“Haha,I’m afraid you didn’t even dream of it,I will make a comeback?”

When Lei Zhiting saw this,Lei Zhiting’s face,With a hint of indescribable excitement。
After all such a thing,Let’s not talk about anything else。
But put it here,How do you deal with such a thing,In fact, there is no doubt about it。
And Lei Zhiting’s side,Others see here,The more I look, the better I feel。
“Young master,Just ahead。”
When the people around Lei Zhiting finished,Lei Zhiting nodded heavily。
Such a thing,Doesn’t he know at all?
Do not,In fact, Lei Zhiting knows all about it。
But after seeing these,Lei Zhiting’s mouth,Even slightly up,Bring up an intriguing smile。
“Yep,Got it。”
“prior to,Aren’t you very capable,Then next,I really want to see,Why do you continue to toss here!”
When Lei Zhiting said proudly,At this moment,By his side,The others are looking towards this side。
After all, from the current point of view,How to solve such a thing。
Actually just this,For others,It’s also very important。
These people looked at each other,Have raised their heads to watch these。
See here,at this time,The faces of these people,All with scorching fire。
“That’s right,This time,We have won it properly。”
“That’s right,Is this still necessary?,Such a good thing is already on the surface。”
“Now,This guy named Wang Teng is dead!”

Chen Jing said,He deliberately hugged Xia Jian’s arm tightly。

Xia Jianbai glanced at her and said:“You are not ashamed,Gu Yue is still here,You rush to get started,Look after President Xia is gone,Gu Yue doesn’t clean up you”
A few people are joking,And walked into a place like a small courtyard。I saw a table under the umbrella,There are various fruits and drinks on the table,There is even a plate of snacks。There are three wicker chairs next to the table。
Xia Jianyi over,Gu Yue asked the service staff to move it and set it aside。Xia Jian’s buttocks just hit the wicker chair,Chen Jing took a bunch of grapes and delivered it to him。Xia Fei stared with anger,Xia Fei gets angry,Chen Jingyue wants to do this。
Xia Jian took the grapes from Chen Jing while eating,I looked at these three talents carefully with my eyes。I saw Chen Jing as if he had eaten Tang Seng meat,I always feel so young and beautiful。It’s Gu Yue and Xia Fei,Obviously become a little haggard。
“stop looking,We are all old”
Xia Fei found Xia Jian’s strange eyes,She smiled and said。
Gu Yue took a look at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“Women can’t stand the baptism of years,But President Xia hasn’t changed at all,More and more manly”
“You are all immortal goddesses,And i’m really old”
That’s it for Xia Jian,Can’t help but laugh。I dare to say that I am old when I am in my 30s,Those who have lived to be eight or nine years old do they say they have become fine??
Gradually,The three women became lively。In such an atmosphere,Xia Jian feels very relaxed,This time he,Eyes everywhere,The brain doesn’t have to think about problems at all,He just feels very cool,There is no pressure in my heart。
“Do you come oftenGZ?It’s okay to care about my old lady when you have time, right?!”
Although Gu Yue is joking,But the words came out of her mouth,There is always a strange tight taste。I want to,She is the daughter of the chairman of Yunmao Group,And she later became the boss of Yunmao Group。But the star shift,When she stepped down,Life is a mess for her。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Stop talking about being old,People in their early thirties are young people。Miss Gu has matured a lot,Looks more charming than before”
Since it’s all past tense,Why not let go,This way everyone will no longer feel awkward together。
Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian and said:“So you will praise women too?”
Gu Yue’s words are very meaningful,Xia Jian naturally understands,But he didn’t continue。Xia Fei and Chen Jing listened,The two of them laughed”

Zhang Xiaoxue slumped on the sofa,Dull look。

“Xiaoxue,What’s wrong with you?”
See Zhao Haiyi come back,Zhang Xiaoxue bounced off the sofa like an electric shock,Go over and take Zhao Haiyi’s arm,Speak loudly:“Haiyi,Let’s find Korean poetry,To be fair to her!”
“Xiaoxue,This matter has nothing to do with her。”Looking at a slightly abnormal woman,Zhao Haiyi is helpless。
“wrong,If i guess right,It must be Korean poetry that made Mr. Choi do this。”Zhang Xiaoxue firmly believes in her own judgment。
“Xiaoxue,Don’t worry about this anymore。Yushi is not that kind of person,I’m sure,This is Mr. Cui’s decision alone,Yushi did not know。”Zhao Haiyi knows Yushi’s character well,I don’t think she will avenge her personal revenge through Cui Ronghao’s hand。
“Haiyi,It’s this time,Why do you still believe her?You don’t want her,Embarrass her,She can’t do anything to get revenge on you?”Zhang Xiaoxue still insists on her opinion,Higher and higher voice,Sound a bit broken。
“Xiaoxue,promise me,Don’t think about it anymore。I promise it has nothing to do with Yushi!”Zhao Haiyi held Zhang Xiaoxue’s shoulder,Trying to calm her down。
“You believe her,I do not believe!I am a woman,I know women,You don’t want her,She will be hated because of love。If it was me,You don’t want me,I will hate you too,Even……”Because of excitement,Zhang Xiaoxue’s body trembled slightly。
“What will happen?”Seeing her hesitating to speak,Zhao Haiyi asked。
Zhang Xiaoxue slowly raised her head,Sharp eyes:“Will kill you!”
The lights in the room are dim,Zhang Xiaoxue’s expression made Zhao Haiyi clever,The hand on her shoulder couldn’t help but retract。
“Dear,There won’t be that day,I will follow you with all my heart。but,If you betray me,I will show you good looks,The big deal we all die。”Zhang Xiaoxue threatened half-truth。
First12chapter Discuss design drawings
A cold breath enveloped Zhao Haiyi,Even if she is joking,Zhao Haiyi also feels terrible。
“perish together”、“Kill you”This shouldn’t be what she said。To know,Zhang Xiaoxue has always been young and lively for herself、Innocent and lovely set。

When I did that with Wang Youcai,,Wang Youcai is still a little considerate,Some protective measures will be taken at critical moments。But these few times,Wang Youcai may be the reason for bringing Liu Ying,Don’t care much about her,Being rough in bed,And don’t even take necessary protective measures。

What makes him even more angry,She just needs to say,Wang Youcai scolded her for a piece of salty land,Can’t grow anything,This makes Yao Chunni very sad,For this sentence,She also bet on this tone,She has to give Wang Youcai a certificate,Unexpectedly, she won the bet,But what can I do?
Yao Chunni walked to the room with a sallow face,Things have reached this point,She’s not afraid anymore,Abortion first,Divorce again,Get out of this ghost place that makes her less nostalgic。
“You are such a shame,I can’t stop it,It’s good now,The face of our old Chen family can make you lose everything”Li Lanxiang patted his thigh,Lowered his voice and shouted。
Yao Chunni glared at Li Lanxiang and roared:“Stop howling!You think I lost the face of your old Chen family,This is easy。I have an abortion,Divorce Chen Suicong again,This way your old Chen family can keep their face”
Li Lanxiang never expected,Yao Chunni, who has always been obedient to her, suddenly said something like this,Li Lanxiang was speechless。
“Listen well,I am a woman too,What kind of life is living in your house,You know better than anyone else。I try to change this family,But some things cannot be changed,Like giving birth,I can’t give birth by myself”Yao Chunni said,Tears flowed down。
This is indeed true,Yao Chunni didn’t say a lie。Li Lanxiang can’t do it,If she is tough,Seeing Yao Chunni’s attitude will definitely make her feel stiff,Wouldn’t it mean that I lost my wife and broke down?。
Although Li Lanxiang is angry,,But she still suppressed the anger in her heart,She glared at Yao Chunni and asked:“This child belongs to Wang Youcai?”
“Who else can be but him?”Yao Chunni said not angry。
Li Lan squatted on the ground with an scent,It took a long time to say:“I am old now,Can’t live for many years,Do whatever you say?“
Yao Chunni didn’t expect,Li Lanxiang would do this,She had no idea,Two people you look at me,I look at you,So speechless。
After all, Li Lanxiang is getting old,Think about the problem a little longer,She thought for a while and said:“How about this!I will call Sui from the city tomorrow,Let him stay at home with you for a few months,Then let go,Just say you are pregnant。Since this kid is here,Let’s keep him“
“What you said is true?“Yao Chunni asked as if she couldn’t believe her ears。
Li Lanxiang nodded and said:“Really,I wanted to adopt relatives and friends to raise a child for you,But i can’t do it,No one can help me。Now since you have,Then give birth to him,This is better than the one you adopted!“
Yao Chunni listened,This is the truth。She thought about it:“Pregnancy in October is not difficult,But it’s hard to be born and raised,Chen Suicong’s ability, you are kind“
Yao Chunni didn’t talk about what she said,Because she knew,Once she has a baby at home,I can’t get to this class,Will Wang Youcai still give her money??Li Lanxiang is so old,Where can I mix with Wang Youcai?,All by her little noodles,If it wasn’t for her and Wang Youcai,,It’s weird that Wang Youcai will give Li Lanxiang a job。
What Yao Chunni is worried about,Actually, Li Lanxiang was worried,She had actually thought about these questions a long time ago。But can you tell Wang Youcai about this??Li Lanxiang was spinning on the ground in a hurry。

The opponent killed his most potential heir,It also shows the potential of the peak Daojun。

“dead!”Although it’s Dharmakaya,Can’t stimulate eternal blood,But this Dharma body was built with 30 million Chaos Spirit Liquid,Perfect,Enough for King Somo to play more than 80% of his strength。
And King Somo’s 80% strength,Are all above the god of desolation。
“Wow~”pure black,The corrosive river spreads beside Li Ming。
That’s King Somo’s ultimate move‘Sea of Cold Underworld’!
Under the control of King Somo,This sea of cold underworld erupted with a destructive power equivalent to the top Taoist。Rushed to Li Ming。
And the god of the gods also stopped,The spear shines,Full body thunder walk,Join forces with King Mosuo to fight two against one。
First8chapter Brother Sparrow shot
Kaka Kaka~”
One arm almost penetrates the body of King Somo,And the god of desolation has fallen to the ground,It is sealed by a ray of darkness。
“The eternal clan sent this strength to deal with me?A bit weak!”
Li Ming sneered,Everything appeared on the arm of King Somo,A stream of mana penetrates into this body,Turn into Chaos,Constantly obliterating the true spirit in the body。
“you。。You have reached four steps?”King Somo still can’t believe it。
The Wujian World God sent by the Eternal Clan contains a symbol,It was a blow from Emperor Qiyin。Sure to kill Li Ming at the time。
Li Ming,The eternal race judged by cause and effect,Indeed dead。And only the world level,Just now have the technique of clone。

This notice is announced,The village says everything。

First0033chapter From migrant workers to management minister
A place for singing and dancing,Naturally it usually opens in the afternoon。
Xia Jian followed the instructions on the note,Come to Yiyuan cardOKIt happens to be three o’clock in the afternoon,It’s not very far from where he lives,Walk for more than half an hour,If you have a bicycle,Just a few minutes,It seems that Old Xiao really took great pains with him,Consider everything very well。
“Are you Xia Jian!I am Zhou Li,The person in charge here“Just when Xia Jian was about to enter the door,Yiyuan KaraOKDoor opened,A girl in a suit and skirt,Standing in front of Xia Jian。
The girl stretched out her little white hand,Xia Jian stretched out his hand and shook it a little:“Yes,I am Xia Jian,How did you know“The girl in front of you is youthful and beautiful,Very beautiful long。
Song Li gestured to please,Then smiled and said:“We don’t go to work until 5:30 in the afternoon,Come to me this time,It must be you“
Why is this old Xiao so powerful?,Sit at home,So he arranged everything for him,If he hadn’t gone to the post office to send money to home,Maybe it’s already here。
Zhou Li’s office is not very big,But a little bold,Large desk,Leather high-back chair,There are also some potted flowers indoors。
Zhou Li greeted Xia Jian to sit down on the sofa opposite her,Only then said with a smile:“What are we doing here,I think you already know it from the name,I am the manager here,Can be considered the general manager,There are more than 110 people in total,Three floors,You come to me as the head of the security department and the song and dance hall on the third floor,Manage more than sixty people,The salary is 600 per month“
My goodness,Xia Jian thought he was dreaming,From a construction worker,To porter,What minister is kicked right away,The monthly salary is 600 yuan,This is too crazy!To know,The monthly salary of a high school teacher,Only three or four hundred yuan。
“how!Too little?“Zhou Li glanced at Xia Jian who was in a daze。

“Mom is still thoughtful,Then I will mention one”

Ma Yan is really obedient,She put down a gift,I only mentioned one thing and went to Chen Erniu’s house。
Ma Yan is away,Sun Yuejuan complained softly:“Go home every year for the new year,It’s all like this。You honestly gave me three days。Leave tonight,When I come back again,This year is over。Hey!Thanks to Ma Yan for being smart and sensible,Otherwise, the family will be full of anger”
“mother-in-law!Don’t talk about Xia Jian。He is in this position,Some personnel movement is necessary,The two of us who take our kids to cook every day don’t understand”
Ma Yan’s mother suddenly smiled and said to Sun Yuejuan。
Ma Dongshan listened to his wife,He also smiled and said:“I want to go out too,But I went to the provincial capital without friends”
“Ha ha!Just protect him!After eating, go back to the room and sleep for a while,Or driving in the middle of the night will be very tiring”
Sun Yuejuan is still telling Xia Jian,But later I started to feel sorry for my son again。This is the heart of a mother。Strictly speaking,But I will always protect my son。
Xia Jian returned to the house,So I went to bed quickly。Slept too late last night,He didn’t have a good rest。So he fell asleep as soon as he went to bed,In a daze,He feels that Ma Yan is back,But he is sleepy and can’t open his eyes。
Suddenly there was a sound of music from the phone,Woke up Xia Jian in his sleep。He reached out and took a look at the phone,Yao Junli called。
Xia Jian quickly pressed the answer button,Just listen to Yao Junli whispering on the phone:“See you at Donglin Square”
Xia Jianying hung up the phone,He looks at the time,It happened to be just after twelve o’clock。Xia Jian got up and put on clothes and got out of bed。
Xia Jian felt that his movements were very light,But Ma Yan still woke up in shock。Ma Yan glanced at Dabao in her arms,Then whispered:“Let Yao Junli’s driver drive,You sleep a little longer in the car。I won’t send you off”
“it is good!You and your child continue to sleep,I am leaving”Xia Jian finished,Put on a trench coat and leave。
First2685chapter Midnight trafficker
The night is like ink,Black out of sight。
The Xiping Village at this time may be the reason why the street lights are not on,The village looks very quiet。Even the dogs in the village,Seems to have fallen asleep early。
Xia Jian touched the black and opened Bao Shijie, who was parked at the entrance of the village.。When he started the car,When it shines,An unknown dog at the entrance of the village began to bark a few times。This dog barked,Other dogs in the village also echoed each other,For a while, Xiping Village was a sound of dog barking。
On the road from Xiping Village to Pingyang Town,Barely bumped into a pedestrian,Did not run into a car。Early Spring in the Northwest,It’s still quite cold sooner or later。Especially this midnight,The temperature may be below zero。So fewer people come out and walk around。

Evil gods:Smelly dog!Damn it smells,Brothers chase!

Cthulhu and Cthulhu King are16–18Monster,Cthulhu16–17level,Cthulhu King18level。Although the Cthulhu King has and evil spiritsbossSame level,butbossDevilbossHas the ability to kill the Evil God King in a flash。
I turned out from behind the huge rock I was hiding in,Buster suddenly turned around and rushed into the formation of Cthulhu,I turned and jumped on Buster’s back,A horse-riding charge,In a moment, the small column of eleven evil gods was turned into experience,And these evil gods actually dropped a few silver coins generously!
So repeat,Buster is leading10After the second strange,Cthulhu was finally wiped out。Because every time Buster goes to Yinguai,I use time to clean the battlefield,So at the moment my bag is bulging,It’s all the sound of coins crashing。
The level has also risen two levels,arrive15level。Add points to strength and agility,Because the fire elves to deal with next are known for their agility。
《Holy area》The basic attributes of the characters are like this:
power:1Power plus5Point attack power。
constitution:1Point physique plus5Point physical defense。
will:1Point will plus5Magic resistance。
agile:1Point agility plus5Point movement speed and5Point attack speed。
life:1Life plus10Point health。
After adding points to strength,My character attributes have changed as follows:
Player:Chu Chen
grade:15Grade percent0experience。
Total level bonus points:15*5+75point。
power:20*5=100,Fine Iron Longsword+50Attack power,Total attack power150。
constitution:15*5=75,Magog Leather Armor+25Physical defense,Demon helmet+15Physical defense,Total physical defense115。
will:10*5=50,Demon helmet+15Magic resistance,Total magic resistance:65。
agile:15*5=75,Goblin Boots+15Moving speed,Total attack speed75,Total moving speed90。

Lin Yu has been beaten out,And this force is so powerful,Actually broke a stone table in the Lin family garden。

Lin Yu can’t get up after falling to the ground,Eyes full of fear。
too frightening!
If others didn’t see it just now,What happened。
But Lin Yu is the client,She did feel it,Just when she was about to hit Lin Yoona,Suddenly there is a strong force,Coming from my chest。
Subsequently,The whole person flew out!
It’s Xiao Fan!
It must be Xiao Fan!
because,At that time, the only person next to Lin Yoona was Xiao Fan。
Except Xiao Fan,Lin Yu really did not think that there would be someone else who could protect Lin Yoona in the first place,Also her Flew out。
Lin Yang rushed to Lin Yu’s side,Raised Lin Yu from the ground,Hold in my arms,Calling out after another:
“Yuer,Yuer,Don’t scare dad!”
Lin Yu was so active by Lin Yang,I just vomited blood out of my mouth。
Lin Yang suddenly felt that his whole body was going to limp。
If I didn’t hold Lin Yu in my arms,,Lin Yang probably collapsed to the ground already。

The anger in Father Zhou’s heart。

on purpose,This kid is definitely on purpose,This is bullying his old man。
The corners of his mouth twitched a few times,Scolded:“You kid***Do it if you have the ability,Don’t whisper crookedly in my ears all day!”
Finished,He hung up,Then said to Chen Nan:“Manager Chen,The other party is going to do it,You see how to do it later,Close out。”
Liquidation,It means to sell the stocks you hold。
Mr. Zhou’s words convey a meaning to Chen Nan,That’s something wrong and withdraw。
Chen Nan nodded,Turn to the computer screen,I don’t think so,The market is so good now,The fool will close the position,If you have money,I still want to increase the position。
Everyone followed Chen Nan’s eyes,Turn to the computer screen together。
A moment later,South German Steel has changed。
I saw that the selling price of 15 yuan on the Nande Steel bidding column was listed for a thousand lots.。
Lot is the unit of stock trading,One lot is 100 shares,Calculated at the current price of 15 yuan for Nande Steel,This thousand lots is 1.5 million dollars。

Chapter one thousand and twenty one A touch of pride
Hang out,Temporarily postponed the rising momentum of South German Steel。