Cui Kangxi’s Legislative Football Association Cup is crucial, Captain Shenhua is confident to make a comeback

Cui Kangxi’s Legislative Football Association Cup is crucial, Captain Shenhua is confident to make a comeback
At 7:35 tomorrow night, the Football Association Cup final will start in the second round in Shanghai.Although Shanghai Shenhua lost to Shandong Luneng 0-1 in the first round, at today’s pre-match press conference, Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi said that this game is crucial to the team’s reconstruction.Captain Moreno expressed his confidence in the comeback, saying: “Nothing is doomed before the game.”Shenhua team members stepped on the field before the game.Figure / Osports Cui Kangxi will start the game “the last game left to Shenhua, the most important game”, this game will determine the ownership of the Football Association Cup this season, which will produce China’s participation in the AFC Champions League next yearThe last place.The head coach of South Korea revealed: “We have basically completed the preparations and hope that the team members can show excellent performance in the game and do their best to play the game well. The rest will depend on God.”The final curtain call of Chinese football in the 2019 season has attracted too much attention-the press room at Hongkou Stadium even temporarily added 20 chairs to allow media from all over the country to take a seat.Shenhua ‘s league performance this year was not satisfactory. Cui Kangxi, who took over the team halfway through the league, said: “I have n’t spent much time with the players, but everyone has a lot of resonance.Although the league results are not ideal, but the FA Cup final is an opportunity to prove themselves, players can go to supplement the league’s regret.For me, this game is very important. Playing this game well will help the team’s self-confidence and future construction.Of course, everyone needs to calm down to deal with this game.”Shenhua captain Moreno said that in the 2017 FA Cup final, facing the same city opponent Shanghai Shanggang, Shenhua eventually won the FA Cup championship trophy, so” nothing is doomed before the gameAt this time, we need to unite and fight together.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Lu Qian

[Can durian eat eggs?]_Eggs_ Shao Zi_Can you eat them?

[Can durian eat eggs?]_Eggs_ Shao Zi_Can you eat them?

The nutritional value of durian is very high. Generally, durian can be eaten directly or eaten as a fruit. In addition, it can also be put into eggs or pudding. The most popular is durian egg pudding.The egg milk is mixed together, and the appropriate white sugar is used to make a pudding. The egg and durian can be perfectly matched and edible.

Ingredients (4 bottles of 200ML pudding bottles, full of 8 cents) 3 durian pulp 100 g eggs 3 medium-sized milk 380 ml cotton sugar 40 g durian egg pudding method Eggs, pitted durian pulp, milk, cotton sugarPut in the blender and beat 2?
3 minutes and minutes, let the ingredients be fully mixed into egg yellow thick liquid durian egg pudding. Step 1 and then pour out and filter 2 times for the durian egg pudding. Put 2 into a clean pudding bottle, 7?
8 minutes is enough, use a spoon to remove some fine bubbles on the surface, and leave it for a while. Step 3 Fill the pudding bottle into a larger container. Fill the container with boiling water. The water level is about half as high as the pudding bottle.Oven 160 degrees, 35 minutes, you can make durian egg pudding. Step 4 Tips 1. Eggs are the most natural coagulant. Eggs roasted at high temperature are safe, everyone can eat them with ease; milk can also be partially changed.It becomes creamy, and the taste will be more intense; durian pulp is very sweet, and you don’t need too much sugar. Please adjust according to your own taste. Sugar can also be rock sugar, white sugar.

2. If you don’t have an oven, you can use a steamer to steam for 30 minutes. After the water is boiling, turn to medium heat, so that the finished product will be more delicate.

3. Although durian is good, it should not be eaten at a time. Because of its rich nutrition, your stomach will get angry when it cannot be completely absorbed.

If you eat more, you can eat a few mangosteens. Only the fruit queen can surrender the fruit king.

4. Although durian is excessive in cellulose, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach and intestines, but it will catabolize and cause constipation; excessive consumption of durian contains toxins and sugar, so it should be eaten by obese people, and people with diabetes should not eat.It also contains higher potassium, and people with kidney disease and hypertension should eat less.

[Categorized varieties and characteristics of coffee-]_ Types_Features

[Classification and characteristics of coffee?

】 _Type_Features

There are many types of coffee trees, which means that there are many varieties of coffee. Different types of coffee, methods of brewing coffee, and how to drink coffee are also different. In life, most people usually like to drinkCoffee, but they are not clear about the type of coffee and the characteristics of other coffees. What are the varieties and characteristics of coffee?

The specific varieties and characteristics of coffee are introduced below.

Classification and characteristics of coffee The first type is Arabica beans, the world famous Blue Mountain coffee, Mocha coffee, etc., almost all Arabica species.

The other is Robusta. Robusta coffee tree originates in the Commonwealth of Africa. Different varieties of coffee beans have different flavors, but even the same variety of coffee trees, due to different soils, different climates, etc.The growing coffee beans also have their own unique flavors.

The other two are: Liberian and Ethelsa.

If coffee varieties are classified biologically, they can be divided into Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.

The main metabolized varieties in the world are Arabica and Robusta. Liberica is often overlooked due to the lack of crops or poor quality.

For example, Arabica is mainly used in single-item or specialty coffee, while Robusta is used to make instant coffee.

Although Arabica can be defined as high-grade coffee and Robusta as a secondary one, it does not have to be classified as such, and it is appropriate to separate it according to your favorite taste.

From the perspective of taste, the United States and Japan more often include Arabica brewed light coffee, while Europe prefers to mix espresso composed of Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica: High-grade coffee beans with first-class flavor and aroma. Arabica is a specific variety of origin in Ethiopia. It is also produced in South Africa, Africa, and Asian countries, accounting for 70% of the world’s coffee production.
Arabica is less resistant to diseases and insect pests, so it was planted earlier in highlands, especially Arabica coffee beans produced at heights above 1500 meters have the best quality.

It takes such effort to produce good quality, balanced flavor, taste and aroma before it can be certified as high-grade coffee beans. It is mainly used in single coffee or specialty coffee.

The three famous coffee beans: Kona, Hawaii, Blue Mountains, Jamaica, and Mocha, Yemen, are Arabica varieties.

Arabica beans have a dark, narrow and long appearance, and are known as the highest quality Arabica varieties with high quality. They are characterized by rich flavors such as sweetness, sourness and aroma.

Robusta: Strong sour taste and strong taste Robusta’s origin is an African colony, which accounts for 30% of the world’s coffee production.

The word Robusta means “toughness”. In fact, only coffee trees are not only resistant to pests and diseases, they can survive in any soil, and they can grow even in the wild.

Therefore, it can also be planted in high-temperature regions, with fast growth speed and easy cultivation, and has the advantage of low price. It is mainly used as the main raw material for blending beans or adding instant coffee.

Some Robusta produced in India, Africa, Brazil and other places have a strong sour taste, high caffeine content and rich taste.

Recently, there is also the Arabusta variety that mates with the Arabica variety, which has better taste and aroma.

Robusta has a bulging oval shape, and the raw beans are light brown or tan with grass green and yellow luster.

And Arabica varieties index, the taste is more fragrant and lighter, and the sour taste is not obvious and the characteristics of heavier bitterness.

Ethelsa species is a species discovered only in 1904 that originated in the Charlie River Basin in Africa. It has small fruit and high individual crops, especially a drought-resistant species.

The product has a strong aroma and a bitter taste, which is required for cultivation.

Typica: Ethiopia’s oldest native species. All Arabica is derived from Tibica.

The top leaf of iron bica is bronze, and the bean body is oval or thin and pointed; the flavor is elegant, but the constitution is weak, the disease resistance is poor, and the fruit yield is small.

Excellent mountain beans such as Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, Sumatra Mannings, and Hawaiian Kona belong to Tibica.

One of the characteristics of the top leaf of Tibica is bronze.

Bourbon: The early (prehistoric) variant of Tibica transplanted to Yemen, the shape of the bean changed from a thin tip to a round body.

In 1715, France renamed Bourbon after transplanting Yemeni Mocha’s round beans to Bourbon on the east coast of Africa (renamed Reunion after the French Revolution).

Bourbon round beans were transmitted to Brazil and Central and South America in 1727. In 1732, the British transplanted Yemen’s Mocha to St. Helena (later where Napoleon was imprisoned) was also a Bourbon round beans.

Bourbon is the winner of the America’s Fine Coffee Cup test.

[Children’s dosage of belladonna]_Baby_Eating method

[Children’s dosage of belladonna]_Baby_Eating method

Belladonna is a Chinese medicine, but it cannot be used at will. Because the amount of belladonna is very particular, and it has a certain degree of toxicity, it must be used strictly in accordance with the requirements of the doctor.Yes, you can not increase the amount of oral administration if it is painful, which is very bad for the body.

When the body and other diseases occur, it is normal for the medicines to contain upside down Solanum, and the main thing is to control the amount.

Children try not to use belladonna tablets. Belladonna tablets are easy to cover the illness and delay treatment when the child stops pain, so it is not recommended.

This condition of your daughter should go to the hospital for treatment, do not treat it blindly.

You can usually give your baby some light food, do not eat hard food, it is easy to cause indigestion.

Belladonna tablets, proprietary Chinese medicine names.

It is a hemostatic agent, which has the effect of releasing the contraction of tense tendons and inhibiting the secretion of glands.

Indications gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, biliary colic and so on.

Characters This product is light brown or brown flakes.

The main effect is to relieve smooth muscle and inhibit glandular secretion.

Applicable for gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, biliary colic and so on.

Appropriate amount orally.

Take 1 tablet once for adults.

Repeat if necessary after 4 hours.

Medicinal analysis Fangzhong belladonna extract has the effect of releasing muscle and inhibiting glandular secretion.

Adverse reactions 1.

The more common are: dry mouth, constipation, reduced sweating, dry mouth, nose, throat, and skin, blurred vision, and difficulty urinating (elderly).


Rare cases are: eye pain, elevated intraocular pressure, allergic rash and herpes.

The drug is contraindicated to those who are allergic to this product, lactating women, enlarged prostate, glaucoma patients, and lactating women.

Precautions 1. Those who are allergic to this product, lactating women, enlarged prostate, and glaucoma patients.

2. If symptoms do not resolve or disappear after taking this product, please consult a physician or pharmacist.

3, children, the elderly should be used under the guidance of a physician.

4, pregnant women and high blood pressure, hypertension, reflux esophagitis, bipolar disorder of the renal tract, hyperthyroidism, ulcerative colitis patients with caution.

5. If you take too much or have serious adverse reactions, consult a doctor immediately.

6. It is forbidden to use this product when its properties change.

7. Put this medicine out of the reach of children.

Drug Interactions 1. When this product is used together with urinary alkalizing drugs (sodium bicarbonate) and carbon substitution enzyme inhibitors (acetazolamide), excretion of this product is delayed, and the efficacy and toxicity can be strengthened as a result.

2. When this product is equivalent to amantadine, meclizine, prescription thiazide (chlorpromazine, perphenazine), atropine, procainamide, tricyclic antidepressants, this product is equivalent.The adverse reactions of products can be exacerbated.

3. When this product is used equal to antacids and adsorptive antidiarrheal drugs, the absorption of this product is reduced and the income is attenuated.

Must be used together with an interval of more than an hour.

4. This product can reduce the effects of metoclopramide and domperidone.

5. If you are taking other medicines, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.

Pharmacological effects This product can release insulin secretion.

This product is an over-the-counter drug for chronic thirst quenching drugs.

Binhua (601678): New projects continue to be put into production and improve the chlor-alkali integrated industrial chain

Binhua (601678): New projects continue to be put into production and improve the chlor-alkali integrated industrial chain

This report reads: The company’s 杭州桑拿 integrated chlor-alkali industry chain has a significant cost advantage. Subsequently, the price maintenance was gradually interrupted, the price of caustic soda entered the bottom range, and new projects continued to be put into production to contribute to performance gains. For the first time, appropriate overweight ratings were given.

  Investment Highlights: Cover for the first time, and cautiously increase the rating.

The prosperity of main products is maintained, and new projects continue to be put into operation. The company is expected to have EPS 0 in 2019-21.



47 yuan.

Refer to comparable companies and give PB 1 for 2019.

54 times, corresponding to the target price of 6.

20 yuan, the first coverage, given a cautious overweight rating.

  Binhua: The cost advantage of the integrated chlor-alkali industry chain is significant.

The company is a chronically important producer of propylene oxide and caustic soda and a supplier of trichloroethylene and oxide additives.

The company’s integrated integrated circular economy industrial chain extends around caustic soda and PO. The product structure is continuously enriched, and the development of inputs can be dynamically adjusted. At the same time, the self-sufficiency rate of electricity / original salt is also very high, and the cost advantage is significant.

  The price of propylene oxide is expected to remain stable, and the price of caustic soda has entered the bottom range.

Affected by the price increase in 16 years and the expected increase in the integration of chemical companies, PO production capacity has ushered in high growth. It is expected to increase by nearly 100 tons in 19 years, an increase of 30%. PO’s largest downstream polyether polyol is expected to increase production capacity by 22% in 19 years.Taking into account the scale of integrated projects in PO expansion projects, demand growth will provide support for PO; the price of PO is expected to remain stable during the peak season.

The price of caustic soda has been at a historically low level. In 19 years, the amount of alumina and viscose effectively boosted the demand for caustic soda. In the first half of 19, the apparent consumption of caustic soda increased 4.

9%, the North is expected to usher in a limited production, the imbalance of chlor-alkali will support the price of caustic soda.

  New projects continue to be put into production to contribute to performance.

Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid has been driven in 2018, and there is a lot of room for import substitution.

Epichlorohydrin 7 in June 2019.

Production will start in 5 months / year and follow-up prices are expected to continue to rise. In August, the lithium hexafluorophosphate 1,000-ton / year project has completed qualified products, the device is in the optimization stage, and the market space is broad. The company taps the potential for by-products to contain the development potential of hydrogen fuel.

In addition, the company plans to build a comprehensive project of carbon three carbon four will increase the company’s degree of integration.

  Risk warning: The price of the product drops, and the progress of the new project’s commissioning is less than expected.

Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. (000751): Benefit from smelting to improve profit and continue strong performance

Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. (000751): Benefit from smelting to improve profit 北京夜网 and continue strong performance
Summary of the report: The profit level has improved significantly from the previous quarter. The company’s 2019Q1 was affected by the winter storage zinc mine, and its profit was stagnated.After the climate warmed in the second quarter, benefiting from high processing fees, the profitability of zinc products increased significantly.We believe that under the background that zinc prices and zinc processing fees will remain high in the future, the company’s profitability will significantly improve, and its profits will increase significantly.  Pure smelting companies that benefit from rising processing fees have all purchased raw materials for zinc smelting, earning only processing fees, and have the greatest flexibility in the context of increasing processing fees.About 60% of the company’s raw materials come from imported zinc ore, which is about domestic processing fees. Import processing fees have a comparative advantage.In the next 3 years, overseas zinc ore production will be concentrated and expanded, and the expansion of smelting capacity will be concentrated in the country. Therefore, the company will fully benefit from the increase in processing fees for imported zinc ore.  The overall zinc inventory that is expected to be higher than expected for the duration of high processing fees is at a historical bottom, and domestic monetary policy is tending to be loose, stimulating downstream demand, and metal prices may rebound.In the case of high zinc processing costs, the smelting company’s operating rate has gradually increased. The original idle capacity reuse or high-intensity use of machinery will increase the probability of equipment failure, increase the frequency of maintenance, and affect the release of zinc ingot output at the supply side, maintaining zinc.price.Under the high pressure of environmental protection, the concentration of the industry has increased, and the bargaining power of large smelting companies has improved.From the perspective of capital budget and construction cycle, there is a time lag in the launch of new capacity.  Investment rating and estimation According to the profit forecast, the company’s revenue in the next three years is expected to be 73.05, 75, 75.2 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mothers are 1.84, 4.27, 4.7.5 billion, corresponding to PE of 24.75, 10.71, 9.62, first coverage, preliminary “recommended” level.  Risk Warning: Overseas zinc ore release is less than expected risk; zinc smelting capacity exceeds expected risk; downstream demand is less than expected risk; weather factor company project shutdown risk

Angel Yeast (600298): Short-term pressure on the cost side for 19 years and strive to run smoothly

Angel Yeast (600298): Short-term pressure on the cost side for 19 years and strive to run smoothly

Angel yeast’s 2018 annual report net profit also increased by 1.

12% Angel Yeast (600298) announced the 2018 annual report on 青岛夜网 the 22nd, the report states that the company achieved operating income of 66.

8.6 billion, an annual increase of 15.

75%; Net profit attributable to parent company8.

57 ppm, an increase of ten years.

12%; Yield 1.

04 yuan; expected average return on net assets 21.


In the fourth quarter, the company realized operating income.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 12 in ten years.

16%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company1.

8.3 billion, down 22 a year.


It is planned to distribute cash dividends for every 10 shares3.

5 yuan (including tax).

At the same time, the cost and expense side underwent a slight decline in gross profit and net profit. In terms of products, yeast and deep-processed products achieved operating income of 54.

7.3 billion, an increase of 24.

17%, gross profit dropped by 2.

62 points.

Sugar production revenue 3.

2.4 billion, down by 2.

16%, gross profit decreased by 11.

76 points.

Packaging products achieved operating income2.

29 trillion, with an increase of 23.

01%, gross profit decreased by 9.

56 points.

Dairy products achieved operating income of 0.

58 trillion, with an increase of 1.

35%, gross profit increased by 1.

90 marks.

Other products achieved operating income5.

3.5 billion, down 26.

26%, gross profit increased by 9.

57 points.

The report shows that major companies have achieved steady revenue growth for a variety of products. Only non-pillar sectors such as dairy and sugar have performed worse than expected.

The growth rate of the company’s operating income was in line with expectations, but the increase in net profit fell, mainly due to the reported exchange rate fluctuations caused by the Sino-US trade friction, which led to a decline in export revenue and affected profits of 41.6 million yuan.

Anqi Yili was affected by the expansion of the local urban sewage treatment plant, which reduced output, which can replace high production costs and reduce profit margins; overlapping Anqi Chifeng entered the mobile migration and transformation period, during which costs increased; and Anqi Egypt’s rising costs affected profit of 60.72 million yuan.The drop in sugar prices affected profits of 35.2 million yuan.

On the expense side, the company increased advertising and transportation costs, and reported that the company’s sales expenses increased by 20 as well.

22%, foreign exchange losses and increased interest costs increased financial costs by 50.


Consistent pressure of costs and expenses formed a certain squeeze on company profits.

Gross profit margin decreased by 1.

32pct to 36.

32%, the overall period expense ratio rose by 0.

49 points to 20.

83%, net interest rate fell 2pct to 13.


At present, Anqi Chifeng has been relocated, and the company’s total fermentation capacity has reached 23.

During the 7th period, the Russian factory was running smoothly. Egypt’s YE was under construction on schedule. In 19 years, the company’s production side gradually advanced.

As a domestic yeast leader, the investment strategy company ranks third in the global market.

In terms of the domestic market, the development of baking culture is accelerating, YE’s domestic market share is absolutely leading and other factors will stabilize Anqi’s domestic leadership.

On the overseas front, high-margin overseas factories are steadily expanding. The demand for molasses and energy costs to supplement overseas locations is high. The high profitability of overseas single factories will also drive the company’s overall profit margin to rise.

The company’s yeast, YE and yeast deep-processed products have broad development space.

The production capacity of three products, yeast selenium, yeast cell wall, and yeast degradation products, ranks first in the world.

There must be technical barriers in the yeast-derived industrial chain of health products, nutritional preparations, and enzyme preparations. Health care products have begun to enter a period of rapid growth. Derivatives such as nutritional preparations have begun to contribute to the company’s performance.

Yeast deep processing and derivative products are expected to develop rapidly in the future and become an important contribution point for the company’s performance growth.

We are optimistic about the company’s leading advantages in the yeast and yeast derivative industry. The continued layout of deep-processed products and overseas high-efficiency factories provides the company with a certain margin for profit improvement and maintains the company’s buy rating.

Risk Warning: Overseas distribution is blocked, molasses prices rebound, and exchange rate risks

How effective are foot massage shoes

How effective are foot massage shoes

Heel pain, originating from massage shoes. On this day, a woman in her 60s with a fat figure limped into the clinic.

In recent days, her heels have been painful, and she almost dared not lower when she got up, but the pain would be relieved after walking for a while.

I haven’t had this kind of pain before, I haven’t been hurt recently, and I haven’t worn high heels. I don’t know where this pain comes from.

Examination revealed that apart from the obvious tenderness in the center of the heel of the hind foot and tenderness in the Achilles tendon and soft tissues nearby, no special abnormalities were found.

Combined with her age, it was suspected that the heel bone spurs caused pain, so she was asked to take a sole X-ray.

The results showed no bone spurs, but soft tissue swelling at the heel.

This shows that the patient’s pain is caused by soft tissue damage.

Continue to ask the cause, the patient remembered that a week ago, many people were buying massage slippers on the street, and the upper was covered with uneven pebbles.

It is said that wearing the shoes can massage the soles of the feet, and has a health effect, so I also bought a pair of them.

I have been wearing these days. Although my feet are not comfortable, I don’t care.

Could it be related to the pain and massage shoes?

That’s right, it is really caused by incorrect use of massage shoes.

  Human feet, such as the roots of trees, Chinese medicine believes that “people have feet, but trees have roots. Trees with roots dry up first, and old feet wither first.”

Human biped centrifugation is the furthest, coupled with daytime living, the work hoe is in a sitting or overlapping position, and the blood is slowly returning, which is a site with poor peripheral blood circulation.

It is well known to keep your foot’s blood circulation flowing frequently.

Therefore, Chinese medicine has long replaced massage with foot massage. By stimulating more than 60 acupoints of the foot and stimulating the corresponding reflex zones, it can improve blood circulation in the lower limbs, strengthen the metabolism of the plantar tissues, and prevent varicose veins and soft tissue in the lower limbs.Strain, quickly and quickly recover from leg fatigue caused by weight bearing.

Foot massage is reflected in daily life: in many parks, old people can be seen walking back and forth on cobblestone roads; in foot bath centers, many young people can also come to bathe their feet.

Whether walking on pebbles or on foot, it is limited by area and time.

At the foot, a variety of massage shoes have been introduced on the market, allowing you to enjoy health care services anytime, anywhere.

So, can massage shoes take on this task?

  Massage shoes.

Although foot massage cannot be replaced, massage shoes can provide us with foot stimulation at any time and place. It is extremely convenient, but not everyone is suitable.

  First, pedicure is not the same as simply stimulating the soles of the feet. It includes massaging the entire foot (lower limbs to the soles of the feet).

And the stimulation method is also very particular.

Depending on the physical and physical needs of different people, some target, some acupoints or parts require increased stimulation, and some require softer stimulation.

The massage shoes only use the unevenness of the upper to stimulate the soles of the feet through the weight of the body.

The strength of this stimulus is fixed and the range is limited to the soles of the feet.

  In fact, choosing shoes is also critical.

Generally, people who are heavier should not wear massage shoes, because under the influence of their own weight, it is easy to cause strain on the soft tissues of the soles of the feet; it is also inappropriate to wear massage shoes for a long time.Face changes can easily cause arch deformation.

Even if you want to buy massage shoes, you must choose carefully.

The most important point is to try it on.

If you feel uncomfortable or have pain in your feet, it is best not to replace it.

  As a result, it is because of the long-term wearing of shoes and shoes, and the weight is too heavy, that the soft tissue of the foot is continuously damaged by the mechanical compression of the weight.

Causes heel pain.

Some people may ask, isn’t traditional Chinese medicine saying that “pain is unreasonable and general is not painful”?

It hurts, shouldn’t it be more irritating?

This understanding is wrong.

The “pain” referred to in Chinese medicine mostly refers to the body’s own pain, but not the pain under external force.The pain caused by the impossibility caused by external force squeeze should be removed.

In short, massage shoes are a kind of merchandise, and its therapeutic effect is only a promotional method for businesses, not a real pedicure.

  Soak your feet in hot water.

Thorough and easy to do In fact, foot treatment is not just a massage, but also some simpler and easier methods, similar to hot water soaking.

It can also improve the blood circulation of the feet and relax the soft tissues, which is very helpful for eliminating fatigue and promoting sleep.

The method is: before going to bed every day, take an appropriate amount of clean water and heat it to 50-60 seconds.

Pour hot water into a wooden bucket or foot basin and soak for about 10 minutes.

After dipping, go to bed as soon as possible, and don’t let your feet get cold again. This is more effective.

The role and effect of massage biliru

The role and effect of massage biliru

Relieving the troubles of the elderly people’s mouths Many elderly people are prone to bitterness when they are old, especially when they wake up in the morning. This is because the bile is against the mouth.

At this time, you can often click on the gallbladder point on the back, long-term adherence, not only can eliminate the symptoms of mouth pain, but also protect the gallbladder.

In addition, the Danshu point can prevent and treat the lung tuberculosis and hot flashes.

This point is used as a daily health care point and is often pressed.

Shugan Lidan, the attending jaundice point is the back of the gallbladder, is the gallbladder gas transmission relative, with Shugan Jieyu, choleretic yellow, qi and pain, clear biliary fire, attending jaundice, hypochondriac pain,The arm is swollen, the mouth is sore and so on.

Nourishing the stomach to help digestion, health care has a bizarre bile, the stomach belongs to the soil, the biliary fire is too prosperous, and the stomach is easy to cause digestive diseases.

This point can ventilate biliary fire, and stomach qi, lowering the vomiting, attending vomiting, eating and drinking.

Such as the matching room, the foot of the weeping, Lieutenant, Gongsun, Neiguan, can treat the bile fire vomiting, eating and drinking.

Experts teach you to find a simple point of daring, referring to timidity.

This point should be bile, infusion for the bile, is an important acupoint for the treatment of biliary diseases.

In the prone or prone position, open next to the central axillary spine of the 10th thoracic spine.

Take a hole at 5 inches.

What to save you my tired heart

What to save you my tired heart

“It’s exhausting. The salary is so low. This class is really tired.

“” I want to take leave in the morning, I really don’t want to go to work. ”

“Do you often hear such rejections on the way to work?

Or is it the protagonist who speaks these words?

Tired and boring, it has become a mantra of more and more professionals. It looks like a dark cloud covering people’s heads. If you accidentally drop a heavy rain.

“Passion” is the rainbow in the sky, and it seems to be a distant memory.

What to save, my tired heart, the passion I have lost?

The following is an analysis of the keywords that affect the work passion of CCDM career planners in Xiangyang career, helping everyone to find the key to solve the mystery of “heart lock”.

  Specifically, the upside representative in the workplace: Dick Job title: Software development years: Dick, who graduated from a prestigious school for 2 years, joined a software development company as soon as he left the school, because he was active and eager to learn, he had not been a year’s technical backbone.
One day after a headhunter call, Dick resolutely joined the current securities company, which has doubled his salary. It is important that the General Manager’s Committee put him in charge of developing the company’s securities software system.

In the past six months, it was almost day and night, writing code, investigating, testing, and when it was officially launched, the boss was happy to seal a thick red envelope to show his reward. This was in the circle of classmates, but Dick earned his face.

The next major task is to teach everyone how to operate correctly, maintain the normal operation of the system, and also take care of the computer with problems. The work is not big, but it is extremely cumbersome. Every department takes him as a firefighter.

Towards the end of the blink of an eye, I suddenly found that I had been stagnant, and the update of IT technology was extremely fast.

The trivial work quickly wiped out my only passion. Dick talked to the CCDM professional planner. His salary should be relatively high in the same industry, but the room for improvement is the highest, just like a chicken rib.Tasteless, it’s a pity to abandon it!

  Xiangyang career expert review: For fresh people in the workplace (job 1?
2 years), we should pay more attention to development space and opportunities.

Including the improvement of personal ability, the expansion of the interpersonal circle and so on.

The improvement of competitive salary capital alone cannot be a source of work motivation.

And in the end, it will lead to mental depression, a situation of always being distracted or unwilling to go to work.

  A sense of achievement is the spiritual enjoyment that work brings to people, and it is also a lasting motivation in career.

CCDM career planners suggest that Dick and the friends he meets with Dick can establish phased development goals for their careers. Each time they achieve their goals, they can double their confidence and bring recognition of their own value.

When necessary, you can communicate with your boss and put forward your own ideas. In addition to providing suggestions for the company, you can also create more development opportunities for yourself.

  Keywords: Professional interest, workplace representative: Xiaoyu Position: Court clerk Working life: 5 years Xiaoyu, who graduated from university in 2001, spent half a year preparing for civil servants.

To date, she has worked in the courts for almost 5 years.

Last month, I was so happy with the golden pig baby that life is supposedly happy.

However, she is tired of her current job.

Under the guidance of a career planner, Xiaoyu’s dissertation has always liked to write some fancy texts, and he has no interest in the work of full input and output every day. It is also for parents to decide for themselves when they read law in college.

It can be said that for 5 years, I have not known that work has passion and fun.

The tired Xiao Yumeng thought of changing careers, but the pressure from age and family did not dare to try easily.

However, in the face of constant work, Xiao Yu finally decided to ask CCDM professional planner to help solve it.

  Xiangyang career expert comment: At present, the index of China’s workplace to match people is very low.

An analysis of Xiangyang’s career consulting agency on nearly a thousand working people who have worked for 1-10 years shows that 83.

More than 5% of people in the workplace are engaged in jobs they do n’t like and are unsuitable for.

In this state, there is no way to talk about work passion.

There are a lot of friends like Xiaoyu in the society, and there may be dreams in their hearts, but the university and work are arranged by parents or family members, and they follow a path of life that they do not agree with.

Depressed emotions do not perform well at work. Tired emotions will erupt like volcanoes over time, let alone work passion.

  Choose the challenging job that suits you.

There are dreams and actions to achieve.
He once wrote an article “Jie Jie: Successful Transformation from a Gold Collar to a Happy Male Voice”, which explored career transformation.
In addition, the relatively stable work of similar civil servants must have its dull and boring side. Then, if you want to develop your passion for work, you must explore the challenging and creative side of it, or transform it into your own area of attention and complete yourself.dream.

Of course, at least you must be fully prepared. This is related to career positioning and other issues. When your thoughts are not clear, you can ask a professional career planner for help.

  About-Responsibility, sense of achievement Representatives in the workplace: Lin Sheng Position: Executive Deputy General Manager Years of Work: 20 years Lin Sheng is a veteran of H Garment Company. He has grown with the company for 8 years and has been in the North China market for six consecutive months.In the past 50%, the company was reorganized. Lin Sheng was transferred from vice president of sales to executive vice president of the group, and was fully responsible for the management of the four factories of the production department.

The position is a flat tone, even the office has not changed, but Lin Sheng is still empty. Each factory has a factory director, and general affairs can not be intervened. In the past, he often traveled for business and entertainment, and suddenly became a big idler. The financial need not be right.You do n’t have to fight for the promotion plan overnight. You have to retreat from the front to the back, and only you know the sourness.

Lin Shenghong’s loud voice was not heard in the office, but he often sat in the office in a daze, and when he reached 40, all the passion disappeared overnight.

  Xiangyang career expert comment: Major responsibilities can feel pressure, but also give unlimited work passion.

Holding important positions in the company, or the military engaging in significant work content, reused by the boss, etc., can easily stimulate people’s passion.

Although Lin Sheng’s position is arithmetically translated, in fact, the rights of the enterprise are completely overstretched. A person cannot reflect his value, sense of accomplishment in a job position, and is not liable to lose his job direction and goals when he assumes responsibility.Work enthusiasm will slowly fade away and surround the weird circle of job burnout.

Change your own thinking mode, look for new opportunities in new opportunities, and the responsibility for the family is also a key factor for most people to go forward under pressure.

Lin Sheng may consider this point and regain his passion for work and life.

  The external working environment, training, promotion system, salary increase, etc. may temporarily increase your passion for work, but from the perspective of long-term career development, the key lies in your knowledge of yourself, your precise positioning and clarityCareer planning to inject more power into our work passion.