“Lee brother,How has a voice??”

“Um,I am cured for you.,Next, use acupuncture,You will do it well。”
Say,Also take the gold needle directly from the space,Directly begins in the acupoints along the waist off,Until longitude stopped。
Liu Mei tailored the temperature of the toner,It is also a bit unreliable to enter the house.。
Just saw it,Zhao Tiezhu waist the row of long gold needles。
“Xiao Li,This is nothing.?”
Looking at the long and thin gold needle in Li Hui’s hand,Constantly fall in,It is not afraid that it is all fake.。
Although she knows Li Hui Fenghui medical skills from Tang Li,May be very powerful,But this gold needle,She has not seen it for a long time.,I always feel some unreliable。
“Hey-hey,It’s fine,Don’t believe you, ask Zhao Dago, I will know.。”
Zhao Tiezhu is comfortable there:“fine,I just feel very relaxed now.,This waist, crispy numbness,There is also a cool feeling,But comfortable is really comfortable.。”
“Old Zhao,Do you know what you have now on your waist??”
Liu Mei saw Zhao Tiezhu squinted and comforted.,Can’t help but ask。
Chapter 953, the so-called fear wife
“Um,What is there on my waist??”
Say,Zhao Tiezhu directly appeared in front of a mirror,Liu Mei took the mirror to let Zhao Tiezhu looked at one clear。
“what!Lee brother,When did you give me these golden needles??
Is this gold doing??”
“Hey-hey,Zhao Da Ge,At this time, you still have an empty question. Is it a gold?,You are also very powerful,But at the same time, you also prove that this waist and waist muscle strain will be fine.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Liu Mei and Zhao Tiezhu are very high。
Especially Zhao Tiezhu,I still doubt it before.,But feel Li Xiangfei treatment,Especially the feeling of the waist,He also knows that Li Hui’s treatment is effective.。
After all, he did not feel such a feeling when he went to other places.。
Those feelings are uncomfortable,pain,This is the first time.。
“Lee brother,You treat me this,I don’t know how much it is for you.,You have a price,I promise,I spent a lot of money for this disease.。”
Zhao Da Ge,You are looking down on me.!I will give you a disease. If you want money, I am so fed so long??
And I don’t have a lot to make you more?
Zhao Da Ge is too seen.!”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also starting the golden needle。
Liu Mei, who Li Hui Feng Bill Needle, is surprised by Liu Mei.。
Already Li Hui’s hand has not waited for the gold needle,That gold needle is like flying out.,Directly stabilized in the palm of Li Hui Feng。
“Lee brother,Your big brother is like this,Used to it,You have some good to him.,He is noted to give you,Otherwise, sleep is not good.,And you must be cured for him.,It is simply a Fuxing our family.,Such kindness, your big brother wants to make up for money.,But it,I feel that I have given money.,Also not this kind of kindness,So you don’t want to be angry。”
Li Hui Feng, in fact, there are some understanding of Zhao Tiezhu,After all, he is also such a person.,However, with the experience of experience,Also slowly changed。
“Hey-hey,I know,I am joking,Don’t take my words true.,Zhao Da Ge must raise a week,It can be worried after a week.!”
Say this,Li Hui is ready to leave。
“Xiao Li,You wait,This is the big cake of just out of the pan today.,You take back to eat。”
“Hey-hey,sister in law,This big cake shop is also my one.,You are like this to let us lose money together.。”
Liu Mei heard that Li Hui Feng this,It is also white Li Hui.。
“I will let you take back to give your parents.,If you eat more people in the village to buy big cakes,Give a propaganda,This will we earn more.。”
Li Hui, listen to this,It is also a laugh:“Make money this is still a scorpion,That line,I took home to give two old.。”

Second, the handle of Lu Luo,Be able to attack,unpredictable,I don’t know which old ghost leaves the relics.。

“Tooth tunnel,Waiting for me to cut your head,Just pulling all your stinky teeth.。”Nine tail fox is cold and cold。
at this time,I urgently bursting,The moment is like lightning,Act,tombstone、Yinbei is a division。
Nine tail fox is surprised,Seeing a blue-ray strike,Running racks, red raft。The opposite Yan Biai blame,A flying fell to the ground,Blue light brushed his head,Scatter,Harm, send it, don’t wolf。
“Bamboo,What ghost thing……”
Yan Chixia spit out the mouth,After climbing up,Look in the direction of the blue light。
Nine-tailed foxes also look at the umbrella,Two people,阴 兵 阵 阵 空 空,Reopeous,Liao Wenjie carry a small frost,The foot tip is lightly down。
Look at it,This kid is a military expert!
Liao Wenjie,The right foot is powerful,At this time, it is staminated in a niche.。
Besides,After kicking this feet,He found himself and underestimated the sky,This is a personalized nuclear bomb,Can’t measure。
Thus,Can also explain the seriousness of the sky to the mainland,The excitement is in the car.。
certainly,Big big may be that the feet of the sky have exceeded the conventional martial arts concept.。
Which one can be,Liao Wenjie is determined,After going back, you must work hard.,Never let Yunlu have taken away the love of your little brother.。
After landing,Liao Wenjie met in the middle of the scene,Pick eyebrows to see the nine-tailed fox and Yan Chi,Sole perceived that the two faces are suspected,Immediate smile。
Apologize:“Sputum,Deceive,Disturbing two Yaxing,Give。”
“You guys continue,I pure a passerby,Never suddenly sneak attack,Miss Fox’s face is coming。”
Liao Wenjie serious face:“My life is the world’s most heavy martial art,A word, it is difficult to chase,人 信 言,It’s never sneak attack without sneak attack.,Two digits,Just when I don’t exist。”
I do not believe!
Walking the rivers and lakes for many years,Yan Biai, I saw Liao Wenjie lies.,He can see it,Nine-tailed fox is no exception,Eye light flashing,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
“Hurry up,Don’t hit me?……Steal。”Liao Wenjie loudbb。
“Yan Chixia,Today you have a helper to help out,This bureau is worth winning half of the child.。but,Every time this is my site,Don’t want to be a big disaster,It is best to be honest.。”
Nine-tailed fox warns two sounds,Then the eye is like silk, Liao Wenjie.:“This little brother,If you have time,Please enjoy the face to the seat,My sister will give you a good life for one night.。”
Yan Bixia’s throat is a bit itchy,狠 口 口 口 口。
“You don’t want your face!”
What is the nine-tailed fox?,Leave Red Rhodi,Incomplete,I disappeared in the night。
Liao Wenjie stands in place,When Yan Bianshi began to clean up the battlefield,When recovering the evil arrow,Only carrying a small frost steadily。
This time is not because of caution,Really cautious,Should immediately ran to Yan Bianee。
It is really a hemp,It’s going to recover for a long time.。
“Yan Hexia,You will let go of the demon leave,Not chase?”

Love in the reception room·Dracula waited for about fifteen minutes and then became anxious。

Something seems wrong。
Even if this company is big,Even if John’s working place is far away from here,But it won’t take so long to get on and off the elevator, right??
Is it really dangerous?
Love·After Dracula looks at the watch for the third time,Decided not to sit still。
He stood up,Want to get out of the reception room。
But just opened the door……
“Hello,Please go back to the room。”
Very polite words,But standing at the door are two security personnel,And it’s Huaxia。
Love·Dracula feels a little confused,Panic followed。
Reason keeps him from arguing,But according to the other’s gesture,Back to the house,Then closed the door。
Obviously,He is under house arrest!
His judgment is right。
Love·Dracula hates it!
He hates the loose style of the embassy,If he can come with the military attache this time,Obviously not to encounter this situation。
Back to the reception room,Love·Dracula took out his phone for the first time,Then I found out by accident,There is no signal?
Obviously,Electronic interference!
He didn’t make a mistake in judgment at this point。

The book given by the Purple Blood Demon describes in detail the method of changing the fusion of the divine power。

“Change divine fusion,There are three steps,One is guided by the power of the soul,According to the Purple Blood Demon,Soul power is the key to divine power integration。Only under the guidance of the special soul power of the soul mutator,Divine power can merge。”
“Most soul mutants,Instinctively can do this,The fusion of divine power is pure fusion of divine power。And with the fusion of the profound,This quality of fusion of divine power will naturally tend to fit with the fusion of mysterious moves。For example, a strong soul mutation who is good at wind system water system,If its fusion moves implies‘Cold and sharp’,Then its aura of fusion of divine power will gradually become contained‘Cold and sharp’,This is no different from gestating artifacts。Only one passed‘Divine power and soul power’To breed weapons,One is through‘Mutated soul and the mystery of the law’To change the divine power。”
“But do this,too slow,And as the moves change,All the time spent before will be wasted。The most troublesome is,If you realize two different fusion mysteries,That divine power change is basically abolished,Because of this‘natural’Change,Is going in the direction of self-insight。”
And according to the method given by the Purple Blood Demon,Can be very‘rapid’Change supernatural,Make it fit with my own moves。
the first method,Is the most direct method。
Fusion of different laws【Basic Elements】。
For example, a water·High God of Fire Soul Mutation,If fully integrated【Water element mysterious】with【Fire Elemental Mystery】,That can easily change the quality of the fusion divine,Directly find the right one’s own fusion divine power,No difficulty。
But this is definitely not an easy way。For example【Water element mysterious】Is the foundation of the law of water,Although at the level of comprehension, it is a low-level law and mysterious,Comprehension is low,Weak power after comprehension。But just because it is basic,So between different rules【Elemental Mystic】It’s more difficult to integrate。
For example, in the law of the earth【Power esoteric】And the law of flame【The Mystic Explosion】Fusion,In fact, these two are reflected in the world,For example, during a volcanic eruption。
If analogy【Water element mysterious】with【Fire Elemental Mystery】Fusion,Is equivalent to finding a substance that is both water and fire。
This is more basic,The more difficult。
At least the Purple Blood Demon is recorded in the book,Able to do certain two laws【Basic Elements】There are still a lot of integration entry,But I have never heard of it。
of course,I just haven’t heard of it,After all, the world is so big,Although the Purple Blood Demon is extremely powerful among soul mutants,Wide range of friends,But it’s impossible to figure out all soul mutants。
This means,Call it‘Law of law’。

“You were in a hurry,Did not see the scene after Lihuo was burned,The old man feels that the fire is real that day,Not Thaksin,The young palace master is indeed coming from the sky fire,Otherwise, I won’t be dead?”

“I need to ask Lao Qi about this,Things in the Holy Fire Temple are strange,Skyfire is the respect,How could this kind of fire fall into the hands of Lihuo?When did it happen?Huo Tianzun knew it or not?None of this is clear,How can you jump to conclusions?”
“makes sense。”Elder Yi sighed,He also didn’t figure it out at this point,So I always feel uncomfortable,“The secret here is probably only known to Li Huo and Young Palace Master.,But the old still feel weird。”
In fact, the boy doesn’t know,He had no intention of killing Lihuo,But it is absolutely impossible to allow Lihuo to make a fuss with Skyfire,Forcibly peeling the fire from its body,Also take the blame,After all, the boy gave him a chance。
This secret may not be revealed for the time being with the death of Li Huo,Unless the teenager is strong enough to defeat Li Tan upright,Enter the imperial court twelve peaks and rescue the sky fire and fire spirit trapped in it to understand。
But after this fight,As long as the teenager wakes up,Will become extremely powerful,So far, all the flames of the five elements are gathered,This is something that has never happened since the decline of the Holy Fire Temple,Even Huo Tianzun can’t do it,Although he is familiar with all the methods of the Five Elements Holy Fire,But I haven’t controlled any sacred fire,But it is through powerful combat skills and divine power,Not the true successor of the Five Elements Holy Fire,Youth is。
But the boy did not wake up after ten days of sleep,The mentality of everyone on the Five Elements Island has changed from anxiety to loss,To numbness,Even desperate,Elder Qi finally passed away before the young man woke up,He left a small porcelain bottle to the boy,But no one knows whether this porcelain bottle will be handed over to a teenager。
The strangest thing is,Nothing happened after the coalition operations.,The Liu family, who hated the most, died out after a few days,Dongfang Ruiqing didn’t talk about Elder Hao’s life anymore,The life and death agreement between him and the boy seemed to be stranded indefinitely。
Han Conger has been here twice,Outside the big formation is not called an invitation to battle,But want to talk to the teenager,Not angry after being rejected,Shi Shiran leaves,Come again after two days,After being rejected again,Said a word,“Speak for me in your family,If the boy can wake up in half a month,Everyone can sit down and talk,If you can’t wake up,The Five Elements Island is gone。”
These words are very arrogant and unreasonable,But also very straightforward and confident,Five Elements Island now has nothing to rely on except for the defense formation,The Five Elements Base is abolished,If the coalition forces really attack at all costs,The big formation will be breached again within a few days,The high-end combat power of the Five Elements Island is no longer there.,How to resist the coalition?The only hope is youth,To be exact, it is the scorching sun that is jealous of all the strong。
One thousand two hundred and nine chapters Subtle changes
For this,Li Tan and Fantianhe went to the Twelve Peaks,Confirmed that the real fire of Lieyang did not come from the Big Golden Crow,Then there is only one possibility,This thing comes from the ancient god of the scorching sun,How the young man relies on this thing,Basically represents the will of the ancient gods,This is troublesome。
The two heavenly veterans are certainly not afraid of the boy exploding,But the serious consequences after the scorching sun,I’m afraid the whole free world will have to bear it together,Will it blow up one or two Optimus pillars?,Spend a lot of spirit stones to repair,It will only make the free world decay faster。
and so,Under Li Tan’s instruction,In the silence of Brahma,Especially under the promotion of Han Conger,The coalition finally changed its strategy,Siege but not attack,Dedicated youth news,For half a month。
of course,Taking advantage of the boy’s sickness,Wouldn’t it be better to win the Five Elements Island in one fell swoop?The problem is that the current news is false and true,No one can be sure what kind of state the boy is,Although Han Conger has made harsh words,It seems to predict that the teenager will not be able to wake up from a serious injury,But it’s just a guess and intimidation,The strong have no intention to take risks anymore,All the inner parts sent to the Five Elements Island were wiped out in the last battle,Can’t get accurate information。
more importantly,Li Tan and Han Conger agree,They at least know the status quo of the free world,Even worse than a teenager’s worst assumption,If the foreign expert behind the boy can cooperate,Pointing a clear way,Why do everyone fight and kill?As long as the problem of who is leading is solved,Can sit down and talk,And not to sin against the ancient god of the scorching sun,This may be a better choice。
In short,Change in attitude of coalition forces,Gave Wuxingdao a rare respite,It’s a pity that the boy never wakes up,The five dead men were living in the small courtyard,Wu Feng’er, who has always been in charge of the teenage life, rarely shows up,Item replenishment is now in charge of Wuju,But I can’t enter the courtyard,The message is tightly sealed。
The elder’s injury has been greatly improved,But the strength of the cultivation base and the divine power has dropped drastically,It can be said that except for the small courtyard,The only high-end combat power is Elder Yi。
The old man is in a bad mood,He is always on the verge of contradiction,I hope the boy can wake up as soon as possible,Regain control,And it’s hard to accept the cruel behavior of the teenager,Li Huo was burned alive before his eyes,It’s always a difficult hurdle in the old man’s heart。

Before,Yu Shi never thought that one day would face such a scene,But since it’s here,She has no reason to shrink。

What sad、Sad、There is no painful feelings,The only one who supported her to walk in front of them,Is unstoppable anger。
Korean Poems,Not cause trouble,Not afraid of things。
Korean Poems,Can chant poems and compose flowers before the moon,You can also sweep the horizon。
but,She also wanted to give Zhao Haiyi a chance to explain,Won’t act rashly。
Getting closer and closer to Zhao Haiyi,No need to say hello,He has seen her,of course,I also saw Cui Ronghao who was like a bodyguard behind her。
He was taken aback first,Then got up slowly:“Poetry,Mr. Cui,Why are you here?”
Yushi secretly laughed,This is typical,Why are we here,Of course we are here to eat!
Yushi smiled softly,Said in an unnaturally gentle tone after suppressing anger:“Haiyi,You snatched my line,I should ask why you guys are here。if I recall it correctly,You took the high-speed train to Guangzhou early in the morning。”
“I……”Zhao Haiyi was speechless。
Zhang Xiaoxue seems to want to say something,A poem“stop”’S gesture scared,I was stunned and swallowed what I wanted to say。
“No need to explain,I know。Can’t bear her,Want to spend a day with her,right?”Yushi seems to be calm。
Zhao Haiyi can’t think of a reasonable excuse,He didn’t expect to be in Shenzhen,They can run into。
“You guys are delicious,Cui and I went there。correct,I’ll pay for your meal,I’m doing it for you,Farewell you away from my life!Zhao Haiyi,We don’t,Rejoice!”Before Zhao Haiyi could react,Yu Shi has turned around resolutely,Cheerful、Without hesitation。
Cui Ronghao knows that Yushi will not suffer,Kept standing not far away watching her。But at the moment she turned around,He clearly saw the two lines of tears falling in her eyes。
The tears stung him silently,Make him feel bad。
Can’t think,Only for a moment,Cui Ronghao walked over to Zhao Haiyi,I slapped his face with my hand。
Although this slap is not particularly loud,But powerful enough,I don’t know where I hurt,A little blood oozes from the corner of Zhao Haiyi’s lips。
Finish this slap,Cui Ronghao got closer,In the ears of Zhao Haiyi,Say in a voice that only the two of them can hear:“Manager Zhao,rest assured,I won’t treat you。but,You should not be able to stay in the Guangzhou branch。”

This place turned out to be not far from Yao Junli Convenience Hotel,Convenient Hotel,Xia Jian then remembered that he hadn’t seen Yao Junli for a long time,They didn’t even have a phone call。What is this person up to?

Xia Jian shook his head and walked into Ziwei Pavilion。In the lobby on the first floor,It’s really crowded,So lively。Just when Xia Jian was about to call Feng Xiaowei,A twenty-something,The very beautiful girl came over。
“Sir?Have you booked a seat??”Girl smiled slightly,Asked Chongxiajian。
Xia Jian felt like a spring breeze blowing over her body,I can’t help but feel refreshed,He laughed and said:“A friend came early,I have to call them”
“No need to fight,How many,Male or female?Just say it,I know where they are”The girl said very confidently。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Two women,One has short hair”
“Oh!I know,Turned out to be two beauties。They meet together on the second floor”Girl chuckled,Fingered the opposite staircase。
Xia Jian looked at the girl curiously and said:“Good memory,You don’t seem to be the staff here,Could it be…”
“I am the boss here,Tian Ziwei。The hot pot restaurant is named after me。Please take care of me in the future”Tian Ziwei said with a smile。
Xia Jian just understood,No wonder he thinks the name of this store is a little weird。At this time,Feng Xiaowei stood at the top of the stairs on the second floor,Shouted at Xiajian:“You hurry up!People are starving to death”
Xia Jian Chong Tian Zi waved his hand slightly,Hurried up to the second floor。
“how?I fell in love with the boss again?Be careful of injury!”Feng Xiaowei walked in with Xia Jian,Said while laughing。
Xia Jian asked unconvincingly:“How do you know i will get hurt?”
“You don’t want to think,A girl who runs such a big shop,If there is no brush,She can store so prosperous?”When Feng Xiaowei said this,Deliberately blinked at Xia Jian,Looks extremely naughty。This woman is cute,There is really no bottom line。
Xia Jian was taken aback,So followed Feng Xiaowei into their small private room。The room is really small,At first glance, it is specially designed for three or five people。But the decoration inside is simple and elegant,Xia Jian took a look and liked it。
“Damn!You’re faster”Zhao Chunling rushed over,Took Xia Jian and sat down。The hot on the table has started to heat up。
Two women start together,Put all kinds of dishes on the plate。Not to mention,Xia Jian’s appetite came after one glance。
eat hot pot,Men can never eat women。Feng Xiaowei, always arrogant and cold,Only then did she release her nature,She was sweating,Totally disregarding one’s own image。
Let alone Zhao Chunling,She eats,While carrying a beer bottle, always looking for Xia Jian to fight wine。Eat this stuff and drink beer,Xia Jian couldn’t eat anymore soon,But he felt a little empty in his stomach。

The trouble comes after this stay,Wake up,Open the door,Turned out to be overnight,A heavy snowfall。The snow is thick,People walk inside,Snow can pass the instep。

What’s terrible is that after the snow is over,It’s not clear this day。The northwest wind rushes like a knife,So cold that people don’t even dare to leave the door。
It’s impossible to return to Chenzhuang for a while,Driving in such thick snow is indeed inconvenient。Wang Youcai called the base from home,Just ask,The snow in Chenzhuang is not thinner than in Xiping Village。In this case,Everyone can only sleep peacefully。
Because it’s the first time I brought Yao Chunni home,Wang Youcai was too embarrassed to have too much affection with her in front of his parents。And his wife Chen Yueqin didn’t give him this chance。
This old man takes Yao Chunni wherever he goes。Cook in the kitchen,Even went to the small shop in the village,She will also bring。Chen Yueqin’s thoughts are actually better understood by Wang Youcai,She just wanted to let the villagers see,How beautiful is the daughter-in-law that Wang Youcai brought back to her?。
The more the family is like this,The more Wang Youcai whispered in his heart。Everyone only saw the surface,If the family knew that Yao Chunni was a little widow of a dead husband,,Will everyone treat her this way??
Watching Yao Chunni and her old mother Chen Yueqin start sewing at home,The really boring Wang Youcai shrank his neck and walked out of the house。
The snow on the village road has been swept to both sides of the road,Very thick。If you step in accidentally,This snow can reach the knee。
Wang Youcai walked carefully on the sweeping path,Walking aimlessly towards the village。But he didn’t see anyone。He didn’t even see a child。
But also,First, all the young people in the village go to work in the cooperative,The second is such a thick snow,People don’t warm the kang at home,Running outside and getting frozen?
Thought of here,Wang Youcai suddenly felt a little stupid。Inadvertently he has come to the gate of the village committee。Look up,The office on the third floor seems to be lit,He hesitated,And walked into the Xiping Village Committee。
Ma Yan, who was immersed in work, suddenly heard footsteps,She jerked up,Found that Wang Youcai was standing at the door,Both eyes stared at her unscrupulously。
Ma Yan stared fiercely, Wang Youcai asked:“Are you alright?”
Ma Yan to the old Wang family,He Xia Jian is an attitude。As the so-called love house and black,Maybe this is the reason。Especially Ma Yan’s temperament,Love and hate,Everything is written on the face。
Wang Youcai saw Ma Yan’s attitude towards him,Can’t help laughing:“Mayor Ma!No need to hate me so much!I have a holiday with Xia Jian,That’s a thing of the past”
Wang Youcai said,I sat down by the fire。The charcoal in the furnace is burning,Wang Youcai sits aside,Feel extremely comfortable。
Ma Yan understood at a glance。This Wang Youcai obviously came here to play,Since he is sitting there and burning the fire,Don’t bother him。
Ma Yan thought of this,So busy with the work on hand。Seeing it’s the end of the year,A lot of things to do,She is really busy。
Seeing Ma Yan no longer pay attention to him,Wang Youcai felt bored after sitting。He laughed and said:“Have you heard from Xia Jian recently??This guy ran away without saying a word,Isn’t he doing something shameful?!”

And Ling Anan on the side quickly said:

“Master,So be it,Senior came by hiding his identity,If you are too solemn,Revealed the identity of the senior,In case you annoy senior,Isn’t it worse。”
After Ling Tiannan listened,Nodded repeatedly:
“This is,Walk around。”
Talk about it,Ling Tiannan walked outside in a rush。
Ling Tiannan can’t be anxious,This is naturally anxious,Which senior is so generous,Helping younger generations so spare no effort,If seniors also point their fingers,Wouldn’t I be able to advance to the out-of-aperture stage soon??!
And Di Chen raised his eyebrows behind his back,Mumbled:
“Is it true?……You haven’t seen……”
quickly,Everyone came to the assessment site of the outer disciples。
but……After coming here,Everyone scanned the dojo,I can’t see Jingpu at all,People?
but,Ling Tiannan and his party are here,Instead, the assessors of those outside disciples rushed over in fear,Bow and say hello again and again。
Ling Tiannan was not polite with the people here,When even frowning in a hurry:
“Where’s Senior Jingpu?!!”

Xia Jian’s eyes coincided with Ouyang Hong’s eyes,Four eyes want to touch,Xia Jian lowered her head in embarrassment,And Ouyang Hong smiled generously:“Yo!President Xia!You are looking for Secretary Li?”

“Is not,I want to go to the city,I just met Secretary Li,He said he has something to tell me”Xia Jian said flusteredly。
Secretary Li who is opening the door,Stopped,He turned around and asked Ouyang Hong:“Mayor Ouyang,You just called him President Xia,What the hell is going on?If it’s a joke,Stop this kind of joke,Is he the village head after all??Misunderstanding“
“Oh!Secretary Li,He was originally the boss of Bucheon Venture Group,Xiping Village was hit this time,Their entrepreneurial group has done a lot,Although he is now the head of Xiping Village,But we usually say it smoothly,This should be fine“Ouyang Hong smiled and said to Secretary Li。
Secretary Li looked at Xia Jian in surprise and said:“nice!young and promising,Xicunping can produce talents like you,It seems to be the good fortune of Xiping Village,I said the whole Pingyang Town,Why is Xiping Village developing so fast,Turns out there is a big boss like you behind“
Xia Jian smiled a little embarrassedly and said:“you flatter me,Mayor Ouyang leads well,Reconstruction of Xiping Village,Cannot do without government support“When Xia Jian finished saying this,,I just feel a little hot on my face,He doesn’t know,How can I have such a set of rhetoric。
Secretary Li’s room is not bigger than Ouyang Hong’s,The only difference is,There is no pile of materials on his desk,Xia Jian glanced,So I found a chair and sat down by myself。
did not expect,Ouyang Hong also followed,She sat opposite Secretary Li。
“Oh!Is such that,Mayor Ouyang must have notified you,There are leaders in the city who need to come down to check,Want to build a model village,Choose to choose,I think only your village is suitable,So I reported it,did not expect,my thoughts,Coincides with the ideas of city leaders,This requires your strong support“Secretary Li opened the door to Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Smiled slightly:“No problem with this,I also reported to Mayor Ouyang,Waiting for the day when the water enters the village,Let’s have a simple ceremony,By the way, leaders are welcome to check“
“Ok!Good idea,But we need to make it warmer,Organize some villagers,Knock on the gong,Beat drums,If there is a Yangko team,Twisted words,Just better”Secretary Li said,I can’t help rubbing my hands,It feels like he is already there。
In the end, Ouyang Hong rounded out Xia Jian,One out of Secretary Li’s office,Ouyang Hong asked Xia Jian:“What are you doing in the city?The village is so busy,You are not going to be lazy!”
“I want to buy a motorcycle,So inconvenient to get in and out,I walked here from the village today“Xia Jian said helplessly。
Ouyang Hong thought for a while and said:“sure!It’s really good to have a transportation tool,But now the motorcycle market is a bit chaotic,I don’t know what you want to buy?I have a classmate who specializes in playing this stuff in Pingdu,If you look at it,I help you?“
“This is a good thing!I don’t know if you have time”Xia Jianyi listen,Very happy,Zhengzhou is not easy to handle,Unexpectedly, Ouyang Hong said it by herself,He asked for someone。