“I don’t exclude,Just I don’t want to expose my hometown of my own.,Yourself,Otherwise, so many fans who are looking for me.,I am afraid.,I originally lived the live broadcast.,Just thinking about how many hotels in the Magic have stopped,Not being squeezed with people。”

Li Hui said with the wind.,Side, people look at the house,In addition to the kitchen,There are four houses,Two difficult three women are completely enough。
The degree of tidy of house cleaning,Ye Shuangzhou and Ye Double is also very satisfied。
“Hey-hey,God doctor,Not please ask the name,My name is Ye Shuangzhou,This is my sister.,The other three are also my good brother,good friend。”
Li Hui looked at a few people.,Not like a bad person,Instead, like a son who is looking for stimulating.。
“My name is Li Hui.,You stay here first.,Best mountain depths is not going to go,There are a lot of wild beasts, I can’t deal with it.。”
Finish,Li Hui is ready to leave,But I saw that Ye Double is taken out from the bag.。
“God doctor brother,This is the accommodation fee tonight.,Give you first,Solve you from getting back, I can’t find us, I think we run.。”
“hehe,I am talking about one hundred,What do you mean to give me five hundred??
I am not charged according to my head.。”
Say,Li Xiangtong took a picture directly,Then ride the shabby motorcycle is open,The rumbling is directly toward Zhaojia Village.。
Looking at the back of Li Hui,Ye Shuangzhou smiles:“Really a second person,It seems that the goddess of our goddess we look really not fame and fortune.。”
“Yup,Didn’t you see it??
We only receive one hundred people,This is simply a business that is lost.?
If it is not the other party exchanges, there is no problem.,I thought he was a fool.。”
Ye Shuang double, let other people feel deeply。
“leaf,Do you say that the snow is a wolf??
The monk did not answer us.?
Would you like us to broadcast it??”
“Forehead,it’s not good?
May be the god doctor to see the home hospitality,Otherwise, I saw God’s mother.,Directly disappeared,If you don’t believe, if you don’t have a goddess?,Several us will definitely be chased by the big white wolf.?”
Ye Shuangzhou is also a bit,After all, when I was afraid to the big white wolf,The popularity of the live broadcast is soaring in a short time.。
Although it is just a few minutes,But this is a few minutes, let him see the opportunity.。
Chapter 659, millions of popular live
Li Hui rushed to Zhaojia Village,Discover that it has begun,And the speed of the engineering team is indeed faster。
The division of labor is also very clear,Excavator now digs some on the road in front,Then finish flat,Twenty-cent high-censored wide steel channel is used to fix,Then the cement in the mixer is directly in the car to the truck.。
The small three-wheeled car directly poured into the middle of the steel tank.。
With the continuous filling of cement,Subsequent workers are directly responsible for stall。
After a few hours of cooling,Direct polishing machines began to throw gloss while flatting cement flooring。
Everything is fine,Cutting machine, cut a slit in the middle of the road,Used to protect road surfaces,Basic three meters, you have to cut。
If you can’t use it for a national day, this gap will not,Specifically, the cause of hot expansion,Or why cement expansion,He doesn’t know。
However, it is worthy of being that the National Day mechanical engineering team is indeed high.,Quality is also very good。
At this time, I want to leave a good impression of Li Hui Feng this time.。
After all, this time is equal to that Li Hui Feng is hot in his water.,Pulled him。
Originally some workers have decided to take it.,Because Li Hui’s direct full model,He also sent money to workers in advance.,Let the workers have left。
There are even a few times that I have already left again.。
After all, follow others,That kind is not so good。

Xiongji didn’t even care about baldness,But Ben Xiajian came over,He laughed:“Sorry Mr. Xia,I’m late,Let these flies disturb you”

“It doesn’t matter to bother,It just makes people look sick。You said we built this road,They even refused to let the vehicles out of the market,Really unreasonable”Xia Jian said,Helplessly shook his head。
Xiongji laughed and said:“Is there any reason to talk to this kind of person?,How do you clean him?”
“forget it!peace brings money,Get that bald head over,I asked him a few words,Then let it go!”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
Xiongji shouted in the encirclement circle:“Let Chen Dong come!”
Bald and sweaty ran over,He said while running:“Male brother!Is there any misunderstanding between brothers?,You brought so many people to life, you want to kill me!”
“Immortal you,I only listen to Mr. Xia’s words,He wants to kill you,I will make you disappear from here right away,If Xia always wants to let you go,You have to puck your tail up,Stop making the idea of the eastern market”Xiongji’s words are as cold as a knife,It’s chilling to hear。
The bald head squeezed out a full smile and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia,I was a bit naive just now,Shouldn’t bring people over to trouble you,Please bear with me”
“You let people go back first,Then you stay alone”Xia Jian said coldly。
Xiongji glanced at Xia Jian,Shouted loudly:“Bros,withdraw!”He shouted,All these efforts got on the car in a blink of an eye。
Bald was busy evacuating his people,The blocked earthmoving truck drove past。Bald head ran back,He nodded and said to Xiongji and Xia Jian:“I put a table tonight,Even if I pay you two”
“Ok!I promised your request,Just please,I’ll pay the money”Xia Jian said blankly。
Bald head touched his bald head embarrassedly and said:“How embarrassed?”
“Nothing embarrassing,Listen to Mr. Xia”Xiongji said coldly。It seems that Chen Dong is in the eyes of his Xiongji,Really nothing。
I must go to the city for dinner,Heiwa driving the car,Follow Xiongji’s car。Bald did not drive,He said he wanted to accompany Xia Jian and Xiongji for two drinks,So he sat in the car of Xiongji。
On the way to the hotel,Xia Jian has greeted Heiwa in advance,Let him eat halfway,Pay the money first,Because he doesn’t want to eat food from people like bald。
Xiangyuan Pavilion is an old restaurant,Not many people come here for dinner,Call the lobby manager’s name as soon as you enter the hall。A young guy ran over,Immediately took them to the private room upstairs。
After a group of people sit down,Xiongji took the menu and ordered many dishes,A total of four people talked about rice,Can’t eat this,Xia Jian found,Eat with these people,They all like to be extravagant。Can you finish it,Click here first,Even if it’s a bite on one dish,They want。


Leo almost couldn’t help spitting fragrance,What the hell is this damn West Korn,Actually shut down two great gods。
Needless to say Raleigh,This guy actually has80Level of。
What does this level represent?
A lieutenant strong,Don’t look down on the lieutenant general,In fact, there are not many lieutenant generals in the entire navy。
It can be ranked in the top ten or even the top five in the pirate group of the four emperors。
Leo and Siconga can almost beat each other together……Hand of。
Leo couldn’t help but look at West Cohen when he thought of this。
He doesn’t know whether to say this guy’s luck is too good or too bad。
“Boss,Why don’t you look at me like that,Although I am handsome,But not with you!”

“Tongz……Is it a person in Fuyang Wangfu?”

I heard the words of the Chu Deirers.,Song Duanqiao is somewhat wondering why Chu Deirers will think so:“Do not,Since it is a Miginal master,That is likely to be a person in the King of Jinhe,I have heard it.,King of the golden wheel,There is one person to cultivate the Snow Mountain Handprint,Zen‘One shot two scrap’resemblance,Do your best in the palm……
Ten eight nine is this person!According to this person, in the golden wheel, king, sit down,The status is second only to the smell,Can’t think of……Ganzhi!”
Mt.,Snow Mountain Big Hand Print,Like avalanche,One after the savings“Vent”。
Shaolin“One shot two scrap”Same,After the palm,It will have a bitmap……
Use this to attack the enemy camp,Regardless of success,Both is dead!
Chu Deirers heard the words——This is also called Zhao Min.,Jin Wheel Nationality and Yanyang Wang are not all the way。
In Yue Yuan,Jin Wheel is the master’s south,Yanyang Wang wants to enter……
And since it is a Miginal master,I want to come to the hand of the gold wheel.!
If it is not the battle with the alone,Just only three days,This palm is on Zhang Zhen people.,It is also not necessary to break his body.。
Even if it is just a battle,Zhang Zhen people have no touch、Dedicated for three days,Will not be serious?!
However, it is unfortunately.,Zhang Zhenren after the battle,The heart is also affected by the unique“Sharp”Touch,The closure is not completely injured.,Also changed to your own strength……
At that time, it was the most negligent body.!
“How is Zhang Zhen people injured??Mongol people can know?”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
Song Yuanqiao hesitated and said:“The teacher is not too bad,To restore it to people,At least months,And the master is attacked.,There is also a high-end master.‘visit’Wudang,I didn’t find my brother.,Still the teacher, shout, the opponent!Very likely……It is the golden round of the king.。”
Means of,Zhang Zhen people are not completely powerless,Not countless“No”,It is very likely that the more it is、The more injured。
However, since it can also be shocked by the gold round,Can you understand,Why did the Mongol are just a soldier?,No specific action。
At this moment,A Wudang disciple does not care about two people,Diameter“Hurt”Bring together:“Handabe!The mountains have been handed over……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 666 War book
“War book?”Song Duanqiao is so angry with yourself.。
Do you want to face?
Another attack、Alien the Chinese test,It is now a bright look.,Come to the battle?
I took a young disciple.“War book”,Tearing the letter and watching,Song Duanqiao’s face is more iron。
If it is Yu Er or Moqi,Chu Deirers may take together,But and Song Yuanqiao,Chu Deirers still did not make,Hon old asked:“Song Gate,What is written??”
“Hey!”Song Yuanqiao sighs,Handed a war with the Chu Deirers。
Sure enough, Mongolian teacher、Golden wheel!
This battle will know when you look at it.,Someone、polish,And ten eight nine is the Han people。
There is no nutrition in the previous half.,In short, it is said that the Jinhe Wang Wang is very admiring Zhang Zhen.,Although Buddhism is different,But the King of Jinhe is a Mongolian teacher,Willing to invite Wudang to exchange……
Mid section,It is also pity the people’s suffering.、It is also suffering from Song Ting.——in short,Mongolian、Southern Song,I hope that Wudang does not go against the sky.。
Finally is the most important thing,Mouth sound“Don’t want Wudang injured too much”,Therefore, I want to order a gentleman.。
Tomorrow,Jinhe Wang Wang will go to Wu Dangshan,A battle with Zhang Zhenren!
If Zhang Zhen is win,Then Yunyuan returned to the troops,If it is a gold wheel,Then Wu Dang Fengshan Ten Years……
As for non-prompt?
People don’t answer at all.,A pace of attacked。
“Zhang Zhenren now……”Chu Deirers are worried about Song Duanqiao。
Song Duanqiao shook his head。
Suspected gold round from the night,When Wudang exploded,Zhang Zhen people can still shoot it.,It should not be completely unable to shoot,Otherwise, the golden wheel is not committed to fight.,It is not more painful to go directly to the army.?
Wudang Mountain is not a Lingbi Palace、That kind of dangerous……
Obviously the golden wheel is still afraid of Zhang Zhen people,So I want to use the way.,Wushen Fengshan。

Strangers react quickly,Slide a knife straight from the sleeve and stick it to Yu Zhe’s neck,The blade presses the artery in the neck straightly,As long as he does a little bit,The person in front of you will undoubtedly die。

But Yu Zhe is not a fuel-efficient lamp,Almost at the same time that person shot,He also thrown off the butterfly.Butterfly knife,Directly on the person’s abdomen。
gradually,The footsteps are getting closer,The last person in Yu Zhe’s plan went straight into the bedroom,The two looked out towards the gap in the closet,I didn’t dare to relax for a while,The silent confrontation made the atmosphere in this small space extremely tense。
Yu Zhe’s enemy wandered back and forth in the house,No abnormality in the closet at all。
The two stared at each other tightly,It’s not a solution,The strange man first sent a signal of peace,Raised another gloved hand and shook his head gently at Yu Zhe,Then slowly moved the knife away from Yu Zhe’s neck。
Yu Zhe sees it,Also took away the knife in his hand,Subconsciously swallowed,Heart rate is not reduced。
Strange man holding a knife in backhand position,Stretched out a finger and made a silent motion,Then look outside the cabinet,Turn around while someone outside the cabinet,Teng broke out,Like a swift leopard,When people outside the door didn’t react,Control it directly from behind,Right hand stroke,Blood gushing out,Stained the sheets red。
The stranger let go,The person in his hand fell softly to the ground。
Yu Zhe was shocked,I made no sound when I covered my mouth with my hand,Everything is done in a few seconds,Even now,He realized,The last person in today’s revenge plan just died before his eyes。
this moment,His heart was shrouded in an inexplicable fear,He became overwhelmed,A thought flashed in my mind,Just flee here。
While a stranger examines the body,Yu Zhe rushed out of the cabinet,Ran toward the door at a flying speed,But he was still found。
The strange man can’t care about the corpse,Just follow Yu Zhe’s direction,Just when he was about to step out,Grabbed his collar,Drag him back again。
Yu Zhe can’t take care of so much,Took out the knife and swung it indiscriminately,The action seemed naive and ridiculous in the eyes of the strange man。
I saw that person and didn’t fight back,Dexterous dodge,Use the knife in your hand to block,Several rounds down,Yu Zhe can’t hurt that person at all。
That stranger knows almost about Yu Zhe’s strength,And I’m not interested in accompany him to continue to mess around,Put the knife directly into the sleeve,Stretch your right hand forward and grab Yu Zhe’s wrist,Homeopathy,Turned his whole arm over,Push forward,Push him back to the ground。
Yu Zhe tried several times,Can’t get rid of control,Simply stop resisting,At the mercy of others。
“who are you?”Strangers speak first,Voice is low,With a little accent,The question is very concise。
“Yu Zhe。”
“Why are you here?”
“Take revenge on the person you killed。”

Wang Lao Yi doesn’t care about three seven twenty one,I snatched the lever of the gift box from Wang Youfa’s hand,Pulling the gift box and ran in front of Wang Youfa,Looks very funny。

“Uncle crooked!What are you doing early in the morning?”Wang Youfa asked with a smile at the back。
When Wang Lao met Wang Youfa,Even closer to my own son,He smiled and said:“Go to work in the vegetable shed”
“Hey!Is it good,Even Old Uncle is in class,How much can I send you a month?“Wang Youfa asked with interest。
Wang Lao smiled and said:“Not much,Only a few hundred dollars,But this is better than nothing,So old,Still make some money,Contented”
Wang Youfa listened,Shook his head,Speak softly to the woman next to you:“Water Phoenix,I was right!Labor at home is cheap,So much lower than the south”
Woman raised her neck,Snorted coldly。
Chen Yueqin sweeping the floor in the courtyard,Suddenly I saw Wang Youfa coming from the gate,I haven’t recovered for a long time。
“mom!It’s me!You are so old,This is your daughter-in-law Qin Shuifeng”Wang Youfa said,Took the gift box from Wang Lao crooked。
Chen Yueqin lost the broom in her hand,Ran over excitedly,Grab Wang Youfa’s hand,Haha smiled:“Bunny,Promising!Make yourself like an artist,Dora Wind”
“Water Phoenix,Come over,You see how knowledgeable our mother is,Know the artist”Wang Youfa said,Pulled Qin Shuifeng over。
Qin Shuifeng smiled slightly,Said:“Hello auntie!”
Chen Yueqin:“Hey!“Answered twice,And let them into the room。
Damn!So dark,Still so thin,Why did you find such a wife?。Although Wang Youcai’s Chen Xiaoju said that he was a bit showy,But you can live it up,But this woman doesn’t look good when she approaches。Chen Yueqin’s heart has begun to feel unhappy。
Wang Lao Yi now catches up from behind,Asked with a smile:“sister in law,This has been sent,need some help,Just say something“
“Go! Go! Go!Go to your class!What can you help“Chen Yueqin said badly。
Wang Lao crookedly touched his nose,Secretly cursed,Who is this?When the son comes,I thought I became the empress dowager,Wang Lao shook his head crookedly,Left dingy。
Wang Degui lying on the kang,Heard noisy in the yard,Glanced from the window,Lie down,I opened the folded quilt and covered my body。


Turned and left!
Fang Yu scratched his head,I don’t know what happened to Shu Ling。
Could it be that he looks so short of money,Why do people always want to treat?
Hired on Fang Yu,I saw a familiar number ring。
It’s Doctor Qiu。
“Good afternoon, Doctor Qiu!”
Fang Yu answered the phone。
“I’m not good at all……I have a problem here!I need your help……”
Doctor Qiu said bitterly。
“What patient is this time?I remember you are oncology……Is it possible to be unconscious??”Fang Yu asked。
“It’s okay if it’s just unconscious……This time the tumor is a bit complicated!You come first,I will give you more details!”
Doctor Qiu said deeply。
Seems something,Don’t understand on the phone!
Fang Yu knows。
Let the driver change direction at the next intersection。
Qingxin People’s Hospital!

28No first-class strength around the area,Even if Leo is really powerful,Also unified28Number area。

“Hey,What’s going on recently?First whatjokerStrongly settled in Shampoo,Now there is a strong newcomer!”
Joker,Now the uncrowned king of Chambord,A year and a half ago with a group of elite soldiers and heroes occupied the best position in Chambord,Even wiped out the indispensable first-class forces overnight。
After that night,The powerful first-class boss and his dozen cadres were all killed,The head is hung up high。
at that time,Even many first-class forces are in danger。
becausejokerToo strong。
Someone also tried,But all died in the other’s hands,Never survived。
now,jokerOccupies nearly 40% of the resources of Shamboo,Business involves all aspects。
Especially the arms and slave business,It accounts for 70% of the entire shampoo land。
In the past two months,jokerHas been called the king of the bottom by some good people。
After more than a year,jokerThings just calmed down,As a result, another Leo appeared。
“This newcomer andjokerDifferent,That onejokerToo strong!”
“Humph,That’s because he has this strength,If i have this strength,I will also be strong!”
Although forjokerVery dissatisfied with,But everyone is helpless,After all, the opponent is too strong,Even the high-ranking cadres under them can hammer them。

Guo Meili took off his coat,Moved a chair and sat in the bathroom,Keep adding hot water to the bathtub,He is afraid that after the water gets cold,Will freeze Xia Jian。that’s it,Xia Jian lay in the bathtub for more than two hours。Until he wakes up,This is a bit embarrassing to say:“Too sleepy“

Guo Meili smiled at him and said:“Nothing,We wake up, it’s never too late to wash“
“Have you called the group??“Xia Jian asked softly。
Guo Meili nodded and said:“Beaten,They care about you very much,Especially Mr. Wang,Calls come almost every day,But I can’t do anything in a hurry like this“
“Actually nothing,They just conduct routine investigations。Xiping Village has indeed accumulated some wealth over the years,Make some people jealous,It’s okay to check it this way,Give everyone an innocence“Xia Jian said very calmly。
Guo Meili rubbed his back,Asked in a low voice:“They didn’t trouble you!“
“how could be?Questions asked by others,I know the words are endless,Tell you if you don’t know。As long as you work with others,How could they embarrass you?“Xia Jian said and laughed。
Because Guo Meili bathed him,So Xia Jian didn’t bother to move,He just stood there enjoying such a rare treatment。Guo Meili washed very carefully,She seemed to wash away all bad luck from Xia Jian。
“Everything is fine inside,Just can’t sleep well。Plus they don’t have a fixed time for questioning,when do you needit,Just ask when,So I can’t sleep at all“Xia Jian said,Took a breath。
At this moment,The phone in the living room rang。Guo Meili laughed and said:“Really god,You just came out to boot,Someone called,Isn’t it Mr. Wang and others?!”
“Bring it over and show me”Xia Jian said anxiously。
Guo Meili hurried out,She picked up her phone and said:“Ouyang’s phone,Answer or not?”
“Pick up!Give me quickly”Xia Jian shouted loudly。
Guo Meili is afraid of phone disconnection,She is busy,Only then gave the phone to Xia Jian。Ouyang’s slightly anxious voice came from the phone immediately:“are you OK!”

Song Fang frowned,Said coldly:“I have been waiting for you for days,I didn’t expect you to finally come back”

“what!Waited for me for a few days?You can call me in advance,I just came to you”Xia Jian smiled,Speak softly。Xia Jian doesn’t like this woman’s style,But she just likes Xia Jian,Even a bit torn。
What is puzzling is,Later in a trap designed by others,Xia Jian had a relationship with this woman。This made Xia Jian regret to die,he knows,A woman like Song Fang,At best, it would be nice to be a normal friend with him,Because this woman’s ambition is too big。
Song Fang glanced at Xia Jian with her slightly charming eyes,Then he smiled and said:“I call you?It feels like joking。Can you care for me?You can answer the phone I made?”
“Not so exaggerated,What are you looking for?”Xia Jian didn’t want to pester this woman on the side of the road,Just come straight to the point,straightforward。
Song Fang’s two charming eyes,Looking at Xia Jian flashingly,It took a long time to say:“I am going to marry Wang Youfa on New Year’s Day,This is my official invitation to you。The wedding takes place in the city,No more seats in Xiping Village,Can you come any day?“
Xia Jian was taken aback,He then asked:“Who did you say to marry?Is it the king of our village who made it??“Xia Jian was very surprised。Is this woman crazy?,How could she make such a decision?”
“Yes!Wang Youfa from your village?what happened?You think we are not worthy,Or you have another idea?Or you can marry me,Then I won’t marry him”Song Fang said,Ben haha laughed。
Xia Jian doesn’t know what happened to him,When he heard Song Fang said that she was going to marry Wang Youfa,Suddenly there was an unspeakable reluctance in my heart。But he knew,Song Fang will marry sooner or later,He had heard of it before,He thought they were playing around。
“Ok!I will definitely make time to participate,I’ll leave if I have something to do”Xia Jian finished,Got into the car quickly。Song Fang saw Xia Jian like this,So happy。
The car is moving fast,Xia Jian couldn’t remember。Who is Song Fang’s bad marriage?,Why do you want to marry Wang Youfa??Until now,Xia Jian finally figured it out,It turns out that his heart is not reluctant to marry Song Fang,But he looks down on people from the old Wang family。
Xia Jian parked the car at the entrance of the village,Then I got off the car and went home。Dad Xia Zecheng didn’t know where he was,Anyway, only my old mother, Sun Yuejuan, is preparing dinner。
“mom!It’s getting dark,How did you make dinner?”Xia Jian sitting on the bench in the yard,Ask loudly。
Sun Yuejuan frowned and said:“Just two of us eating,Besides, I can’t eat much at night,It’s safe to do it later”
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly asked:“Didn’t Zhao Hong say to leave??She just came to eat!It’s not that her in-laws don’t want to go to his nephew’s house”Xia Jian asked Sun Yuejuan in a tentative tone。
“People have already left,But Zhao Hong didn’t come,The matter between you,You know,Don’t ask me here”Sun Yuejuan looked upset,What’s going on?Back home in Xia Jian,Sun Yuejuan is not sure how happy,That’s like today,He doesn’t care about him。
At dinner,Xia Zecheng is back,His face is equally ugly。Just like that, the three people finished the dinner silently。Xia Jian wants to ask why,But when the words came to his lips, he swallowed again。But he can feel it,Parents are angry with him。
Had dinner,Xia Jian went to the house,Changed clothes,He walked towards the village committee。In his experience,If Zhao Hong’s mother-in-law is not at home,,Zhao Hong usually goes home very late,So he decided that Zhao Hong must still be in the village committee at this time。