Beijing National Theatre, Tianqiao Art Center and many other theaters cancel performances in April

Beijing National Theatre, Tianqiao Art Center and many other theaters cancel performances in April
On March 26, the National Grand Theater issued an announcement, announcing that April 2020 performances and related activities will be cancelled, the visit will be suspended, and the opening hours will be notified according to the actual situation.This is also the fourth time that the National Grand Theater has announced the cancellation of performances after January 24, January 29 and February 23.The sauna and nightnet inquiries found that except for the National Grand Theater, many Beijing theaters canceled their performances in April.Beijing Tianqiao Art Center has also announced the cancellation of performances and related activities from April 1 to April 30, 2020, which involves the parent-child drama “Physical Show”, the drama “Relief of Grocery Shop”, and the parent-child stage drama-Three Squirrels”Goodbye, the city is full”, the Broadway original musical “From afar” four performance projects.The Beijing Poly Theater also released the announcement of the cancellation and refund of the performance of the drama “Deling and Cixi”, announcing the cancellation of the performance of the drama “Deling and Cixi” at the Beijing Station from April 8th to 19th, 2020.In the middle of this month, many performance institutions including the China Children’s Art Theater and the Zhongshan Concert Hall also issued announcements to cancel the performances in April.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Yani proofread Zhao Lin

Souvenirs from Prince, Paul McCartney and other singers will be auctioned online

Souvenirs from Prince, Paul McCartney and other singers will be auctioned online
当地时间5月4日,洛杉矶朱利安拍卖行(Auction house Julien’s )宣布,他们将于6月19日和20日在线拍卖一把于1984年为美国歌手“王子”普林斯(Prince)定制的Blue cloud guitar.The picture comes from the network. According to the auctioneer, “This guitar is one of the most important guitars in the early career of Prince. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Prince was on the stage, in the studio and in promotional photographyHave used it before.In 1994, Prince donated this blue cloud guitar to an auction for the Los Angeles earthquake relief.The predicted transaction price of this guitar will be between 100,000 and 200,000 US dollars.”In addition, Prince’s purple suit, a pendant and a pair of boots will also be sold.In this auction, another noteworthy lot was Paul McCartney ‘s handwriting for the Beatles ‘song“ Maxwell ‘s Silver Hammer ”in the 1969 album“ Abby Road ”Page lyrics, and this lyrics is estimated to reach 200,000 to 300,000 US dollars.It is reported that there are souvenirs of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Rolling Stones and David Bowie at the auction.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Lijun

[Can not eat with okra]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[Can not eat with okra]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

There are places where there is food, even if it is easy to mix and match with some foods. Although okra is not as good as crabs, it also needs to be careful when eating okra. Improper can cause poisoning, but alsoThere may be some dangers in life. When eating okra, try not to put it with some cold food, and there are some precautions when eating okra.

Foods that are good with okra can not be eaten with what okra is best eaten with some regular meat or eggs, cold salad is also possible.

Okra, also known as croissant, coffee yellow sunflower, and eggplant, is a high-end nutritional health care vegetable.

Suitable for gastritis, cancer, gastric ulcer, anemia, indigestion, especially young adults, athletes, skin care women, men should eat more; gastrointestinal deficiency, poor function, people with frequent diarrhea should not eat more.

Okra is cold and belongs to cold food. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep cooking or eating together with other cold and cold meat foods in okra. It is easy to cause spleen and stomach deficiency and cause diarrhea and other uncomfortable reactions.

Okra should not be eaten with some meats, such as cold carnivorous beef, duck, rabbit, horse milk, frog (frog), fish, and abalone.

Cold carnivorous duck eggs (slightly cold), horse meat, otter meat, crabs, sea crabs, clams (sand clams, sea clams, clams), oyster meat, snails, earthworms, field snails (big cold), snails, mussels, tadpolesMeat (river), mullet, octopus.

Okra itself is cold food, so it is best not to eat other cold and cold vegetables when eating okra.

Cool vegetables tomatoes (slightly cool), dry celery, water celery, eggplant, rapeseed, kohlrabi, black white, amaranth, malantou, chrysanthemum, spinach, day lily (daylily), lettuce (lettuce), cauliflower, goji head,Artemisia, tofu (tofu skin, dried tofu, tofu), gluten, coriander, winter melon, sweet potato, loofah, cucumber, celery (wakame), mushroom, enoki mushroom.

Cold vegetables Cigu (slightly cold), purslane, amaranth (water spinach), agaric (western cabbage), amaranth, hair cabbage (long whisker), amaranth, bamboo shoot (slightly cold), gardenia, vegetable squash, kelp, Seaweed, seaweed, ground ear, straw mushroom, bitter gourd, coriander.

Okra contains protein, traces, impurities and rich vitamins A and B groups, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other trace elements such as zinc and selenium, which will help to enhance the human immune system.

Mainly beneficial for pharynx, phlegm, lactation, menstruation and other effects.

Thoroughly treat sore throat, urinate, prevent diabetes, and protect gastric mucosa.

Here to talk about the sticky substance of okra, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is good for digestion, pectin in okra, celiac disease, and treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer.

[Duck egg white is green but the yolk is not scattered]

銆 慰 腑 铔 髫 髻 鏄  豢 鹹 宑 发 嗸 擸 嬮 岍 娌 娌 ℃ 銆 銆 慱 鍗 卞 _ 鍧 忓 
Last  揲 揄  珉 鏄  father 鐢 熸 緸  緢 Ning Ge  勄 头 头 網 液 绫 痗 琗?鐩稿浜庡叾浠栫殑铔嬬被椋熺墿鏉ヨ锛屽畠鐨勪釜澶存瘮杈冨ぇ锛岃€屼笖閲岄潰鐨勮泲娓呭拰铔嬮粍鏄緢鏈夎惀鍏讳环鍊肩殑銆傝繖鍊掓槸锛屽緢澶氫汉鍠滄鍦ㄦ棩甯哥敓娲讳腑涔伴腑铔嬫潵鍒朵綔涓€浜涜泲绫荤殑Chiseled, stilted, stolen, storied, storied, storied, stolen, storied, storied, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolenWhat’s the difference? Umbrellas and wind umbrellas, winds and winds  揲 揄  ソ 镄 勫 悧?Do you want to borrow something?涓€銆侀腑铔嬫竻鏄豢鑹茬殑浣嗘槸铔嬮粍娌℃暎杩樿兘鍚冨悧鐪嬬豢鑹茬殑绋嬪害锛屽鏋滄槸娴呯豢鑹诧紝杩欓噷涓嶆槸闇夊彉鏄彲浠ラ鐢ㄣ€傚洜涓洪腑铔嬩笉鍚屼簬楦¤泲锛岄腑铔嬬殑淇濊川鏈熷彲浠ラ暱杈惧緢What’s the matter?0澶╀互涓婏紝鍔犱笂浣犲張鏄斁鍦ㄥ啺绠遍噷鐨勩€備絾鏄鏋滄槸缁胯壊寰堟繁鐨勶紝灏卞缓璁笉瑕佸悆浜嗭紝鍥犱负涓嶆帓闄ゅ洜涓洪腑铔嬭缂濓紝鍐扮涓殑寰敓鐗╀镜鍏ョ殑鍙兘鎬с€備簩銆侀腑铔嬩Luan Cang Nan Nan?銆佹鐗╀繚椴滄硶锛氬湪瀹瑰櫒搴曢儴鏀句笂閫傞噺鐨勫ぇ钂溿€佽姳妞掋€佽姤瀛愮瓑鑳介噴鏀炬鐗╂潃鑿岀礌鐨勬鐗╋紝涓€灞備竴灞傛帓鏀鹃矞铔嬶紝鍥涘鍜岃泲浣撲箣闂翠篃瑕佸~鍏呮鐗╋紝浣挎潃鑿屾皵鍛冲湪瀹瑰櫒鍐呮墿鏁o紝淇濋矞鏁堟灉杈冨ソ銆?Ye Chong, Yu Qi, and Yu Qio are all in a hurry.5 What is the difference?00 嫔 嫔 姘?.5 銏 焻 綻 婧 镺 寲 姽 綟 緟 哫 鍐 鍐 峰 咈 咖 庡 卷卷 卲 卑 半 姑姑 姑姑?75鍏枻骞跺€掑叆缂告垨鍧涗腑锛岀劧鍚庡皢铔嬭交杞绘斁鍏ユ憾娑蹭腑锛屽皢缂告垨鍧涘皝鐩栵紝鏀句簬閫氶銆侀槾鍑夊锛屾俯搴︿笉寰楄秴杩?5 What’s wrong?Trickle out?銆佽崏鏈ㄧ伆淇濋矞娉曪細閫夋嫨骞茬嚗銆佹柊椴溿€佹病鍙楄繃娼殑鏌磋崏鐏版垨鐐夌伆锛屽湪澶囧ソ鐨勫鍣ㄥ簳灞傞摵涓婁竴灞傜害13鍘樼背鍘氱殑鑽夋湪鐏帮紝鐒跺悗涓€灞傝泲涓€灞傜伆鐩栧ソ锛屾渶涓婇潰涓€灞傜伆鐩栧帤涓€鐐广€傚皢瀹瑰櫒鏀惧湪閫氶骞茬嚗澶勶紝姣忔湀妫€鏌?娆 ★ What’s the matter?骞磋€屼笉鍙樿川銆?銆佺伆銆佺熅娑蹭繚椴滄硶锛氬皢鐧界熅200鍏嬨€佺煶鑶?00鍏嬨€侀粍涓圭矇100鍏嬨€佺敓鐭崇伆1.25鍏枻锛岀敤娓呮按50鍏枻婧跺寲骞舵悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屾斁鍏ヤ竴瀹瑰櫒涓紝寰呮憾娑插喎鍗村悗鏀惧叆楦泲锛屽鍣ㄤ腑鐨勬按搴旈珮鍑鸿泲闈?0 騡 樼 Back 惠 ヤ 笂 銆 Effectiveness of the sorrows of the sorrows of the sentence 氬 鰃 氶 The stubble stubbornly sloppy sloppy stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn stubborn sorrow sorrow sorrow sorrow sorrow sorrow sorrow sorrow sorrow-10 Juan 湀 浠 ヤ 犂 銆?

WHO: China shares new coronavirus information in a timely manner

WHO: China shares new coronavirus information in a timely manner

On January 22, at the highest level of the World Health Organization headquarters in Switzerland, WHO Director-General Tandesser ranked at a press conference.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Qu photographed Xinhua News Agency’s anniversary January 22 (Reporter Liu Qu Renke) World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai said on the evening of the 22nd that China shared information on the new coronavirus epidemic in a timely manner and took corresponding measures.Measures show a fairly high absolute.

  On January 22, at the high-level WHO headquarters in Switzerland, the WHO Emergency Committee re-launched a press conference after an emergency meeting on China’s new coronavirus epidemic.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Qu took a photo of WHO’s emergency committee meeting that day to discuss whether the new coronavirus epidemic constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.

Tan Desai said at the antique press conference after the meeting that, as far as the current situation is concerned, more information is still needed to decide whether to declare the new coronavirus epidemic constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.

He said the WHO team is currently conducting investigations in collaboration with local experts and officials.

  This is an exterior view of the high-level WHO headquarters in Switzerland, taken on January 22.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Qushe Tan Desai thanked the Chinese health department for its cooperation with WHO in epidemic prevention and control, and believed that it was important for the Chinese leadership to take epidemic prevention and control 北京夜网 measures. China shared the epidemic information in a timely manner and took corresponding measures in a timely manner., Showing fairly high transparency.

  It is reported that on the 23rd, WHO will continue to participate in the discussion of the new coronavirus epidemic.

Original Title: WHO: China Shares New Coronavirus Epidemic Information in Time

Boxi Co., Ltd. (002698): Third-quarter results forecast slightly exceeds expectations Environmental business continued to recognize revenue

Boxi Co., Ltd. (002698): Third-quarter results forecast slightly exceeds expectations Environmental business continued to recognize revenue

Event: The company released the 2019 third quarter performance 武汉夜网论坛 forecast, and it is expected to realize net profit attributable to mothers in the first three quarters.

36 ppm-2.

62 trillion, an annual increase of 80% -100%; Q3 single quarter is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mother 7032.

RMB 860,000-9654.

570,000 yuan, an annual increase of 41.

44% -94.

16%; slightly higher than expected.

At the same time, the company announced that the judgment of maintaining the normal return to net profit of 50% -80% will remain unchanged.

The initial confirmation of Boao environmental orders has significantly boosted performance: The 2018 annual report shows that the termination of Boao Environment and its wholly-owned subsidiary P & P at the end of 2018 is being implemented, and the total amount of significant contract revenue has not been confirmed.

8.1 billion.

According to the semi-annual report, in the first half of 2019, Boao Environment recognized revenue of 56.09 million yuan, and there were still a large number of orders for which revenue has not been confirmed.

According to the contract deadline forecast, it is estimated that this part is in the process of executing orders, especially the part in 2017 will gradually recognize revenue, which will significantly boost the company’s future revenue and profits.

Strong technical strength, new breakthroughs in special operating robot products: The company’s self-developed high-temperature furnace front-end operating robots in the field of calcium carbide, which have been independently developed for 3 years, are currently in a leading position in the world.

At the same time, the company is also making breakthroughs in the field of inspection robots, automatic door opening and closing systems, and other high-temperature furnace operation robots outside the calcium carbide industry. The company’s brand effect in the field of special robots has gradually become prominent.

This will not only bring considerable profitability to the company, but also increase the stickiness of downstream customers and drive the growth of service business, thereby improving the company’s profitability and growth stability.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 3 respectively.

5.9 billion, 4.

61 ppm and 5.

800 million, corresponding to PE, 29 times, 23 times and 18 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: downstream demand fluctuates, and the progress of order confirmation exceeds expectations.

What is good for constipation?

23 constipation recipes for your smooth connection

What is good for constipation?
23 constipation recipes for your smooth connection

Constipation is the hidden pain of many office workers.

Insufficient and balanced long-term diet and sedentary office make the internal function worse, and defecation becomes a problem.

So what is good for constipation?

Today, I will introduce some constipation recipes, which can moisturize the bowel and make you smooth.

  治疗便秘偏方[方一]  麻仁、杏仁、瓜蒌各等分,白蜜适量。The three flavors are fine, white honey is refined into pills such as jujube, and 2-3 pills are served daily.

This prescription clears heat and intestines, and is suitable for constipation caused by heat knot.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二]  香蕉1-2个,冰糖适量。Peel the bananas, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and stew them over water, 1-2 times a day, even for several days.

This prescription is suitable for constipation of Jinchang dryness.

  治疗便秘偏方[方三]  锁阳、桑椹各15克,蜂蜜30克。Fry the Suoyang slices and mulberry water into the juice, stir in the honey, and divide into 2 servings.

This prescription applies to constipation of Qi deficiency.

  治疗便秘偏方[方四]  蜜糖30克,金银花15克。First fry the honeysuckle, remove the residue and let it cool. Add honey in portions and dissolve.

Don’t fry too much when frying. Generally fry into two bowls of silver flower juice.

This prescription clears heat and defecates, and is suitable for constipation caused by heat.

  治疗便秘偏方[方五]  马铃薯不拘量。It was washed, crushed, squeezed, and gauze filtered.

Take half a cup each morning on an empty stomach and before lunch.

This prescription applies to constipation caused by various reasons.

  治疗便秘偏方[方六]  生军4克,白糖适量。Make boiling water and drink frequently on behalf of tea.

This prescription is suitable for hot constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方七]  麻仁、杏仁、芝麻各等分。The three flavors are fine, the white honey is refined into pills such as jujube, called R2-3 pills, warm water to send.

This prescription clears heat and intestines, suitable for dry stool.

  治疗便秘偏方[方八]  沙参、玉竹各50克,老雄鸭1只,调料适量。Remove the duck hair and internal organs, wash them, and add them to the casserole with ginseng and jade bamboo, add onion, ginger, water, boil, and simmer for 1 hour until the duck is overripe, salt, and MSG.

This prescription is applicable to constipation due to deficiency of the lungs, chronic cough, and stomach yin.

 治疗便秘偏方[方九]  猪脊瘦肉、粳米各100克,茴香、食盐、香油、川椒粉各少许。First cut the spine into small pieces, stir-fry in sesame oil, then add the previous rice to cook porridge, cook cooked, fennel, Sichuan pepper, salt, etc., and then boil 1-2 boiling, fasting in the morning and evening.

This prescription applies to fever and constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十]  菠菜200克,粳米30克。First cook the early rice porridge, cook it, and spinach it.

This prescription and Zhongtong defecation are suitable for frail, chronic illness and stagnation.  治疗便秘偏方[方十一]  栗子粉、玉米粉各30克,芝麻仁、大麻仁、红糖各适量。Wash the sesame kernels, drain off the water, and stir-fry; Marie Renyan as the end, add the two flavors into the pot and mix well, then add chestnut flour, corn flour, brown sugar, water and mix well, put in the cake base, and basket the fireSmoke for 15-20 minutes, once a day, and eat in the morning.

This formula is for kidney and intestine, suitable for qi deficiency and constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十二]  发菜3克,蚝豉(即牡蛎肉)。Lean pork is 60 grams each, and rice is the right amount.

Wash the lettuce, oyster ravioli, chop the lean pork into meatballs, boil in a casserole with an appropriate amount of water, add rice, add the lettuce, mutton meat, cook in the pot until the rice blooms, and cook the meatballCook and eat meat porridge.

This recipe comes from “Chinese Food” and is suitable for senile constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十三]  郁李仁15克,白米50克。Smash the yu li ren, stir in water, filter the residue to remove the juice, add yu li ren with 500 ml of water to cook and boil the juice, use the medicinal juice to wash the white rice to make porridge, and take it warm morning and evening.

This formula moisturizes and smoothes the intestines and is suitable for constipation in the elderly.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十四]  芋头250克,大米50克,盐适量。Peel and dice taro and boil porridge with rice and season with oil and salt.

This party is suitable for dry and firm stools.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十五]  鲜空心菜200-250克,马蹄10个(去皮)。Take fresh water spinach and horseshoe soup, and take 2-3 times a day.

This prescription is suitable for hot knot constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十六]  松仁15克,粳米30克。Boil the porridge first, then paste the pine nuts and water into the porridge, wait for 2-3 to boil, and take it on an empty stomach.

This prescription applies to constipation caused by insufficient blood and qi.

治疗便秘偏方[方十七]  人参9克,白术、茯苓各12克,黄芪15克,黄精、当归各10克,柏子仁10克(冲),松子仁10克(冲),甘草7克。Decoction, 1 dose a day, divided into 2 servings.

This prescription applies to qi deficiency and constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十八]  当归12克,川芎、白芍各10克,地黄、炙首乌各12克,大麻仁20克(冲),黄芪15克,檀香7克(研末后放入Decoction within the medicine), 15 grams of yam.

Decoction, 1 dose per day, divided into morning and evening.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十九]  大黄6克,槟榔10克,枳实、木香各7克,乌药9克,沉香7克(研末冲服),陈皮9克,茯神、半夏、杏仁10 grams each.

Decoction, 1 dose a day, divided into 2 servings.
This prescription applies to constipation of Qi stagnation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十]  牛乳250毫升,蜂蜜100毫升,葱汁少许。Cook hot every morning.

This prescription smooth bowel and laxative is suitable for habitual constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十一]  鲜桃花瓣4克,粳米100克。The first two flavors are boiled into a gruel and taken once every other day.

This side smooth bowel and laxative is suitable for constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十二]  黑芝麻25克,粳米50克。After the black sesame is fried, it is ground and prepared. The rice is washed before use. Put the black sesame with the previous rice in the pot, add water, and boil on high heat, then cook on low heat until the porridge is finished.

  This formula has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing the five internal organs, and is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of wind and dizziness, intestinal dryness and constipation, deficiency of diarrhea after cough, dry cough without sputum, early whitening and less postpartum milk.

  This recipe comes from “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Distinguishing Diseases and Distinguishing Diets”, etc. The original recipe is “Sesame Porridge”.

For “deficiency of the five internal organs, Yiqi strength, strong bones.

“And” the large intestine is closed, and the dry cough has no sputum.

“A formula commonly used to nourish liver and kidney.Insufficient liver and kidney can not be filled in the brain, you will see dizziness; loss of lung nourishment, see dry cough; jin dry intestine, see constipation; hair loss and nourishment, you must see early whitening; insufficient milk source, see postpartumLess milk; the five internal organs lose their nourishment, but they are weak and lean.

Fayi will nourish the liver and kidneys and nourish the five internal organs.

Fang Zhong mainly uses black sesame to nourish liver and kidney, and nourish the five internal organs; supplemented by previous rice, it nourishes the spleen and stomach, and helps to nourish the effect.

The two are used together to make liver and kidney tonic and nourish the five internal organs.

This side focuses on nourishing, especially for those with insufficient yin essence and blood deficiency.

The black sesame in the formula can resist aging, so it is suitable for the elderly to replace it.

  Adding honey to the food, the power of nourishing and moisturizing is stronger.

  Except for its nourishing power, it is not suitable for those with phlegm dampness inside and diarrhea.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十三]  狗肉、红薯各250克。1 tsp cooking wine, except fine salt.

Peel and cut the sweet potatoes and set aside.

Wash and cut the dog meat into small pieces, add 1 spoon of cooking wine to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, above the salt, boil on high heat, skim off the floating foam, and stew the sweet potatoes for about 1 hour until they are rotten.

  This formula tonifies the qi, warms the kidneys and impotences, widens bowel movements.

It is suitable for urination at night and habitual constipation.

  There are sweet potatoes in the dishes, and it is easy to vomit sour, so those with gastric ulcers and too much acid are not suitable.

Protecting sensitive muscles

Protecting sensitive muscles

Is our skin getting weaker?

According to surveys, most women have been implanted with sensitive skin.

Whether it is manifested as dryness, cleft palate, peeling, or even more severe redness, swelling, itching, and other eczema symptoms, it will bring a strong discomfort to the skin, and even the skin’s health will have a serious and long-term impact.

  In fact, this can’t be entirely attributed to insufficient skin health.

In the city, our skin is facing many threats like never before: pollution, stress, bad eating habits, all kinds of invisible atmospheric suspended particles, sudden changes in temperature and humidity . countless.

So some people think that sensitivity is a modern disease.

Weather conditions such as gray fog and steeper weather are more likely to increase the chance of skin sensitivity.

  When skin sensitivity symptoms occur, some people are very careful in the face cream exchange, change a soothing product in time, but find that the repair effect is not good.

In fact, this can’t be blamed on all face creams. The facial cleanser, toner, or even tap water you use can become a sensitive source and continue to stimulate the skin.

Therefore, when your skin has sensitive symptoms, your repair work should start with washing your face and change the toner to a less irritating one.


hzh {display: none; }  当肌肤敏感时,若你尚未来得及去配备低刺激性的洗面奶及爽肤水,那么至少要注意不要用自来水洗脸。It is safer to buy a bottle of distilled water and heat it slightly.

  Why is the initial symptom of tightness in the cheeks when sensitivity occurs?

That’s a sign of severe skin dehydration.

If you can add a lot of moisture to the skin at this time, the skin’s sensitive condition can generally be stopped. Of course, a series of conditions is that your moisturizing product will not become a new skin allergen.

In addition, if you pay attention to moisturizing, the skin’s self-defense ability will be relatively replaced, and sensitive symptoms will also occur.

  Cheeks are the skin’s most prone to dehydration. It is also the most prone to peeling when the skin is sensitive, and the swelling area can be added in two appropriate amounts when absorbing moisturizing cream.

However, it is not recommended to do too much massage in two seconds to avoid putting severe stress on the skin.

Apply hot eyes to prevent dry eyes

Apply hot eyes to prevent dry eyes

The reduction of tears is a characteristic of modern people.

Tears are unavoidable under stress and decrease at night.

Tears also decrease with age.

There are more and more factors that reduce tears such as office automation equipment, the night owl lifestyle, increased social pressure, and dryness caused by the expansion of air conditioners.

  The reason for the increase in evaporation is that the number of blinks is reduced by staring at the screens of personal computers and game consoles; the oil layer on the surface of the tear fluid is damaged for some reason.

The oil layer is secreted from the eyelid sebaceous glands at the edge of the eyelid, but it is often interrupted.

If you use a towel to apply heat to your eyes, blood circulation will be improved, and eye muscle fatigue can be eliminated.

  Adjusting the placement of the computer and the angle of the monitor from the perspective of anti-dry eyes, so that the viewing angle between the eyes and the monitor shows a top-down angle, the evaporation of tears can be reduced, and the dryness of the eyes can be effectively alleviated.

This method of looking down is also effective for the elderly when reading books, newspapers or watching TV.

  Eating bananas to prevent dry eyes The function of bananas to protect the eyes is first related to its rich potassium.

Excessive salt intake by the human body can cause a large amount of water to remain in the cells, causing eye swelling.

The potassium in bananas can help the body excrete these excess salts, allow the body to reach a potassium and sodium balance, and relieve eye discomfort.

  Banana contains a lot of beta carotene.

When the body lacks this substance, the eyes will become painful, dry, dull, and dehydrated. Eating more bananas can replace these symptoms, and even reduce eye fatigue to a certain extent and prevent premature aging.
  Anti-dry eye blinking is equivalent to rest. Normal people blink every five or six seconds, and people who often feel twisted eyes blink to a blink every few seconds or even twenty seconds.

The number of blinks is greatly reduced, the vascular neuromodulation is disordered, and the cornea moisturized by eye drops usually becomes dry and congestive.

  Apply hot eyes to prevent dry eyes. Apply hot eyes or massage around the eyes. Cover your eyes with a hot towel or a handkerchief (with your eyes closed at the same time) once or twice a day for about 10-15 minutes.

You can also use your thumb to gently press the bones around the eye socket, starting from the upper part of the eye socket, and massaging along the bone to the outside of the eye, and then moving toward the fundus toward the nose, you can control the blood vessels and increase blood circulation in the eye.

  Do not face the wind of the air conditioner. The wind from the air conditioner will take away the moisture in the eyes, increase the evaporation of tears, and speed up the interference of the eyes.

Why does Jun A have morbid shame-

Why does Jun A have “morbid shame”?

A Jun is a college student and a cadre of the school student union.
He was secretly in love with a girl who worked in the same class with the Student Union, but did not dare to confess in front of the ground, but daydreamed in his mind, thinking about the girl’s beautiful face, slender figure, cheerful personality; fantasyOne day they can become dependents and live a good life.
But the heart felt that this idea was not good, and often blamed himself for it.
Gradually, he became timid, shy, nervous, and even blushed, sweated, and stuttered in front of the girl.
Over time, it developed to see all the opposite sex feeling nervous and anxious, and began to avoid friends, refuse to socialize, and academic performance gradually declined.
So he had to turn to a psychologist.
  The mental disorder manifested by Jun A belongs to “morbid shame”.
In the process of psychological analysis, we learned that during his childhood, his father was very strict with him, and whatever he did, his father always thought that he did not do well, and his poor academic performance would be subject to his father’s “stick education”.
Even after passing the 100-point test, the father never said a word of encouragement and praise, so that he later became panicked and shivered when he saw his father.
From the beginning, Jun A remembered that his parents often quarreled and there were few days of tranquility in the family. After he grew up, he learned that this was due to his father’s unfamiliar life style.
To this end, a sense of sexual depression and guilt gradually developed in his mind.
  Psychologists believe that pathological shame goes back to childhood.
During this period, if parents ignore their children’s efforts and even blame them, children will feel that their efforts are irrelevant to their elders.
In this way, children gradually feel that they are in a low status at home and are not loved by others.
In this psychological context, “morbid shame” is easily formed.
The fear of father A during his childhood and the wickedness he had created later were the origin of his “morbid shame”.
  There are many reasons for “morbid shame.”
Either because they are growing in an unsuitable environment, or because they are not well educated.
It may also be due to certain physiological defects.
But be aware that no one is physically or otherwise immaculate.
To overcome shyness, we must first accept ourselves, affirm ourselves, and build self-confidence.
When we are worried about others’ opinions about ourselves, we become embarrassed.
Keep in mind at this time: We may leave a deep impression on others, and they may even feel inferior to our achievements.
  Some studies have proven that one of the most effective ways to overcome morbid shame is to “dismiss yourself”.
The purpose of psychotherapy is to help patients find the cause of pathological shame and make it public. In addition to correcting behaviors, overcoming avoidance of others, increasing social skills, and more importantly, promoting cognitive changes,Let him realize that he is a respected person who has his own value to society and others.
our life.
Judging by oneself is not the impact of a different job or income.
Rousseau said: “Public opinion is in contrast to our attention. Just a little tyrant, as long as he faces himself, he can decide or even control its destiny.