What a pity!

“Siyi……He won’t be……”
The woman saw how close Zhai Yun and Fang Yu were,Puzzled。
Fourth aunt’s taste,Has it become so bad??
“Yes!He is the Mr. Fang!”
Zhai Yun smiled。
First66chapter I can’t cure!
“Siyi,I remembered that I still have something……How about this meal?!”
Be in Fang Yu with Zhai Jun。
Mo Xiaoli said solemnly。
“Xiaoli……Didn’t you say there is nothing tonight?”
Zhai Yun looked at Mo Xiaoli,I don’t know why she changed her mind temporarily。
“New news!”
Finished,Mo Xiaoli picked up her bag and walked away!
Zhai Yun still wants to stay,Seeing my niece walking in such a hurry。
Sighed lightly!
“It’s ok,Next time there is no chance!”Fang Yu said calmly。

The crowd was in an uproar,Can witness a 2 billion gamble,This is definitely awesome for years。

He Shouheng also whispered to his assistant Ma Chong:“Close now,Keep outsiders from coming in,Ready for gambling,Vacant place!”
After ordering,The casino staff soon moved over to a round table,Chen Xiu and Situ Guang are sitting on both sides,There are five dice and a dice cup in front of each other。
He Shouheng said loudly:“Today I will be your notary,May have opinions!”
“I can trust Xiao Hesheng,I have no opinion。”Chen Xiu first said。
“How can your family be rich in casinos for many years,Rely on never pay a thousand,I believe you too!”Situ Guang also said。
“it is good!”
He Shouheng pointed to the dice in front of the two and said:“I have made these two dice myselfXLight perspective,Absolutely no adulteration,Guarantee fairness!”
Situ Guang nodded,Chen Xiu was wondering:“Why give me a pair of dice,Shouldn’t be me listening to him shaking the dice,Then i guess the size?”
Just listen to He Shouheng continuing:“it is good,There are three bets in this game,Best-of-three,first round,More points than the dice,Whoever rolls the most points wins!”
“bad,It’s not bigger than guess,But the size of the points!”
The way the gambling game is played is beyond Chen Xiu’s expectations,Very worried:“Bigger than guess,I still cheat with clairvoyance!”
“Control the number of dice,I can’t!”
“How is this good!”
“calm,Must be calm,There must be a way!”
Chen Xiu’s mind set off、Star Lord、The scenes of those gambling films that Liu Hua played,Gambler、Gambler、The gambler’s various oil heads popped up in his mind one after another,Fa Ge and island woman bet on dice,A classic segment of the shattered dice appeared in my mind。

Wang Youdao is extremely embarrassed,He smiled at Yao Chunni and said:“Our family is rich and blessed,I heard my mom heard that you are quite capable”

“Good brother!”When Yao Chunni called Wang Youdao,Flushed with shame,After all, she hasn’t seen the big world very much。
Chen Yueqin rushed to scream at this moment:“Chunni!Mom has a cold these days,It’s all up to you for this dinner”Chen Yueqin said,Fell asleep on the big kang。
Wang Youcai glanced angrily at his old mother Chen Yueqin,So he snorted:“How do I feel I married a babysitter”
“What do you bastard say?”Chen Yueqin got up from the kang,Staring at Wang Youcai,Looks a little scary。
Yao Chunni took a look,Busy with a smile:“What a big deal,Don’t you just cook?This is what I do best。what’s for dinner,You say,I will do it”Yao Chunni is not stupid,She is afraid that Wang Youcai will quarrel with Chen Yueqin。
The scene is still a bit awkward。Wang Youdao in order to ease the atmosphere,He smiled and said:“I heard my dad say you are going to get married in the first month,Is the time set??Do it at home or in the city?”
Wang Youdao asked,It just gave Wang Youcai a chance to play,He laughed and said:“Time has not been set,But I am going to live in the city。I mortgaged a house,After getting married, I will let Chunni work in the city”
What Wang Youcai said,Chen Yueqin couldn’t sleep anymore。She sat up again,She stared and asked Wang Youcai:“What you just said is true?”
“It’s true!I’m almost done with this”Wang Youcai said solemnly。He just wanted to see how everyone reacted to this。
Wang Degui sat and said nothing,But Chen Yueqin won’t be hot anymore,She laughed and said:“What you mean is that you don’t care about me and your dad?”
“mom!I married Chunni and became my wife,Not the nanny of this family。and also,You gave birth to three sons,Why do you keep putting this burden on me alone?Just because i obedient,If they don’t come, nothing will happen to them?”Wang Youcai said it was on fire。
Chen Yueqin was misfired by Wang Youcai’s two sentences。Wang Youdao can’t sit still,He laughed and said:“We should sit down and talk about this。Parents belong to the three of us,It’s correct that you can’t let You Cai alone raise it”
“All right!Don’t say it so nice。Anyway you are far away,Even if something happens, you can’t save the near thirst。And the boss?I called and said mom had a cold,But people just one step away just don’t want to come and take a look”
Wang Youcai gave a cold snort,Extremely unbalanced。
Niu Huiling saw that the family was starting to do housework again,She can’t sit,Picked up the son on the kang and went to West House。One room in the West House is reserved for Wang Youdao when he returns,Just use it now。

“Zhu Minglang。”Zhu Minglang said。

“Depends on your dress,It’s not like really poor,Mostly for the so-called dragon,Bought too many expensive materials,In the end there is no dragon。Shilong is very particular,Not to say which little creature you saw,Full of spirituality,Is the dragon of the future,Little creature with aura,It may be refined,Live longer。”The man who claimed to be Luo Shaoyan gushed。
“You know the dragon?”Zhu Minglang raised his eyebrows。
“of course,Our Luoshan School,Once a prominent sect,Even some of Zi Zonglin’s seniors,Have come to our Luoshan Sect to ask about the dragon knowledge,It is no exaggeration to say,Their Zi Zonglin’s widely spread method of learning dragons,Copied from us,Our Luo Shanzong is too low-key,Too much hermit life,So that no one knows。”Luo Shaoyan said proudly。
“Row,Then look at how long my little cute can transform into a dragon?”Zhu Minglang pointed to Xiao Qingzhuo who was eating round on the table,Asked。
“Are you kidding me,Just it?If it can transform the dragon,I drank the sea water of Nihai!”Luo Shaoyan said with contempt。
“Oh,So it seems that your dragon knowledge is not very good。”Zhu Minglang sighed。
“Bullshit,I’m out of the mountain this time,I’m going to enter the highest school of Dragon Training Academy,When my reputation in the Dragon Training Institute spreads,You guy who’s still pleasing an old woman,Don’t run up and get close to me,Take a drink with me today as a show off!”Luo Shaoyan said with high spirits。
“So you went to the main campus of How to Train Your Dragon,I should also visit in a few days。”Zhu Minglang said。
“People should be down to earth,Want you to have savings,Just be cruel,Buy a fake dragon young dragon,It’s much more reliable than expecting this kind of bug,And don’t listen to those profiteers,What panacea do they sell,Facilitating cultivation,Mostly useless,Dragon Knowledge,Good use,Really like leaping over the dragon gate、Feihuang Tengda,Bad use is a lie to others!”Luo Shaoyan urges Minglangdao。
Finished talking,Luo Shaoyan went back to his room。
Zhu Minglang has to wait for Xiao Qingzhuo to slowly finish eating the mulberry leaves。
At this moment,Stables,The Raptors ate the raw meat,Seems untamable,Actually approaching the red horse wishing bright,Looks like he wants to eat horse meat。
Zhu Minglang frowned,About to get up,Deterrence with breath,At this moment, the little caterpillar on the table let out a cry,This sound is indeed no different from Xia Chong,Ordinary people don’t care,But the raptor that eats raw meat seems to be frightened,Immediately shrank into a ball,I dare not get closer to the Red Horse!
Zhu Minglang took a surprised look at Xiao Qingzhuo in the form of a bug。

“You won’t open the door for a long time,I thought it was a good thing to disturb you。I want to see if there is a woman hidden,The key is who is the woman you hide?”Wang Yihua said,I actually laughed out loud first。

Xia Jian made tea for her,While talking:“President Wang is really good at joking,I was seriously injured this time,Not even with a woman,Let alone hiding”
“cut!Mr. Yao said that you have a head injury,Isn’t it hurt somewhere?,What else can it do”Wang Yihua said,Deliberately glanced at Xia Jian。Made Xia Jian laugh。
” Didn’t Mr. Wang go to a field investigation recently??Why come to me when I have time?“Xia Jian held back a smile,Ask when the topic turns。
Wang Yihua sneered and said:”Yao Junli is really not friends enough,As if i would snatch you away,You got so bad this time,If not for a friend of mine in Pingdu today,I really don’t know about it。I want to break off friendship with her Yao Junli“Wang Yihua pretended to be angry and said。
”Nothing,Just got knocked from the back of the head,it’s all good now“Xia Jian downplays,Very easy to say。
Wang Yihua said:”You are now a big tree,A small city,Your venture group’s investment accounts for most of the country。Fruit company behind,I think it will be great in the future“
”indeed,My goal is the development of fruit industry in Pingdu,To be controlled by our Pingdu Fruit Company。Neighboring counties will be involved in the future,For example, Qingshan County“Xia Jianyi talked about work,Interest is coming。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:”You are recuperating,We don’t talk about it,When Yao Junli told me your address just now,Specially confessed to me,Let me sit for a while and leave,And your guard,Said the same,Otherwise I really can’t get in your door“
”Damn!How many days have it been,It’s okay long ago。How about this!Mr. Guo is back in a while,Let’s go to the fruit industry base in the afternoon,I heard it’s really good,You should also see where your five million is spent“Xia Jian smiled and said to Wang Yihua。
Wang Yihua,Eyes suddenly light up,She smiled and said:”That’s great,But you just came out of the hospital,They will scold me to death if they do“
”Nothing,I’ll call Mr. Guo,Let her arrange“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
First0807chapter First results
“No need to fight”With sound,Guo Meili came in from the door。
Wang Yihua laughed and greeted Guo Meili,Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian and said:“President Xia wants to see the fruit industry base,But you have to promise me one thing?”

Fuming raised his head to apologize。

“You don’t have eyes!”
The man is unhappy,Scold,The pedestrians around are also looking here,Originally wanted to watch the excitement,But seeing the man’s face,Whispered and walked away。
“This guy is really unlucky,Got on the bar with Wang’s Wang She”
“Said yes”
Fuming frowned and looked at this guy,Although I feel very upset,But after all, I didn’t pay attention,He just took a cold look and was about to leave。
“Hey hey,I want to leave because of this drop!”
Wang She refused to let go and grabbed Fuming’s clothes。
“Let go of your dirty hands!
Fuming turned his head and looked at him coldly,Cold eyes,Wang She let go of his hand unconsciously,Took a step back,But then I felt shameless,Screamed:“Do you know who Lao Tzu is?,I am from the Wang family!”
Fuming with a playful smile:“Do you know who I am?!”
“I care who you are,Get him for me!”
The dog legs around the king’s house immediately surrounded,Holding steel rod in hand,With a grinning smile,Step by step approaching Fuming。
Grin“This is your own death!”
Several people rushed forward and hit them with a stick,Fuming’s figure disappeared instantly,The figure shuttles between several people,Several dogs vomited blood and flew out。
Fuming coldly looked at the Wang She aside,Energy in hands。
Wang She was even more shocked by the scene behind his back,Watching his life approaching step by step,Screamed:“I’m from the Wang family,If you dare to move me, you will die,You’re dead!”
Fuming is too lazy to talk nonsense with him,Appeared in front of him in an instant,Thunder in hand,Blow him out with a punch,Body sinks deeply on the wall,The kind that can’t be pulled off。
“Young master!”

It’s a shame to him,As a pirate running on the sea,How could he be afraid?How can I be afraid?

Leo smiled and drank。
A transparent cover with a hint of halo appeared,It’s not the same as when we dealt with Kern before,The cover at this time can already be seen,Although very vague。
If the vertical grade of the surgical fruit is the size of the slaughterhouse,Then the horizontal is the realization of the slaughterhouse。
From the beginning, only real close can perceive the hood, now it can be seen vaguely。
“This is your ability?”Skopodor sees himself covered,Shen Sheng asked。
“of course,Superman Bubble Fruit!”Leo knew that a bubble fruit would appear ten years later,But he can only use this fruit to explain the ability of the operation fruit,As for being discovered in the future……
Nothing,I’ll just rely on blowing!
Anyway, it’s impossible for people who have not really eaten to distinguish,There are a lot of fruits with similar ability,For example, the distinction between upper and lower fruit。
Leo’s body moves,Suddenly came behind Skopodor。
Skopodor saw Leo suddenly come behind him,Eyelids suddenly twitched,He was attacked by this trick just now,And this time the same scene repeats。
but,The difference is,This time he remembered that he is a fruit capable person。
Although his body can’t react,But it can be pseudo-elementalized。

Astral Fall,Still bright even in the day,At the same time full of destruction!

“Bang bang bang!!!!!!!”
Dashigang was battered by these stars,The dragons and beasts on the ground were beaten to pieces,Faced with such an absolutely crushed Azure Dragon Profound Technique,Those dragon shepherds can only take them back one after another……
But this is no different from a soldier who lost his armor and armor on the battlefield.。
After all, the number of covenants,It takes time to settle。
All the dragon shepherds here are still young,Want to summon five or six dragon beasts,Even seven or eight dragon beasts,The road is still very long。
“Top master level strength……”
“Zhu Minglang has a stronger white dragon!”
“Three bloodlines,Such a dragon is very rare!”
On Cultivation,Bingchen Bailong is indeed not high,But its three bloodlines,Three talents,Proficient in magic and mystery,The scariest thing is,It is also very capable of close combat,No less inferior to the high-ranking velvet wolf dragon on the battlefield……
high speed,Explosive,The ice feather feather on the body is extremely special,It’s soft as a tassel when it’s flexibly pedaling,When under attack,And immediately become as hard as silver,All the feathers connected together,Is a sacred frost armor!
The cultivation base is the upper master,Demonstrating repressive power,But it definitely has the strength of the top master!
Those who came to covet the fuchsia brocade box,Although they have master-level strength,But generally at the lower main level,Bingchen Bailong solved half of the enemies alone!

“Jizo~”Li Ming drew a circle with his right hand,It seems to have disturbed this time and space,With a palm to the fist of the lord of the mountain。

The power of the fist of the lord of the mountain is extremely violent,But his secret method of underground storage is extremely calm。
Like an endless collision of matter。
On Wei Neng,The two are almost the same,But on the mysterious changes,Li Ming’s palm is above the lord of the mountain。
It seems that the two sides are in a match,But Li Ming has actually seen the weakness of the Lord of the Mountain。
Li Ming’s nine-thousand-mile tall body is still very small in front of the body of the Lord of the Mountain,But small,It means dexterity。Illusory,Li Ming has quietly appeared on the chest of the Lord of the Mountain。
Comparison of the size of the two,It’s like an ordinary earth person and a slightly larger fly。
However this‘fly’Palm of,But he staggered back。
Immediately block a pair of the top-ranking treasures of the Lord of the Scythes,Under Li Ming’s triple domain approach,There is also no threat to the thought weapon of the Lord of the Scythe。
“Hand over the treasure!”Li Ming looked at the two masters of the universe,A smile on his face。
He drove this spaceship,In less than three hundred years,He met the birth of a treasure suit。
“Infinite lord of mankind,Although your strength is stronger than mine,But never want to beat the two of us together~”The lord of the mountain looks at Li Ming,Sound buzzing:“You can’t hurt me,Also want me to hand over the treasure。I wanna go,You can stop?”
Li Ming frowned,The Lord of the Mountain is right。
The Lord of the Scythes also has the domain peak treasure,Although he has the treasure,Weakened magical magic,The secret of talent control in time and space,But his own supernatural power is weaker,In fact, the two sides are equivalent in terms of domain suppression。
And the lord of the mountain itself is extremely large,The rock body has an advantage in defense,The genetic level is already perfect,It’s hard to kill the strongest in a short period of time.。

An Yongxiang’s face suddenly stretched,Xie Dabao even winked at Erd,Forcing the other party to speak,“Old wish,The head of the house is different from before,Haven’t you seen his murderous aura??How can you treat your brother like this??The company wants to develop,Inevitably take a detour,Not even a chance for trial and error,Is this forcing us to break up??”

“I said that,Stop mentioning!”Zhu Lei snapped a chair,Stood up very violently,Then leave quickly。
“grass!This is not the way。”An Yongxiang looks at Zhu Lei’s background,A fierce light flashed in his eyes。
“Go to my office,Although this matter is not too urgent,But we have to talk。”Xie Dabao said bitterly。
“Call Peng Weihua,together。”
The three people also left the spacious banquet hall,A big conspiracy is brewing。
Fukuyama Southwest,Huijue Temple,Under the cypress,Li Tianchou is sitting cross-legged with You Shilong,Although the fragrant tea is beautiful,But the two of them looked solemn。
Li Tianchou has told You Shilong about the trip to Yuxing headquarters,He will leave Fushan for a long time,Take care of each other carefully,Beware of two new shareholders and Fu Erde。
“Don’t worry,I can’t turn the tide,But protect Song girl,A letter is more than enough。”
“You must bear with big things,Leave all questions to ?‘,I suggest you and Xiao Song move to Caijiayuan for a short stay,Stay away from whirlpools and right and wrong。”
“This word,You should tell Girl Song in person。”
“It’s useless,Do your best。”Li Tianchou wry smile。
“Nowadays,Maybe it didn’t happen to you,Things will ease。”
“It’s just sooner or later,Scabies tumor is removed as soon as possible and there is a possibility of salvation。Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang look for time to check carefully,Keep in touch anytime。”
“it is good,Leave it to me。”You Shilong sees Li Tianchou speaking seriously,Naturally take it seriously,“A joke,Why don’t you come back to take over Yuxing??How nice it is to have fun together,I really want to be a Taoist priest?”