Chinese goods are in the world, the wind is unable to stop! Japanese media said that Anta Li Ning is tight to foreign brands (2)

According to reports, by expanding sportswear product lineups covering fashionable casual clothing, Li Ning has developed a brand that is popular with young people.

Ant is another China sportswear brand that rapidly win the reputation. The Anta Sports Supplies Company operating the brand is a sports equipment company established in 1991. With the popularity of many sports events, including the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, the company maintains a stable growth.

As the Olympic sponsor, Anta sports brand has triggered the attention of people’s sportswear with the Chinese flag theme pattern.

This summer, the company provides award service for athletes who participate in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, and sell sportswear with Olympic logo according to China Olympic players in its retail store.

Ding Shizhong, the Chief Executive Official Administration of Anta Sports, said that with the development of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the products with the Chinese flag theme pattern will have new growth opportunities. Li Ning and Anta Sports have strong revenue. 6 months ago, Li Ning’s overall sales of RMB 10.1 billion, an increase of 60% year-on-year, and Anta Sports also announced that the company’s sales increased by 60% to 10.5 billion yuan. The report also said that behind the two brands of Xinxin, the so-called Z generation (ie, after the mid-1990s, the current 20 years old) is currently 20 years old.

Chinese consumers (especially consumers who belong to this generation) are leading the trend of domestic brands.

Li Ning and Ant are at the forefront of this trend.

British media scandal

Once, the British media represented by the "Fleet Street" as a British media represented by the BBC (BBC), which occupied the proud position in the global press, and it is impossible to underestimize.

However, in just one or two years, from the "World News" to the scandal, to the BBC brand host Savier use the position of the child’s scandal, and then to the famous brand "News Night", the United Kingdom The media has become "news or even scandal manufacturers."

In October this year, the corporate culture was suspected of in October this year. The British Independent TV station disclosed that BBC has continued to invade children’s scandals in 40 years.

On December 5th, another BBC’s famous host was arrested in Hall, 82 years old.

BBC has confirmed that Hall’s work will be stopped during the survey.

The scandal of the BBC big name host was shocked by the British society. People question, why is it like Savir to commit a decades of demon, and their evils will be exposed after him? What kind of responsibility should I take a long time to hire his BBC management? The BBC "News Night" column has plans to make and broadcast a documentary that exposes Savil’s sexual invasion in last year, but is suddenly stopped by the editor of the column. The British people have accused BBC’s suspicion of covering and covering crimes.

And the editor of suspensions insists that the stop program is not to cover the facts, just for the consideration of editing business. The British "Daily Telegraph" report said that the high level of the BBC actually intended to be the "news night" program of the currently suspended "as a" sin ". A BBC program host is questioned on social networking sites. "If the editor is the only person who has a responsible person in the entire scandal, then it seems more like concealment."

Former BBC, President, President, President, former President, formerly resigned, has to admit it after accepting the British Parliamentary Committee, but also concerned about whether the BBC has a culture of the BBC.

If you don’t report it, you will have a wave of relocation, and a wave of rises. On the evening of November 2, the BBC "Night" column broadcast a program about the case of sexual infringement in the 1980s in Wales, the case of minor cases, before the shooting of the party, the party, McCal Pace .

However, the fact that McCal is not the character mentioned in the program. So, in this program, McCal flat-compailed victim Mesham and "News Night" column were published to McCal, and the BBC also reported that McCal is reached. Pound the compensation agreement.

Although the event is calm, the loopholes, the front and rear contrast, people who still remember.

Public opinion pointed out that the "News Night" on the evening is only a mistake in the word, which is very confused. Is it "hunger and not eating", transferring the people’s line of sight; BBC consistently advertised "credibility" It is doubtful. The British "Daily Telegraph" comment said that "News Night" is eager to use sensitive sexual invasion of the juvenile news survey programs to recover their reputation again, but once again move the stones.

When McCal Pin said in an interview, the BBC actually just confirmed by the phone, and won’t make such a large "oolong" incident. The BBC Scottish Channel Director Macger, which is responsible for investigating the incident, said that the "News Night" program production has not been done. The British "Financial Times" does not say that the BBC is now far farther and farther away from the ideal media image from the public.

2021 International Meat Industry Expo starts in Yinchuan, Ningxia

Xu Xiaoping, Party Secretary and Director of the Commercial Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, delivered a speech. People’s Net Mu Guohu photographed the party secretary of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and the director Xu Xiaoping speaking on the opening ceremony. He said that we must give full play to the role of this fair platform, use the results of the forum, adhere to the principle of quality first, green development, efficiency, lead the majority of meat enterprises to adjust the structure, transfer mode, promote integration, expand brand influence, and enhance Market competitiveness, leading the high-quality development of Ningxia meat and beach industry with high quality and well-known brands, truly creates more "bovine" in the beach industry, and the beach industry has created more "foreign". The beef cattle and the beach industry are one of the nine key industries identified by the autonomous region.

Since 2020, the party committee and government of the autonomous region have based on the new development stage, and fully promote the high quality development of the beef cattle and the beach industry. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Ningxia will focus on building "high-end beef cattle production base" and "China Township of China", with the main line of structural reforms, and comprehensively enhance the quality of the beef cattle and the beach industry.

By 2025, the amount of beef cattle reached 2.6 million, and the feeding capacity of the beach reached 1.21 million tons and 160,000 tons respectively, and "Salt Boan Sheep" is a public brand. To achieve a total of 100 billion yuan of output value of the whole industry.

China’s stealing transfarous phone? Trump: Yan and long fake news!

Trump said in the twitter: "New York Times" also published a fake news, saying that Russia and the Chinese monitored my mobile phone, but unfortunately I never had a mobile phone, even if I use only the government authorized.. Another fake news! BBC reported that China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Huat Chunying had a humorous response to this report.

"I also saw this report that you mentioned by the New York Times, I feel that some people now really want to take no effort to compete ‘Oscar Best Script Award’." BBC quoted this passage, and said, Hua Chun Ying recommends using one of the mobile phones produced by China’s largest mobile phone, as this is safer.

"If you are very worried about Apple mobile phone is eavesdropped, you can use Huawei mobile phone." If you still don’t feel relieved, in order to absolutely safe, you can stop using any modern communication equipment, disconnect all contacts with the outside world. "Said in the text, Russia Denified the statement about the eavesdropping mobile phone. "We have treated this story with some kind of humorous attitude." Russian President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Paskov said. In the "New York Times", it was thought that the private Apple phones of the Second Russian two countries were in order to understand his ideas and change it. In a pusher earlier, Trump was caricer as "AlongandboringArticle" refers to its "wrong". He wrote: The so-called Trump expert published an odor-long article in the New York Times, it was wrong, but I didn’t have time to correct.

I only use the government phone, and there is only a small number of mobile phones. This report is wrong! (Xu Xiangli).

Anshun Puster: Centralized support for the temporary people to support a blue sky

Since the study of the education and education of the party history, Putu County has carried out the "I’m doing practical things for the masses", and I’ve been focused on the problem of civil service object "I am very difficult to look forward to" the high-end support personnel residual, high operation costs The management service is poor, the quality of life is low, and the risk hazard is high, and the powerful measures of "one or two" are tied. On the basis of investigating 1055 specialty supporters in the county, explore 13 townships ( Streets) 57 specialty supporters, all arranged to the Yushu Street Nursing Home for centralized support, and effectively improve the human environment and improve the quality of life.

Pudding County has always guaranteed people’s livelihood, serving people’s livelihood, improving people’s livelihood as a central work, focusing on the concern of the masses, a special group, especially for the daily care of the special difficult person, and paying thoughts, responsibility, and mechanism Perfect, manage innovation. Combined with the actual situation of the county, through integrated resources, implement the integration of the nursing home, focus on the home-building of the nursing home, priority to build the Yuxi Street, respectively, make the old life of the specialty for more dignity, more quality. One is to do a good job in centralized support. To do two "100%", that is: For the special difficulties of the newly applied for new applications, I propose written applications to the township and towns, and sign the four parties.

The second is to improve the human environment.

For dispersive support trays, the old, long-term failure, the housing safety is not high, the living environment is poor, the township (town, street), the village (home) committee cannot give housing security, and all of the special difficult personnel Mobilization is concentrated in the Nursing Home of Yuxi Street.

First, improve the service function to ensure "comfort". Question and renovation of the Yuxiu Street Nursing Home, accompanied by equipment, dining, heating, entertainment and other equipment, with nursing staff and management personnel, providing a comprehensive care for the elderly.

The second is to implement "medical combination" to ensure "peace of mind".

Carry out "medical combination" cooperation with friendly hospitals, and smooth the hospital and provide medical services to the elderly in the first time. At the same time, establish a health profile of centralized supportive personnel.

The third is to clarify the four-party responsibility to ensure "rest assured."

The hometown (town, street), my (or near-relative), the local (or near-relative) and the nursing home management service agency, establish a regular visit system, to make the elderly to feel the government’s concern and society Care.

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Strengthening Yulu Exchange Weihai High School Marter’s Sending Activities in Yunyang

The event site. During the Yunyang County Education Commission for map activities, Jiu Weihai high school famous teachers in Zhenhua, Yuhai, etc., showed a high level of demonstration class respectively. Weihai Monetar is a new college entrance examination, and the classroom is smooth, and the teaching content is displayed in situations, guiding students to participate in class activities.

At the same time, the teachers also made a special lecture on the "New College Entrance Examination Strategy" for their respective disciplines. From a reasonable arrangement of review time, research outline and curriculum standards, a number of strategies of high school reviews, and a depth analysis of the direction and examination dimensions of college entrance examination questions in recent years. It is worth mentioning that the representative of the local young teachers in Yunyang County also shared a wonderful display class.

The discussion of the Junyang County Texture Institute also organized on-site interactive exchanges, and all teachers were freely discussed around the method and strategy of high three rounds of review.

The nine Weihai famous workers are against the puzzles of teachers, the on-site Q & A, the exchange atmosphere is strong. The relevant person in charge of the Yunyang County Education Commission said that the next step will continue to carry out a pair of counterpart exchange activities in Weihai City, the stone of the Weihai famous teacher, the jade of Yunyang Education Development, the overall impact of Yunyang high school education, and core competitiveness , Strive to have a high school education satisfied with the people.

(Yunyang County Education Commission] (Editor: Qin Jie, Liu Zhengning) Sharing let more people see.

Tianlin: Meng Pai into the "Red Gate" experience fire summer camp

In order to further improve the safety awareness of the child’s summer, strengthen self-defense self-defense ability, create a good fire propaganda atmosphere, recently, Tianlin Brigade carried out summer vacation red door summer camp activities, let the children "zero distance" contact experience fire protection, grow fire safety awareness. "Wow, you see! There are a lot of fire trucks, so cool …" I entered the fire station, the children couldn’t help but shout, and the eyes were brush to aim a variety of fire trucks. Under the leadership of fire refron, visit various types of fire vehicles and equipment equipment in the garage, introduce the name, performance, use, etc. of fire vehicles and equipment, let the children contact the fire fighting car, understand the battle of fire refron Life. In order to let the children experience the life of the war, the fire refers to the fire-fighting guards and wear positive pressure air breathing apparatus. "Uncle, I have to wear fire clothes; uncle, I want, I also Want … "The children rushed to ask the firefighters uncle to ask this question. In the interactive link, the fire refers to the "questioning + correction" interactive teaching mode, helping everyone correct some mistakes in the past, and the child will win prizes through the game, it is easy, and after the event, Hold the full load of the prize, and the whole event is full of joyful atmosphere.

This summer fire safety summer camp activity passes through a variety of ways such as learning, experience, practical operation and interactive communication, etc., education and guiding children to further improve safety awareness, take the initiative to learn commonly used fire safety knowledge skills, and promote the fire knowledge learned. , Achieve "education a child, driving a family, affecting the entire society".

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The "Anhui Good Man" list was announced in November

A few days ago, after the public recommendation and expert review, Wang Shangyong and other 13 people were selected as "Anhui Good people" in November.

Hefei City, Ancha Express Area Half Deco Street, the residents of the hot spring community resident Wang Shangyong and his wife have encountered a car accident, one of the cars turned down the lake. Wang Shangyong flew to the shore, grabbing a stone, directly taking into the waters of the ice, and swims to the falling water vehicle.

He doesn’t care about the danger to help the driver of the driver open the window glass, grab a water in the water, and struggle to save people.

Finally, a family of 5 people were all rescued by him. I saw that the falling water was safe and sound, Wang Shangyong quietly left with his wife.

In addition to seeing Wang Shangyong, which is brave, there is another 12 people elected "Anhui good people."

They are: cutting liver and rescue women, using selfless love to the daughter’s second life, Huaibei, Huaibei Sports, Huaibei, Zhao Chunhui; flying to rescue a young woman unfortunately fell to the building, the last moment of life is still not released Mengcheng County Fire The rescue brigade Qishan Road fire rescue station original firefighter Chen Jianjun; Many years old, Taoyue Town, Taishi County, Zhangzhuang Village, Sun Yuxi, Wang Suxia, Wang Suxia; Taking care of younger brother and serious illness 28 years, Renai filial piety is moving neighboring Huainan Tianjiatun District Guoqing Street Jinhao Community Needly Zunzhong Liu Guanghua; inheritance The family’s persistence is 14 years, and the 1-year fare has been more than 20 years for the villagers of Xihe Village, Huangchi Town, Huangchi Town, Xihe Village, Xihe Village, Huangchi Town. Green Fruit Professional Cooperative Chairman Cheng Chuanyun; ignoring the neighbor to save fire, the hot oil is seriously burned and not repenting the residents of Tongyu Street Jingxian community residents in the tree; Huang Huazong, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, village, Zhang Huaizong, Tongling City, Party Fee Zhizhi; Into the party for more than 70 years, I will pay 300,000 yuan for special party fee delegation, the provincial market supervision and management bureau office, Li Suit, Li Shu, Li Shuzhen.

(Reporter Zhang Yue).

The party group of the Autonomous Region CPPCC held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party

Original title: Learning to implement the Party of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China On November 15th, the party group of the Autonomous Region CPPCC held a meeting to study and implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session.

Party Secretary of the Autonomous Region CPPCC, Chairman Cui Bo hosted the meeting and speaking. Comrade Comrade Gay Exchange Study Experience, discuss the discussion of the CPPCC learning and propaganda and implementation of the Sixth Plenary Session.

Everyone agreed that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a major historical moment of the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party to open a milestone in the new journey of socialist modernization. The Council considered the adopted "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China" is a Marxist Program for Very Historical Penetration, Thought Leading, Political Mobilization, and Agera.

The meeting pointed out that in-depth study of the party’s 19th National Plenary Session is currently a major political task in the future. Party group members must take the lead in learning, master the connotation, organize the study of the CPPCC members and the cadres of the Organization, the upcoming CPPCC Standing Committee meeting to make the spirit of the Plenary as an important content, further enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", To achieve "two maintenance", enhance the "five identity", play a united front to organize role, firmly advancement and political force, and drums to move towards the second hundred years of struggle. The meeting requires that the spirit of the Plenary Session will be implemented in the work of the CPPCC. Political and performance; through strengthening the construction of "two teams", earnestly improve the political judgment, political understanding of the organs of the Political Consultative Conference, political understanding, political implementation, and improve the quality of the consultation system; Provide strong organizational assurance. Li Yankai, Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Party Committee, member of the Party Group, Vice President of the Autonomous Region of the CPPCC, Li Zefeng, Wang Ziyun, Zheng Zhen, Xu Ning and the Secretary-General of the Secretary.

Zhang Shuzhi, Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region CPPCC, Hongyang, and Ma Xiuzhen attended the meeting.

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The 3rdn National Book Trading Expo opened in Jinan, Shandong

The thirtieth National Book Trading Expo opened a high-quality publication, and there were more than 400,000 kinds of literary news report in Jinan, July 15 (Reporter Hou Lin Liang) July 15th, the thirtieth National Book Trading Expo in Jinan, Shandong. Opening.

The book fair is the theme of "Building a Century, Reading Shengxiang", and exhibits a full range of new era news publishing. The bookbox attracted more than 1,600 publishing units from various provinces (districts, city) and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with exhibition area of ??100,000 square meters. A total of more than 400,000 high-quality publications were exhibited.

In the Hunan Exhibition Area, more than 50 topics published in the spot. "The topic publishing has become an important engine that promotes the prosperity of Hunan publishing.

"Deputy Director of Hunan Provincial Government Information Office introduced.

The main venue of this session is located in the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is synchronized in Yantai City, and Tai’an City has set up a venue. It is freely open to the public readers, will last until July 19. During the Book Expo, there will be more than 600 subject activities of the Reader Conference, "Top Ten Readings" awards, and children’s reading festivals, and distribute 5 million yuan for readers to readers. At the same time, "Online Book Bo" debut, realize VR view, online live broadcast and other functions, create a "never-end" book fair, bring a cultural feast for national readers.

"People’s Daily" (July 16, 2021) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.