Zheng Yao first listened to it, he would like to have a lot of ritual.:“Your boy dog thief!You have determined that he is rebellious.?”

“Six brother!If this person does not have a rebellion, how can it be used with Qin Huaide to play white andchi?!”
“makes sense!”Zheng Yao first is more interesting at this moment.,
“Six brother!You are my most admire!Can I recognize you as a big brother??”Can’t tell,But you must get the trust of the kite comrades,So in the province, it is prevented by oneself.,
Zheng Yao smiled and said:“You are serious about yourself.!You are a person with this matter,The future is also unlimited,Can you have a brother like this is the honor of I Zheng Yao!”
“Then I want to pay with you.!You will be my profous in the future.!What do you make me do, what do I do?!”Ritual,
chapter Five This risk must take
This period is still more popular.,Zheng Yao is not a sense of resentment,Instead, I feel that I can do a lot of things to do with brothers.,It is also convenient for further understanding of this.,I have a good promise:“Can you have a brother like this is my blessing?!Seeking it!”
“Big brother!Be worshiped by the younger brother.!”Qi Rui said that he will give Zheng Yaoxian,
Zheng Yao first accepted a lot of worship,Two people worshiped in the office in the office。
“Big brother!”Rui Weizhen shouted,This big brother is equivalent to crying here.!
“Brothers!”Zheng Yao gave Qi Rui a bear hug,
“Big brother!I have something to go out now.!Wait for tomorrow, please drink alcohol in the husband temple.!”
“brother!Don’t call me big brother in the future.!Follow someone else called Six brothers,I will talk to me, I will talk to others.!Multiple friends!”
“I listen to the six brothers!I’m leaving!”
Zheng Yao first looked hard to leave the special affairs department,Dark road:According to the information, he should have no relationship in Nanjing.,It seems that it is important thing to go out so anxious.!Yup!Just now, he tried to ask Huang Youxian.!not……
Zheng Yao is very curious,With the experience, he feels that he is close to the specialist office and Huang Youxian.,So I quietly followed it.。
Rui Rui left Zheng Yaoxian’s voice sounded:Complete the task of entering the efforts!awardcDifficult skill package one!
Primary micro-face management and identification skills!?Qi Rui understands that it is familiar with the new skills,It is useful to find this skill.,Don’t look at the primary,But it is a target facial microphone.、Microcarphere、Non-speaking behavior morphological performance to read face readings,This skill is a modern criminal investigation。
You can also manage your own micro-face、Microcarphere、The morphological performance of non-speech behavior misses others to judge their own,Or convey the information you want to convey!
This skill also has an important purpose—That is the performance!Most actors can manage their expressions well.,Condensation acting is a certainty of an actor,After this skill, we have also become a performance master that can control your own limbs and expressions.!
Experience familiar with the new skills,Rui Rui, in accordance with Huang Youxian, coming to Queen Bookstore,Fu Yingxue works in this bookstore,At this time, the special agent has already monitored it here.。
Qi Rui glanced over a circle of bookstores, and found several camouflage special situations.,Seeing the situation in front of him, he is in a hurry。
Huang Youxian is just a transportation.,He didn’t know where Yuan Shangqing lived in Shanghai comrades arrived.,So the special agent is temporarily no moving bookstore!They plan to make a network!
Now all this is a special agent.!How do you notify Fu Ying Snow Comrade if he guaranteed himself?!
Qi Rui knows that the special agent will not let go of people who have come into contact with Qupinbai house,I have tried to know Huang Yuxian,Once the appearance is definitely exposed!But this risk must take!
Seeing Rui Rating in the distance to observe the Queen Book House,Zheng Yao is very wonderful:What is this kid?!
Zheng Yao first observed around and suddenly found eight Dafang’s old two sinking floods to disguise into a roadside.,Not from a shock:Old second person!It seems that it is a major case.!I mentioned the bookstore just now.!Is it a case in Huang Youxian??This is rustic……
Zheng Yao first premises passing through the foreign cars in Shen Hongzhang,Whispered:“Two brother!What mission is you doing this??”
Shen Hongzhang did not look back at the bookstore,Ask:“Old six!Are you not in the Qinglong Mountain Base??”
“Have a finish!I am preparing to buy two books.,Just see you here!”

“Appeared three times,Are outsiders entering the mountains,Once a hundred years ago。”Jia Chou shook his brain,Can’t remember,“Another time was 20 years ago。”

“All Zhang family?”
“The first time it was Zhang family,Taoist priests the last two times,What is annoying is,They both chose to enter the valley when I retreat with Jiakui,Li Wushuang’s servant tried to hide from me,And bold,The Taoist priest stole the treasure left by Fairy Wenxin,Shake the foundation,So it caused another demon to summon the undead army,He can’t handle it,I can only come and beg,Said it was curiosity,Let the Taoist priest into the mountain,Accidentally caused a disaster。”
“Demon Lord?”
“It is this monster,Super mana,Supernatural power,At that time, the fairy Wenxin almost exhausted all his cultivation base and nailed his soul to the bottom of the seal formation.,But still can’t kill it。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Ride a donkey down the mountain
“Yes!”Jia Chou suddenly palmed with a boxing,Irritated,Then you must post everything,Heavy breathing,Started pacing back and forth irritably,Like thinking of something that made him extremely resentful。
Jia Chou’s mentality seems to be a little confused,This is also normal,Recovery always needs a process,Li Tianzhen doesn’t speak,Just watch carefully,The clarification of the mind can only rely on his own gradual progress,The role of external forces is already small。
“It must be that guy!It was the old devil who used the hand of the servant to frame me!”Jia Chou went faster and faster in the rage,He is still carrying a sunflower,Move like the wind,Like a swift wind,“Poor Kwai,I don’t know until death!”
Bang,The wind finally stopped,Jia Chou panted and sat on the ground,Even the body of Jiakui didn’t hold it,Fell aside,Chaos eyes stared at the stone wall in the distance,Jia Chou’s irritable aura finally gradually cooled,Even the eyes seem to gradually become clearer。
“What did you think of?”
“That demon must have touched Lingquan,Jiakui and I drank the spiritual spring water for a day and it was not as good as a day,Must be like this!”
“What is Lingquan?”
“A treasure left by Fairy Wenxin,There is a clear spring in Osume’s realm,Used to treat my damaged soul,Timed reference every ten days,Condition slowly。”
“Asking the heart really considers everything。”Li Tianzhen nodded in praise,“But Xumijing,How can ordinary people enter?”
“Blame me for trusting the Li family,I have shown this treasure to Li Shijian。”Talking,Jia Chou took out a very delicate jade bracelet from his arms,Self-luminous,Light green with smoky smoke,Jia Chou put it in midair,My eyes suddenly shine,There are faint runes in the light flying towards the jade bracelet,In an instant,The scene in front of Li Tianzhen changed。
There is a small living world in front of me,Daishan Rumo,Tree-lined,Luxuriant grass,Like a landscape painting,A mountain spring beside the grass,crystal clear。
“This is Lingquan。”Jia Chou’s body also appeared in the small world,“I was here when I retreat with Jiakui。”
Li Tianzhen nodded,Took a small plastic bag from his pocket,Take a little clear spring and put it away,Asking the heart’s Xiaosumi environment can be eroded、Defile,Explain the adversary’s skill in poisoning,Powerful,It shouldn’t be done at the level of Li Wushuang,He suspects that the Demon Lord of Demon Abyss borrowed the hand of Li Wushuang,He put the small bag away,I have time to ask three unicorn beasts to see how weird this spring water is。

“But I still don’t understand,Why are you so calm that he will lose everything,Won’t stop betting halfway?”

After the transfer,Brother Chen still can’t figure this out。
“Brother Chen,You can’t think about the gambler’s psychology with the mentality of a normal person。”
“Normal people have won hundreds of millions and probably stopped betting long ago,You see, he keeps relying on the gaming table。”
“This kind of professional gambler is likeDAddicted!”
“Hurry up,What he pursues more is the happiness that the adrenaline soars brought to them at the moment of the draw.!”
“So we opened a casino,Never afraid of gamblers coming to gamble,Have you heard of a casino closing down。”
“They won money today,I will lose back tomorrow!”
Brother Chen said with a wry smile:“The casino is the casino,The psychology of the gambler is really clear。”
“but,I am curious。”
“Why did you hear that he was carrying all kinds of lucky things,You are so sure that he won the cards by luck?”
“and also,How to get black dog blood,How do you know!”
He Shouheng pointed to the god Guan Erye hanging on a wall in the monitoring room and said:“How can we open a casino not believe in metaphysics,Every day, all the employees will incense to Guan Erye!”
Chen Xiu used to watch Hong Kong Island gangster movies, but he often saw the black and police in them would give Guan Erye incense.,At that time he couldn’t help but complain,Both the black and the police worship the same god,I really don’t know that Guan Erye will protect that side。
I just can’t think of opening a casino and paying homage to Erye。
Just listen to He Shouheng continuing:“Metaphysics is not superstition,It is a cultural treasure that our Xia people have inherited for thousands of years。”
He Shouheng changed his tone again,Asked:“Have you noticed the shape of our Lisboa Casino?,like what?”
“Like a birdcage,What’s special about this?”

“This is really unacceptable,This is my bottom line”Xia Jian rejected Luo Jun’s kindness。To know,Longdong Group’s stocks are difficult for others to buy,Let alone give。

Luo Jun smiled and said:“Luo Yi guessed right,She said you won’t want it。That way,I’ll give you a sum of money,It’s a little bit of my heart”
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Thanks uncle!From the current point of view,I really don’t need your money。How about this!If one day,I was short of money and spent,Will come to you naturally”
“You guys are really weird,When young people now hear about money,Just threw up,But you are fine,It’s like having a grudge against money”Luo Jun said,Haha laughed。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I want to see Luo Yi,Do you think it’s okay??”
“sure!I’m just waiting for your words,You should look at her。Ali told me this morning too,I already called,Hurry up, this Sunday will be fine”Luo Jun said,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“it is good!That’s it,Let’s call if something happens。I can’t interrupt Uncle Luo’s work anymore”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Luo Jun smiled and said:“Not many people can understand me,you are the first。How about this!I’ll let Ali and Secretary Bai accompany you to have a light meal at noon!In our industrial park,Don’t run far”
Seeing Luo Jun’s attitude so determined,Xia Jian had to agree。Because he understands Luo Jun’s temper,If he loves overseas,Luo Jun will be angry。
When I came out of Jun’s office,,It’s actually past eleven。Xia Jian met Ali and Guan Tingna in the lobby on the first floor,In a while,Bai Li is also down。
They had lunch in the industrial zone of Longdong Group。Ali and Baili take turns to toast Xia Jian。The passion of the two of them,It’s really hard to resist。
The results come and go,Xia Jian drank too much before she knew it,Fortunately, Tingna is by his side,Otherwise he really doesn’t know how to get back to the hotel。
This afternoon,He spent it in his sleep,But he had a lot of dreams。In dream,Luo Yi that Xia Jian dreamed of,But Luo Yi just ignored him。
Xia Jian woke up in shock。He found out that he had a dream,As for how he got back to the hotel,He didn’t even know。
Take a look at the phone beside the bed,I found that it was more than seven o’clock in the evening。At this moment,His phone rang,Qin Xiaomin actually made the call。
First2328chapter Never before
Xia Jian saw that it was Qin Xiaomin’s call,Quickly got up from the bed。He didn’t expect the wine he drank at noon to be on top,Until now he still feels dizzy。
Xia Jian shook his head,Sober yourself a little bit,So I connected Qin Xiaomin’s phone。Asked in a low voice on the phone:“What are you doing?Busy now?”

Ruth sneered:“I didn’t hear your voice at all,I heard the creak of the bed board”Ruth finished,I laughed first。Alice was booing on the side,Jane in the car really broke up。

Xia Jian slammed the brakes and stopped,Three women exclaimed。Alice accompanied Xia Jiandao carefully:“We are talking for fun,You shouldn’t be angry anymore!You don’t have a wife anyway,Who is good with that is your business”
“I am too lazy to be angry with you,Get off!Destination arrived”Xia Jian opened the door and jumped down by himself。Three women exclaimed,Also got out of the car。
The words of Zhangyang Village Flower Planting Base are very conspicuous。Maybe it was Zhao Hong who secretly called Ma Chuntao,So Xia Jian took these three women in the past,Ma Chuntao is already standing at the door waiting for them。
“Mayor Xia!I heard that you brought three beautiful women to visit our flower planting base,I waited for my son early in the morning”Ma Chuntao laughed and said。
Ma Chuntao dressed very ordinary,But this does not affect the charm of her mature woman。Especially her proud body,Without clothes,All give people a kind of enjoyment in perspective。
“Mayor Ma!These two yellow-haired returnees,Who is thisSZWhite-collar elite,You show them,What is the flower planting base in Pingyang Town like??”Xia Jian laughed and gave Ma Chuntao a brief introduction。
Chen Lu took a step forward very politely,Shook hands with Ma Chuntao,A few women soon got together,Xia Jian just followed them,Jane is like a follower。
He hasn’t been here for a long time,Unexpectedly, there are several new varieties of flowers in the greenhouse。Women love flowers by nature,This is not false。It’s possible that three women saw so many flowers for the first time,And the scale is so big。They exclaimed,Admired,See this as a paradise on earth。
Don’t you know,How much bitterness is contained in this beautiful side。Others can’t realize,Ma Chuntao should feel deeply。
Something that was supposed to end in an hour,The result was entangled until noon。Women are so many things,Not only to enjoy flowers,Take pictures,Ma Chuntao couldn’t get out for a while。
She found a chance to join Xia Jian,Asked quietly:“Which is the most beautiful is your girlfriend?Really hidden。Others are still worried about you,I didn’t expect you to have counted it”
“No blessing,All ordinary friends。Don’t think too much,I meant not to disturb you,I didn’t expect that someone would still inform you”Xia Jian said with a smile。

The weird thing is,No one seems to react abnormally,I seem to turn a blind eye to a newcomer like Li Tianzhen,Everyone reports,And then sing a song,Teams walked into the cell,Zhu Lei kept looking back,Li Tianchou is still at the end of the team,Sing loudly in unison,Still smiling at him,Standing around four or five disciplines,I didn’t find one more person?what?How did you report the number just now?

Completely confused old wish,Until I walked into the cell,I found out that Li Tianzhen had disappeared.,As if he had never been in the future。
Next,Li Tianzhen ran three more places,Saw Zhang Wen separately、Broad Beans and Qi Baozhu,Zhang Wen and Broad Bean were also detained in the City No. 1 Detention Center because of the Yuxing Incident,He didn’t show up,Just looked at them from a distance,Then left quietly,Since they are in good condition,No need to worry。
In comparison,Qi Baozhu is the most stable,Because it has always been sincere people have principles,Finally not involved in the chaos of Yuxing,His new car repair shop with Luo Jun has begun to take shape,Lots of cars parked in front of the door,Many young people in uniforms are busy,Business should be good,Li Tianzhen did not show up either,But I feel comfortable,Like spring breeze。
Finally couldn’t hold back,Li Tianzhi went to Xinglongshan Mental Hospital to see Peng Weihua,Unexpectedly, this cheap master is really crazy,In the eyes of insight,He can’t read it wrong,The mood just getting better is like falling into the ice cave,The original idea of going to Yunshan again is temporarily dismissed。
“The new master is afraid it is difficult to cut the dust。”Li Wen in the divine consciousness let out a sigh。
“I thought he had an epiphany again,Determined,Why don’t you want to get rid of the old,New branches,I’m waiting for the road to return forever。”Li Huo also lamented。
“That may not be,New Lord’s true temperament,It really looks like the man in the palace。”Law Enforcement Venerable Fire Pig has another opinion。
“You also think that the new master is not the god of war Li Xiucheng?”Another god asks。
“I did not say,But things are unpredictable,The old palace master’s eyes are still very poisonous,Everyone, take one step at a time。”
“I think the old palace master is always confused,That divinity doesn’t have good intentions,Dim eyes and ulterior motives,Really got it wrong,This son is definitely not Li Xiucheng,How mighty and fierce the God of War was,I don’t like it,But respect him,Military achievements,The Battle of Qiyunling,The golden fairies who killed were frightened,How can this son have half the potential?”
“Got it wrong?Dumb bear,Are you the old god of war,Battle of Qi Yunling,Li Xiucheng has not yet been promoted to the true god,I’m afraid you’re always confused?”

Wang Lin sighed and said:“It’s good to have this way,But this is the rest30How will we sell multiple buildings?“

“Very simple!Lower the price,Form a downward trend,To put it bluntly, it is off-plan sales“Xia Jian said and looked at Guan Tingna。Guan Tingna frowned and said nothing。
Wang Lin thought about it:“I don’t know what you are doing?Speak out,Don’t make us bother“
“listen,When this is sold out50After many buildings,Even a node。Further back,The deadline for handover will definitely be pushed back,Such as two years to three years,Or five years。Then we will set a price that cannot be higher than the price of the sold property,For example, two-year delivery is a price,The lower it goes。And this price must be lower than the price of high-end real estate in the market“Xia Jian said in his chest。
Wang Lin looked at Guan Tingna,Puzzled。Guan Tingna stroked the paper with a pen:“President Xia’s head is simply too smart,Caught the consumer’s psychology,Thus,The rest30Buildings will still be sold out“
When Guan Tingna finished saying this,Wang Lin seems to understand,She smiled and said:“This method is too great,For us, the money was received in advance,For those who get the room late,There is a discount on the price,Really a good way to kill two birds with one stone“
Xia Jian finished the last bit of coffee in the cup and said:“This matter is highly confidential,Only the three of us know,Of course, if I’m not here,Mr. Wang and Mr. Guan discussed the implementation“
“Ok!I know“Wang Lin said happily。Guan Tingna also nodded,A smart sales decision,It was decided while a few people were drinking coffee。
Arranged this,Xia Jian waited for Guan Tingna and Wang Lin to leave,So I called Dragon Ball,In a while,Dragon Ball is here。
“Security matters,How is your configuration?“Xia Jian is straight to the point。
Dragon Ball took a breath and said:“It’s basically in place now,More soldiers than generals。I want to select a few people who can manage,It’s really hard“
“Don’t worry about this,I give you a task。You should be familiar with Bucheon,During this time, arrange the work on hand,Then you give me a good inspection,See where else you can invest in development,I’ll handle this secretly,Tell me when it’s done“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said blindly。
Dragon Ball nodded and said:“Good manager Xia!I must take care of this“Dragon Ball left after speaking。
After arranging these things,Xia Jian looked at his watch and it was time for lunch。Because Lin Wei is not with Xia Jian,So Xi Zhen walked in and asked:“What do you have for lunch, Mr. Xia??“

Li Tianchou hurriedly let go and nodded,“The water on your pants hasn’t dried yet。”

“It doesn’t matter,Just walk around,I’m not so particular。”Xiao Song said he stood up。
The two walked slowly along the steep bank,Xiao Song points to the beautiful scenery ahead and exclaims from time to time,Li Tianchou suddenly became alert,The uncomfortable feeling in the woods just reappeared。
He looked around calmly,But still no abnormalities,This time he was more convinced that the things hiding in the dark should be individuals。Li Tianchou couldn’t help but be surprised,Are there any masters in such a place where ghosts don’t shit??So sneaky,But there is no threat or murder,Maybe the pervert is peeping?
River bend,The river beach is gradually opening,Standing high,There is a large vacant lot where I can see。The open space is formed by the alluvial river,Almost white-flowered gravel,Rare vegetation。What’s more surprising is,There seems to be a small house next to the river bank,There are still people living here?
“Look,There are other people there。”Xiao Song obviously found that little house too。“Let’s go see。”
“Not invited by the host,That’s not good?”Li Tianchou hesitated。
“What are you afraid of,Not steal or steal,Go visit your new neighbor。”Xiao Song is very interested,I walked forward quickly while talking,Li Tianchou shook his head,This girl is really curious。
Decline with the slope,Just turned a corner,Xiao Song in front suddenly exclaimed。Li Tianchou stepped forward,I found Xiao Song Zheng was there,On a small rock on the bank of the river in front sits a ragged old man。
Chapter Ninety Eight Blame old man
The old man is not tall,Thin,The clothes on my body are patch stacks,It is difficult to describe with a uniform color,This is hard to see nowadays。The most amazing thing is the old man’s face,Only the red nose and bright black eyes are the facial features that can be clearly distinguished,The rest is covered by gray hair,The whole face looks like a large kiwi in the deep mountains。
So face,No wonder Xiao Song was scared,If it appears at night, it is like a fake mandrill。The old man sat there smoking a cigarette leisurely,A big bamboo pole stretches out into the river,Like fishing for something。Xiao Song’s exclamation did not disturb the old man’s mood,Until I saw Li Tianchou,The old man smiled,Exposing big yellow dies。
“Old man,Hello there。We passed,Didn’t bother you?”Can’t freeze here,Moreover, the old man may be the owner of the hut in front of him.,So Li Tianchou took the initiative to say hello with a smile。
“Do not bother,Didn’t you just stop by me??Ha ha。”The old man is not in a hurry,It’s just that there are some disadvantages in language,Doesn’t sound like a local accent,Is this old man floating here from outside??
The old man’s ears work well,He heard all the conversation with Xiao Song just now,Li Tianchou nodded politely,“It turns out that the old man is the owner of that house,What a coincidence,Just want to visit。”

You are?”

I saw that Lu Changsheng did not start through Li Mei’s nod.,He is also a glimpse。
Generally dare to speak in front of your boss,Then this person is generally not the existence of the younger brother.。
“He is my husband,What he said is what I said.。”
I listened to Li Mei.,The cloud show couldn’t help but read a long life.。
“alright,But I am talking about a hundred million years.,But if you only have one, even if it is once.,After all, I am ready to fight for a long time.。”
“Can,If you have money,I can make you washed two billion every year.,However, there is a fee。”
“How much is the fee?”
Yun Shi heard that there is another way of life,The first time is also curious。
“Not much fee,It should also be one thousand than one。”
“certainly,Your money is to be black money,The way is very unfair to be discovered, then it may become one hundred-to-one.。”
Listen to this ratio,He can accept it in front,He is basically not washed back later.,I can’t make it so much white.。
“Humph,Is the right money need to wash??”
The words of the cloud show are let the Chang Chang live。
“I said that the kind of entertainment industry,There are still many more money.,Black money refers to the kind of trafficking”“Oh?
It seems that the brothers are very understanding.!However, one hundred and one afterwards are too expensive.,Is there any other way??”
Lu Changsheng frowned:“Also,But more trouble,Need to contact it in advance,But if you have more than 10 billion or more money,I can wash you out of eight billion,How about it?”
The cloud show is also very calm。
“Correct,One-time,But it is not a good day.,Need a month,And there is a special trader,Washing the place is not in a place,Will separate from you,Help you in various ways of investment or gambling。”
Lu Changsheng said this,Quietly waiting for the answer to the cloud show。
“Need me to follow??”
“need,After all, the money is going to you.。”
Think of that big amount,Clouds frown:“Is there a bodyguard??”
The first thousand three hundred and five chapters failed to know each other
Lu Changsheng looked at the cloud show.,For the first time, I thought of Li Hui Feng.。
He feels that this is as long as Li speaks from the horse.,No one can stop。
No one can rob successful,Or hijack hostage。
“What kind of master?”
I heard a bodyguard,The brow in the cloud is also gradually comfortable.。
“Invincible existence。”

Seeing this woman so persistent,Xia Jian couldn’t help but get angry,He shouted:“You stop,Do you think you can save your daughter like this??wrong,Once you fall,No one spends her with money,Do you understand this truth??”

Tears finally shed on Cai Li’s face,Why doesn’t she know this truth,But she really can’t help it。Because of her innocence and willfulness,I severed my relationship with the family because of Gao Wei,Now when she is punished for her fault,No one is willing to come out to help。
“All right,You go to work at the farmer’s company tomorrow,As for Gao Wei, he dare to mess around,I interrupted his leg”He Jing didn’t know when he was here,She gently patted Cai Li on the shoulder and said。
Cai Li wiped away her tears,Take a look at Xia Jian and He Jing,Smiled slightly:“Then I will listen to you,I will go to the farmer’s company tomorrow”
Careful He Jing gave Cai Li the route to the agricultural trade company,Let her figure it out,Everyone left。Once Cai Li’s matter is resolved,Xia Jian just feels relaxed,Like putting down a big rock。
He Jing patted him on the shoulder and said:“All right,It’s time for us to play”
Black is black,He Jing riding her motorcycle,Drove quickly to the outskirts。Xia Jian in the back seat,I just feel the cold wind flying by my ears,He can’t figure it out,Where is this going。
The car ran for about half an hour,Just drove into a small village,He Jing stopped the motorcycle to the side of the road,Turn around and say to Xia Jian:“Arrived,Get off!”
Xia Jian jumped out of the car,Look around,I saw darkness,Vaguely he saw only a few low houses,This woman,How did you bring him to such a place。
in the dark,He Jing took Xia Jian’s hand,I entered a yard in a light car,Then turn left for a while,Walked in through the dimly lit door。
Once in the house,Xia Jian couldn’t help but shine,It turns out that this light has been artificially processed,Not let people outside see。Room is spacious,Except for a few tables in the middle,The rest is just a few wooden stools,In addition to these things,Xia Jian saw a dozen people sitting around the table。
“Dongge,What is this Mingtang,Didn’t you say the Great Wall??“He Jingchong asked who was sitting around the table。
Xia Jian took a look,Only then did I discover the bald head of the motorcycle traded with He Jing,He looks more blessed,It looks like this bad master’s business is good。
Dongge laughed and said:“I think so too,But these brothers are not willing,I have to play with everyone,Come all here,I can’t refuse, right?!”
“so many people,Not afraid to provoke sliver”He Jing is talking,But the hand kept holding Xia Jian,Like a couple。Xia Jian can’t figure it out,Why did He Jing bring him to this place?。
“Does Boss He have a boyfriend?,The courage becomes smaller,if so,Then please go back!Brothers are going to play”Said this,It is Chen Sanqiang,Isn’t this kid running away??Why are you back again,Xia Jian thought to himself。
He Jing took Xia Jian’s hand,Looks very intimate,She chuckled:“Toll,When have i been afraid,It’s rare to get together so much,I don’t want to make everyone happy”