Anhui Shou County Wahhu Bridge officially opened the ancient city to add "Fengqiao"

People’s network Huainan October 24th (Wang Rui, Gu Haitao) "The bridge opened?" This is the wish of the residents of Wahi Lake in Huainan.

On the morning of October 23, Huainan City Shou County Wahun Bridge was officially opened. After this bridge is open to traffic, it will greatly shorten the passage of the residents of the two sides of the lake.

Because the area of ??Wasu lake is large, after a long time in the past, the residents of the Lake, the residents of the lake wanted to travel to the county, only by car, or ride when they were used, and then transferred to the public transport to arrive at Shou County. With the opening of the Wah Lake Bridge, the residents of Shouxian Town Town are only half an hour to drive to the county, and the distance between Shou County leads to Hefei has been greatly shortened. "A bridge across something, the big lake becomes a path".

The starting point of the bridge is located at the junction of Shouxian and Changfeng County. The route is subjected to Shouxian Dashun Town, Wahua Town, and Wahi Town, and passed the Tao Shi Hui Township. The town, the full length, including the long road, and the watar lake bridge.

It is understood that the project serves as a key link in the Northern region and the Hefei Economic Circle, which is an important connection channel between different urban agglomerations in the region. The mobile phone of this project will greatly strengthen the social and economic links in Hefei Economic Circles, and the North Anhui region, promote the complementary advantages of industries, resources, and human resources in urban groups in the region, and play the Hefei Economic Circles, and even the River City brought to the west area. Radiation routing, coordinated development of regional economy. In addition, the bridge is open to traffic, will also promote the resource development of Waquan Lake, improve the convenience of tourism traffic, and better lead Hefei tourism resources to Wah Lake, and positive impact on the development of the tourism economy in Shou County.

At the same time, Changfeng County’s tourism resources and Shou County tourism resources (Shou County ancient city, eight mountains, etc.) are also better connected to form a boutique tourist landscape.

Next, Shou County will take the opportunity of Wahhu Bridge to open the car, grab the economic development opportunity of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and integrate into Hefei Metropolitan Circle, actively undertake industrial transfer, and accelerate the promotion of "four" synchronization, and do a strong solid economy. Make the Vaipan Lake Bridge a "People’s Heart Bridge" to benefit the people, promoting the "Fengqiao" of economic and social development, making greater contributions to the modern beauty Shou County of the construction of economy and social development. (Editor: Guanfei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.

Division, Central, 2021, Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection, Democratic Supervision, BR Training Course

On the afternoon of November 17, the DPU 2021 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Training Course. On the afternoon of November 17, the DPU 2021 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Training Course.

Zhu Yongxin, a vice chairman of the Minjiang Ecological Environment, and the Changjiang Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Leading Group, attended the completion and speaking. Zhu Yongxin, a vice chairman of the Minjiang Ecological Environment, and the Changjiang Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Leading Group, attended the completion and speaking.

  Zhu Yongxin pointed out in his speech that strengthening the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection is a major decision-making that Xi Jinping personally deployed and personally promoted, and it is related to "the big people".

As the topic of the Yangtze River Ecological Environment as the Democratic Party, no party, a new round of special democratic supervision, is an important decision made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China from the Party and National Work.

He combined with the implementation of Cai Dafeng Chairman’s regarding the instructions and speech of democratic supervision of Changjiang Ecological Environment, and the mobilization of the mobilization of Liu Xincheng’s executive vice chairman in the training class, and made a clear understanding of the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Require.

  Zhu Yongxin emphasized that the Minjiang Central Committee launched the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work, to strengthen study and training, put through the whole process of learning to democratic supervision, to learn to do, learn, especially efforts to improve the overall situation The ability, the ability to gather together, master the ability, performance, organizational ability, and political grasping ability, negotiation capacity, cooperation ability, communication and docking ability, achievement transformation ability, and scientific supervision capacity, pay attention to solve practical problems To enhance the effectiveness of supervision, on the one hand, the form, procedures of special democratic supervision work, and the other hand, to assist the local party committee government to promote some practical problems and the practical problems that need to be solved, but also innovation. Good new era multimodian cooperation story, Yangtze River protection story, beautiful Chinese story, and promote the construction of the participating party.

  During the training class, Li Ying, deputy director of the Secretary of the Ecological Environment Department, Li Ming, a senior engineer of the National Development and Reform Commission, Feng Yong, a senior engineer, and the Director of the Central Socialist College, Wang Xiaocheng, Director Wang Xiaocheng The Hunan Provincial Committee of the Hunan Provincial Committee, the deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment, Pan Bing, made a special report.

  Ecological Environment Department Water Ecological Environment Management Silver Ecological Environment Quality Management Office Wang Qian, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Environment Research Center Deputy Director, the full-time deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Ouyang Jianxiong, the full-time deputy ministerial committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, the full-time deputy chairman of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, Hubei Provincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Committee, Zhou Jianyuan, Jiujiang Municipal Committee Seven comrades such as Baiping respectively speaking, exchange learning experience, introducing the experience practices for special democratic supervision work such as Changjiang Ecological Environment to protect democratic supervision.

  The completion of the Minister of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Public Advanced Central Committee, the deputy director of the Leading Group Office of the Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work, presided over.

Mao Mengxi, Minister of Public Information, Minister of Propaganda, Yao Lihe, deputy director of the General Office, Jiang Qicheng, deputy director of the Part Government, Jiang Qicheng, and the 2021 Yangtze River Ecological Environment Protection Democratic Supervision Work Training Course Participation Line offline participation in the relationship. It is reported that some of the private capital provincial level has mobilized the grassroots organization, members and experts to participate online training, preliminary statistics, a total of 609 local organizations during the training class, grassroots organizations, and a total of 2824 people online online, significant Expanded the scope of training and enhanced training effect.

2021 schendt de eerste verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa

  Parkeer niet volgens de voorschriften, schendt de instructies voor het verbod, het schenden van de indicatie van het verbod logo … Tijdens uw dagelijks leven heb u deze verkeersovertredingen opgemerkt? Onlangs ging de verslaggever naar het Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau verkeerspolitie-onthechting om de meest voorkomende verkeersovertredingen in Lhasa in 2021 te begrijpen, om de verkeersdeelnemers eraan te herinneren om het verkeersveiligheidsbewustzijn en het juridische bewustzijn te verbeteren, en beschaafd, veilig rijden.

  Verkeersovertredingen zijn de grootste verhouding: volg de statistieken van parkeergegevens, in 2021, de meest voorkomende verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa City is "geen parkeergelegenheid volgens de voorschriften", goed voor% van alle elektronische ogen om illegale handelingen vast te leggen.

  Het is duidelijk dat "niet volgens de voorschriften" voornamelijk verwijst naar het illegale gedrag van motorvoertuigen die de hoofdweg, een speciale weg van de hoofdweg, een speciale weg, de brandweer-, blinde weg- en niet-motorvoertuigen-parkeerplaatsen zijn bezetten.

Dit gedrag cre?ert niet alleen verkeerscongestie, wat leidt tot een daling van de wegpas, en er is ook een ernstig verkeersveiligheidsgevaar, die het beeld van de stedelijke beschaving be?nvloedt. Om effectief een veilige verkeersomgeving en een schone en opgeruimde stedelijke omgeving te cre?ren, zal in 2022 in 2022 de Lhasa City Public Security Bureau verkeerspolitie Detachment inzetten in overeenstemming met de uniforme regeling van de Partijcommissie van het Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau. Doorgaan Verhoog de intensiteit van motorvoertuigen, verbetering van de wegcontrole en standaardiseer de parkeervolgorde. Hier moet de meerderheid van de chauffeurs bewust de parkeergewoonten veranderen, een beschaafd parkeerconcept tot stand brengen, bijdragen aan de soepele en ordentelijke orde van de stad. Verkeers illegaal gedrag is de tweede: schending van het tekenteken dat aangeeft dat in het dagelijks leven "de verboden lijnindicatie schenden" en "schending van de indicatie van het verbod" ook zeer gebruikelijke verkeersovertredingen zijn.

Gegevensstatistieken tonen aan dat in 2021 de twee verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa% en% van alle elektronische ogen goed waren.

  "Schending van verbodregelindicatie" verwijst voornamelijk naar schending van de verbodslijnpas, die voornamelijk de gele feiten omvat (wegstempelige scheidingsriem die kruising) en gele grote vork verbiedt (die het parkeren) vertegenwoordigt, drukt u op om de instructies voor verbodregel te schenden.

In het daadwerkelijk rijden is de vaste lijn van de motorvoertuigen gewijzigd en het rijgedrag, zoals de linkerafduring van de linkerbeurten is verboden van linksaf van de linkerverlies. Het behoort tot de instructies van overtreding van de verbodslijn; " Ban-teken "verwijst voornamelijk naar het verbod of restrictievoertuigen, voetgangers het logo van het verkeersgedrag, zoals het verbod op de weg, het verbieden van voertuigparking, enz. Is een verbodsbord. De Lhasa-verkeerspolitie herinnerde eraan dat in de dagelijkse reizen de meerderheid van de chauffeurs strikt de markering van de verkeersborden strikt volgen, dergelijke verkeersovertredingen elimineren om de reisveiligheid te garanderen.

  Verkeer illegale handelingen als de derde: schending van de speciale rijstroken in strijd met de "verkeersveiligheidsrecht van de Volksrepubliek China": "De weg is van plan om een ??speciale rijstrook in te stellen, in de speciale rijstrook, alleen de opgegeven voertuigen zijn MOETEN MOETEN, MOETEN ANDERE VOERTUIGEN NIET IN SPECIALE POERRUIMEN IN DE LANE INGESTELLEN. "In Lhasa," In Lhasa, is "overtreding van speciale rijstroken" voornamelijk te gebruiken voor het openbaar vervoer, gegevensstatistieken, 2021, de verkeersovertredingen van Lhasa City, goed voor alle elektronische ogen om overtredingen te verwezenlijken . Het is duidelijk dat Lhasa City Bus toegewijde rijstrook officieel wordt geopend op 13 november 2019, wat de doorgangsnelheid van stedelijk openbaar vervoer aanzienlijk verbetert, wat bevorderlijk is voor het verlichten van verkeerscongestie.

Volgens de vereisten, van 7 tot 10:00 en 17:00 tot 20:00 uur, in de twee tijdsperioden, zijn andere voertuigen verboden om de buslane en lange tijd in het openbaar vervoer uit te voeren. Parkeren het voertuig, anders zal het gestraft worden. Hier herinnerde de Lhasa-verkeerspolitie de meerderheid van de verkeersdeelnemers, die op de weg rijdt om een ??weg te maken, bewust het ontwikkelingsconcept van de "busprioriteit" en een einde te maken aan de illegale daad van het bezetten van de privéstroken, en samengesteld Ontblokt, veilige en milieuvriendelijke verkeersomgevingen.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Anhui folk investment growth is higher than the country

On November 2, the reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission that this province has implemented the deployment of private investment decision-making and promoting the stable growth of private investment since this year.

In the first three quarters, private investment growth% is higher than the national percentage point. [Broaden Investment] Normalization Promises 234 attractive projects in private capital In order to broaden private investment, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission has implemented market access negative list system, promoting various market entities including private enterprises, and enter the relevant industry according to law ,field. On the one hand, relying on the online approval supervision platform of investment projects, use the long-acting mechanism of private capital promotion projects, and introduce an attractive project for private capital.

At present, 234 projects have been promoted, and the investment billion yuan. At the same time, private capital enters the infrastructure replenishment of energy, social undertakings.

In the first nine months of this year, the province’s electric power gas and water production and supply, education, health and social work have increased by%,%, and% respectively.

[Down cost] It is expected that the annual reduction of the company’s electricity cost is 5 billion yuan in order to reduce private investment costs. Anhui has implemented the national price policy, and the industrial production enterprises within the range of various buildings in the factory area, new professional logistics warehousing facilities Easy land consumption fee is implemented. Since the beginning of this year, reduce catalog electricity prices and targeted electricity prices, expect to reduce the cost of enterprises by 5 billion yuan throughout the year. In addition, the short-selling price of 4 natural gas borders such as Xuancheng is reduced.

[Financial Support] There is a "four-two dial thousand pounds" for more than 51.46 million fiscal funds.

Since this year, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission has actively strived and promptly to guide social capital participation in the central budget of the country-owned stock assets, supported the S325 Lu’an Maitou to the new construction project, the paradise lake sewage treatment plant and other major project. At the same time, accelerate the implementation of the provincial manufacturing financing fiscal discount, and the eligible manufacturing project has been discounted, including more than 95% of the private investment project.

From January to September this year, the manufacturing folk investment growth is higher than the percentage of all private investment, 20 private investments in 31 industries maintain two digits growth. [Business Environment] Active to help Wanjia Enterprise to repair the faction record more than 110,000 universal letter repair channels, guide enterprises to correct the faith behavior; organize the organs to promote the "four-to-one service" special action; strengthen the provincial bidding market supervision … These initiatives have effectively promoted the optimization of the business environment. Since this year, the initiative to help thousands of companies will repair the uninform records in accordance with the law, and the number of repairs will be repaired nationwide; effectively help social capital to solve funds, land and other elements.

In the first three quarters, the province’s private investment growth% is higher than the national percentage.

The average growth in two years increased by 1 percentage point than in the first half of the year; accounting for all investment%, higher than the national percentage point. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that the next step will continue to deepen the "double tricks and double", and accelerate the promotion of private investment projects and continue to stimulate folk investment.

(Fang Jiawei) (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.

8 patents in Xinjiang won the 22nd China Patent Award

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office issued the "Decision of the National Intellectual Property Office on the 12th China Patent Award". Xinjiang has 8 patents award, of which 6 patents have received an excellent prize, 2 patents have obtained an excellent design excellent award . This Xinjiang has obtained a patented excellent award company for Xinjiang National Pipeline Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd., PetroChina Claami Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Institute of Economic Crops, Agricultural Sciences; Enterprises, Excellent Awards, Design Excellent Awards, Tiejian Heavy Industry Xinjiang Co., Ltd., Meik International Home Supplies Co., Ltd.

"This new job has received the project of China Patent Prize, and its enterprises attach importance to intellectual property innovation and protection, and there are cutting-edge scientific innovation results in the field of research. From the changes in data, our patent prize declaration project can be seen. There is a significant improvement in patent quality, participation in enthusiasm, creative innovation, and has also obtained a positive social response, and created better patent protection, innovative atmosphere.

"Zhao Fei Fife, the four-level researcher of the IV Promotion Department of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration.

It is understood that since the establishment of the Autonomous Region Patent Award since 2018, it has continued to hold four.

45 of the first, second and third prizes were selected this year, and the patent invention awards accounted for 82%. (Gao Hui) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

Bevorder nationale economische stabiele herstel en goedaardige bloedsomloop

    Op de National New Office Press Conference gehouden op 2 maart Guo Shuqing, voorzitter van de Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission. De Chinese Commissie Silver China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission en het gehele bankverzekeringssysteem werden gehouden in Hengfengfang om financi?le risico’s op te lossen. Substanti?le vooruitgang. .

In 2021 bleef het risico van belangrijke gebieden worden gecontroleerd en daalde de macro-leverage met ongeveer 8 procentpunten.

Tegelijkertijd, om te voldoen aan de redelijke en effectieve financieringsbehoeften van de entiteitseconomie, bevordert het stabiele herstel en de goedaardige circulatie van de nationale economie. In 2021 voegde de Renminbi-leningen bijna 20 biljoen yuan toe, en de nieuwe obligaties in de bank Verzekeringsinstellingen investeren dan biljoen.

  In 2021 heeft de bankverzekeringssector de nationale economie sterk ondersteund om de gestage groei te herstellen en de nieuwe situatie van de financi?le ontwikkeling van Puhui verder te leiden. Guo Shuqing introduceerde dat we sterke maatregelen moeten nemen, meer gerichte ondersteuning om het verbruik te verlengen, investeringen uit te breiden en de structurele aanpassingen te verhogen.

In het bijzonder ondersteunen de productie en werking van kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen, ondersteunende landelijke woning. Gegevens tonen aan dat de hoeveelheid kleine en financi?le diensten in de banksector is toegenomen, en de gemiddelde groei van de leningen van de PU Hui-type kleine en micro-ondernemingen in de afgelopen 4 jaar heeft meer dan 25% en de leningbelang Tarief heeft meer dan 2 procentpunten gedaald.

Innovatieve producten zoals Online Insurance, Digital Credit, hebben een versnelde ontwikkeling en de PEV-financi?le dekking en nauwkeurigheid is aanzienlijk verbeterd. Chen Siqing, voorzitter van industri?le en commerci?le bank van China, introduceerde de economische situatie van de ICBC-service. In 2021 richtte de leningen van het ICBC zich op de belangrijkste gebieden en zwakke banden bij de ontwikkeling van de entiteit, en de gemiddelde rentevoet van de nieuwe verdeling van productieleningen en de gemiddelde rentevoet van PUHUI-leningen is afgenomen op basis van 2020. De speciale gecombineerde speciale nieuwe Enterprise-kredietklanten meer dan 10.000 yuan, het saldo van de financiering is meer dan 100 miljard yuan, en het groeipercentage is groter dan 18%. Finance ondersteunt actief hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van buitenlandse handel.

HU XiaoAI, voorzitter HU Xiao, voorzitter van China Import en Export Bank, ondersteunt de ontwikkeling van kleine en middelgrote buitenlandse handelsondernemingen, nauwkeurige screening van buitenlandse handel kleine en micro-ondernemingen met export, en heeft een bepaald exportconcurrentievermogen, en Verhoogt om te concentreren op warehouses en cross-borders. Financi?le steun voor nieuwe bedrijfsleven en andere nieuwe technologie?n zoals e-commerce. Vastgoedfinanciering is bezorgd. Vorig jaar daalde de prijs, onroerend goed schuim, gemonetiseerd probleem omgekeerd, vraagstructuur verandering, maar we willen niet te gewelddadig aanpassen, of om soepel te converteren. Guo Shuqing introduceerde die financi?le diensten voor het huren van woningen en woningdecoratie in de toekomst. Tian Guofa, voorzitter van China Bouwbank, financi?le instellingen kunnen financi?le producten ontwerpen, het aandeel van de huurwoningen, speciaal voor de huurwoningen van nieuwe burgers versterken. CCB heeft huisvestingsverhuurplatforms opgezet die meer dan 300 steden bedekken, en er zijn meer dan 38 miljoen geregistreerde gebruikers, bijna 130.000 suites.

  Guo Shuqing, in 2021, standaardiseren van de ontwikkeling van de derde pijler pensioenverzekering, exclusief commercieel pilootverzekeringspilatiegebied uitgebreid naar de nationale reikwijdte, de pilot-financi?le producten pilot breidde naar tien plaatsen, de Pension Savings Pilot staat op het punt om te starten, het commerci?le pensioen Voor de low- en lage inkomen is Mensen Gold Business ook voorbereidingen. Bai Tao, Party Secretary of China Life Insurance Group, is aanwezig dat China Life Insurance voor de hele samenleving bijna 54 miljoen yuan biedt, en heeft meer dan 800 miljoen mensen in dienstklanten. In de eerste pijlerconstructie is China Life een Social Security Fund en de schaal is bijna 30 miljard yuan. In de tweede pijler heeft China Life professionele lijfrente managementdiensten verstrekt voor 32 geco?rdineerde districten, en bijna 30.000 klanten, momenteel beheerd, het totale aantal ondernemingen en professionele lijfrente.

In termen van de derde pijler voert het leven van China actief de verpleegverzekering op lange termijn uit, garandeert meer dan 23 miljoen mensen. Wang Sidong, voorzitter van China Taiping Insurance Group, introduceerde dat China Taiping de voordelen van langetermijninvesteringen in verzekeringsfondsen heeft geleid en financi?le steun biedt voor de bouw van Daxanistrict. Gezamenlijk tot een totaal homologiefonds voor $ 10 miljard in Dawan District, Ltd.

  Resoluut Curb Capital in de financi?le sector wanordelijke expansie.

Guo Shuqing zei dat de Bank of China het toezicht op de investeringsfinanci?le instellingen van niet-financi?le ondernemingen zou moeten versterken, een firewall van industrieel kapitaal en financieel kapitaal bouwen. (Reporter Ouyang Jie) [Editor: Qian HU] Gerelateerde links.

Responsible driver value creation "2020 China Sports Lottery (1 + 31) Social Responsibility Report" is released in Beijing

The Director of the State Sports General Administration Sports Lottery Management Center, the Party Committee Secretary Zhang Leshaked Report.

Director of the Sports Lottery Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of Sports, the party secretary, was released on the main content of the 2020 Sports Color Social Responsibility Report. He emphasizes that China’s sports lottery has a national public welfare lottery positioning, firmly establishment of responsibility to take a sense, in-depth promotion of a lottery construction work, highly attach great importance to the nationality of public welfare funds, highly attach great importance to the construction of responsible lottery, and bear more sports for social development responsibility.

He said that the responsibility report of the sports lottery is a job record. It is a group of declarations. It is a declaration. It is an invitation letter, through the annual social responsibility report, record, show sports lottery in social feedback , Industry constraints and their own development efforts, take the initiative to accept social supervision and guidance, I hope more people understand sports lottery, promote high quality development of sports lottery. According to the party secretary of the People’s Network, the chairman, president Ye Wei said that the sports lottery cause is a national public welfare industry, and the people’s network will give full play to the party network role in the party media, and build a good public opinion atmosphere to create a good public opinion atmosphere. Support China Sports lottery steadily towards higher steps. According to reports, China Sports Lottery Responsibility Lottery Construction is a long-term job based on fine, solid promotion, sports lottery organizations, sports lottery, and hundreds of millions of purchases, sports lottery partners, news media, etc., are all responsible lottery tickets. Entular components in the construction also have played their own roles. While doing your responsibility, China Sports Lottery is also actively echoing the concerns of national and society, providing strong support for economic and social development, especially people’s livelihood.

According to the data, as of the end of October 2021, China Sports Lottery accumulated a total of more than 61 billion yuan, including social security, medical assistance, education student, deprecating, disaster relief, disaster, and other multiple social public welfare undertakings, etc. The development contributed to active power.

Open Taizhou Boutique Tourism Line Visiting Tour

Original title: Opening a Taizhou Boutique Tourism Line Visiting Tour on January 13th, "Shanhai Taizhou · Yue Yuan" activities jointly organized by Taizhou Culture and Radio, Television Group (General Taiwan) start up.

  According to reports, the activities are divided into four chapters "spring, summer, autumn, winter". After 12 months, through Taizhou radioped women’s marsh, read the form, sing songs and other forms, visit "Xintian Xian" · Love Tour "Island Style · Romantic Tour" "Zen Retriever" "Humanistic Leisure · Vacation Tour" "Fresh in Taizhou · Gourmet Tour" "Tang Shi Road · Culture Tour" "Red Imprint · The journey of the initiating trip "" Ideal Bank and One · Cultural Tour "" Struggling · Uniusible Tour "" Taizhou Manufacturing · Industrial Tour "and other Taizhou Ten boutique tourism lines, lead the audience to visit, unlock Taizhou, good mountains, good water, good water Gourmet, trace the source Taizhou culture.

  Tanzhou City Culture and the Deputy Director of the Radio, TV Sports Sports Bureau said that every place in Taizhou has a unique story. This event is designed to attract more tourists through cultural excavation and beautiful cuisine. The consumption potential of the tourism market will enhance the level of consumption, and new kinetic energy is injected into the depth development of Taizhou Wenbao Industry.

(Editor: Ai Yu, Zhang Liwei).

Tianjin Customs strictly defends the national door safety declined 1099 tons "foreign garbage"

Original title: 1099 tons "foreign garbage" recently, under the on-site supervision of the Customs of Tianjin Dongjiang, 1099 tons from importing "foreign garbage" iron slag in Tianjin Port Pacific Pier was shipped. It is understood that the batch of goods is over-term unknown imported goods, and the bilok declaration is known as "gold concentrate".

After the goods arrived in Hong Kong, the importers did not declare to the customs for more than three months, and the importers were unknown. According to the relevant regulations, the consignee of imported goods has not been declared to the customs for more than three months, and the importer is unknown. The imported goods are extracted by the customs and selling according to law; the third-party inspection must be entrusted before extracting the sale, and the goods that are unqualified are ordered. Return.

The Dongjiang Customs determines that the batch of goods is suspected of solid waste according to the design of the Bank’s listing and the retention of the goods, and then contacts professional institutions for sampling identification. According to the results of the identification, the goods are actually iron slag, which is prohibited from importing solid waste. According to the relevant regulations, in the case of unknown importers, Dongjiang Customs issued the carrier to order the notice of the decline in the deposit period, and the solid waste will be returned to the country. (Reporter Ma Ming correspondent Ji Pengju) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Share more people to see.

The 11th round of the 11th round of inspection is released to the contact information released Huanggang News Net

Your present location: Hubei Daily News (Reporter Yang Hongbin correspondent Liu Yinghang Wang Wei) As of November 19, the provincial party committee completed the entry of 33 provincial college party organizations, the eleventh provincial party committee The wheel patrol is fully launched.

According to the unified deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, this round of inspection will be on Hubei University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan University of Engineering, Wuhan Textile University, Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan Light Industry University, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Wuhan Conservatory, Hubei Art College, Hubei Second Normal University, Hubei University of Economics, Hubei Police Academy, Three Gorge University, Hubei University of Science and Technology, Huanggang Normal University, Jingchu Institute of Technology, Hubei University of Open University, Hubei Normal College, Wuhan Vocational Technology College, Wuhan Ship Vocational and Technical College, Wuhan Traffic Vocational College, Wuhan Railway Vocational and Technical College, Yangtze Vocational College, Changjiang Engineering Vocational and Technical College, Hubei Art Vocational College, Jianghan University, Wuhan Business School, Huanggang Vocational and Technical College, Enshi Vocational and Technical College Hubei Three Gorges Vocational and Technical College, Xianning Vocational and Technical College, a total of 33 colleges and universities of the province conducted routine inspections, synchronous to conduct special inspections of choices, ideology work special inspection.

Recently, the party organizations of inspected colleges held an inspection work mobilization meeting.

Before the meeting, the provincial party patrol teams gave the main person in charge of the party organization of the college, and the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee should be brave in listening to the report of the ninth round of the 11th Provincial Committee and the 11th Round of the 11th Provincial Party Committee. The spirit of inspector mobilization will notify the relevant work arrangements. At the mobilization meeting, the head of the provincial party committees pointed out that this round of inspection is the battle of the Eleventh Provincial Party Committee to patrol all the war, significant, and special.

It is not only to urge the patrol party organization to strengthen the party’s political construction, enhance the "four awareness", and firm "four confidence", and to achieve an important measure of "two maintenance", better fulfilling the mission of responsibilities, and promote the implementation of the new development concept. Building a new development pattern, promoting high-quality development, achieving the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the urgent needs of the steps, and promotes solid development education, resolutely implement the sense of ideology, and ensure the major decision of the Party Central Committee The implementation of the deployment and the requirements of the provincial party committee have implemented important guarantees.

The patrol is a political inspection and is an important political work. The Provincial Party Inspection Team will adhere to the guidance of the socialist socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, and in-depth implementation of the Decision-making deployment and provincial party committee of the party’s central government on inspector, focusing on the center, service overall situation, and comprehensively implement inspection work policy, accurate implementation of political inspections. Requires, accurately grasp the new era of new journey party and national business development on higher education, focus on the party committees of the college party committee and the main business, focus on "one hand" and leadership team, etc., key positions, key areas, and strengthen Implement the party’s theoretical route policy, the party’s major decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee work requirements, comprehensive from the strict governance of the party strategy deployment, the organization route of the new era, the inspection, audit feedback, and the theme of rectification, the subject education In-depth look for political temperature difference deviations, and promote colleges and universities to better responsibilities of socialist builders and successors from cultivating morality of morality.

The main person in charge of the party organizations that were inspected colleges and universities will, will learn about the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on inspector. The important instructions on education work, resolutely unify thoughts and actions to party central government decision-making and provincial party committees Asking, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, enhance political consciousness, strengthen political, consciously accept supervision, strictly adhere to the work discipline, and actively support the work of the inspection team, do the same question Insida, complete the maintenance of this round of inspection tasks. It is reported that this wheel patrol is about 1 and a half months. During the inspection of each inspection team, the duty telephone and postal mailbox, mainly accepted the leadership team and its members of the inspector unit and its members, the leaders of the next level, the leaders of the leaders, the leaders of the important positions violated political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, Waiting in the issue of people discipline, work discipline, and life discipline.