CBA will increase to 10 teams in the playoffs next season, only two teams can sign outside Asia in 2019

CBA will increase to 10 teams in the playoffs next season, only two teams can sign outside Asia in 2019
Beijing time today, CBA released the competition plan and major reforms for the next five years.A major reform is to increase the number of CBA postseason teams to 10 next season (2017-18) and 12 to 2018-19.At the same time, from the 2018-19 season, only the teams ranked in the bottom two of the previous season can sign Asian foreign aid, but if they enter the playoffs, the team can only use double foreign aid (including Asian foreign).  CBA announced that in the next five seasons, CBA will not expand, still 20 teams.But next season, the playoff teams will increase from 8 to 10.  With the increase in the playoff teams, there will be a corresponding change in the playoff schedule next season.The first stage will be a 10 into 8 game, 1-6 regular season bye, automatically enter the second stage.The regular season 7VS10, 8VS9 match elimination.The second stage is the quarter-finals, using 5 wins and 3 wins (1-2-1-1), the specific counterpoints are: regular season 1VS8 / 9, 4VS5, 2VS7 / 10, 3VS6.The third stage is the semi-finals, using 7 wins and 4 wins (2-3-2).The fourth stage is the finals, which is a 7-game 4-win system (2-2-1-1-1).  Starting from the 2018-19 season, the number of CBA playoff teams increased to 12.The playoff format is: 12 into 8 in the first stage (1-4 byes in the regular season, 5VS12, 6VS11, 7VS10, 8VS9 in the second regular season), 2 wins in 3 games (1-1-1).The second stage is the quarter-finals (regular season 1VS8 / 9, 4VS5 / 12, 2VS7 / 10, 3VS6 / 11), 5 wins and 3 wins.The third stage is the semi-finals, using 7 wins and 4 wins (2-3-2).The fourth stage is the finals, which is a 7-game 4-win system (2-2-1-1-1).  Regarding the CBA playoffs, although the first season of the CBA (1995-96 season) was also played by 12 teams (there were 12 teams at the time of the CBA), it was divided into top (1-4), medium (5-8)), next (9-12 places) three divisions.Among them, only the teams in the upper zone, which are ranked 1-4 in the regular season, are eligible to compete for the championship.In the playoffs in the lower zone, two relegation places will be contested.  From the second season of the CBA (the 1996-97 season), the playoffs were changed to the top 8 of the regular season to be able to compete, and it is a cross-out.But starting next season, this format will change for the first time.  At the same time, the CBA’s policy on Asian foreign aid has also been changed.Next season, teams ranked 17-20 last season can sign Asian foreign aid.However, from the 2018-19 season, only the teams ranked in the bottom two of the previous season can sign Asian foreign aid, but if they enter the playoffs, the team can only use double foreign aid (including Asian foreign).  In addition, the CBA schedule will also change.Although there will be 38 regular season games next season, there will be games from Tuesday to Sunday. Unlike the past, there were basically only Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.Next season, the CBA will start on October 21, 2017 and end on May 1, 2018.Starting from the 2018-19 season, the CBA regular season schedule will also increase.The 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons increased to 46 rounds, and the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons increased to 56 rounds.  It is worth mentioning that in the CBA’s five-year plan, there is no referee professionalism involved.

51 wins!Batty leads the women’s tennis in number of games

51 wins!Batty leads the women’s tennis in number of games
Batty reverses Kvitova.Sauna, night net Tao Ranshe “Almighty Warrior” Batty won again.Today ‘s China Open Women ‘s Singles quarterfinals, WTA World ‘s No. 1 Batty reversed Kvitova, surpassing Ka Pliskova with 51 wins this season, leading the women ‘s tennis world.Batty and the Kvitova Air Force have played five times, and the Australian girl is at a disadvantage of 1 win and 4 losses.Three of these five games took place this season. Kvitova beat Batty in the Sydney and Australian Opens, and the first win in the Miami Crown.Despite the fact that the match record was not dominant, Batty said that he enjoyed every match with Kvitova, “She is a world-class player, and every match we have is very exciting.”Batti is right, as Kvitova as the first post-90s Grand Slam player, playing very stable.Kvitova was the first post-90s Grand Slam player.Sauna, night net Tao Ranshe. Of course, Batty is not the same today. After winning the French Open, he was crowned the back seat of WTA. Now it is a hot player for women tennis players.After losing the first set 4-6, Batty then reversed 6-4, 6-3 and eliminated Kvitova to advance to the top 4.”This is arguably the highest quality of my game this season.”Bati said that Kvitova played a very high standard today, which forced her to call the coach into the field to discuss the tactics.” My tactic is to try to return the ball to the court and then create opportunities. I will notLet her easily take away the score.”Bati’s opponent in the semi-finals will be No. 8 seed Bertens, which eliminated No. 3 seed Svetolina 2-0.After winning the game, Batty won 51 games this season, overtaking Ka Pliskova (50 games) and leading women’s tennis alone.Batty won 51 games this season.Sauna, night net Tao Ran failed to go further in Beijing, but the top 8 brought Kvitova 215 points, which added a lot to her competition for the year-end Shenzhen finals, now ranked 7th in the world.Legal code.After that, Kvitova will return to Europe to participate in the Linz and Moscow competitions one after another, and continue to make final efforts for the year-end finals.In addition, in the women’s singles quarterfinals that ended tonight, Wozniacki defeated Cassina 2-0, winning 10 consecutive victories in the Chinese Open and also ended the 3-game losing streak to the shell.The opponent of Wozniacki’s semi-finals will be the winner between Naomi Osaka and Andrescu replacing the old and new US Open champions.

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褰撴偅涓婅倹瑁備箣鍚庯紝鎮h€呬細鍑虹幇鎮g梾閮ㄤ綅鐤肩棝鍜屼究绉樸€傛棤璁烘槸閭d釜鐥囩姸閮戒細璁╂偅鑰呮劅鎱ㄥ埌涓嶈兘蹇嶅彈锛岃倹瑁備篃浼氬鎮h€呯殑韬綋鍋ュ悍甯︽潵寰堝ぇ鐨勫奖鍝嶃€傝倹瑁備竴鑸兘浼氶€氳繃鎵嬫湳杩涜娌荤枟鐨勶紝鍦ㄨ倹瑁傜殑娌荤枟鏈熼棿锛屾偅鑰呮渶濂藉湪楗鏂归潰杩涜璋冩暣锛岃繖鏍蜂細璁╄倹瑁傚ソ鐨勬洿蹇竴浜涳紝涔熻兘鍑忓皯鎮g梾鏈熼棿鐨勭柤鐥涖€備竴銆?Jiao 鑻 嬭 幈 喿 擙 楗  粍 鎴 愶 Fine Jiao 鑻?0 What’s the matter?0鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細椹娇鑻嬨€佽幈鑿斿瓙鍒嗗埆娲楀噣锛岀疆閿呬腑锛屽姞娓呮按500姣崌锛屾€ョ伀鐓紑3鍒嗛挓锛屾枃鐏叜20鍒嗛挓锛屾护娓e彇姹侊紝鍒嗗埆鏈嶇敤銆傚姛鏁堬細娓呯儹瑙f瘨锛岄€氫究娑﹁偁銆備富娌伙細鑲涜鍒濆彂锛岃倹闂ㄧ孩鑲胯€呫€備簩銆佽挷鍏嫳绫崇播缁勬垚锛氳挷鍏嫳20鍏嬶紝绮崇背50鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細钂插叕鑻辨礂鍑€锛屽垏鎴愮粏鏈紝缃攨涓紝鍔犳竻姘?00姣崌锛屽姞绮崇背锛屾€ョ伀鐓紑5鍒嗛挓锛屾敼鏂囩伀鐓?0 闒 嗛 尾 垚 倚 庚 庴 瓒 庹 夋 夋 啺 揺 Effectiveness Reaching the fine-grained 啯 儯 儹 Naofu 瘨 銆 製 富 傌 傌 Equipment 嗜 啃 啂 啂 啂 啂 啂 啂 啂 啂 啂 啫垮悗鍑洪矞琛€鑰呫€備笁銆?Read and read 戦 摱 鑺 Defense back beautiful ョ 粍 鎴 愶 Fine reading 戦 摱 鑺?0鍏嬶紝绮崇背50鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細閲戦摱鑺辨礂鍑€锛岀疆閿呬腑锛屽姞娓呮按500姣崌锛屽姞绮崇背锛屾€ョ伀鐓紑5鍒嗛挓锛屾敼鏂囩伀鐓?0 闒 嗛 尾 垚 咚 婚 庴 瓺 亹 夋 夋 夺 啺 鏆 Effectiveness Reaching the fine-grained 哯 儹 價 價 價 効 効 劆 Rich 寜 寜 嗜  镞 啽 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尡 尤 尡 閒€椴滅孩鑰呫€傚洓銆?璧ゅ皬璞嗙豢璞嗘堡缁勬垚锛氳丹灏忚眴20鍏嬶紝缁胯眴20鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細璧ゅ皬璞嗐€佺豢璞嗗垎鍒礂鍑€锛岀疆閿呬腑锛屽姞娓呮按500姣崌锛屾€ョ伀鐓紑5鍒嗛挓锛屾敼鏂囩伀鐓?0鍒嗛挓锛屽緟娓╂椂鏈嶇敤銆傚姛鏁堬細娓呯儹瑙f瘨锛屽埄婀裤€備富娌伙細闄堟棫鎬ц倹瑁傦紝鍗宠倹瑁?骞翠互涓婏紝鑲涢棬鐏肩儹鑰呫€備簲銆侀┈鍏板ご鐐掍經鎵嬬粍鎴愶細椹叞澶?0鍏嬶紝浣涙墜100鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細椹叞澶存礂鍑€锛屽垏鎴愮粏鏈紝浣涙墜娲楀噣鍚庡垏鎴愬皬鐗囷紝娌归攨鐑х儹锛屽皢椹叞澶村強浣涙墜鍚岀倰鍔犻鐩愩€佸懗绮撅紝椋熺敤銆傚姛鏁堬細娓呯儹瑙f瘨锛岃姘旀椿琛€銆備富娌伙細鑲涜闄堟棫鏈燂紝鍗宠倹瑁?骞翠互涓婏紝鐥呬箙涓嶆剤鑰呫€傚叚銆侀矞鍒€璞嗛ギ缁勬垚锛氶矞鍒€璞?0鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細椴滃垁璞嗘礂鍑€锛岀疆閿呬腑锛屽姞娓呮按500姣崌锛屾€ョ伀鐓哺5鍒嗛挓锛屾枃鐏It ‘s not a good idea to see how it works, if you ‘re not sure, you wo n’t be able to find out what ‘s going on here.Announcement  堺 不 焴 然 然 級 哝 幝 湝 20 鍏 嬶 庴 啙 備 許  浠?0鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細鏍告浠佹礂鍑€锛岀剻骞茬爺鎴愮粏鏈紝铚傝湝鑵屽埗璋冨拰锛屽垎娆¢鐢ㄣ€傚姛鏁堬細娲昏鍖栫榾锛岄€氫究銆備富娌伙細鑲涜闄堟棫鏈熴€傚叓銆?棣欒晧鐗涘ザ楗粍鎴愶細棣欒晧2鍙紝鐗涘ザ200鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細棣欒晧鍘荤毊锛屽垏鎴愬皬鐗囷紝鐗涘ザ鍔犵儹鍚庯紝鍔犲叆棣欒晧鐗囷紝鍒嗘鏈嶇敤銆傚姛鏁堬細閫氫究娲昏銆備富娌伙細鑲涜闄堟棫鏈熴€備節銆?绯栬厡钘曠墖缁勬垚锛氳棔250鍏嬶紝鐧界硸50鍏嬨€傜敤娉曪細钘曟礂鍑€锛屽幓鐨紝鍒囨垚涓濈姸锛岀櫧绯栬壡 娓?0鍒嗛挓锛屽嵆鍙鐢ㄣ€傚姛鏁堬細娲昏閫氫究銆備富娌伙細鑲涜闄堟棫鏈熴€傚崄銆佽姖楹婚叡鎷岃彔Do you want to make a fine chisel? 1 ょ ょ 叜 咡 燂 鑺 Are you ramming?涓わ紝閰辨补銆佺洂銆佸鏈€佸懗绮鹃€傞噺锛屽噳鎷屽悆銆傚姛鏁堬細鍏锋湁鑹ソ鐨勬鼎鑲犻€氫究浣滅敤锛屽彲鍑忚交鎺掍究鑲涢棬鐤肩棝銆傚崄涓€銆?鑲夎媮钃夌倴鐚倝缁勬垚锛氳倝鑻佽搲200鍏嬨€佺尓鑲?00鍏嬨€佽尨棣欍€佽姳妞掋€佺敓濮溿€侀叡娌归€傞噺銆傚仛娉曪細鎱㈢伀鐐栫儌锛屽垎鍑犳鏈嶇敤銆傝倝鑻佽搲鍛抽矞缇庯紝鐐栬倝鍚庡彲鍚岃倝涓€璧烽鐢ㄣ€傚姛鏁堬細瀵逛範鎯€т究绉樻湁琛ヨ櫄閫氫究浣滅敤锛屽彲鍑忚交鑲涜鎮h€呮帓渚挎椂鑲涢棬鐤肩棝鐥囩姸銆?

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[Can pregnant women eat kebabs]_Recommended diet

[Can pregnant women eat kebabs]_Recommended diet

As a common snack of color, flavor and taste, mutton skewers are delicious and delicious, and they are rich in nutrients, which can play a positive role on the human body. At the same time, the trace content of mutton is relatively high.

However, there are more seasonings in kebabs, and barbecued foods. For pregnant women who are pregnant, many people are worried about whether they can eat kebabs.

The following is a detailed introduction to whether pregnant women can eat lamb skewers.

Pregnant women can eat shish kebabs.

Shish kebab is delicious. For pregnant women during pregnancy, it is also the stage of mouth-mouthing. Of course, facing delicious shish kebabs, of course, they can’t restrain their desire to eat.

As long as it can be eaten in moderation, it is best to eat it in small quantities. After all, barbecue foods, especially lamb skewers that are mostly barbecued with coal, will contain some harmful substances, which will cause certain harm to the residue in the stomach.

However, there are also many lamb skewers that are smoke-free grilled. In fact, you can make your own, safe and secure, purchase fresh lamb, use less condiments, and control the production process yourself. Compared to the replacements bought outside, you can make moreClean and safe.

These are very suitable for pregnant women to eat, which can not only meet the mouth of pregnant women, but also ensure their quality and health.

Eating kebabs in moderation is possible for pregnant women. Although pregnant women need to pay special attention to their diet, it does not mean that they cannot eat anything, and kebabs can also increase the appetite of pregnant women. The lamb is also rich in nutritional value.As long as you can control the amount of food you eat, don’t overdo it.

So, pregnant women can eat kebabs.

Pregnant women are about to have a morning sickness reaction during pregnancy. Once there is no inhibitory response to shish kebabs, eating shish kebabs properly can also increase appetite and contribute to good relief.

At the same time, please pay attention to put less condiments, and remember to eat kebabs in an appropriate amount to avoid the consequences!

Guanghui Energy (600256) semi-annual report comment: lower energy prices lead to a slight decline in performance and the second half of the year is expected to increase by volume

Guanghui Energy (600256) semi-annual report comment: lower energy prices lead to a slight decline in performance and the second half of the year is expected to increase by volume

Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved revenue of 64.

2 billion, an annual increase of 7.

27%; net profit attributable to mother 7.

8.2 billion, a decrease of 9 previously.


Single quarter revenue 31 in the second quarter.

6.2 billion, down 2 from the previous month.

97%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

3.6 billion, down 24.


  The initial company of the major shareholder intends to repurchase some of the A shares with its own funds of 7 billion to 1 billion, and the repurchase will not exceed 5.

At 16 yuan, the repurchased shares will be used for the public issue of convertible bonds and the establishment of employee shareholding plans.

  Comment: The company’s profit is mainly affected by the decline in energy prices. The 6619H1 international Brent oil price averaged US $ 66 / barrel, which gradually decreased by US $ 5 / barrel, resulting in the company’s methanol reduction of more than 450 yuan / ton. The prices of other chemicals also declined to varying degrees.The overall gross profit margin of coal chemical products decreased by 13.

18 pct.

In terms of natural gas, due to the replacement of domestic demand growth, the company’s outsourced LNG has been reduced by at least 400 yuan / ton.

In the coal sector, the market price of thermal coal is 53 yuan per ton.

  The turnover of LNG receiving station has been greatly improved. The second phase of the company’s Qidong LNG receiving station was put into operation in November 18, and the LNG58 was unloaded in the first half of this year.

77 for the first time, achieving 64 LNG sales.

57 At least, a substantial increase of 80% each year.

According to this trend, the sales volume of the company’s outsourced LNG is expected to reach about 130 mm, with an annual increase of about 50%, which will be the main source of support for the company’s 19-year performance growth.

  The Asia-Pacific LNG spot market is accommodative, and the profitability of receiving stations’ trade is enhanced. In the report, “A New Wave of LNG Investment in the World Begins”, “2011?
2014 was the peak period for the approval of the last round of LNG projects.西安耍耍网
The start of production in 2020 will cause global LNG supply and demand to be relatively loose in these two years. ”

Under this influence, the average price of JKM reached 4 in 19Q2.

$ 94 / million British fever, eight of 18Q2 in ten years.

The US $ 75 / million British Fever severely dropped by 44%, which helped the company’s LNG spot trade profit increase.

  Executives increase their shareholdings, share buybacks, and demonstrate strong ownership and major shareholders ‘strong confidence in the company. July company announcement, company directors, supervisors, senior management and core subsidiaries of key subsidiaries voluntarily increased their shares with their own funds. PreliminaryThe increase in shares is not less than 1844.

50,000 shares, reflecting the company’s strong confidence in the company’s stable 杭州夜生活网 development and high recognition of investment value.

The major shareholder restructured the company to repurchase shares, and once again expressed its strong confidence in the company’s future development prospects.

  Considering the delay in the company’s coal quality utilization project, and the energy price is lower than our assumption, we cut the net profit for the year 19-21 from 26.



47 ppm to 20.



64 ppm, corresponding to EPS.


63 yuan / share, PE is 11/7/5 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: the risk of falling energy prices, the project under construction is not up to expectations

China Construction Group (603018): Revenue continues to grow rapidly and net profit growth meets expectations

China Construction Group (603018): Revenue continues to grow rapidly and net profit growth meets expectations

Investment Highlights 2019Q1 The company achieved revenue 7.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 34 苏州夜网论坛 in ten years.

83%, mainly due to the expansion of business scale.

From the perspective of the branch company, the income of the parent company and the subsidiary is 6.

8.7 billion, 0.

98 trillion, which changes 37 each year.

39%, 19.

22%, the parent company’s revenue increased rapidly.

The company achieved a comprehensive gross profit margin of 29 in Q1 2019.

33%, down 4 each year.

35 points.

In terms of branches, the gross profit margins of the parent company and subsidiaries were 27.

59%, 41.

55%, respectively -7.

32 tablets, 15 tablets

63pct, the decline in the gross profit margin of the parent company is expected to be mainly due to the increase in engineering revenue with low gross profit margin, and the increase in the gross profit margin of the subsidiary is offset.

In the first quarter of 20杭州桑拿网19, we achieved a net profit margin of 9.

89%, a decrease of 0 every year.

67 pct, the decrease in net profit margin was mainly due to the decrease in gross profit margin; fees decreased by 12 during Q1 2019.

60%, down by 1 every year.

11 pct, broken down by item: the proportion of selling expenses is 4.

46%, down by 1 every year.

40 pct; management cost accounts for 7.

83%, increasing by 0 every year.

27 pct, mainly due to the expansion of the business scale of the newly-increased subsidiaries; financial expenses accounted for 0%.

31%, a year up 0.

02 pct, mainly due to the increase in borrowing interest expenses; the proportion of R & D expenses was 5.

42%, down by 1 every year.

35 pct.

In 2019Q1, the company’s asset impairment loss was -0.

04 trillion, accounting for -0.

45%, a decrease of 0 every year.

93 pct, mainly due to the recovery of accounts receivable; The net operating cash flow of the company in Q1 2019 was -0.

40 yuan, an increase of 0 every year.

01 yuan / share.

From the balance sheet side: the company’s balance of prepayments reached 1.

8.8 billion, an increase of 35 from the beginning of the period.

72%, mainly because the cooperation project did not reach the income and income, and the project funds were received and paid to the cooperative unit.
Earnings forecast and rating: We maintain our earnings forecast for the company, with an EPS of 1 in 2019-2021.
65 yuan, 1.

98 yuan, 2.

30 yuan, the corresponding PE on April 29 closing price is 11.

6 times, 9.

7 times, 8.

3 times, maintaining the level of “prudent increase”.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downside risks, orders falling on hand are less than expected, business development outside the province is less than expected, construction project progress is slow, and gross margin continues to decline

Longma Sanitation (603686) Company in-depth research report: Company performance appears inflection point, downstream investment stacks up

Longma Sanitation (603686) Company in-depth research report: Company performance appears inflection point, downstream investment stacks up
The internal adjustment was completed, and a turning point in performance appeared. In the past two years, due to the impact of equipment procurement cycles and service project profitability climbing, the company’s performance growth rate has improved.In the first half of this year, the company’s various businesses began to improve. In the second quarter, the revenue of 10 trillion hit a record high in a single quarter. Net profit attributable to mothers increased by 21% and turned to a downward trend since 2018. At the same time, the profitability of the equipment and service business also appeared more obvious.Improvement trend. According to the disclosure in the semi-annual report for 2019, the adjustment of the company’s organizational structure was basically completed, the business development responsibilities of each business unit were thoroughly completed, and the employee stock ownership plan was announced.This is not only an important change for the company to improve its governance structure, improve its incentive and restraint mechanisms, but also shows its confidence in the company’s mid- and long-term development. Downstream investment is becoming more active. Waste classification opens up market space. Investment in the field of sanitation is an important part of investment in public facilities, and it is in line with the “shortcomings, benefiting people’s livelihood.”Vehicle and service purchases are expected to increase significantly.Expanding the follow-up and implementation of waste sorting 武汉夜网论坛 across the country, the gaps faced by garbage trucks, and the expansion of equipment and service market space. Investment advice Under the background of the strong implementation of waste classification, the early release of special debt and loose monetary policy will effectively boost the scale of local government investment in the sanitation sector. Longma ‘s sanitation equipment business will usher in increased procurement demand and the service business will benefit from financing.The environment has improved, and future performance is expected to continue to grow.We predict that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 0.93/1.07/1.19 yuan / share, the latest sustainable corresponding price-earnings ratio of 17/15/13.We continue to maintain the company’s 19-year target PE estimate at 18x, corresponding to a reasonable value of 16.74 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks prompt increased competition in the equipment market; the marketization of sanitation services has fallen short of expectations; government investment has fallen short of expectations.

Before bedtime care keeps you healthy and beautiful

Before bedtime care keeps you healthy and beautiful

After a day of fatigue, it is time to go to bed and rest, but you have thought about what you should do before going to bed. At least you should know that these six things must be done. If you don’t, you will regret it. If you sayI do n’t necessarily know these steps, so let ‘s take a look together . First, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and brushing your teeth before going to bed. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than in the morning. It not only removes oral cavity deposits, but also helps to protect your teeth. It also helps to sleep well; after watching TVWash your face and rub your body to protect the skin and make your sleep comfortable and easy.

  Second, combing the hair, ancient medical scientists have identified the complications of the acupuncture points on the head. By combing, massage, stimulation can be performed, and the liver can be calmed, the wind can be quenched, the pain can be relieved, and the pain can be relieved.

Sooner or later, use two fingers to comb the scalp to redness and fever, which can unblock the blood flow in the head, improve the brain’s thinking and memory ability, promote hair root nutrition, protect hair, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep early.

  Third, take a walk for 10-20 minutes calmly, this will make the blood circulate to the body surface, the skin can be “live” maintenance after falling asleep.

When you lie down, you don’t read books and newspapers, you don’t think about problems, you reduce your brain activity, and you go to sleep faster.

  Fourth, drink a cup of milk with honey According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan to promote sleep.

Drinking a glass of honeyed milk 1 hour before bed can help sleep.

Honey helps keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the night, which prevents you from waking up early.

  Fifth, open the window to ventilate to keep the indoor air fresh in the bedroom. When the wind is strong or the weather is cold, you can open it for a while and close it before going to bed to help you sleep better.

But be careful not to cover your head while sleeping.

  Sixth, washing (kneading) feet Chinese medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five internal organs.

If you can develop washing your feet with warm water (40-50 ℃), massaging your feet and toes every day before going to bed, you can gradually promote the operation of qi and blood, relax your muscles, and restore the balance of yin and yang.

What are the hazards of morning exercise?

What are the hazards of morning exercise?

We know that there are many ways to keep in good health, two of which are key. They are diet and exercise. Exercise can be divided into fitness, swimming, yoga, etc. These sports can not only shape the body, but also have a lot of impact on physical health.

With the acceleration of the pace of life, people do not have more time for exercise and generally choose to exercise in the morning or evening, but most people are more accustomed to exercise in the morning.

  Choosing different periods of exercise will have different effects on the body.

Many people think that exercising in the morning is good for your health, so most people choose to do morning jogging at 5 o’clock in the morning, and the location they choose is usually a place with more trees.

Because they think that where there are more trees, the air is also fresh and not polluted. In fact, these concepts are wrong.

  The Harm of Morning Exercises Since ancient times, physical exercise has been a way of strengthening people, and most people like to start exercising early in the morning.

Because they believe that the sooner you exercise, the better.

In addition, people generally like to do morning exercises in places with green plants, such as lawns, woods, and flowers. In fact, exercise is harmful to the body during this time.

Because air pollutants are the least prone to spread before 6 am, this is often the peak period of pollution.

  Moreover, before the sun came out, the plants did not perform photosynthesis, so the fresh oxygen in the surrounding air was small, but the reduced carbon dioxide was accumulated, which was obviously bad for human health.

Therefore, the morning exercise should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.

  1. Induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. With the increase of age, most people are susceptible to diseases such as hypertension. People with these diseases cannot exercise in the early morning.

Because early morning blood pressure is the highest ranking of many people in a day, it is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Therefore, people with this type of disease are best to exercise for a different period of time.

  2. People who are likely to cause hypoglycemia are generally carried out on an empty stomach during morning exercise. A large amount of blood glucose is consumed during exercise. This is likely to cause hypoglycemia in elderly and diabetic patients.

  3, easy to cause chest tightness and hypoxia Although many people think that exercise itself promotes health and wellness, but premature exercise has brought many effects to people, such as chest tightness and hypoxia.

5 to 7 in the morning are the worst days of the day.

If the weather is very hot or the humidity is high, and the densely wooded area is poorly ventilated, people will feel dull and hypoxic without exercising.

Therefore, Xiaobian advises everyone not to exercise during this period of time, fearless of the body.

  When is the best time for exercise? There are certain errors in daily health, so that physical health is constantly affected. It is best to exercise in the afternoon and evening.

The highest point and lowest point of the human body’s strength are controlled by the body’s “biological clock”, and generally reach a peak in the evening.

For example, the lowest point at which the body absorbs oxygen is at 6:00 pm.

Heartbeat and blood pressure are most balanced between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, while the body’s sense of smell, touch, and vision are also most sensitive between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Therefore, the overall effect of evening exercise is better.

  What to pay attention to when exercising1. Choose a familiar road exercise. Some people like to exercise in unfamiliar places. This can not only bring a sense of stimulus to themselves, but also bring a sense of freshness, but this way is not desirable.

Because choosing an unfamiliar place to exercise is likely to lead to getting lost and cause many hidden dangers to your own safety.

  2. Don’t exercise while listening to the song Whether you watch other people’s sports in a TV show or in real life, you will encounter this phenomenon. Many people like to listen to songs and exercise.

If it is exercised during the day, there is no danger of damage, but if it is at night, the harm is multiple.

Running at night and the daytime benchmark are dangerous. The runner’s vision has been affected at night, so it is best to maintain the full sensitivity of other senses, especially hearing.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that it is best to change the habit of listening to music while exercising to avoid accidents.

  Everyone knows that sports have been a popular way of keeping in good health since ancient times, but some people have misunderstandings about when it is best to exercise and what conflicts to watch out for. In the above content, the editors will explain them one by one, hopeCan help everyone.

Although there are many benefits to morning exercise, it is best not to always choose a place with more trees to exercise, in fact, you can exercise at home.