After the red light, the traffic police is not the right to rights.

  According to Qianjiang Urban Channel, recently, a woman in Shaoxing wanted red light and was stopped by the traffic police.The woman is not only not mistaken, but takes out the mobile phone, and the face of the traffic police, the sibly said that the traffic police margin is not good.The others stood out and talked for traffic police. It proved that the woman was red, and they said: "This year is not a mobile phone to shoot, who will be reasonable.

"It is true that as a law enforcement, in order to protect his legal rights, the law enforcement process will not be tested, and afterwards, it can be submitted to the relevant departments.

However, taking a self-evolving behavior, there is no impact on normal law enforcement, and this face-to-face video is suspected of obstructing law enforcement.It is of course right, but the law-abiding consciousness should not be missing.If you have a red light, there is a mistake in the first, use the rights to cover the idea of escaping the illegal responsibility, can only be a wish.Such behavior is definitely not a rights protection.

153 collective 257 individuals have been awarded the national revitalization (poverty alleviation) system

Original title: 153 groups of 257 individuals have won the national rural revitalization (poverty alleviation) system advanced commendation Beijing June 8th (Gu Zhongyang, Yujia) Human Resources Social Security Department, National Rural Revitalization Bureau held a commendation meeting, Awarded 153 collective "National Country Revitalization (Poverty Alleviation) System Advanced Collective", awarded the title of 257 comrades, including 257 comrades, such as Zhao Yong, etc. Commending individuals enjoy the provincial-level commendation reward winner treatment. The meeting proposes that the current, "three rural" work is historically turned to comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural residence, its depth, breadth, and difficulty are not absolutely unpowered.

The national revitalization (poverty alleviation) system at all levels of the country must be an example in recognizing the advanced collective and advanced individuals who have been commended, and vigorously promote the spirit of the greatness of the greatness, work together, and work hard. New contributions in the new journey of revitalization have achieved new results.

"People’s Daily" (June 06, 2022) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian).

Anhui Mingguang: "Five Systems" Environment New Village Enterprise Building Industry

Hou Hui residents use the residential gaps to grow abutment income.

The People’s Network Hu Yusong photographed in Hou Hui Village, and many of the residents were planted after the home house. Wang Shou said, many people in the village are not at home, and the gaps next to the house becomes weeded. After the village representative conference, the party group meeting, all of them agreed to collect all the villages of these voids, and and Anhui Aiyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. conducts cooperation, signing the Ai grass plant order acquisition agreement, "enterprises provide Em andian to plant us, the village collective is responsible for daily maintenance, harvesting, waiting until Wai’s ripe, the company is not less than 1 per catty The price of the dollars will be acquired, and all economic benefits are all returned to the village. It is used in the environmental remediation of the village group or some people’s livelihood projects to truly realize the inverse interaction.

"It is understood that Lushan Village rely on existing resources and introduction companies have opened the breakthrough of the growth of the village-level collective economy. Under the policy support, Lushan Village uses project funds to build a village enterprise, build a rural tourism farmhouse project, currently built Completed, each year can bring 30,000 yuan in collective benefits. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Beijing new 1 case of local neoplacticular diagnosis cases were initially determined 45 people

People’s Network Beijing December 3 (Reporter Bao Cong) This morning, Beijing held a new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work 263th press conference. Deputy Director of Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing Newly added 1 case of local neoplacticular pneumonia confirmed cases. From 12:00 to 3, December, 1 case of new category pneumonia was confirmed in Beijing. Credit case: The Eastern District of Haidian District is now in Haidian District, which has been closely contacting the cases in the province on December 2. November 28th, 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate, take the CZ6268 flight arrived in Beijing, November 28th 22:30, go to the No. 9, No. 9, No. 9, 5, Multi-supermarket, November 29, 15: 04-15: 49 in Chaoyang The Shili River Lighting City and the family beauty C seat picking the lamp, coughing, running symptoms on November 30, from its husband’s US group shopping for cold medicine, patient 18:23 go downstairs take medicine.

On December 1, the patient received a foreign-provincial-grade disease-control person telephone call, informing it to be judged to be close contact, need home isolation and conduct nucleic acid detection, then take the net at 14:59 to Haidian Shounang South Road 6 The detection mechanism sampling detection, the result is negative, December 2, the Municipal Disease Control Center received the provoke letter of the Ministry of Public Security to determine its close contact, notify the Haidian District CDC to sample it, the result is positive. Comprehensive epidemic history, clinical manifestation, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc. According to the principle of precision prevention and control, the first time is carried out, secretly tracking, has been classified and controlled by the risk personnel. As of now, 4906 nasopharyngeal swabs specimens, the result is negative, the external environment is applied 640 pieces, divided 4 were positive in cases, and the rest were negative. Preliminary judgment and verify 45 close contacts in cases, including 28 flights, 15 people in Kyoto, and 2 in Beijing, all have implemented control measures.

(Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

Culturally, there is a taste (new observation of cultural market)

"May 1" holiday, go to the cultural venue to become the choice of many people.Museum, Library, Theater, Science and Technology Museum … The cultural venues across the country are exciting and popular.Touching history and civilization from May 1st, the Palace Museum has reopensed the audience in the martial art hall.The new ceramic museum is moved from Wenhua Hall to Wuying Hall, innovation in the display space, content theme design, show form and ancient building integration.From the same day, "Temple Monk – Palace Museum Tibetan Character Painting Exhibition (Phase I)" Exhibition in Wenhua Temple, the exhibition is two months.Gu Yuzhi (pass) "Female History" volume, Song people "female filial piety map" volume will be exhibited.In order to facilitate the audience, "May 1" holiday, the Temporary Palace Museum opened time from 8:30 to 8:00, the sales time of the ticket is taken from 24:00 daily to 20:00 daily.

"I saw the live broadcast of the excavation of the Samsung Restaurant for some time. This time, I will have a bronze god tree, the bronze Deli people are powdered." In Samsung Pile Museum, Miss Chen from Xi’an said.

The "May 1" holiday, the Samsungdu Museum made a reception service plan for a large number of tourists. "We have opened up new parking lots, and it has also transformed the museum gate, expands tourists into the park buffer area, and adds to the park ticket passage.

Lin Wei, Minister of Culture and Industry, Samsung Pile Museum, and the museum improved tourism service facilities, and increased nearly 100 forest-louned chairs, and took measures to pre-sale, time-limited flow.

Combined with the Samsung Pile Site Archaeological Discovery, the museum also has a comprehensive update to the explanation, and also adds VR explanation, WeChat voice guidance, rich explanation.

In addition, the museum has also opened an open cultural relics, and there is a cultural relics storage room, a pottery repair room, etc., allowing viewers to visually feel cultural relics, unveiling the mystery of repairing work.

In addition to thousands of miles, the "May 1" of the Henan Museum of China, the topic of the "May 1", will be held at the Huaxia Ancient Hall of the Museum. Ningxing, realistic virtual "bonfire" bears burned, distant jungle, a "first" of the beast, the head "Xu Xu smashed the bone flute … The screen is played on the screen: Henan Dance Yang Jia Lake Site It is the beginning of the Chinese tube instrument history from the unearthed lacti. "Sound into the ear, this moment, we are zero from traditional culture." After the performance, Zhengzhou University students Zhang Yuhua said.

Feel the colorful culture of the "red flag", piano concerto "Red Dance", opera "Ma Jiepa" singing section … May 3, celebrate the 20th anniversary concert of the "Sino-Russian Good Near Friendly Cooperation Treaty", in the country The Grand Theater Opera House, in the Old Theater of the Moscow, through the satellite signal transmission spanning time and space.

The "May 1" holiday, the National Grand Theater (including Taihu Lake) performances and popularization activities totaled 24 games.

The Spring Symphony Concert of China Symphony, the National Grand Theater Production Drama "Cross Street", Shanghai Opera Opera "Jiang Jie" has been staged, all market rooms are sold out. The Chinese Children’s Art Theater prepared a wonderful children’s drama such as "Little Mei Fish" for the children. In Hubei Wuhan Deba and Rainbow Bookstore, a photography show that has the theme of Hankou’s old building has attracted many people to stop. The citizen came to the bookstore in an early morning, while loudly, the 6-year-old daughter was explained. "Our family is a soil-growing Wuhan, I hope that children can understand the historical culture of their hometown.

"Yao Wei said." May 1 "holiday, Wuhan all kinds of bookstores have carried out a variety of cultural activities, painting exhibitions, documentary screening, children’s clerk experience, series reading activities … bring a rich cultural experience for the public. Located in the "Tibet Planet" Astronomical Science Experience Hall of Lhasa, Tibet, the same tourist shuttle. Parents watched all kinds of exhibits, and stopped interacting from time to time. On May 1st, "Star Sky Wonderful Night" Theme activity is as follows. In the spherical screen hall in the museum, the kids agreed to watch the popular science "Trial Engineering" played on the screen of the scene, and sent a excitement. Before the astronomical telescope, the children rose the long team, group use of the observatory 50 cm caliber reflection Astronomical telescope, observing the moon and the starry sky. "Through the wonderful night activities through the Skymen Museum, you can let Lhasa people understand an experience, learn the good place to learn astronomy, and a fun experience for children. "The event organizer said. Inheriting the classic melody of the red gene" Oriental Red ", the enthusiasm of the audience is high.

On the afternoon of May 1, "Walking forever with the party" – 2011 Shanghai City Lawn Concert "Spring Sound" activity, "Sunrise East Red – Commemorates the 100th Anniversary Symphony Song Concert". "Singing the Song of the Song to the Party" and many other familiar songs are singing one by one.

As the first celebration, "Spring Sound" also kicked off "Walking forever with the party" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. From May, the city’s city is the theme of "Forever and the Party" as the theme, organized a variety of forms of form, rich in content, in May to July, will carry out more than 160 key motions, exhibitions, etc. All kinds of public cultural facilities and agencies at all levels will launch more than a thousand mass cultural activities.

The stage performance is equally exciting.

From April 28th to May 10th, the 37th Shanghai Spring International Music Festival was held, and the music festival revolves around the "100th Anniversary of the Party" "The National Orchestra" "National Orchestra" "Master Memorial Performance" " The topic of the new show "launches 28 main performance projects. The same is the "May 1" holiday, "The New Year’s Growth Years" series "The fire of the revolution" The fire of the revolution "is held in the Guangzhou Children’s Library. The explanator is coming, and you will review the red years.

"Guangzhou is a hero city, China’s modern revolutionary strategies, red landmarks all over the city. The story of Guangzhou’s older generation revolutionary is deeply imprisoned in the red revolutionary attraction, reminding us to keep in mind.

"The little speakers also debuted, share their understanding of red culture." We hope to combine the ‘read 10,000 book’ with the ‘walking Wanli Road, so that children readers feel red culture.

"The person in charge of the museum said. (Comprehensive reporter Cao Lingjuan, Wang Wei, Jiang Xiaodan, Wang Yongling, Xu Yuxi, Bi Jingjin, Qiangwen Report).

31 companies offers more than 1,000 posts! Shijiazhuang City Jinqiu Recruitment Monthly Bringing Road Special Recruitment Fair is held on the 19th

  In order to implement the national, provincial, municipal stable employment insurance, the decision-making deployment, help companies solve the problem of recruitment and stability, promote the supply of human resources to match the docking, November 19th at 10:00 am will host Shijiazhuang City 2021 golden autumn recruitment month live broadcast recruitment Can.

This event is based on registration of unemployed personnel, unidentified college graduates, retirement soldiers, employment difficult personnel and various junctions. This recruitment will be hosted by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Shijiazhuang Civil Affairs Bureau, Shijiazhuang City Retired Military Affairs Bureau, Shijiazhuang City University Trade Union, Shijiazhuang City Industry and Commerce Union, Shijiazhuang City Employment Service Center Harvest, Shijiazhuang Haichuan University of Federation . The participating companies include the famous enterprises such as the Shenwei Pharmacy, Hebei Coriida, Shijiazhuang Zano Pharmaceutical, and Kaikai Electromechanical, involving more than 10 industries such as medicine, manufacturing, communication, construction, providing R & D, software engineering, marketing, EIA More than 1,000 posts, mechanical design, customer service, finance, etc.

31 companies with large demand, will adopt live broadcast of recruitment, and showcase enterprises and job information to the majority of job seekers through the combination of enterprises and video display.

Suihua Academy held a "lawless person to do not seek" to promote the implementation of the meeting

Original title: Suihua Intermediate People’s Court held a "Missing Division Not seeking to" Promote the Implementation of the Conference on March 31, the Suihua Intermediate People’s Court organized the implementation of the "lawless" to promote the implementation of the meeting. At the meeting, I read the "Notification" of the Heilongjiang Provincial Senior People’s Court on the Satisfaction of the Middle Affairs Court and the Grassroots Court of China and the grassroots courts of the province and the school of the law, combined with the 2020 court work, how to further improve The masses satisfaction of fighting the lawsuit do not ask for a request. It is necessary to see the problem to find a gap.

It is necessary to find out the protruding problems in all aspects of the case, trial, implementation, and petition, and check the problem.

It is necessary to combine its own functional functions to do a good job in the rectification of the intermediate institutions, and promote the work of the line. To strengthen measures to promote reform.

All departments should make specific requirements for rectification and supervise and manage.

Department leadership should play a good model leading role. The Supervision Bureau shall formulate the discipline of the trial court by the Party Committee of the Organization, and conduct regular notifications for the discipline of trial courts.

  To be implemented to the demonstration. The provincial courts and the relevant provisions of the provincial court and the party group, and the practice of the advanced courts, the practice of the advanced courts, and investigate the dealer, seriously organize the regulatory documents, constrained the police words and deeds, and improve the satisfaction of the people.

  To coordinate coordination and vigorously. The propaganda department fully combines traditional media and new media, extensively promotes the key tasks of the city’s two-level courts, "do not seeks to seek people", do a good job in brand publicity, typical case propaganda, social evaluation; discipline inspection department must effectively strengthen judicial inspections, trial inspections; The auditory department should regularly analyze the development of the work nodes of the "lawless" not seek ", integrate resources to increase the supervision and inspection of the grassroots court; research room should do a good job in information briefing, comprehensive integration of text materials, and summarize the city court Successful experience and practice are widely promoted.

(Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshou).

Party members will drive residents (grassroots governance new practice)

The core reading "About Strengthening and Perfecting the Opinions of Urban and Rural Community Governance" requires continuing to promote the street (township), urban and rural communities and residential units to build complementary, in-depth development of regional party building.

In order to further coordinate resources, improve service levels, Ningxia Yinchuan Xingqing District is leading the party’s construction, and gives full play to regional party building advantages, and organizes party members to participate in grassroots governance, and earnestly facilitate the masses. A scissors, a few red paper, accompanied by a slight sand sissa and the falling confetti, not much, a passionate paper-cut work is released.

In Ningxia Yinchuan Xingqing District Jiefang West Street Literature and Art Community Citizen Station, Sun Chunling is coming back in the room, seeing some student’s techniques are wrong, she will play a demonstration. Sun Chunling has been to the citizen station to make paper-cut teachers for more than 4 months. Most of her "student" is the old man nearby.

"Many old people come here to learn paper cuts, can also solve their sultan." Li Xiaoqin, Secretary of the Jiefang West Street Street Party Work Committee, said that there are still many similar services in the citizen station. "The masses have an urgent need, we try our best to achieve.

"Xingqing District Committee Secretary Liu Jiafeng introduced that in order to further plan resources, improve service levels, in recent years, Xingqing District has been based on party construction, launched a number of innovation initiatives such as the citizen station, community three-level micro management system, party building alliance, The grassroots governance pattern of open integration and sharing is built.

Integrated resources to play the regional construction advantage, organize party members to build a citizen station "two 荤 荤, as long as 8 yuan.

"In the elderly canteen on the first floor of the civil community citizen station, Du Hua Aunt, who was 60, smiled at her lunch.

After retirement, in the morning, the dance is rehearsed, and there is no dinner at noon, with a grandson’s science and technology interest in the weekend, which can be done at the citizen station at home. A 6-story small building, there is a Chinese medicine hall for the elderly to provide health care, let the youth learn the interest class, providing a community of the community of residents in the jurisdiction of the community micrician … all-round convenience service One-stop station. "It can be used in front, the residents are doing more, and the amateur life is not going. It is also the dance of the square dance." Wang Wei, deputy director of Jiefang West Street Office, said that the voice of the masses is the power of improvement, and builds the citizen station. The idea is sprouted.

In order to more accurately understand the needs of the residents, Jiefang West Street held the party members and the prefecture, more than 2,500 households, the netbooks were collected, including 26 categories of opinions, 26 categories, for the station function settings .

In the end, the service item for "old, less, less, young and group" 4 types of objects is set in different floors, so that a small demand can be satisfied.

"Most projects are free.

"Liu Liqian, just took the grandson to play the game, said," I practice calligraphy, he plays games, easy and rest assured. "

"Venue maintenance, project operation … If you need to spend money, where is the free open level? Li Xiaoqin said, this is benefited from the co-construction of party organizations in the jurisdiction. In order to give full play to the advantages of regional party building, overtield all kinds of services Resources, during the construction of the station, the autonomous region, the Ministry of Health, Women’s Children’s Activity Center, Women’s Children’s Activity Center, the Office of China, as well as some social organizations, non-public enterprises actively respond to calls, provide resources, project support, and form together Heli. The small machine tool in the Science and Technology Museum, the electronic piano in the music room, the free teaching in the dance rhyme … each joint construction unit not only provides the diversified service required by the masses, but also sent party members to resident, actively claim the service .

Cai Tao, who was working in the Xingqing District People’s Court, is now a judge of the Community Microcatal: "We move the front to the community, saving the judicial resources, and facilitating the people of the jurisdiction.

"At the same time, the community party committee also actively organizes the staff of the public station to join the service team of the citizen station, driving the residents in front of the party members, so that the citizen station has become the" red position "and in-service party members to carry out community volunteers." Red Station "." Next, we will continue to improve the service mechanism, build a smart management system, so that the grassroots governance is fully released.

Zhao Min, secretary of the Party Branch of Literature and Art Community.

Fine governance to establish a three-level micro-management system, to give the party members and match the right post to mention Ji Huai Li, the first impression of the residents of the community is the enthusiasm. There is no need in the next day, the 63-year-old Ji Huai loves to stroll in the community, and people always laugh.

Just this time, Old Ji took up a smile and slammed the face.

"There are so many children in the community, how is it without a rope.

"The old Ji Yi took a blame, but the arms were turned, and he was warmly reminded," "Go home first.

"Who is Ji Hui? Before retired, he is a teacher. After retirement, he is a party building building in the Xinjin Street Yinhua Community in Xingqing District. Some people have cracks, he takes the owners to find the property repair; someone In the fire passage, he reported to the community, he moved to the community. It is still a lot of buildings like him. The Yinhua News District is a new community. It is more than 2020 people under the jurisdiction. "Only by community staff, we must want to cover all the service, it is really difficult.

Yan Weijing, secretary of the Community Party Branch, said, so you have to launch a community party member.

In February of this year, the Yinhua Community is a community as a unit, and the 32nd building of the pride of the plug is established, and 464 party members join it. At the same time, the Yinhua News Agency divided the community into 5 grids, recruiting building pool, unit housekeeper, most of them are party members, forming "Netcher-building long-unit housekeeper" three-level micro management system .

The community will match everyone to the theoretical publicity, public security joint defense, civilized persuasion, and participate in the community governance. "Party member net whose advantages, the advantage of the longevity, responsible, more or more and the households are familiar," said Wu Ping, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Yinhua Community, said that there are nearly 2/3 residents in the community. It is a young office worker.

Every time, the old people can only be at home alone.

On October 23, in the eve of the Chongyang Festival, a social organization in the community is launched an old age.

On-site, social workers provide free massage and acupuncture services to the elderly.

Previously, walking in the community of high-rise forests, Yan Weijing often worried that he is busy and affecting the service of households. Now, this party member team shared her pressure.

"Although the community is big, it is more and more like a family.

"Organize the establishment of the party building alliance, through the party members, the activities, the activities to optimize the service" Two old people come to consult the Hengdian Cinema how to go "" When a girl is shopping, put the baggage "… in Xinhua Business Circle Red Volunteer Service Before the station, volunteers Yang Peipei were not idle.

The place where Xiao Yang is in Yinchuan is famous for the old business circle.

The bustling crowd walked in Shengli Street, shopping shopping, sightseeing.

The flow of people, more merchants, and difficulty in governance.

In the past, every time, customers and merchants were disputed, and the property of tourists, the management personnel of the jurisdiction must be busy for a long time.

"Mainly, it is not unassay, did not form a governance," Shan Min, deputy director of Xinhua Street Office. "

In 2017, under the coordination of Xingqing District District Committee, Xinhua Street, Zhongshan South Street, Cultural Street, and Forward Street, four street integration resources, and incorporate 156 jurisdictions into Xinhua Business Circle "Great Party Committee", establishing a joint Meeting system. All member units come out of the supply and demand list, and some mobile party members are also integrated into management, forming the joint development of "Organization Co-construction, Party Members, Facilities Sharing, and Events". A few days ago, a takeaway little brother was sent to the meal on the way, and I came to Xinhua Business Circle Workers’ Station for help. The party membership volunteers on duty took out the preparationful charging treasure, which saved anxious.

Supreme said that after the establishment of the "Great Party Committee", it is possible to share such a convenient service facility like the employee station.

All member units sent party members to duty, serving both the masses, and educating party members. For the jurisdiction, the establishment of the "Great Party Committee" of the business district activates their sense of responsibility. At the beginning of this year, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, many party members of Yinchuan Mall actively apply for participation in the prevention and control.

"That time, a party member should take a large area, but no one is called the tired." Yinchuan Mall Party Secretary and General Manager Head recalled. Now, the usual street has activities, and Yinchuan Mall is also actively mobilized party members. "To combine the business operations and practical social responsibility.


Summary: OPEC did not expand the production plan New York oil prices have a new high of 7 years

Xinhua News Agency, New York, October 4th, Overview: OPEC did not expand the production plan New York oil price Renaissance Liu Yanan oil output country organization (OPEC) and Non-Oborne producer 4 days announced continued in accordance with the original plan in November crude oil Yield, which makes some expectation of the main oil country to further increase the market discipline of crude oil supply, stimulating oil prices. New York crude oil futures prices rose to nearly 7 years, Brent crude oil futures are located in the past three years. Analysts pointed out that due to the sharp rise in natural gas and coal prices in some parts of the world, the alternative effect is expected to bring additional oil demand this winter, which in turn has intensified the oil market to supply and demand, oil prices or further rush. Peter McNarei, head of Industrial Materials and Energy Consulting, said that due to OPEC and non-Eubei’s oil-producing countries only increase the total monthly total amount of monthly production, it is expected that oil inventory will continue to decline this year. McNari said that after the new crown epidemics, OPEC and non-Ou Parke’s oil production agreement made global oil inventory fell rapidly. At the same time, US crude oil production was affected by Hurricane "Aid" in August, and US oil and gas companies generally hesitate to increase the drilling development form, which leads to fatigue growth of crude oil.

The senior Vice President of Resta Energy is said to the root of the oil market, and the market supply tension began to react in oil prices.

Resta Energy expects that some regional consumption will bring more rising pressure to oil prices from natural gas.

Danish Shengbao Bank’s global commodity strategy, the head of the commodity strategy, said that the current global coal and natural gas market supply tight may push the market’s demand for diesel, propane and fuel oil, this year’s winter oil demand may therefore increase the daily basis 500,000 bucket.

Adam Leig, President of the Alberta Commercial Association, Canada, said that oil prices may break through 100 US dollars per barrel in this winter. Despite the increase in international oil prices, the profitable space of North American oil and gas companies has expanded, but industry insiders are expected to be subject to capital discipline, these companies are not significantly increased. Data show that this year, New York crude oil futures and Brent crude oil futures first contract prices have increased by more than 60%, but US-Japanese crude oil production is still more than 10% lower than the epidemic.

Mike Muller, the person in charge of the Asian business in Victorian oil company, said that the US crude oil supply has not risen due to the high oil prices, which means that crude oil pricing power is largely mastered in Ou Paik.

The sea is expected to rise in the global economic recovery. Under the influence of cold winter and some regional consumption from natural gas turning to oil, the global Japanese petroleum demand may rise rapidly. Oil prices continue to rise, may have a negative impact on economic recovery. (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Pulling: the key unit is zero-distance experience fire


In the event, the firefighters led the employees to visit the fire vehicle equipment, training venue and camp construction, and explain the use scenarios of various types of fire engines, professional fire equipment use, firefighters, daily life training methods.

Subsequently, the company’s employees showed a detailed introduction of fire protection facilities and fire extinguishing equipment operations, attracting the great interest in employees, and employees consult related equipment, equipment usage and operation.

Finally, the fire propagandists tell the employees to the fact that the firefined knowledge, the initial fire saver, building firefighting facilities, fire alarms and escape self-help, so that the majority of employees feel that "fire is around, fire prevention, people are responsible."