menstruation, pay attention to avoid cold and excessive cold during menstruation, pay attention to maintain a comfortable mood during menstruation, these are all the conditions required to regulate dysmenorrhea.

The most important moments of drinking water every day

The most important moments of drinking water every day

People cannot do without water, but they never seem to care about the timing of drinking water. Most people only drink when they are thirsty.

In fact, from a health point of view, the human body needs water most at some moments, and if it can be replenished in time at this time, it will help ensure water balance.

  After getting up in the morning.

The human body loses about 450 ml of water every night, and it will be in a state of physiological dehydration after getting up in the morning.

Before eating, it is best to drink a glass of warm boiled water on an empty stomach, which can quickly change the blood and improve nighttime dehydration.

If conditions permit, you can add a slice of fresh lemon to eliminate bowel movements and toxins.

  Before going to bed at night.

Do n’t drink too much water before going to bed, otherwise you may suffer from altered nights, but you cannot drink water. You should take two sips before going to bed.

Because when a person is asleep, the water in the body is lost, causing the water in the blood to decrease and the blood viscosity to become higher.

Drinking water before going to bed can alleviate this phenomenon and reduce the risk of cerebral thrombosis.

In addition, the elderly should always have a glass of water beside the bed before going to bed.

  Before leaving the office after work.

Office workers often ignore drinking water because of busy eight-hour work, and suggest that these people develop the habit of drinking a few sips of water before work.

Because if you do not drink enough water for a long time, your bladder and kidney will be damaged, which will easily cause backache and backache, which will affect your work efficiency.

You don’t need to drink too much at this time, a paper cup is enough, otherwise it is easy to “urinate” on the way to work.

  After eating salty.

Eating too salty can lead to high blood pressure, reduced salivation, and edema of the oral mucosa.

If you eat salty, the first thing to do is to drink plenty of water, preferably cool white or lemonade. Try not to drink sugary drinks or yogurt.

More than 90% of the light soy milk is moisture, and it is rich in potassium, which can promote sodium excretion, which is also a good choice.

  Half an hour after a meal.

Do not drink water immediately after meals, otherwise it will dilute, reduce saliva and gastric juice, weaken the activity of protease, and affect digestion and absorption.

It is recommended that ordinary people drink water for about half an hour after a meal, about 200 ml.

Drink with small sips when drinking, otherwise repeat, drinking a lot of water is easy to burn your heart.

People who are easy to burn their heart should drink 3-4 small mouths every 2-3 hours after a meal, every 20-30 minutes.

  After turning on the air conditioner for half an hour.

The air in the air-conditioned room is dry, which easily causes the loss of human body water, the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and other places are too dry, and even cause bronchitis.

Therefore, after staying in the air-conditioned room for more than half an hour, it is necessary to add water, boiled water, mineral water, lemonade, etc. in time, and the water temperature is preferably about 40 ° C.

  After bathing.

After taking a shower, many people often feel thirsty and take up a glass of water and drink it up.

As everyone knows, after taking a hot bath, the body’s heated blood vessels expand, blood flow increases, and the heart beats faster than usual. Drinking too fast overcomes the health disadvantages, especially the elderly, and should drink a cup of warm water slowly.

  When constipated.

Lack of moisture is one of the causes of constipation.

People with constipation can drink plenty of water appropriately. Be sure to drink large mouthfuls and swallow faster, so that the water can reach its destination as soon as possible, stimulate bowel movements, and promote bowel movements.

While replenishing water, you can also eat chives, celery, apples, and other fruits and vegetables that replace fiber, which can better relieve constipation.

  When you have a fever.

When a person has a high fever, they will dissipate heat in the form of sweating, so that they consume a lot of water, which will seriously cause dehydration.

Therefore, it is important to replenish water in time during the fever.

You can drink warm boiled water or warm dextrose water a few times, probably every half an hour.Have some millet porridge and mung bean soup.

  When you are upset.

Adrenaline is often called a “pain hormone”. When a person is painful and irritable, adrenaline can soar. Like other human toxins, it can replace water through the body.

Therefore, when you are upset, you may wish to pour a glass of warm water and sit down in your seat to drink it slowly, which will make you feel more relaxed.

(Author: Committee of Heilongjiang Province Xu Wei Health Management Association)

Baby girl breast milk obesity more

Baby girl breast milk obesity more

US researchers said one day that with baby boys, breast milk replacement seems more likely for baby girls.

  Foreign News reports that a large number of Air Force studies have shown that, with artificial intervention in the classification of infant foods, breast milk can help infants fight off respiratory infections.

And researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States have further found that breastfeeding is also a substitute for breastfeeding, and that girls have a higher mortality rate than boys due to respiratory infections.

  Researchers looked at 119 Argentine babies.

These babies are either born prematurely or weigh less than 1500 grams at birth, all of which are susceptible to respiratory diseases such as bronchitis.

  The study found that after the same first infection with respiratory diseases, 50% of female infants who had artificial intervention had to be hospitalized, while only 7% of breast-feeding female infants needed hospitalization.

  It is pointed out that there is no obvious difference between male infants. Regardless of whether they receive breast milk or artificial replacement, a total of 19% of male infants need to be hospitalized after being infected with respiratory diseases for the first time.

  Dr Fernando Polek of the university said that breast milk replacement can prevent many diseases and that all babies can benefit from breast milk replacement. “It now appears that in specific acute respiratory diseases, breast milk brings an oxide ratio band to girls.Give more to baby boys. ”

  Pollack said that certain substances in breast milk may better stimulate the baby’s ability to fight infection.