“grandfather,Who do you say is going to heaven。”

At this time, a young girl of 17 or 18 years old came in outside,The eyebrows are somewhat similar to Zhang Lao。
“Rhyme,You came。”
Saw the girl come in,Mr Zhang is very happy,Call her over and say:“Why are you free to see Grandpa today??”
“grandfather,See what you said,Which time I see you soon after school vacation,It sounds like I don’t see you often。”The girl grumbled and said。
“Haha……Grandpa made a mistake,I apologize,good or not。”
Zhang Lao pointed to Chen Xiu and said:“Rhyme,Come,I saw you Uncle Chen……Chen Xiu,This is your elder niece,My baby granddaughter——Zhang Yun。”
Chen Xiu and Zhang Yun are dumbfounded,Chen Xiu is at most three years older than Zhang Yun。
“grandfather,He became my uncle at such a young age,Isn’t he your bastard outside?。”Zhang Yun said with a smile on her face。
Lao Zhang is very helpless with this precious granddaughter,Her old man has been subdued by him since he was a child,People who are more than forty similar to see themselves still cringe like they were when they were young,Only to this baby granddaughter has been spoiled since childhood。
“He learned from me the ability to learn antiques,I’m half an apprentice even though……You should be called uncle。”
Zhang Yun can act like a baby to Zhang Yun,But it is very clear,The older generations like grandpa value most of these generations。
I remember going back to the countryside with the old man one year,Grandpa’s age,You still have to give a polite cry when you see a guy in his twenties“Uncle。”
Now that Grandpa is serious,She didn’t dare to be bothered。
but,Seeing Chen Xiu’s young face,Waiting for me to call him uncle with a smile,I really want to blow his nose with a punch。

After that, the little Guizi is also careful.,Remind everyone,Be a good life tonight,Tomorrow morning……Things entered the Office of the Office,I believe that I have received a message.,When you arrive, you will be ambush in the front yard of the House of House.。

In fact, you don’t have to have a small Guizi.,Almost no one in the night inn sleeps,One is all successful interest calls,Strust adjustment to the best state!
Early next morning,Canton is coming,I also followed a young juvenile with his age.。
Murong Jiu saw this person,I don’t consciously.,At the same time, the whisper reminds the Chu Deirers.:“This boy is extraordinary,Fixed……A very high person。”This is still very sensitive in this regard.。
No other people guess,This person is actually exposed directly.:“The hero is coming for the death of you.,Grateful,After that, you will also take it.,With the dog thief!”
Dare to claim to be in Beijing“I”of,Obviously only one。
And this emperor,It’s really big、Can’t put down the body,What is afraid that it is modesty?,Also strict self-proclaimed“I”,Like it is in Song Ting,The emperor is when you want to ask,Call“I”,Usually one one“I”Claim。
This time,Many people look at his eyes,It’s hard to be dark.,Little Guizi on the side is also a bit nervous……
Don’t say more,I want to be connected present.“Dog emperor”Say and slaughter,I am afraid it takes half of it.!
But the emperor doesn’t seem to see anything.,Found in the crowd,After the precise lock, Qiao Feng,Go front of the handwalk:“Xuan Zang meets the emperor!Uncle,Xuanzang heard your business,Just angry you,Just the worship of the dog thieves too much,I usually avoid my eyes and ears.,I really don’t dare to lead the uncle.……”
Kangxi is also the book.,Although there are many words between words,Spect over a while、I don’t have to say it for a while.,But it can be seen,He has already played as much as possible,It may even be a grievance,At this time, the eyes are red.。
Qiaofeng also did eaten this set,Help the little emperor:“Cry?Men’s Han husband,Today, we will be worshiped.!”
“Humph,But we are for the world,But not for your Manchuri Jiangshan。”Zongwei, one, no look at the little emperor。
And the emperor also said:“good,But no matter what you are for,I have to thank you today.!Will be with you,Go to my own eyes, watching the dog thief!”
“Amitabha,Your Majesty,Why do you have this risk??Not as good as……”Shenshan said this,It is also within the people of the family.,No one can identify,Qingliang Temple is already a Qing court。
Small emperor breaks the road:“Do not,Everyone can live in the world,Take this risk,Do you have a master of Daqing Society?,Did you dare to hide behind??”
Be said to be said,Fond of,In the psychological plan,Can you even kill this dog emperor?,I can’t help but sigh,Give up this idea。
It’s not really three, and the two are said to be stunned by Wang Ba.,But……
After all, this dog emperor is looking for himself.,Planning opportunity、Scheduled,After that, I will be relieved to others.,Or the real man、It is to look at the worship of the past.,People are actively actively acting with themselves……
At this time, I took a dog emperor.,Lost master identity!
Chu Deirers also see,Now think about these people in Kangxi,In addition to or dark、Interest involved,Others are basically the water and lake.“Heroes”。
This is also a time to eat.,Will“righteous”Put the forefront,Otherwise, it will be a heaven and earth meeting.、Mu Wangfu,if it is possible,Whether you don’t talk about the rules,I have to slaughter him first.!
The only exception is Duan Tianya,Chu Deirers feel,Big in-law,Should not be“Jianghu Road”Put it in your own behavior,only……Duan Tianya has no killing at this time.,Obviously God has not given him a similar task。
Qiao Feng saw this little emperor is quite bone,Open mouth:“well said!Can you bear a community?,But male husband,It is necessary to have such a bone!You and small Guizi,Just side。”
Chu Deirers also found,Qiao Feng is getting more and more,I don’t worry about it.,What will be misunderstood?。
However, Qiao Feng boasted the emperor.,The other side also secretly reminds each other,Yord name!
at the same time,Just in the small alley of Beijing,Simple easy to dress、Laudno shaved,Just playing the drop of the goods of the town,Preparing to go,Suddenly neck,But a sword blade is placed behind the neck.。
“Laudno,You are let your teacher find it well.!”Yue Yue’s voice sounded,However, it is equally easy to accompany。
“division、Master,Disciple is confused,This only……”Laudno still wants to edit one。
“Hey-hey,You can not be confused,Do you have to follow you for so long?,I really can’t think of the teacher.,No wonder the sword spectrum will not see it after you have been there.,It turned out that it is not hidden in the dart.,It is hidden in the darts of the Zhenyuan Dart Board.!how,Still not planning to be a teacher??”

Now it seems,Those who return from the deep abyss all gain,They all look very excited,No one has mentioned Li Hongyan yet,She feels underground“warehouse”The likelihood of exposure is much lower,I don’t want Gan Yifan to say anything to Wu Heng。

Where does Wu Heng know this inside story,Xu Wan said that Gan Yifan worried about him,Suddenly laughed,Say:“do not worry about me,It’s just a little longer going up and down the cliff,I almost couldn’t hold on it several times,Just keep going。Going down to the bottom of the cliff is not so scary,Master Ruo gave me a pill in advance,Said to be used for detoxification,But the air doesn’t seem to smell like corpses,On the contrary, cold wind blows from time to time……”
When it comes to this,Wu Heng lowered his voice,Go on:“Actually, we didn’t get to the bottom this time,Strictly speaking, the place full of bones is just a fault,There is still space under the fault,The cold wind is blowing up from below,The wind is much bigger than the above,Whining,Especially gloomy。
The chief can only go on for a while,I was covered with frost when I came up。The two Taoists will last for a shorter time,Shivering with cold。Even the drone lost two,Down from the fault,Estimated to fall less than ten meters,Both drones lost their signals,Drop directly,I can’t hear any movement。Dao Ziyun said something mysterious,He said that under the fault is the Shenlong Lair,And Shenlong is a frost dragon,Mortals cannot approach。”
“Frost Dragon??”Gan Yifan was in a daze,Can’t help thinking of Yunji Island environment,Thinking of the monster“Pooh”——A mouthful of thick sputum,All ice ballast。
“When shall we go back?”Gan Yifan asked suddenly。
“Should leave soon,Send things back。”
Gan Yifan looked towards the abyss,Consider whether to secretly stay behind and take a look at the bottom of the cliff like Li Hongyan?
at this time,Li Hongyan appeared。
Carrying a bulging marching bag,Staggering,A look like you will faint at any time when you are hungry,Walk out of the cave。
But not from the original cave,But from another cave tens of meters away。
Gan Yifan and Xu Wan looked at each other,All know that Li Hongyan’s move is to cover up the underground space of the cave。
The knife passed,Before I had time to speak,Li Hongyan staggered into his arms,“Captain,I’m hungry。”
Another officer passes by,Want to take away Li Hongyan’s backpack,Li Hongyan“weak”Shook his head,“I can,Just hungry。”
She started eating,Xiuxiu asked。
Xu Wan gently pulled Gan Yifan,Gan Yifan points to ears,“I am listening。”
“I’m wrong,Shouldn’t stay privately……”Li Hongyan has a good attitude,While eating,Make up lies。
Daozi go to the grotto where she came out,Come back later:“She is cunning,I dug a hole in the wall to hide myself,No wonder we can’t find her。”
“I really knew it was wrong,I have survived on two bags of compressed biscuits these days,Never dare anymore……”
Li Hongyan sells poorly,Xiuxiu said coldly:“Now know wrong,late,Turn around and hand you over to Colonel Ning,How to punish you is up to him,hurry up,Fill your stomach and prepare to leave。”

“report。”Xu Wan stepped forward,“I have something to say。”

“can,You said。”
“He lied。”
“Eh!”Gan Yifan looked back at her。
“Eh what eh,Full of nonsense,Do you really think we are playing with you??shut your mouth,I didn’t let you speak。”Chen Duxie’s evil face to him,Looking back,Calm down:“Xu Wan,Gan Yifan’s time to enter normal society is too short,He is incomprehensible,Don’t understand the seriousness of the matter,We can handle,But you are different,He doesn’t understand, you understand,Every word you say will be recorded,Think about it。”
“Yes,Instructor,I know。”Xu Wan salute,Go on:“Before,I hope the teacher is there,Because this matter is important。”
Actually after landing,The moment the backpack was tied,Xu Wan knew that he couldn’t hide it。
Just because of Gan Yifan’s words,She raised a glimmer of hope,But in fact, Gan Yifan thought things too simple,From underground“warehouse”The two swords and one sword that I took out can’t explain at all,And bamboo slips?Also can’t explain。
Can only tell the truth。
Chen Du and Major Ji looked at each other,Be cautious,Major Ji said:“can,I make a call,University Li also invited。”
Major Ji called on the spot,Chen Du looked at Gan Yifan,“Now you have another chance,to be frank,Which are your own?What is brought out of the abyss space?”
Gan Yifan held the scimitar and black blade in his arms,“I brought this from home,Other not。”

but,From scratch,This is a qualitative breakthrough,Also the most difficult。

By contrast,Further improvements to the method are much simpler。
The next twenty-eight years,Second Qi Refining Method《Liangyijing》Born,Compared to the superficial Hun Yuan Jing,Whether these two rituals are formed from‘Mana’strength,Still enough to carry‘Tao’Have improved a lot。
And with the birth of this method,The true god Zhuang Zhou, who is in charge of the Avenue of Dreams, also understands the way of heaven,Became the second true god to realize the existence of heaven。
Pangu Period One Hundred Thousand Eighty Seven Years,Finally one door is enough to carry‘Way of Heaven’Realm。
《Big compass》This world,As the main creator of this method,True God Yuanshi gritted his teeth and started practicing。
Although it took some time to cultivate,But still successfully cultivated and named by them‘Mana’the power of。
And the ultimate in practice,You must realize the way of heaven before you can practice,As a person who realizes the sun of heaven,True God Yuanshi finally succeeded in practicing。
The ultimate of this system,Known as Dao Zu,The power of mana is not weaker than the true god。
Such a state,Called by the gods and demons‘Luo Daozu’!
And Yuanshi is the first Daluo Daozu in the world。
Successive,Fuxi,The true gods of Xiaoyao who have realized the Yin Tiandao have stepped into the realm of Da Luo Daozu by this method.。
but,Although Da Luo Daozu’s mana is not less than the true god’s divine power,But in actual combat, it is far inferior to the true god。After all, the true gods are powerful,At the same time, the gods and demons have also developed many methods of fighting with supernatural powers.。
So called‘Supernatural power’!
While refining mana,After all, a newly born system,The method of use is very immature。
Of course, Da Luo Daozu are also developing the role of mana。
Fuxi was very pleased to discover,Mana used in formation,Easier to control than divine power,It also runs more freely and delicately。
Yuanshi True God also created the first spell between heaven and earth。
Li Ming,In the name of the candle dragon,Also created the first magic weapon in this world。

Tie Li wore a very nice windbreaker and stood at the door,Xia Jianyi went out,She greeted me。Tie Li’s pretty face,With a sweet smile。

“this late,I’ll take a taxi,I want you to run,Really embarrassed”Xia Jian said with a faint smile。
Tie Li smiled,Lower your voice and say:“I do”Tie Li finished,Reach out,The ghost took Xia Jian’s arm and left,Like a couple。It feels good,But Xia Jian’s heart is really not stable。
Along the way,Tie Li asks questions,Very happy。She asked Xia Jian how he went home this time。Xia Jianyi’s full lawsuit filed a lawsuit against Tie Li。
Tie Li said with a smile:“Not bad,The hand of the empty glove white wolf is fascinated by you,A woman like Yang Ying can listen to you in the end,This can only explain one thing,You will succeed”
Because Xia Jian still has things on his mind,So when he talked to Tie Li,Absent a snack,Tie Li soon discovered the problem。This smart woman doesn’t talk anymore,But drove her car intently。
Xia Jian pretended to be very sleepy,After a while there was a slight snore。Actually he did it,He has so much sleepiness。
Where to stay at night?This is what Xia Jian cares about most。Tie Li didn’t ask him,He was too embarrassed to offer it。After all, they just had that night。
One hour later,When the car leaves the toll gate,So I heard Tie Li whisper to him:“I registered the hotel for you in advance,You stay one night,It depends on the situation”
Xia Jian answered vaguely,Tie Li didn’t speak anymore。after awhile,I feel that when the car stops again,Just listen to Tie Li:“Wake up!Arrived at the hotel”
Xia Jian opened his eyes and took a look,This hotel is where he stayed the day before yesterday,Conditions are not bad。Just when he was stretching,Tie Li stuffed a room card into his hand and said:“You are so sleepy,Go back to the room and rest!”
“You won’t go up and sit down?”Xia Jian feels sorry,He said politely。
Tie Li hesitated and said:“I think you are tired,Let’s talk another day!”Xia Jian quickly released the boat,Yanked the car door and jumped down。
Tieli sitting in the car,I kept watching Xia Jian enter the hotel before driving back。She is unwilling,But she is a woman after all,Xia Jian won’t tell her to go up,How can she post it by herself?
Back to the hotel room,Xia Jian throws his luggage in the cabinet,The whole person collapsed on the bed。He doesn’t want to move。Not too tired,But he feels a bit sorry for her doing this。But he doesn’t know how to deal with this。
Lying down for half an hour,He estimated that Tie Li must have returned to the room at this moment,So I called her。
I didn’t expect it would be possible to call。Tie Li asked unhappy over the phone:“what’s up?If the room is not good,Change it yourself”
“No no,I just want to ask if you are home?”Xia Jian said softly。
“It’s been a while,Where are you not far from my community。sleep early!I’ll tell you something”Tie Li hung up after speaking。

Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Just this,It’s the operation of the relationship between Mr. Hu,Otherwise, Ma Yan’s acting village head has done a good job,Why did you choose a village head??”Wang Youcai finished,Then turned and left。

First1828chapter Before the election
? Song Fang saw Wang Youcai like this,Almost not angry。Chen Yueqin sees all this。She whispered to Song Fang:“I listened to the villagers talking in private,The relationship between Ma Yan and Chen Erniu is extremely stale,So there is no such thing as Cai said,What Ma Yan did well,I heard that Ma Yan didn’t want to do it”
“This thing is true?”When Song Fang heard this, he was energetic。In fact, in the whole Xiping Village,Who is half a catty,Who are two,Song Fang still knows。This Ma Yan has a higher education than her,On experience、In terms of business ability, she is better than her,Song Fang knew this,to be honest,She is afraid that Ma Yan will run for her,If she really doesn’t participate,Then her chances of winning are great。
Chen Yueqin was happy when she saw her daughter-in-law,She lowered her voice and said:“This can’t be wrong,I heard Qiao Dongping’s mother say。Because several other cadres were not convinced to let Ma Yan be the village head”
“If this is the case,Ma Yan will definitely not participate in this election”Wang Degui finally said a word。Song Fang took the reassurance of his words。
After lunch,The big horn in Xiping Village suddenly rang。Then Chen Erniu shouted in a hoarse voice:“Attention all villagers in Xiping Village,1:30 this afternoon,Convene a village election meeting。Every household must send someone to participate,Don’t come for children and old people,Those who come must be able to take the responsibility of the whole family”
Chen Erniu shouted this thing twice on the loudspeaker,Finally said,Because of the election for the village chief,The time to go to the cooperative to work was also postponed to three o’clock in the afternoon,In other words, after participating in the election,,Everyone go to work again。
Wang Youcai, who slept Meimei, walked out of the west room。Chen Yueqin glanced at his son,Said with a pain:“Meal is ready,How much do you want to eat,Don’t break your body”
“I definitely want to eat,Skip every meal,That’s not starving me”Wang Youcai said,Walked into the kitchen by himself。 This guy stood in the kitchen and ate two bowls of noodles,Looks really hungry。
In the upper room,Song Fang and Wang Degui are talking about running for village chief this afternoon。Wang Youcai came in,Sit on a chair and say:“Don’t think about it too complicated,Isn’t that the same thing?Don’t worry,Someone help us,This thing will definitely happen”Wang Youcai said with confidence。
Song Fang laughed and said:“This can only succeed。I am now unemployed,We can’t afford to lose this person,Because I represent you Lao Wang”
“OK,Don’t keep saying that you represent our Lao Wang family。Then you become the village head,Does the monthly salary go to the family??”Wang Youcai smiled coldly,Choked Song Fang。

Chunmei look at Xia Shuyue and Yu Ge,All okay,Nothing serious,Shook his head to the police,“We are fine。”

“it is good,Call the police immediately next time you see someone,This is downtown,No more fights。”
“it is good,we know。”Chunmei nodded。
……The police left。
“Sorry,I wanted to take care of your business,But made your business like this。”Yu Ge looked at Chunmei with guilt。
“Also ran away guests,Did not receive the money。”Xia Yueshu lowered her head embarrassedly。
Chunmei shook her head,“cough,It’s nothing,Doing business inevitably meets all kinds of people,Don’t blame you。”After talking, start to clean up the stumbling tables, chairs and benches,The boss is picking up wine bottles on the ground,Did not speak。
“Gangsters,Have been here for a long time,I wanted to fall out with them long ago,They don’t pay me for food for a long time,Although it’s just a bottle or two of beer,A few skewers of meat,That’s money too,The one in my family is afraid of causing trouble,When i haven’t come,They often bully him。”
“Why do you bother with these gangsters,What good do you get,You see it’s messed up everywhere now,Business is gone。”The boss said frustrated。
“From today,They come again,Even if you only eat a bunch of meat,Have to give money,Don’t let people be bullied every day。”Chunmei said hard words。
“I will pay you,Don’t be sad,Sorry。”Xia Yueshu put out five hundred yuan on the table。
“What are you doing,Don’t you lose money,Just come and take care of my business often。”Chunmei put the money back in Xia Yueshu’s bag,Press by hand,“Really okay,It’s not you,Sooner or later there will be such a,I can’t get used to them,My family is too weak。”
Xia Yueshu and Yu Ge helped clean up,Arrange the tables and chairs,The boss swept the floor silently,quickly,Get lively again,As if nothing happened just now。
When Xia Yueshu left, put the money on the table and ran away quickly,Yu Ge said to Chunmei,“You collect the money!”Go after Xia Shuyue,Xia Shuyue ran fast,Got into the taxi and left,Yu Ge didn’t catch her。
Come home,Xia Shuyue never took off her shoes,Pounce on the bed,Cover your head with a quilt,Especially want to cry,But can’t cry,Shouldn’t drink that day,Why so stupid,Why drink,Drunk myself,It’s a ghost?

Mainly eat well,It casually reported a‘Three Realms Zhuan Shengdan’,Li Tianzhen digs out a lot from his space treasure,Black Qilin saw his eyes straight,This kind of heavenly pill,I’m desperate to find one、Both of them depend on luck,This soil bun can actually grab a lot,It’s hard to imagine。

Smelling the special aroma of pill,Hei Qilin can’t remember which year’s good fortune it was,Immediately there is an urge to go crazy,Keep saliva,I want to grab my paw,It’s a pity that Li Tianzhi saw the unusual look in the eyes of this man,And quickly took back the pill,Only three left on the palm of the hand,“Work hard,All yours。”
“My dignified unicorn beast,Do you need to coax you like a three-year-old??”Black unicorn furious,But I just yelled in my heart,I’m afraid I won’t even give the remaining three,Grabbed it quickly,I’m busy with it all to my mouth。
“One for two days,Next meal,Ask me in six days。”
Two bangs,The black unicorn squeezed out two more heads from the neck,A yin and yang face,Faceless,Started arguing,Just two mouths are arguing,And the other faceless looks quiet,But its flat face shows different colors,Also seems very excited,Finally there was a crash,The black unicorn has a black flame all over。
Li Tianzhen can’t laugh or cry,I had to stretch out three fingers at it,“Three faces,One each for two days。”The voice fell off,Pop two pills,Then turned and left,immediately,There was an extremely chaotic fighting sound from behind。
The black unicorn is a rare beast,Unlimited future growth,Li Tianzhen value it,Sluggish,He doesn’t count,But it’s different in extraordinary times,There is something similar to a grid in Li Tianzhu’s spiritual consciousness,All the gods and demons around you who have established connections have a point on this grid,Easy to command、Communication and monitoring,All the points are moving at this time,All busy,The only point that represents the black unicorn,But not moving。
“Big black,Work!”Li Tianzhen yelled in his divine consciousness,The dream of the black unicorn was crushed to pieces,It’s going to attack with its big mouth open in anger,Suddenly found that Li Xiucheng’s Yuanshen’s projection was standing in front of him,Suddenly lost spirit,I had to droop my head,Got up very helplessly,Three steps,Turn your head and take a peek,The Yuanshen projection is gone,So he collapsed and went to sleep。
So and so,Repeated several times,Like hide and seek,Li Tianzhen doesn’t bother to care about it,Focus on the control of the repair progress of the big array,Many nodes require special materials,But it’s not particularly unusual,Li Tianzhen has everything in his treasure box,Before dawn,Dazhen is completed as planned。
Li Tianzhen walked towards the center of the battle eye,Motivates vitality to transform into a tall giant,Make a piece up to ten feet long,The black conglomerate with a diameter of more than one foot is inserted into the array hole,There was a faint bang from all sides of the valley,Tremor,The peripheral team started successfully。
“Li Xiucheng,So lingering,Do you think this will trap the old man forever??”A roar from the depths of the underground palace,Li Tianzhi’s surprised discovery,It’s not the voice‘Demon Lord’,But Panmang,After a little thought, I suddenly realized,This big formation was originally designed to trap Panmang,In fact, in the eyes of Luoying Goddess,The threat of Panmang far exceeds‘Demon Lord’,This should have a strong guiding significance,Must pay attention。
“Of course not enough,I also prepared several other big formations,Wait for you to be used slowly。”
Li Tianzhen laughed,Call the black unicorn with a whistle,Stand up and ride on this guy’s back,Fly high above the sky,Just northeast of the vast Daheishan Mountains,Wumingshan is like an oval bead embedded diagonally in it,The valley winds like a thin ribbon,Like a ghost on the edge of a bead,And then the outside is locked by a golden dragon,The dragon winches the body,Glared,The dragon head is on the side of the temple,Ingenious workmanship、Very spectacular。
Sunrise Oriental,Yun Zhengxiawei,Can easily distinguish the huge head of Panmang that has been petrified,Including facial features and facial features,This is the real body of Panmang,This fellow seems extremely unwilling to be suppressed,Beard and hair,Grim eyebrows,Li Tianzhi who seems to be staring into the air。
“This bastard must have been arrogant before his death。”The black unicorn spews thick black smoke from his nostrils,I don’t have the consciousness and sympathy that I felt when I was suppressed.。

“Go to your mark,Lao Tzu’s house has been cleaned long ago,To find Zhang Changlin,If this old thing can’t tolerate me,Don’t look for these infinite excuses,It’s good for him to come and take my life himself!”

“Big brother said so,Then don’t blame the little brother for being polite!”Zhang Shungen stood up immediately,Swing your right hand into the air,The four elders behind him quickly occupied the four positions of the small courtyard,Occupation is very particular,But it’s quite big,With just a few people, I want to control the whole hospital,I also deliberately ignored Zhang Mugen, a more hidden master。
Li Tianzhi puzzled,But was quickly attracted by the invisible shock wave in mid-air,As if something exploded in the air,Colorless and tasteless,See nothing,A move in his heart,This should be a way to communicate faith with God’s consciousness,Although there is no obvious mental power fluctuation to be found,But people who are familiar with each other are easy to recognize。
There has been a fight in the yard,Zhang Mugen shot himself,I’m all sick and crooked just now,Very vigorous,Zhang Shungen happily put it right,The two move quickly,Fists like unarmed combat,Tiger and Tiger。
Actually this is not an ordinary fighting technique,It’s a supernatural power,In the eyes of ordinary people, there is only a lively fight,But in the eyes of Li Tianzhu and others, it is very dangerous,And this kind of direct form supernatural power,Where did he seem to have seen,After thinking about it, I remembered the underground palace of Wuming Mountain,At that time, four monsters had been released by Zhang Baogen,Can’t help but suddenly realized。
Zhang Shungen transformed into a huge mountain wolf,And Zhang Mugen is a clouded leopard of the same size,Fight between the two,Faster and faster,Ordinary naked eyes can only see two very fuzzy bodies, one blue and one yellow,Can’t see the specific form,In the eyes of supernatural powers, this is not the case at all。
Two old brothers,One wins in young age and strong,An experienced,It’s hard to solve for a while,But Li Tianzhen soon saw that Zhang Mugen was better than his opponent,He is still hiding his strength,It’s not just a matter of hot ginger,But four eye-catching‘Tianzhenwei’,They are the most powerful killer here。
And Zhang Zhiqiang never dared to draw a gun,The magician who came with him also didn’t do anything,Obviously do a side view,However, two men in black who looked like Zhang Mugen’s entourage suddenly breathed,Launched an attack。
An old man in black rushing to the door,Another old man in a white coat rushing to his right,Body shape,Move like lightning,One suddenly turned into a millipede while running,The body of the other suddenly decomposed into dozens of various attacking forms,Pounce on the target like a afterimage。
Booming,In the loud noise,The waves of energy around the three fighting rivals continue to burst、Burst open,The entire courtyard was shaken,The firewood room on the side can’t support it,Collapse first,Fight like this,The entire courtyard will be demolished soon。
But strange,The neighbors next to Zhang’s house were not affected in any way,There seems to be an invisible barrier covering the Zhang Family Courtyard,Any excitement of magical energy is difficult to dissipate,At first he thought it was done by the supernatural power brought by Zhang Zhiqiang,However, Li Tianzhen carefully distinguished by his perception and confirmed that there was someone else。
Fully constrained,Observation by perception alone,It’s still a bit difficult for Li Tianzhu’s current cultivation base,Otherwise, it would be difficult for Zhang Mugen to hide so tightly in front of him,But this is also a rare exercise,And he quickly found a black man with a rickety figure,This person stood holding the door frame of the west wing,Age too,Fifty or sixty,Wobbly,It seems that it can fall as soon as the wind blows,But it happened unscathed in such a fierce energy torrent,Have to be suspicious,This guy is the master。
The other two‘Tianzhenwei’Never moved,The sharp eyes stared at Zhang Zhiqiang and others in the courtyard like a snake,But more is to look at the rickety old man,The three formed a strange triangle,The rickety old man grinned,Suddenly turned his head and looked at the slope behind Li Tianzhen’s hiding。
Chapter VIII Confident
Two“Zhentianwei”Naturally, his attention was taken over by the old man,But there is nothing on the slope behind Zhang’s house,They scanned it for a long time with divine consciousness and found no abnormalities,The look in the rickety old man’s eyes became strange。
Li Tianzhen has integrated with the surrounding environment of the soil slope,This is because he will‘Da Tian Luo Dao Fa’Combine with the miracle of good fortune,Transform itself into a pool of loess,Completely shielded the breath。
This method of hiding can conceal most magicians,But I’m afraid I still can’t hide in the face of real masters,Li Tianzhen suspected that the rickety old man had found him,The behavior just now is just a warning,Just silent,Maybe it’s because he can’t distinguish the enemy from us for the time being。
Zhang family fights for power,Both sides have ambitions,Butt is not clean,Li Tianzhi has no intention of intervening,But it involves‘Tianzhenwei’,Involving the demon of the Wuming Mountain Palace,He naturally wouldn’t sit and watch,The things in Zhang Mugen’s hands must be important tokens for opening the underground palace,Otherwise, Zhang Changlin won’t be obsessed with this junior after winning the position of patriarch,If you are worried about being seized,He killed Zhang Mugen’s family long ago。