China did not live up to the world economy

[15] National Bureau of Statistics data released preliminary accounts, the first half of this year, China’s economy grew%, far exceeding the agency expected, indicating China’s economy strong toughness and vigorous vitality. Under epidemic context, the importance of China in the world economy is particularly prominent.

The first half of China’s total import and export trade in goods rose% year on year positive growth in China’s foreign trade for 13 consecutive months, fully confirms the global supply chain, "China Circle" extraordinary compression toughness and capacity to deliver.

  From supplies to fight the epidemic of electronic products, from construction machinery to withstand the pressure of financial innovation …… China, with extraordinary supply chain advantage, pulling the main global markets, expand internationally, "Contagion" relay, in order to meet the global, clear the capital market channels , countries rush to the rescue of the people’s livelihood at the same time, it gave birth to more new formats, new technologies, new financial products, contributed valuable source of dynamism for the world economy.

  As Honeywell China President Lin Shiwei said, many foreign companies operating in China in the past has always stressed, "In China, For China."

Now, with China’s position in the global supply chain, global service began. "China’s economy has new advantages, from China, but for the benefit of the whole world.

"In Moscow, Chinese enterprises developed the production level of 11 meters of large diameter shield tunnel through this week’s first complete tasks; Central Asia’s largest wind power project in the southern city of Zana Tasman Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan joint venture will soon completed; in more than 20 European countries, has more than 1,800 vehicles BYD electric buses are being put in operation or on order, the cumulative reduction of more than 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from local …… from providing products to customized services; from the operation of the project, to strategy docking.

China’s economy in the optimization and upgrading, stabilize and repair the global supply chain, to promote the free flow of production factors, matching the third-party market cooperation, and promote a high level of building an open world economy, opened up from the "win-win to win," the inclusive development of a new realm.

  Projects in Africa, the shareholders from Europe, from the Chinese general contractor, subcontractor, from multi-national team, syndicated loans provided by the multi-national bank …… In recent years, accompanied by "all the way along the" International cooperation to develop in depth, such a single global project polymerization collaboration scene of resources started to become the norm. Under "along the way" to lead the initiative, the field of foreign trade and economic cooperation has expanded, Sankei intermediation of deepening the connotation of the Chinese economy to improve global market supply, output has been achieved by the products to technology export, exports of services, to the model output, development jumped philosophy output, contributing source of living water for the world economy oceans. After several decades upgrade evolution, global role of China’s economy, is the world’s factory to achieve the transition from supply chain hub, try switching from the engine to increase R & D center, leading brewing jumped from concept to emancipate the mind, continue to meet the new era the new Chinese economic expectations, new demands. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Anhui: Concentrate, "one network" gather, live "a game"

Since this year, Anhui Province has highlighted "three linkages", condensed to woven "one network", gather on live "a plate of chess", and strive to build a new pattern of integrated management network.

Strengthening the department collaboration and taking a varied law enforcement for centralized unified law enforcement.

The provincial party committee network office issued a list of network management key departments, creating a "Building Shanqing Water Show Network Space" Netcom Law Brand, held the special program of "Jianghuai, the Growth" June 1, China; Provincial Communications Administration, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Internet Information Office jointly launched a special action of " 2021", and built a benign work pattern of the contribution to the contribution.

At the same time, the Internet integrated management big data platform was completed, and the integrated local network content data center was built, and a tenacious "diamond" is forged for the provincial network. The organization of mainstream media surrounded by major themes such as the long triangulation, high quality development, and launched more than 30 network theme publicity activities.

Strengthening the construction of the local network media, introduced "Provincial Network Media to carry out positive energy propagation and performance assessment evaluation evaluation," for real-time monitoring and analysis assessment of 35 provincial network media. Organize the "Long Triangle Network Celebrity to see Anhui" activities, 3 days, microblogging topic total reading is more than 30 million. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the party, launch the theme MV "Sing to You", play the party Chinese, feel the network strong sound of the party. The work is less than 3 days, and the playback volume of each platform is over 41 million, and there are more than 240,000 interactions.

Planning launched "Tongxin to the Party Brilliant Centennial Retracence" Network Culture Season Theme Event The network product has effectively promoted the main melody and spread positive energy.

(Anhui Net Letter Office).

Changchun sector promotes learning education normalization

Original title: "Six-pair" action leads party members to strive for the first front, Changchun City adheres to classification guidance, accurate effort, according to different levels, different fields, different industry party members, deepening the specific carrier of "do", and creating a pioneer The theme of action, leading the majority of party members based on the position, strive to be a pioneer, to ensure true truth, and seek truth. Launching party members in rural party members leading the entrepreneurship, leading the masses to join the "Shuangfu" Pioneer Action. The city has led to the support of the support, and the party members are rich, the junction is rich, and the training is rich, and the training is rich, and the training will help rich, and the training is enhanced.

Require each "Project Branch" to directly drive or support 10% of farmers in helping the village to create more than 1 getting project; each "project party member" has driven more than 3 households to create 1 get rich projects every year; organized party members Dock the help of the entrepreneurship, the knot is rich; the backbone of party members, the party members and the collaborative organization of the party, and training training, e-commerce, etc., continuous improvement of the richness. Carry out a building of a happy community in the community party members, build a harmonious home "double construction" pioneering action. The city leads the community party members to play a pioneer model role in serving the people, resolve contradictions, maintenance and stability.

The establishment of community party members to help group teams, providing 5 services such as poverty, help old, help, buildings, and helps; forming a community party membership volunteer service team, surrounding "one old and a small" to carry out purchasing, repairs, after class Waiting for the service; establish a civil mediator, social security, the city’s leading team, contributing to the construction of a happy community; forming the "Red Propaganda Group" and the cultural event team to carry forward the "red culture". In the state-owned party members, they have carried out better than job skills, and more than contributing performance.

The city further strengthens the party membership of state-owned party members and the universities of the state-owned enterprises, to promote the development of state-owned enterprises, to promote the development of state-owned enterprises to promote state-owned enterprises Contribute.

Organize the "Top Ten Arts and Slices" "Top Ten Technical Expert" "Top Ten Specialist" "Top Ten Division" and other selection activities, inspiring the majority of party members based on posts and dedication. Carry out activities such as "Efficiency, Guarantee Quality, Dump Cost", etc., leading party members to contribute results and boost enterprises to create income. In the party members of the organ, the development of the leading service is carried out, and the lead service to improve the "double band" pioneer action. The city has conducted a "transfer, excellent, promoting" transparent experience, the party’s party building and research supervision, etc.

Take the "transfer style, excellent service, promotion", and distinguish between three levels of leadership team members, departmental cadres and ordinary party members to carry out transposition experience activities; take a symposium, questionnaire survey, field visit, check information, etc. The party construction work research supervision and investigation, focusing on 22 key issues, and promoting the new jumping of the party construction.

  In the window unit and the service industry party members, we will conduct a service model, strive to be a window star "double-stricken" pioneering action. The city has implemented the "post training", carry out the "post training", and guide party members to improve the service style, transform the work style, and improve the level of service.

Combined with the actual work, clear work standards and behavioral norms, implement the "Guide to the Leading Agency" service, improve service efficiency; carry out the main content of "Ming Post responsibilities, business knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, understanding of civilization etiquette" as the main content Training activities, improve service capabilities; set up Hongqi mobile posts, party members first ponggang, party members, and selection of advanced typical, forming a demonstration effect.

  Lawn, a bright identity duties in the non-public enterprise and social organization, and the promise of Double-brightness is a "double bright" pioneer action. The city launched "bright, struggle, evaluation, construction", stimulating party members as pioneers, and makes the vitality and enthusiasm of the rate. Through a party member’s badge, a party member publicity card, a party member group picture, a party member commitment, bright party membership, show up the party members’ commitment; rounding the safety production, integrity management, civilized service, etc., set up a party member first, sign The position of the post, leading party members to strive to be a pioneer; assessing the stars, playing a role, playing a role, and practicing the privilege of the promise; establishing a party member "political archives", record party members participate in the "double bright" pioneering act Performance and evaluation results, as the basis for evaluation of evaluation.

(Correspondence Cao Ke) (Editor: Huang Wei, Qinhua).

Accelerate energy transformation to improve green action

  Determining carbon Dhane, carbon neutralization is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee.

"Double Carbon" goals put forward new requirements on the development of energy industry.

my country is the largest country in the world’s energy production and consumption, and China is also a representative of the energy structure "coal-based" country, and it is not easy to achieve such a goal. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country Double carbon "target set up firm confidence. In recent years, my country’s non-fossil energy contribution is significantly increased.

By the end of 2020, although non-fossil energy, including hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, and photovoltaic, non-fossil energy in all energy consumption is less than 16%, but in the increment of energy consumption, the proportion of non-fossil energy has been From the "Eleventh Five-Year" "Twelfth Five-Year" period% and%, the% increased from the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.

In the past decade, the contribution of non-fossil energy in my country’s energy consumption increments has developed from the initial supplementary energy location, and the mainstream energy source of coal, oil and gas is driven, and the main energy source of "13th Five-Year Plan" is developed. The% of the%, natural gas of the oil is large, and the% of the% of the coal.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the proportion of non-fossil energy in energy consumption will be more than half, and the non-fossil energy will be replaced by the extent of the fossil energy consumption in some areas, thus 2030 years ago, national carbon peaks made substantial contributions.

  At present, the pace of low-carbon construction in energy companies is further accelerated. Since 2013, my country’s new generated power installed capacity has more than 8 consecutive years, showing that my country’s energy enterprises have turned their power to turn power from thermal power to clean power.

For example, in the "Eleventh Five-Year" "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the proportion of non-fossil energy in the installed capacity of my country’s new power generation equipment is%,%, and the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. This proportion is%, 2020 is higher. %.

  In December 20020, the United Nations Climate Ambitions, my country proposed to 2030 wind power and solar power distribution machine capacity will reach 1.2 billion kW.

This means that in the next decade, my country’s scenery generated installation must be doubled.

This year, not only the traditional five major power generation companies and many local power companies have put forward a more great clean energy development plan, steel, chemical and some Internet companies will also support the development of clean energy as an important measure to implement the "double carbon" goals. The higher the degree of consensus in energy low-carbon development, the path to realize the "double carbon" target is clearer, and the synergy effect is more obvious. It can be seen that my country’s clean energy equipment manufacturing capability is leaping.

The ninth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee proposed that it is necessary to construct a new power system with new energy as the main body.

Traditional energy security is mainly to ensure the supply of energy resources such as oil and gas, and the energy system for new energy-oriented main body has energy equipment to effectively utilize the wind and light resources of nature.

During the "Thirteen Five-Year Plan", my country’s independent research and development of 10 megawatts, the single capacity is doubled than 5 to 6 MW, and the 12th Five-Year Plan is doubled; in 2020, my country has entered the world. The top ten, the number of companies reached the historical high.

Since the "13th Five", my country’s original technological refreshing photovoltaic conversion efficiency world records have reached 20 times, which is significantly higher than that in the past; polysilicon, silicon wafers, batteries, and photovoltaic components have exceeded two-thirds of the world, of which silicon wafers exceeded 95% of the world.

my country’s electrochemical energy storage, electric vehicles and other new energy industries are also rapidly growing in the "13th Five" period. my country has established a clear energy equipment industry with obvious competitive advantage, not only strongly supporting the implementation of my country’s "double carbon" goals, but also makes great contributions to the global carbon.

  New energy costs continue to fall quickly.

Compared with the beginning of "13th Five", the price of photovoltaic components in my country decreased by about 60%. Compared with the beginning of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", it fell sharply 85%, 95%, respectively. .

The price of wind turbines also fell by 35% in "13th Five". The current price is only equivalent to 40% and 50% in 2010.

The decline in new energy equipment prices significantly reduced the development cost of new energy projects.

In June this year, Sichuan Ganzi’s latest photovoltaic electricity price is less than Yuan, and the current wind power in Inner Mongolia is also lower than yuan / kW, which has the advantage of conventional thermal power competition. Since this year, new projects such as wind power and photovoltaic will fully enter the "parity Internet" era, compete with other power supplies in the market. Realizing carbon-up peaks, carbon is a hard battle, and non-fossil energy alternative stone energy is inevitably a long-term process, not one. To achieve the ordered transformation of the world’s largest fossil energy system, it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the development and safety of energy transformation, and properly solve all kinds of contradictions and resolve all kinds of risks. However, as long as the "double carbon" transformation goal, firm belief, continue to steady, improve the green action, we have enough confidence to achieve this influence, touches the level, and the long-term energy revolution.

  (Author: Gaohu, Department of Energy Research Institute, China Macroeconomics; Su Ming, Department of Energy Research Institute, China Macroeconomics Research Institute, China).

De Landbouwprobleem van Dehong Prefecture Branch bevordert Precision Poverty Langeiation met "twee studenten"

Zhangfeng-stad, dehong Prefecture, de provincie Yunnan, Liruta Village Committee, gelegen in de zuidwestelijke grens van China, waar boereninkomen voornamelijk gebaseerd is op het planten van suikerriet, rijst, ma?s en andere planten, is dehong-prefectuur. Een klein "slagveld". "Twee leren één" fundering is leren, de sleutel doet, het uiteindelijke doel is om de ontwikkeling te bevorderen. De landbouwprobleem van de armoedebestrijding van Delhi Prefecture, als een praktische positie "Twee studies", in deze uitgeputte staking, all-round service, ontvouwen, focus op verkeersreizen, openbare dienst, menselijke leefomgeving, landbouw, naast het dringende milieu Projecten zoals een slechte demografische overdracht, we zullen de missie van de verantwoordelijkheid, diepgaand, "twee studenten om te doen" verder te onthouden om nauwkeurige armoedebestrijding te bevorderen, gecombineerd met de behuizing, MANG, MUO 3 de 21e huishoudelijke bestanden van de dorpsgroep zijn eigenlijk actief, actief actief en deelnemen aan armoedebestrijding. "Bloedtransfusie" is niet als "hematopoietic" "om van de armoede af te komen, en de industrie is het eerst". De fondsen zijn slechts een moment, en de industri?le armoedebestaling is lang. Hoe kan boeren helpen de manier te vinden om de deur in de deur te stappen, de rijdvoordelen van de armoedebestrijding van de industrie te spelen en de tak van Delhong Prefecture van Delhong Prefecture de drijvende kwestie van Delhong Prefecture-tak te laten nadenken over de meeste problemen wanneer ze beginnen deel te nemen aan armoedebestrijding. Om gekwalificeerde partijleden te maken, moeten we handelen in precieze armoedebestrijding. Als u een manier vindt om de manier te vinden om de enorme mensen te helpen bij het nemen van armoedebestrijding, is dit de huidige tijd in de harten van de partijleden van de landbouw de landbouw van de Branche van de Landbouw Delhi Prefecture.

De boeren kunnen niet tegen toss, en de weg moet een keer worden gevonden.

In dit punt, is de agrarische uitgifte van de armoedebestrijding Working Group in de armoedebestrijding Working Group is nauw betrokken bij de ontwikkeling van de haak dorp, en heeft een brede selectie van moeilijkheden en problemen, een bezoek aan de haak huis, praten met boeren, het begrijpen van de familie fundamentele situatie, de ontwikkeling en het inkomen van de situatie, de oorzaak van de armen, armoedebestrijding en armoede, enz.

Na het beheersen van een veel meer gedetailleerde gegevens, volledig beschouwt Dehong prefectuur tak marktfactoren volgens het beleid van Quanchuan County, een combinatie van lokale voordelen en traditionele veredeling worden gebruikt, en bepaalt targetedly begeleiden en helpen de armoede mensen. De grootte ontwikkeling is geschikt voor de industrie in de lokale eigenlijke, korte periode van de cyclus, en heeft een high-profile-industrie, en het idee van het ondersteunen van armoedebestrijding. Armoedebestrijding en aanval kan niet worden uitgesteld. De industri?le armoedebestrijding idee, de Delhi prefectuur Branch Armoedebestrijding Working Group kwam naar het dorp commissie, achtereenvolgens met het dorp kaders, en het opzetten van de haalbaarheid van "Nursing". Ten eerste, het licht grenst aan de mangodia, het klimaat is geschikt voor verpleegkundigen, en de oprichting van de kaarthouders zal rond 1 acres. Het merendeel van de geplante suikerriet, ma?s is de belangrijkste, suikerriet, cornes kan worden gebruikt als een koe ? biologisch voer, zodat de koe eet het probleem wordt opgelost, de andere is dat het vee is niet gemakkelijk te ziek, het vergemakkelijken van het beheer en het voeden, drie, de prijs van rundvlees en cowboy is relatief stabiel, zijn economische voordelen gegarandeerd.

En de grote stieren, het kalf, duurzame ontwikkeling, zo lang als je het goed doet, langzaam te ontwikkelen, zult u zeker de stabiele pijler industrie, dat is de stabiele positie van de Mango geworden.

De 15 huishoudens van de Mango’s dorp groep, de armoede huishoudens overeengekomen en aanvaard, maar al snel, maakten ze een realistisch probleem, de voeding was er, maar er was geen vee, zelfs als er een vee, raise Waar is het een groot probleem ? In de eerste plaats op te lossen financi?le problemen.

De kaders en het personeel van de staatstak actief staken duizenden yuan, waarvan 10.000 yuan ingebouwd in een geconcentreerde kring 50 koeien, de resterende yuan en 15 huishoudelijke bestanden vrijwillig verhoogde 10-head buffels en 5 kleine buffels.

Ten tweede, wat moet ik doen? De staat tak co?rdineert actief de provincie om een koe technologie training klasse te houden, het uitnodigen van deskundigen om regelmatig te desinfecteren, preventie-epidemie, en ontdek de symptomen van zieke runderen, en zorgen voor een training, en het verbeteren van hun fokken vaardigheden.

Tot slot, doen een goede baan van de arbeid configuratie.

In het gezin, een beroepsbevolking is een belangrijke factor te bepalen in een gemiddeld inkomen van een gezin. Hoe arbeidskrachten gebruiken, arbeid geen afval, maar ook volledig te mobiliseren het enthousiasme van de boeren, de staat tak besloten om vast te stellen "co?peratief" The vormen van armoede, en het risico is all-in-law.

15 woningen aan de armoede punten lopen in 7 groepen, 2 groepen van 6 dagen van de kous vee missie, 3 groepen ondernemen 9 dagen van de kous vee missie, zodat de tijd leeg is, te bevrijden De arbeidsmarkt kunnen andere ontwikkeling van de productie en het scheppen van meer welvaart voor de familie.

Jin Xiaolun is het plaatsvervangend hoofd van deze veegroep Deze week, de ronde van zijn team value "Bowl", vertelt hij de auteur terwijl hij feeds de stier. "Kameraden van de Agricultural Development Dehong prefectuur tak ons ook leren om ons Nu rekenen de partij en de overheid geven ons een goed beleid, en het toestel haken is ook een heleboel praktische dingen, goede dingen.

Ik denk nu dat de dalende dagen zijn niet ver weg, zullen ze gaan naar dezelfde dag.

"" Armoedebestrijding "moet eerst" armoede "" armoedebestrijding, de kinderen in de arme gebieden zal goed onderwijs te aanvaarden, en het is een belangrijke taak voor armoedebestrijding en ontwikkeling. Het is ook een belangrijke manier om de intergenerationele overdracht te blokkeren van de armoede.

"Dit is de diepe situatie van de" National Training Program (2014) "Beijing Normal University, Guizhou Seminar.

In maart van dit jaar, een brief van een arme student heeft de aandacht van het werk team leden van de Agricultural Development van Dehong prefectuur Branch in Changchuan County veroorzaakt.

De eigenaar van de brief is een klein aantal van de student lijnen van de Mutual Village Comité van het dorp commissie.

In september 2013 wordt de regel kleine toegelaten tot het financieel beheer van Yunnan University voor Nationaliteiten met uitstekende resultaten.

Echter, alleen de 6-poort huis dat plaatsen suikerriet om het leven te behouden, het ondersteunen van een student in een zware droom. Om haar universiteit wensen te ondersteunen, zal het huis van toepassing op de bank voor de lening van het geboortehuis, het inkomen van de teelt van het land, in principe gebruikt om haar school te ondersteunen. De hele familie dankt de buitenlandse schuld, 90.000 yuan, geen geld om het huis, de hele familie van 6 mensen leven nog steeds in de omheining kamer te verbeteren.

Met het oog op de belasting van het huis te verlichten, heeft ze gekozen voor een verblijf in de school buiten de school, zelfstandigen, en de kleine lijn klasgenoten zijn ook verbonden met haar academische prestaties in elk semester, en de resultaten zijn uitstekend.

Na het begrip van de werkelijke situatie van de kleine lijn klasgenoten, de staat heeft een donatie en help student in de gehele bank gelanceerd, en in de tijd, is de tak van de branche de verhoogde helpen om de kleine lijn gepasseerd, en de kleine lijn bestudeert goed, en het moederland wordt geserveerd. op hetzelfde moment, de staat tak besloten om uitgebreide wetenschappelijke bijstand leveren aan de kleine lijn tot afgestudeerden.

Aan het einde van de winter vakantie, wordt de lijn terug naar de school, en hij zal bestuderen.

. In het vee, een paar koppen van de koeien in de kuit zijn lui, en de kalveren jagen voedsel Toen de oude zeven boeren bezet zijn, kom en zie ieders vee, zei hij: "Run in de cirkel Het is alle hoop dat ik nooit denken dat de koperen bel op de hals is zo mooi, als een lied.

"(China Agricultural Development Bank Yunnan Branch Office)."

2022 Tianjin geconcentreerd in 48 hoogwaardige plots met 14 districten

  ■ Het bouwgebied is ongeveer 340 hectare. De bouwschaal is ongeveer 7 miljoen vierkante meter. Ondernemingen die dezelfde blokken op dezelfde dag hebben beloofd, om de terugkeer van de rendement van de marge te waarborgen, waarborgt dat de fondsen van het bedrijf op 28 februari, de gemeentelijke overdracht van de onderneming is Planningsbronnen Bureau organiseerde de 2022-jarige investeringsbevordering van de stad van de stad. Tijdens de bijeenkomst werden 48 hoogwaardige plots geconcentreerd en trekt meer dan 120 ontwikkelingsbedrijven aan om te onderhandelen. Dit jaar lanceerde het Municipal Planning Resources Bureau zeven initiatieven om de regels van gecentraliseerde opname aan te passen, de landoverdrachtsdiensten te optimaliseren en de ontwikkelingsbedrijven te ondersteunen.

  De 48 hoogwaardige blokken die zijn gelanceerd, waarbij 14 districten in de stad betrokken zijn, kunnen worden gebouwd van ongeveer 340 hectare, met een bouwschaal van ongeveer 7 miljoen vierkante meter.

Er zijn 14 percelen in de zes districten van de stad, en de hoogwaardige blokken zoals het Xiyuan West, Jiefang South Road Peter Zone en Hedong District Polytechnical University worden vermeld. Een totaal van 16 percelen in de vier districten van Huancheng, de hete velden zoals Haihe Liulin, National Exhibition, Shuiixi, blijven dit jaar hoogwaardige blokken introduceren. Er zijn 14 percelen, Tanggu, gas, luchthaven en Huayuan high-tech zone, enz. Er zijn 4 percelen in de vijf districten van de verre buitenwijken, gelegen in Wuqing District, Baodi District, Ninghe District, Jinghai District. Deze plots hebben over het algemeen een goed locatieontwikkelingsvoordeel en een brede ruimte op de marktontwikkeling. Volgens de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Municipal Planning Resources Bureau, zal dit jaar gebaseerd zijn op het doel van het bevorderen van hoge kwaliteitsontwikkeling van de economische constructie, en het onderzoek en het oordeel te versterken, waardoor redelijk matching wordt geco?rdineerd en het totale bedrag en de levering kan worden geco?rdineerd Ritme van landbesturingsland, met stedelijke ontwikkeling Het belangrijkste project zal de activiteit van de vastgoedmarkt besturen en blijven bevorderen van de gezondheid en gestage ontwikkeling van de vastgoedmarkt, realiseert de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling van stedelijke bouw en ontwikkelingsbedrijven. Het Municipal Planning Resources Bureau lanceerde zeven initiatieven om de regels van gecentraliseerde opnamen aan te passen, het landoverdrachtswerk te optimaliseren en handige diensten te bieden om bedrijven te ontwikkelen. Eerste, optimaliseer de vaste lay-out van het land, focus op de optimalisatie-lay-out rond het kerngebied en stabiliseer de marktverwachtingen.

De tweede is om een ??pre-instructiesysteem voor landoverdracht tot stand te brengen. De aankondiging van het landoverdracht is 15 dagen tot 20 jaar uitgegeven, de pre-aankondiging van het voorstel wordt ingesteld om de voorafgaande beslissingsinformatie van het bedrijf te verschaffen. De derde is om de productie van landbiedingen te verbeteren en het bieden van landbieding verder te optimaliseren en te verduidelijken. Voorspel het verstrekken van de marge. De reikwijdte van het kerngebied van Jincheng is vooraf gecertificeerd voor $ 10 miljoen, en de bakstad en de andere Regionale percelen zijn voorbereid op 5 miljoen yuan. De vierde is om de 20% set biedermarges voort te zetten, en het bedrijf belooft dat het bedrijf belooft onbegrensd te zijn op de plek kan ter plaatse worden geretourneerd om de stroom van bedrijfsfondsen te waarborgen.

5 is om het landoverdrachtsysteem te optimaliseren, de eerste fase van de ontwikkeling van ondernemingen zal betalen voor goud, en betalen voor niet minder dan 50% van de landoverdracht binnen 30 dagen na de ondertekeningsdatum van het contract. De tweede fase geeft goud, en betaalt binnen 1 jaar vanaf de datum van het verhelpen van het contract. Alle landoverdracht.

Zesde is het verbeteren van de implementatie van het hoofdlichaam, de bouwtijd, enz. Van de ondersteunende maatregelen voor het constructiemechanisme, verduidelijken de relevante openbare diensten en gemeentelijke infrastructuur van het landoverdrachtsplot en gebruiken het ontwikkelings- en bouwproject. Zeven is om een ??post-supply-service-bewijs te maken om ondernemingen te helpen bij het co?rdineren van gerelateerde kwesties in het voltooiingsproces en de soepele implementatie van het project te bevorderen.

(Reporter Chen Wei).

The Ministry of Central Committee issued the "Notice of" Three Strictly Three Strong "Topics Education

According to the Ministry of CPC Central Committee, "Notice on Seriously Studying General Secretary General Secretary Xi Jinping has solidly promoted the" San Yan Sanshi "Topics Education Notice on July 13, 2015 Source: Original title: The Central Committee of the Communist Party is issued Seriously study the importance of the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, solidly promoted the "Three Strictly Three Strong" Topics Education Notice, the Ministry of CPC Central Committee issued a notice, to carefully study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, solidly promoted "three stringent truth" Special education proposes. "Notice" pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping was in Zhejiang and Guizhou, met with the National Excellent County Party Committee Secretary, presided over the fourteenth meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, and implemented the "three strict three" special education and practice "three Strictly truth "requires important instructions. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "three strikes" special education in the leading cadres above the county level is an important task of this year’s party building. It is necessary to highlight problems or guide, and consolidate and expand strictness. The results of the party, and effectively solve the new problems faced by the party’s construction.

The spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, specializing in high-quality high quality, ensuring effective guiding significance. Party Committee (Party Group) at all levels must be carefully organized and understand the spirit of spirit and do a good job. "Notice" emphasizes that he carefully studies the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. It is important to learn to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping as a topic study.

Through learning, the leading cadres profoundly leading the general secretary of Xi Jinping on leading cadres to be credible, and the people’s officers have made the organization’s reliable requirements, and strive to become a good cadre of the party and the people; profoundly leading the general secretary of Xi Jinping on learning the old generation of revolutionarian The requirements, the self-examination, seeing the sorrowfulness; profoundly leading the general secretary of Xi Jinping on the "three strict three" through the whole process of reform, the promotion of the reform, and the reform of the reform; profoundly The secretary on leading cadres should take the lead in doing a good job of special education, and clear the people, do clean and clean, and the church is being worked. Leading cadres at all levels should understand the core of the appreciation, and work hard in the foundation of the thoughts, and consciously lead the actions with the ideological consciousness. The "Notice" requires that closely combined with the reform and development actual lookup solves the "unscrupulous" problem. It should always adhere to the problem-oriented, surrounding the requirements of "three strict three", especially in combination with the implementation of the implementation of the reform requirements, and vigorously promotes the reform of all field reforms, and finding "unstruthful" outstanding issues and specific performance. Leading cadres should put themselves, put the department functions, job responsibilities, practically put the thoughts, work and style, and analyze the root causes, implement improvement measures, so that the ability to promote reform is strong, and be brave enough to take the spirit. Active action is real. "Notice" proposed, using the actual results of the actual results of the reform. The rectification ideas should be based on advancement reform, and rectifying measures should help promote reform. The effectiveness of rectification should be reflected in the promotion of reforms, surrounding the ideological concepts, institutional impairments such as consolidation and deepening reform, and guide the leading cadres to see the overall situation, Ming The big potential, firm reform determination and confidence, control the problem, develop a pharmacy, trust measures, and focus on cracking deep institutional mechanisms, constantly release development vitality, so that the masses have more feelings.

"Notice" emphasizes to do a good job in strictness. The Party Committee (Party Group) should earnestly fulfill the subject’s responsibility, a special study on "Key Action", and report on the situation in important nodes. Party Committee (Party Group) Secretary must fulfill the first responsibility, take the lead in the prevention, strictly control. The organization department must earnestly perform the lead responsibility, specifically designed each action, supervise each requirement, focus on the weak links, strengthen the communication and coordination of the relevant departments, form a joint effort, promote the central deployment of unrest , See effective.

(Xinhuanet Beijing on July 13).

Russian accelerate the upgrading of naval air combat capability

Recently, the Russian Navy released a set of data structures scale naval and air force combat readiness training. In this regard, the Russian naval air force commander Igor Koren said that the Russian naval air force compiled reasonable, sea power has become an important air support elements. Future, the force will increase investment in pilot training and equipment upgrades to enhance the Navy’s overall combat capability. Improve staff training path, according to reports, the Russian Naval Air Force pilots from the officers and contract soldiers, to take "institutions – base" Training Model. New members of the armed forces first need to learn in Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School for 5 years, the first two years of theoretical study, the main study aircraft performance, operational structure and basic theory; the next two years of flight practice and training, learning driving reconnaissance aircraft, fighters, among trainer training time is 10 months, the other two machines to keep training time in 4-5 months; 5 years mainly for fleet training and student assessment.

After graduation most students will enter each Fleet Naval Air Force Flight Team, based on needs and personal achievements troops, he was sent reconnaissance aircraft, fighter aircraft carrier and military positions, on combat patrol, reconnaissance and anti-submarine exercise training mission.

After that, they will in turn be sent to the Caspian Sea Yeisk aviation personnel training and retraining center "melted down." At this stage, the naval air force pilots to carry out targeted training according to their drive models, and the use of modern training facilities for the training to assess the situation.

For example, for an anti-submarine pilots field identifying underwater environment "Communications underwater target or signal characteristics submarines" within the time limit; carrier pilots using an analog carrier deck landing training expand.

The above results retraining pilots to return after passing troops.

Russian media said the Russian naval air force pilots Training Model, promoted the latest tactical theory, running between training facilities and flight experience, comprehensive training system contributes to the quality of training steadily. Improve the level of combat readiness training Koren said the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not Russian naval aviation training impact, the forces always maintain a good state of readiness. Since 2020, the troops set sail increasing frequency and intensity of training, ready to respond to all kinds of security challenges. Currently, more than 98% of the Russian Navy long-range aviation pilots were carried out more than 5,000 km range limit flight training, fighter pilots and anti-submarine aircraft were carried out aerial refueling training courses.

Each year, the Russian Navy’s Fleet Air Force will send each part of the backbone to participate in the project "International military competition" to enhance their ability to contest by contest.

For example, in 2020, "Marine ace" events, the selection of Air Force combat skills, aspects of driving skills, firing accuracy, security, and other materials transport and rescue "ace" competition.

In routine readiness training and military exercises, the Russian naval air force major honed their fighting through combat training. For example, the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet aviation map -142 repeatedly dispatched anti-submarine aircraft Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft and anti-submarine warfare exercises.

Baltic Fleet Air Force Su -30SM repeatedly dispatched fighter, the Su-24 fighter jets to carry out simulated combat training against surface targets.

Black Sea Fleet Naval Air Force dispatched fighter jets and Su Su -24M -30SM fighters to carry out aerial refueling training over the Crimea and so on.

Accelerate the pace of upgrading equipment worth mentioning is that, compared to other branches of the military a substantial increase in new equipment, the Russian naval air force is more focused on upgrading existing equipment and multi-purpose aircraft fitted out to enhance the ability to respond to the threat of sea battle. Recently, the Russian Navy announced Yeisk Naval Air Force training base of "Nitka" carrier-based aircraft training systems modernize, mainly for equipment testing and trainees; for the Arctic Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land new Siberian Islands 3 at the airport with information technology facilities, upgrade the level of training at Naval Air arctic conditions; database update command system for the Black Sea fleet naval aviation, command and control to enhance efficiency.

Russian naval air force MiG-owned -31BM fighters, Su-25 fighter jets and other more than 10 kinds of models, in July 2020, the Navy Day parade, the Russian Navy has dispatched more than 40 fighters see.

In addition to the two formed the whole carrier-based fighter aviation regiment, the Russian naval air force major combat aviation brigade from the fleet.

Wherein each fleet reconnaissance forces including the Soviet Union -24MR reconnaissance, anti-submarine aircraft and Figure -142 Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft. Currently, the Russian Navy has been launched to modernize the above models.

For example, the Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft upgraded to Il -38N anti-submarine aircraft, increased voyage times the original. In addition, the Russian Navy also Yeisk Naval Air Training Base do not deploy new -200 amphibious aircraft. According to reports, the Russian military plans to set up equipment do not count -200 amphibious aircraft of Air Force. (Shi Wen) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.

Radar technology into daily life (new knowledge)

  [Phenomenon] Future intelligent fake hand, can complete most of the hand movements through human "ideas control"; adult "square box", no need to wear, monitor and early warning, refreshing incident; Security door, can complete the inspection within 2 seconds … Not long ago, many scientific and technological achievements based on radar technology have been launched, which describes the scenes that walk into daily lives. In recent years, radar technology has achieved breakthroughs on technical indicators such as accuracy, but also expanded in our daily lives.

  [Review] With the rapid development of radar technology, its application scenarios continue, the price of related products is increasingly capable, and there is more development in the civilian market.

  The breakthrough in the application scenario stems from the iterative update of the technology.

More accurate detection makes radar technology not only to the aircraft, ships, etc., but also to detect items in life, bring more lives to people; more compact equipment make radar to get rid of space limit, waiting, etc. A broader application is obtained in the scene; radar becomes more "smart" through the integration of artificial intelligence technology, and the data and judgment of its collection are also accurate.

This is both the results of the technology upgrade, but also benefits from mutual empowerment of different technologies. To a certain extent, the vitality of technology is the application and recognition of the market.

Accelerate the application transformation of technology, integrate into economic and social development, benefiting people’s lives, will undoubtedly let radar technology have a more powerful vitality.

  Let radar technology fully serve people’s lives, need to combine technology exploration and innovation direction with the demand for social production and life, but also actively seek integration with 5G, artificial intelligence and other frontier technology.

For example, a millimeter wave body security device automatically judges the dangerous goods carrying the personnel and alarms, changing the way of manual security in the past, and has improved the safety inspection of trains, airports, subway stations and other people. Safety and efficiency. It can be seen that when the spark of technology is combined with the demand of society, it can stimulate the greater potential for technology benefiting society when technologically collisions in different fields.

  At the same time, serving people’s livelihood not only provides a broad stage for technology development and application, but also provides powerful assistance for technical upgrades.

Whether providing services living alone or helping others to make life, or improve the efficiency of large-scale security, continuous application scenarios continue to promote scientific and technological workers to continuously seek, think about technologies and social life, and upgrade for technology Provide broad prospects.

  Radars thousands of miles, microwave hidden opportunities.

Sun-changing radar technology will be able to achieve more innovation and breakthrough in benefiting society, serving people’s livelihood.

When social needs and technological advances form a benign circulation, there will be more scenes that have emerged, so that more people will enjoy the high quality life brought about by technological progress.

(Editor: Jiang Fruit, Yang Xianna).

Science and technology financial service entity economy

  ● Wang Mengqi Digital Economic Age has come, and data elements have had a deep and extensive impact on value creation and productivity.As the blood of the entity economy, the financial industry has also accelerated the pace of digital transformation, cultivating new economic growth points, and is also prosperous with the entity economy.

In the "Digital Finance" book, Jin Tian et al, study the development status of financial industry in digital process, global pattern, industry time, and cutting edge exploration, especially data and cases, in the global perspective.

  The new infrastructure differentiated layout new infrastructure is based on the core principle of "overall planning, difference layout", and its planning and landing is in full swing.

All local layouts have focused on industrial premises advantage, infrastructure competitiveness, investment guiding type, geographic advantage, industrial transfer type, urban agglomeration, industrial aggregation, resource 型 共.

Through the flexible combination mode, the new infrastructure strategy has been developed everywhere. In addition, technology companies cooperate with investment layout strategies, industrial linkage strategies, industrial upgrading strategies and scientific park expansion strategies in terms of strength competition strategy, and form a scale effect, and contribute to local digital economic development. China’s data elements are still in the starting phase, artificial intelligence, block chain, big data, etc. New generation information infrastructure empowerment, effectively improved the level of digital economic service entities and intelligence living, and promoting the country The governance system, the process of production is active. For the financial industry, new technology accelerates the traditional financial scenery, released the new energy of consumption, and further improve the ability of the financial precision to support SMEs.

Financial technology has multiple properties such as digital, cross-definition, and detrimental intermediation, and these characteristics have made financial technology have an advantage of open source, sharing and innovation, but also bring competition, regulatory and common development.

In the future, we must further balance, embrace financial science and technology development and prevention of financial risks, but not only requires relevant market subjects to strictly abide by the compliance route, but also require government and regulatory authorities to explore new regulatory tools. Digital Financial Broad Financial Science and Technology has launched a wide range of pilots and applications worldwide.

This book lists the cases of Europe, Latin America, and the UAE, and analyzes the development characteristics of financial science and technology leaders, competitive advantages, etc., which has been borrowed and ambiguous on my country’s financial science and technology.

The development foundation of European financial technology is better, and the bank is the main body, and the digital channels, products, services, guests management, etc. are embedded in bank business models and business processes.

The Latin American financial services market presents the situation of oligopoly, and the emerging financial technology company has sprung up, and has become a leader who promotes the deep development of Puhui, as a fist business, the virtual credit card has also achieved rapid development of local markets.

In order to get rid of excessive dependence on the oil industry, the United Arab Emirates uses emerging technologies as a development weapon and continuously broaden the boundaries in the digital economic. With industry rich practices and research experience, this book has a detailed answer to the value of digital transformation of financial industry. For example, in the intelligent sector, with the potential and explosive power, the sinking market has become a strategic focus of the new round of financial institutions.

Open platform helps to break the data island, cracking the pain points that the user service requirements caused by information asymmetry and the need for non-mismatched demand. In addition, Internet marketing has also created incremental value for customer-oriented production model changes. In traditional financial industries, digital penetration rates such as banks, trade, insurance, etc. are increasing, and there is no data in the direction of ubiquitous data, and no data. With the application of AI technology, digital financial institutions can draw portraits for customers, accurately capture demand, improve customer satisfaction, and can also explore the law, reverse guide business changes.

The block chain technology can help financial institutions to accurately poverty alleviation, monitor monetary flow trajectories, and contribute to Pu Wei Finance and anti-money laid.

  Frontier Exploration and Risk Pre-proportion This book is in the last chapter to explore the theme, giving readers with endless delusion and embarrassment. As a trading medium for digital economy, my country is expected to achieve a full popularity of digital economy in the blessing of digital currency. As a currency tool for replacing cash, users can bind digital currency accounts, perform financial, savings, payment, etc., and digital currency has a good faction, making any merchants unable to reject acceptance.

Under the challenge of public health events, digital currency has gradually banned cash, which will undoubtedly reduce close contact and achieve more secure distance payment.

The underlying technology of its distributed book also enables digital currencies to record each transaction and allow timing to take effect, ensuring transparent and security in the process of currency.

Also became a financial change in the expected period.

Because the digital currency is more vulnerable to cross-border, and the results are increased, all link monitoring ensures the behavior of illegally transferring assets. Supervision of sandboxes, regulatory technology, and centrifugation finance are still in early development of technological changes, and will also play a pivotable role in digital travel. With the gradual penetration and application of information technology, the technical neutral principle has also received more countries and regions, and the technology itself does not have a good disorder. The risk often occurs in the process of application and financial business. Therefore, in real time Controllable, expected management is particularly important, future digital supervision and digital finance will also have a common prosperity to support the healthy development of digital transformation in the financial industry. This book summarizes rich practices and research experience, providing financial industry with guiding assistance, guiding the digital reform of the financial industry to go to the correct direction, with important reference significance.

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