This time it was his bodyguard,He brought people here。

It will be ok!
And Fang Yu at this time。
After eating。
Went back to the hospital first,Check the condition of the tumor patient。
Although it was saved,But subsequent recovery,Still have to look!
“Doctor Fang,Your tea!”
Fang Yu finished seeing the patient,Ruan Wu smiled and brought a cup of tea。
“You look happy……Is something good happened?”
Fang Yu took a sip of tea,Questioning。
“Thank you for speaking to me in front of the dean……What to eat,I have a supper tonight!”
Nguyen Vu Dinh Road。
“I’m telling the truth……After Li Juyuan left,Your qualifications are the best。You have been a deputy for so long,Should also officially become the master!I hope you don’t disappoint my kindness!”
Fang Yu reminded。
If Ruan Wu’s chief sword is unsuccessful。
Will definitely be on the dean’s side,Will lose a lot of points。
“and so,I have to ask tonight……I hope Dr. Fang will teach me……”Ruan Wu looked at Fang Yu expectantly。
In the eyes,Full of expectations!
“amount……Dean is here!”
Fang Yu reminded。

When Li Tianchou arrived at the hospital,Xiaowen is supporting Wu Jianguo to bask in the sun in the corridor,He smiled and said hello to Li Tianchou,I went to Liang Hui on the excuse of something。

Wu Jianguo is in good spirits,Li Tianchou was calculated by Fat Zhu,He also heard,Repeatedly comforting Li Tianchou not to go to his heart,Work under someone else’s roof,There is no wrongdoing?Li Tianchou nodded and said yes,But also aware of the changes in his comrades,Become lacklustre,He is not good at evaluating the quality and right or wrong of this change,But from the bottom of my heart, I realize that the former pride and blood of my comrades are passing away bit by bit.。
Liang Hui’s body recovers much faster,The sea blowing in the hospital bed,Doesn’t look like a patient at all。There are many people in the ward,Except for two colleagues,Liang Hui’s brother and sister-in-law are also there,They came here specially,Seeing Liang Hui is fine,Are discussing rushing back home overnight。
Liang Hui is two poles better than Weidong,I yelled loudly when I saw Li Tianchou,After discharge,I have to beat that Fatty Zhu,Unpleasant。Brother and sister-in-law don’t understand the situation,Started to worry again。Make Li Tianchou anxious,He warned Liang Hui loudly if he dared to act rashly,This friend has nothing to do,Liang Hui hummed and shut up。
At noon,Li Tianchou reluctantly invited everyone to dinner,A lot including Xiaowen。He doesn’t know how to express his apologies and thanks,If I am not impulsive that day,Everyone will not be like this now。Maybe the only way,He can feel better in his heart。
Chapter Twenty Five The Fatty Plan died
Work in the afternoon,Li Tianchou collected a lot of newspapers,Start researching recruitment information。He is more interested in technical work,It is more reliable to learn a craft,It will definitely be useful to return home in the future。
The recruitment information in the newspaper can be described as massive,Li Tianchou watching while recording,After a while, I filled a small piece of paper,Is it a big city,Human demand is too great,This also makes him confident in his future job search。
“Tian Chou,The police friend from your last time called,He left you a number,I told you to call him free。”Captain Hao rarely appeared at the gate,Reached out and handed Li Tianchou a note,But calmly glanced at the piece of paper on the table。
Li Tianchou was a little surprised,I don’t know what’s urgent for Brother Xiao?Think about it,Picked up the extension in the guard box and called Xiao Yadong。
“Hey,please say。”Xiao Yadong’s voice seems tired。
“Brother Xiao,I am Li Tianchou。You just looked for me?”
“Oh,Tian Chou,I have something to ask you。We held a case briefing in the morning,There is a case about a group incident in your company,Several employees were injured,Have you participated?”

Everyone went up the mountain and returned to the old house,Only Uncle Hai’s wife stayed in the village。Everyone is tired enough,Sat down and formed a circle。I heard that the ladyboy is already receiving treatment,Li Tianchou and Uncle Hai are relieved。

“Everyone just rest for ten minutes,Still work,Clean up before dawn。”Uncle Geng gave an order,Lie down on the spot。
at last,In the early morning before the sun rises,Everyone carried Awei to the tomb on the hill next to him。prior to,Xiaoliu and Xiaotian have been buried here。
When buried,Zhang Wen said nothing,Ryoko has already cried to death。
But this may also be a relief for Awei。
Sunrise Oriental,Xia Guang Wan Zhang。That kind of gloom in the dark night、decadent、Sadness,Or bloody、Fear and all kinds of filth,All fell apart,Vanish。A new day started。
In the morning,Peng Weihua and Broad Bean rushed back to their old house in the mountains,Brought back a lot of news,And found a new home for everyone。Two people in the dust,All dark circles,I want to have a night without closing my eyes。
Liu Hao strictly followed Zhu Lei’s proposal,First, set a fire at Sun Guaizi’s Xijiao home,Then I got help from Broad Bean by surprise,Stole a little thing。But it is Sun Guaizi’s most important object。
The water and the sky became an empty shell,Nobody touched it,Even the people sent by Ahao just took a look and left。Instead, Shen Mingfang’s nightclub played the most lively,Chen Bin personally brought people here。Gang fight of dozens of people on both sides,Lasted more than half an hour,Basically ruined the nightclub。The police arrested many people,Surprisingly, Chen Bin escaped again。
But what everyone is most concerned about is whether Uncle Geng and others have arrived safely and there is no news yet.,Everyone together,If there is no news after noon,I need to go down to find out。Li Tianchou took the initiative to invite Ying,Because he has one more thing to do,So we just do it together。
Bald Hai thought for a moment,The decision is to let Li Tianchou and Zhu Lei go down the mountain to find out,And agreed,If you haven’t come back the next morning,To meet at the new address,After all, the mountains are no longer a place to stay。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Eight Missing
Awei thing,Peng Weihua and Broad Bean already know,Although the two are sad,But the performance is relatively sane,Even helped Zhang Wen persuade Liangzi。Just from beginning to end,Peng Weihua never said a word to Li Tianchou,Didn’t even say hello。
It’s noon,Wen Hui, who was sent down the mountain to collect transit information, rushed back, sweating profusely,He brought back the good news that Uncle Geng arrived at the destination smoothly。Everyone is relieved,Then Zhu Lei won’t have to run,But Li Tianchou still needs to go down the mountain to complete his third thing。
Casually make two lunches,I was called by Uncle Hai to give instructions。Only then did Li Tianchou say goodbye to everyone on the road。Although everyone is very polite to him,But remember the expressions of everyone just now,Li Tianchou still has a strange smell,Unspeakable,Anyway, a little strange。
Walking on the mountain road,Li Tianchou shook his head hard and didn’t think too much。Anyway, the next day,Hai Tianzi will announce the head of Yuxing Company on behalf of Uncle Geng,Although I may not be present,But it’s already a solid matter,Can’t run away。Maybe everyone already knows some news,This is also a normal reaction。
I’m going to be family soon,The company hasn’t settled yet,It’s not a joke when so many people want to open their mouths to eat。Didn’t care,Now I feel like burning my ass。No wonder Uncle Geng repeatedly told,The first of these third things is the most urgent,The third most important,Also the most complicated。As for the second thing,Figure it out。

Wu Wu just finished,Who is following Fatty Zhao?。Fatty Zhao looked anxious,He shouted loudly:“Don’t listen to him talking nonsense here,Get started,The person lying here may not be who”

“Stop dreaming,We fight professionally,Understand?Even if you win tonight,Then in this life you don’t want to be in a flat city,We will find your troubles every day”
Wu Wu has been in Pingdu,He also learned。some things,It’s best to solve it without hands.。Because under the rule of law,You do it,Reasonable becomes unreasonable。
First2647chapter Just leave
Who are Fatty Zhao’s men?,A few really retreated。
“I’m going to you uncle,I take his wife home,What do you care about?Since you don’t want to make me feel better,I’ll make you feel bad first”
Fatty Zhao shouted and charged up,The shovel in his hand has not been lifted yet,Wu Wu jumped up and stepped on the ground。This guy looks strong,Actually can’t help but fight,He only got the kick of Wu Wu,I just crawled on the ground for a long time and couldn’t get up。
Which people following him ran away without a trace,Xu Lihong sees it,She stepped forward,Slap and slap。Wang Youcai quickly grabbed her。
Fatty Zhao got up from the ground, holding his belly with both hands,He gasped and said to Xu Lihong:“You bitch,Eat mine use mine,Leave me after spending my money,You feel……”
“You fucking shit!You lost money when you contracted the project,Just buckle my moneyless poop on my head,Are you still a man?I tell you,We are divorced,I’m breaking the law again,Don’t you understand?”
Xu Lihong’s voice has not fallen yet,Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps at the gate,I saw the silhouette of a person,A few policemen came in。
“Some people report,You gather here to fight,what happened?”
The policeman walking in front may be blinded by the light from the room,He didn’t see the wooden sticks held by Wu Wu’s men,Otherwise he would not be so polite,Won’t ask like that。
Wu Wu quickly stepped forward,In front of which policeman。Wang Youcai is not stupid,He got in the other side。Wu Wu’s horses moved quickly and put the sticks they held on the ground。
“Misunderstanding Comrade Police,There was just some quarrel between us,There is no gathering of people to fight”
Wu Wu accompanied the smiling face,Quickly explained。
Which policeman looked down and asked:“How come there are so many people without fighting?”
“Misunderstanding,I live here,They all come to me for a drink。I didn’t expect this fat man to quarrel with his ex-wife,They ran out to persuade。You go into the house quickly!Nothing here”
Wang Youcai greeted him with a big smile,He doesn’t want the police to know about it,After all, which Fatty Zhao did Wu Wu beat?。

Yu Wenxian is like convinced,Also emphasized it again。

He also doesn’t want to be the kind of wicked person,If this is done,Isometrical ingredients with Gao Bao,And never unspeakable。This also means,Once Gao Bao,So your future generation,Continental Room,It may be big mildew!
This is also Yu Wenxian, I don’t want to see it.。
Zhou Guo now……Need to take good cultivation,More chooses,Otherwise long time,His Yu Wenxian can not mess with Hu,But can he guarantee that the other people of Yu Wen are not chaotic??
Yang Jian,This person has always made you feel uncomfortable.,I always feel that he is too low.。But the things between Yang Jian and Shanleo,Yu Wenxian knows some insidetence。
If Gao Baoyi is a down-stream man,So Yang Jian is a hidden conspiracy home.,In fact, I am afraid that than Gao Bo Yi is also poisonous.。
If this time Gao Bi is willing to change back solo,So, it proves your guess.:This man is actually more upright than Yang Jian.,Also heavier。
So, even Gao Biyi is now substantive.,Can Yang Jian can save oil??
Seeing that Yu Wenxian did not speak for a long time,Shanleo curious asked:“Yu Wenxian,I am from myself.,Why do you live with me now??Who do you think of??”
“Yang Jian!”
Yu Wenxian offensive。
perhaps,Shanle gano is a woman who insists on Yang Jian.,Need to listen to her thoughts。
“What do you think Yang Jian is??”
Yu Wenxian asked:“Compared with Gao Bao,How-mind?”
“If this battle is Yang Jian’s hierarchy,Then you can kill me now.。”
Shanleo said that there is no answer to Yuwen Constitution。
He is a moment,Immediately:“You have a good rest of your body.,I also have military affairs,I will come again tomorrow.。”
Why is Yu Wenxin come every day??
Because he is afraid of meat ticket suicide,I can’t get myself.。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1228chapter A loud noise on the river(superior)
“Today’s messenger enters the city,After playing a high performance,Send the city with a hanging basket。”
“News of Heyang Three Towns,Zhou Jun tried to use the vessel to go upstream,Have Wang Linjun intercept。There is no emperor Yu Wenzhao on board.,Only some ordinary soldiers。”
“Wang Lin sent people asking if they want to attack Hongnongcheng,They seem to know what is attacked by Xiangyang City,I have this thing in the letter.。Wang Lin still wants to attack Hong Nongcheng,Take the soldiers。”
“Li Da is abused by captive,Take a few people。At present, the murderer is detained,Waiting for the governor。”
Zheng Minmin will order a command to send it to the Zen.,Also listen to Gao Baoyi。However, this great power is holding Qi Guoguo,Thoughts don’t seem to be on these guys。
“You feel,Should I use Yu Wen??”
Gao Baoyi’s voice is a bit hoarse,He has not slept a good feeling recently.。
Half a day,Zheng Minmin has no sound,Nodules。
“Say,What ideas can be said。”
Gao Baoyi said。
“I am so late, you will be a woman.,Nature is a woman who wants to be around,The less you get better。”
Zheng Minmin’s voice is almost small to hear。
“and then?”
Gao Bao continued to ask。
“But the angle of the body stands at bystanders,Still hope that you will save people。”
Zheng Minmin said, a sentence that made Gao Bao accidentally。

“it is good!!!”The other three answered together。

30Seconds later,Lu Yi stands on the top of the Pyramid of Destiny,Carefully place the whip on the top of the tower from the waist。
Announcement from the system:“Poseidon’s treasure——Poseidon’s whip has been captured,The trial of fate begins!Flower Army1:0Elite Legion!”
“it is as expected!”Feng Xichuan, who had just been resurrected from his birthplace, looked at the sky in the distance,I saw a golden light shoot out from the Golden Tower of Destiny,I received the exciting news that Huacao is leading!
but,Didn’t wait a while,Another announcement came from the system:“Poseidon’s treasure——Trident has been captured,The trial of reincarnation begins!Flower Army1:1Elite Legion!”
Lu immediately ran down the pyramid when he heard it,Zhao Ping, who was in the half of the tower, followed Lu Yi and jumped onto the speedboat at the fastest speed.。
due to“Reincarnation Pagoda”Fall,Lu Yi drives the speedboat towards“Eternity tower”Drive at full speed。
“Wow!Wow wow!This is a hundred times more handsome than a ground driving!”Zhao Ping roared。
“amount……This is the first time I have experienced this kind of stimulation……”Even if Guo Yinzhe has been on a private yacht,But I’ve never seen this speed on the sea。
Just when a few people were chatting,The third announcement of the system:“Poseidon’s treasure——The Sea Crown has been captured,Eternal judgment begins!Flower Army1:2Elite Legion!”
“1:2!Did you lose??”Straight question。
“Wait a minute,Look at the sky!”Lu Yi, who was driving the speedboat in front, shouted。
I saw a dark cloud that covered the sky and the sun first gathered in the sky,Then a flash of lightning seemed to split the sky three cracks,And there was a thunderous sound,Resounding over Atlantis。
Time and space rift split by lightning,It seems to be the sea water connected to Tianhe,Countless fish and shrimp poured out from it。
“Heavy rain?”Zhao Ping asked。
“Do not,It should be that the legendary prehistoric flood is coming……”Lu Yi guessed。
Prelude-newborn Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One FlowersVSElite(Seven)

He wants to see this is the whole 啥。

Click on his friends to look down.,Not like a liar,Because there is still a photo of the Tianfeng People’s Hospital and many doctors。
Zhou Ye has been pulling,I also saw Shu Lu and Week antelope.……
Don’t say,Prostitute is a prostitute,It looks a crane group in a circle of friends.,And other 歪 瓜 枣 一匕,It’s a beautiful day.。
When I turned it, I saw my friends circle.,The news there was also sent again.。
“Hello,I am a teacher teacher.,He said that you are engaged in,I have a line of consultation on this,I hope you can look at it.,If you are interested,Can cooperate,Occasionally, get off work part-time earning money。”
Zhou Niwu has recently been very nervous.。
He never likes to ask his parents to pay,See the other party,He is also really intended to know。
Emergency department called,Patient who said there is a brain bleeding,To comeICU。
I said brain bleeding,Is the neurosurgeption consultation?,What do they mean?,Do you want surgery?。
The emergency doctor said that the neurosurgeists have seen it.,To be temporarily unsuitable,And the key issue is,Patients have renal failure,No urine,Blood creatinine is high,Acidosis,onlyICUCan solve his problem。
Let’s take a look.,They call me。
I have a simple explanation of nurses.,I went to the emergency department.。
In the emergency department rescue room,Patient already 躺 躺,coma,Vegetable machine has been inserted。High blood pressure,Still continuous pumping nitroprussuline antihypertensive treatment。
Bed head ECG monitoring110Secondary,blood pressure15080Hg。
Honest,I am most afraid of patients with brain bleeding。Cerebral bleeding is very serious disease,Brain bleeding is more important。Because the brain is human life center,The human breathing and heart rate is controlled by brain dry control,Once the brain drops out,Heartbeat breathing is stopped at any time,Acknowledge。
I told this concern with my family.,Several families cried crying,Patient wife endured tears,ask me,Have you had a chance?。
I said that although neutron,But not the most important issue,No matter what caused by renal failure,Just as long as you goICUMaking blood purification treatment(Similar dialysis),Basically can be relieved。I see patient blood creatinine1300μolL,This is quite quite high.,And there is also metabolic acidosis,Internal environment disorder,Must do blood purification。
Listen to me,Several families seem to be neither。
I will say,But the most critical problem is brain bleeding,Just said,Brain bleeding may occur at any time, heartbeat breathing,This family must have a few。
Yes,I must clearly point out,Otherwise, there will be questions about the family members.,Original a good patient,Why did you have a heartbeat in the hospital?,Is it wrong??If I communicate with my family in advance,Then it is better to explain it later.。
Patient wife said,Let’s goICU,As long as there is a chance,Don’t give up。
I put itICURelated matters told them,In particular, the problem of fees,Expensive,Uninoup,Especially the upper ventilator,There is also blood purification treatment,It’s going to say less and get it.1More than 10,000。
Patient wife red eyes,Swallow,money is not the problem,We can also bear,Do you have the best drug?,Use the best treatment,We fully cooperate。
Just when I communicate with my family,Nurse comes out,Say the patient’s heartbeat!
I am sighed in my heart.,This is something that is expected.。
When the doctor quickly grabs the patient,Guide rescue。
Several families heard the nurse,I cried and tense.,The patient’s wife is also very worried.,Hold your fist tightly in your chest,Please I must help.,Be sure to save patient life。
I promised them verbally.,Will definitely go all out。After all, it is not an old age.,It’s a pity that it is so awkward.。
I am going back to bed.,Assist rescue。
Pressing the chest、After the drug and other drugs such as adrenaline,The patient’s heart rate recovered,Probably stopped1Unspeak。
Patient brain hemorrhage,It may cause respiratory cycle instability,Easy heartbeat stop。In addition, there is no elimination of cerebral hemorrhage again.。But due to the current situation,I don’t dare to go back to the head.CT,I explain with my family.。
Finally decidedICU,Observing。
I didn’t reject their request.。Because the brain bleeding is difficult,Similar patients have handled a lot,A small number of patients can be restored after conservative treatment,Perhaps legacy dysfunction,But you can pick a small life。
And it is really young,I’m so sorry.。
Come upICURear,Preliminary treatment,Condition is relatively stable,Blood pressure breathing is a bit improvement。
I asked the patient’s wife,Sao blood pressure so many years,What kind of medicine has been eaten?。
She shook her head,Say what medicine didn’t eat。
Did not reject their request。Because the brain bleeding is difficult,Similar patients have handled a lot,A small number of patients can be restored after conservative treatment,Perhaps legacy dysfunction,But you can pick a small life。
And it is really young,I’m so sorry.。

More elaborate plans are constantly being deduced in Horse’s mind,Huo Si walked out of the bed until he felt there was no loophole。

Huo Si took a deep breath,Plan already in place,What we have to do now is the specific implementation。
Touched the back of my head,The blood is gone,And the pain is much less,Follow this rhythm,The injury will be fully recovered by tomorrow。
“Really scary,Because this physical talent is good enough,Or because people in this world are so strong?”
Horth walked out slowly。
And when he looked at his body, some information slowly appeared。
Advanced Swordsmanship:121/100000
Very simple data panel,But Hoth doesn’t have too much emotion,Because he has tried,This is not a system at all,Just a property version。
Maybe it’s the gift of this body,Maybe an unknown force,Anyway, just provide information,Can’t provide additional help。
He also had a level introduction when he looked at Leo just now,Leo is38level,Two levels worse than him。
Huo Si faintly felt,39Level sum40There is a big gap between levels,So there is a big gap between Leo and his strength。

Wang Youcai looked at Liu Ying like this,He was angry。He cursed loudly:“You old lady, you can’t negotiate with Liu Changgui for this little thing.,I have to wait for Lao Tzu to do everything?”

“I didn’t say I couldn’t do it”Liu Ying replied,Retracted his head。
Wang Youcai listened,Become even more angry,He roared loudly:“Hey!Dare to talk back to me,See how i clean up you”Wang Youcai shouted,Rushed into the kitchen。
The temperature in this kitchen compares with the outside,It’s another world。Liu Ying’s short shirt is wet with sweat,Tightly on her plump body,Wang Youcai suddenly felt soft。
“What do you need?I will bring you back this time”Wang Youcai quietly put down his raised hand,He lowered his voice and said to Liu Ying。
Liu Yingbai turned Wang Youcai’s eyes and said:“Nothing,Bring me some packs of sanitary napkins if you want to buy them”
“what?You let Lao Tzu buy this for you?You are…”Wang Youcai’s anger is coming up again,But he changed his mind,What is this!He already knows all about women,There is nothing to be embarrassed about。
“Ok!I am in a large supermarket,Buy you some of the best,Which is often advertised on TV”Wang Youcai said,She laughed。
Liu Ying looked back at Wang Youcai,Hehe smiled and said:“Just use it,There is no need to send any wronged money”
“Can it be used,I do not know either,You mean you want me to try it?”Wang Youcai said,Haha laughed。Liu Ying was immediately amused。This woman is talkative,Treat her slightly,She knows to be grateful。This is why Wang Youcai always uses her。
When Wang Youcaizheng and Liu Ying were joking,,Tian Wa is back。As soon as he started the car,Wang Youcai ran over quickly,Actually the temperature on this car is not low。
The air conditioner on this broken jeep has long been broken,So I can only open all four windows。Thus,When the car is running,There is still a wind blowing in。
Tian Wa driving the car,He smiled and said:“Wang Ge!You have to treat Liu Ying better,Now we have number fifty or sixty,She is really tired from cooking alone,If this is for someone else,How much to give her,She can’t figure it out,Must have two people,Do you think this is true”
“Drive your car,I understand this。Or you can help her in the kitchen!Wait for this Yao Chunni to produce,This is easy”Wang Youcai doesn’t know the truth,But he has his plan。Liu Ying now,It’s like doing two people’s work,Because Yao Chunni’s salary can’t be less。
Tian Wa said with a smile:“Brother Wang, please forgive me!In fact, you can from the workers,Pick a woman to help Liu Ying,This is good for everyone”

Master Qingyun pointed to Chen Xiu and said:“I admire you,As long as you cooperate with me,Go to the secret realm and rebuild the Azure Cloud Sect together,I can take Qingyunzong’s supreme secret method, Qingyun Feathering,With your talent,You can step into the sequence of the true master within five hundred years。”

Chen Xiu took a long, deep breath,Undeniable,He really moved,Have reached the state of today,I know so many secrets in the world,He is indeed curious about what kind of world is in the secret realm;
not to mention,Along the way,He is more and more feeling the dividends brought by becoming stronger。If he doesn’t have enough power,How can you live so coolly in the world。
Pursue stronger,It is a genetic factor that has been engraved on genes from the time when we were apes.。
Master Qingyun saw Chen Xiu’s heart,Even more energetically:“Join me,We can build an unworldly foundation in the secret realm,Pursuing the legendary longevity!”
Chen Xiu was shocked,This is the eternal pursuit of mankind,Looking at HuaiFive thousand years of civilization inheritance in Xia,Whether it is a trafficker or an emperor or a general, the pursuit of longevity is tireless。
“come on,Join me。Let’s go to the secret world together!”
have to say,The words of Master Qingyun are very confusing,Chen Xiu looked up,Froze for a while,Suddenly said with a smile:“Special,Almost fell on you。Why should I be with you when I go to the secret realm!”
Pointing to the altar behind Grandmaster Qingyun and said:“You told me so much that you want to delay the start of the teleportation array,If it wasn’t for the inscriptions on the nine iron chains just now,I almost fell on you!”
Qingyun Patriarch Seen Through,Old face blush,swallowiSpit:“No……Yes,I am waiting for the teleportation formation to open,Do not……But I really seek cooperation……”
“Cooperation is ok……”
Patriarch Qingyun is happy,Just listening to Chen Xiu is to continue:“But I am used to taking the initiative,You guy is too cunning,When I got to the secret realm and sold me, I still count the money for you, I don’t know。Want to cooperate too,You seal your soul,I can believe you!”
Sealed the soul,I’m not at his mercy,Master Qingyun was furious:“Junior,Deceive too much!”
“What about bullying you!”