China FAW and Jilin Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly carry the mission and responsibility of the high-quality development of Jilin Province

As a local financial enterprise in Jilin Province, in recent years, it has firmly grasped the fundamental purpose of the financial services entity.situation.In the financial support of the automobile, closely revolve the decision-making deployment of the trillion automobile industry cluster built by the provincial government provincial government, through the shareholding FAW Auto Financial Company, set up the car industrial professional branch, configure the credit size of the exclusive industry, and constantly increase the JilinProvincial automotive industry support.Up to now, more than 600 customers in the Jilin bank, the total credit of the automobile industry has a total of nearly 20 billion yuan, which specially revoked the comprehensive financial solutions around the FAW Group, and served as a total of 12 billion yuan for the overall FAW Group.The 75-house dealers in the main plant provide financing support to provide credit support for more than 250 companies upstream of the automotive industry.

China Machinery Industry Group ensures that overseas party construction work "no blind zone"

Original title: Ensure that the "no blind zone" of overseas party construction work in depth, "two schools" learning education, the institutionalization of learning education, China Machinery Industry Group Corporation is the entry point, further grade the party The organization of cohesive, heart and creativity, to create a strong battle fortress of overseas party construction, service to ensure the state of "going out" strategy and "all the way" initiative to ensure the "no blind zone" of overseas party construction work.

  China Machine Group is one of my country’s earlier "walking out", business scope covers electricity, transportation, port pier and ship, factory construction, etc. Overseas engineering complete sets of overseas projects are being implemented, with a total contract of $ 36.5 billion, and foreign business income accounts for about 60% of the overall income of the Group.

  In order to promote the development of overseas party construction, the national machine group party committee has clearly stated that the party organization settings, party membership management and party organization work system, in 13 parties of business learning, ideological and political work, party organization supervision, etc. Operation procedures, work form, work evaluation, etc. propose clear work norms and procedures, and incorporate overseas party construction work in the management assessment system, and further improve the standardization and institutionalization of overseas party construction work. In response to the overseas project, the company is wide, and the personnel of the National Machine Group adhere to the local party organization or Temporary Party Organization, and actively carry out the strength of the party’s activities and strive to form the construction of overseas projects. fortress.

Some companies organize the topic activities such as the party’s oath in the project site, and the national flag, party and class education, party members’ activities, etc.; Many party organizations are flexible through email, Internet and other flexible development activities; Some surrounded the project construction organization, regularly selection of outstanding employees, etc.

  The party organization exerts the core role of leadership and political core, and is the unique advantage of central enterprises. In front of the urban and difficult task, the political core, battle fortress role of the overseas party organization, and the pioneering model of party members are more highlighted. In 2016, the Ecuador’s event-level earthquake, the party team of the National Machine Group was established "Aid Resmium Emergency Working Group", and actively investive in the park in the first time after the earthquake.

12 party members organized employees in the Party Group established the "Search and Rescue Savings Working Group" to arrange 17 construction machinery and equipment to cooperate with rescue, organized 22 trucks to help transport disaster relief materials. In front of the scratch disaster mission, the overseas party organization of the National Machinery Group assumes that there should be social responsibilities, establish a brand image of Chinese companies. (Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).

Deepening government service reform in Qixian County, Linyi City

  Recently, the people’s government in Linyi City has developed the "Township Contributor Reform", "in accordance with the principle of" decentralization according to law, put ", and promoting government service to the base layer. It is reported that the first batch of 28 items were issued in the first batch of privileges by direct empowerment, delegation, pre-relief, help emission, etc.. These matters are finally incorporated into the township convenience service center. It is understood that the Jixian Administrative Approachment Bureau surrounded the critical matter of agricultural rural relationships around the affairs of agricultural rural areas.

The county has directly emphasized individual industrial and commercial households, change, cancels registration, and pesticide business licensing and other matters directly emphasizes to township; the new application shall apply for 24 matters such as disabled certificates and animal epidemic prevention conditions.

  At the same time, Xixian County has 116 township government service matters, 43 village-level government service matters, prepared a service self-service system operation, and docking with the Shanxi government service integration platform, improve the "one network" .

  In addition, the County Administrative Approval Bureau organized relevant business units to strengthen the training guidance of doing people, and promote more convenient things "," will be able to do, multi-point, and run less. " (Zhang Ruiqiang Nie Jing).

15 paren niet-internationale wetenschaps- en technologie-samenwerking Sleutelprojecten, Huanggang Nieuws Net

Op 12 december werd het SINO-NON-technologische samenwerkingsproject ter plaatse ondertekend. (Hubei Daily Full Media Reporter Ke Wei He Yukin) Hubei Daily, de hele media-reporter Wenjun correspondent Qiu Jianshan op de ochtend van 12 december, de openingsceremonie van de 2011 China-non-innovatie-samenwerkingsconferentie, inclusief Shiyan Yinpeng Xing Electronic Technology Co ., Ltd. en Gambia Saassa Agricultural Science Technology Research Institute Agricultural Technology Service Agreement, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academie van Wetenschappen en Kenjo Kenjatta Agricultural Science and Technology University Samenwerking Memorandum, Energy System Modellering en Optimalisatie Veld Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Co?peratie Memorandum, in totaal 15 belangrijkste projecten voor ondertekening ter plaatse, met landbouw, geneeskunde, energie en andere gebieden.

Het project Ondertekeningen Samenwerking zal een platform aannemen om te bouwen, technisch onderzoek en ontwikkeling, prestaties transformatie en talenttraining.

De verantwoordelijke persoon over de afdeling Hubei Provinciale Wetenschap en Technology zei: "" zal de internationale innovatie-middelen in de integratie en krachtige ontwikkeling van de EU verder bevorderen.

"We zullen samenwerken met de Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Plantation Park, blijven de Jenkenian Biodiversity Investigation verder, verklaren gezamenlijk gezamenlijke onderzoeksprojecten." "Kenia Qiao Kenjata Agricultural University of Science and Technology Silvia Shero introduceerde dat de samenwerkingsgeschiedenis van beide partijen tot 10 jaar geleden tot 10 jaar geleden een groep wetenschap en technologie-jeugdbackbone voor Afrika cultiveerde, en speelde de sociale en economische constructie van Kenia. Grote rol.

"Ik hoop de mogelijkheid te gebruiken voor de conferentie innovatie-samenwerking, verdere versterking van de wetenschappelijke en technologische samenwerking en prestaties in de Chinese Academy of Sciences – niet-gezamenlijk onderzoekscentrumplatform." Wu Hao, directeur internationale samenwerking en onderwijsafdeling, Chinese Academie Van Wetenschappen, aanwezig, medium-niet-gezamenlijk onderzoek Het centrum is de eerste uitgebreide wetenschaps- en onderwijsinstelling in mijn land. Opgericht in 2013, bevindt het Centrum zich in de hoofdcampus van Joimo Kenata Agricultural Science and Technology. In de afgelopen jaren, 68 Internationale samenwerking Onderzoeksprojecten zijn gelanceerd.

Onder hen wordt verwacht dat "Kenya-installatie" officieel in 2022 publiceert. Dit is de eerste om de buitenlandse landen te compileren, die wordt gehouden door de wetenschappers van mijn land, zullen uiterst belangrijke fundamentele informatie en wetenschappelijke basis bieden voor de bescherming van planten diversiteit en duurzaam gebruik van Oost-Afrika. On-site, provinciale hogescholen en universiteiten en Afrika ondertekent projecten. Onder hen ondertekende Zhang Lijun, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, een "memorandum van wetenschappelijke onderzoekssamenwerking aan de Modellering en optimalisatie van de University of Energy System" in Pretoria University, Zuid-Afrika, gericht op groen verkeer, groen rooster.

In Zuid-Afrika al 10 jaar, Zhang Li Jun, die dit jaar naar China terugkeerde, "Zuid-Afrika’s uitstekende velden, zoals bosbouw, mijnbouw, enz. Het mechanisme van Koli Kuliki remt de leverfibrose van de Manggliver Insectica.

Huazhong Agricultural University, met de constructie van traditionele drugs in de Universiteit van Adama University of Science and Technology, Egyptian National Science and Technology, Zuid-Afrika en Zuid-Afrika. "We hebben een uitgebreide productie- en onderzoeksrelatie tussen de bevordering van gemechaniseerde technologie, de constructie van gemechaniseerde technologie in Gambiaanse rijst en ma?s landbouw.

Hij Fangpeng, voorzitter van Shiyan Yinpeng Xing Electronic Technology Co, Ltd, ge?ntroduceerd dat het bedrijf een agrarische technische serviceovereenkomst heeft ondertekend met het Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Gambia, en volledig gebruik maakt van middelen zoals de technologie van het bedrijf, Humanity, en converteert wetenschappelijke onderzoeksresultaten naar productieve krachten. De wetenschappelijke onderzoekstechnici stuurden rijst, ma?s, plantaardige planten, 500 nationale opleidingstechnici, 5 uitstekende producten van producten en realiseerden het doel van Gambiaanse rijst, ma?s, plantaardige planten en groot-ruimte .

Hubei Daily’s Full Media Reporter werd ge?nformeerd dat de Gambia (HUBEI) landbouwdemonstratiepark gezamenlijk is opgericht door Shiyan Yinpeng Xing Electronic Technology Co, Ltd. heeft sinds het begin van 2018 in 8 ondernemingen geregeld, waarbij de handel in landbouwproductie, landbouwproducten, handelsproductie, landbouwproductie, handelsproductie, handelscirculatie betrokken is , Financi?le diensten, Onderwijs en opleiding en andere industrie?n. Op dit moment versnelt de constructie van het park in een ordelijke vooruitgang.

De eerste fase van het project is van plan om 50 binnenlandse en buitenlandse ondernemingen te absorberen, de jaarlijkse uitvoerwaarde van 500 miljoen Amerikaanse dollars, jaarlijkse winstbelasting 10 miljoen, kan 10.000 werkgelegenheidsproblemen oplossen. Wuhan Yongchao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. en de Afrikaanse technologie City City Complex Center, Hubei Seed Group Co, Ltd en Lianfeng Afrikaanse landbouwontwikkeling Co, Ltd Lanced China-Mozambique Land Rice Sesame Joint Demonstration Promotie, Wuhan International Painter Center Co., Ltd. en de Chang Industrial (Nigeria) Groepsconstructie van China – Afrika International Painter Industry Base.

Deze keer ondertekenden Hubei-ondernemingen 9 projecten met Afrika.

Volgens de relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over Wuhan International Chuas Centre Co., Ltd., zal het de uitwisseling van wetenschaps- en technologietalenten bevorderen, de constructie van wetenschaps- en technologieplatforms versterken en de kleine en middelgrote micro-technologie?n leiden naar actief "uitgaan" en "introductie". (Editor: Lee).

Cinda Australian Silver Fund is Xing Tao: Good price to buy a company waiting for the value

NOTN News (Reporter Yu Shipeng) Recently, Jinniu Fund Manager is Xing Tao pointed out that value investment is pointed out in an interview with Chinese Securities News, and the key to pursue high ROE or high profitability. The key is enough to match the quality of profitability and valuation. "That is," use attractive price, purchase fundamental companies ", waiting for value regression. As a firm value investor, Xing Tao said that it does not pursue high ROE or high profitability, but the pursuit of profitability and valuation levels are enough to match, ie "use attractive prices, the purchase fundament is good. Companies, waiting for the value return.

"The core of value investment is to analyze an asset qualittria. The discount rate for the future life cycle. If it is enough to fill the risk compensation, this is a better value investment direction." Specific to the stock level, is a star Tao It is said that he usually uses more PB-ROE models.

This model considers the corporate valuation and the quality of corporate business. Under this model, he will screen for the whole market stock, and the rationality of the continuity and PB of the company ROE is determined by bottom analysis, thereby selecting high-cost quality companies.

He pursues that the price is lower than the value in the enterprise, or the stock is relatively underestimated and the value is returned to the valuation. The product is not hug, do not participate in the bubble market, do stocks, the industry is scattered.

Looking back market, Xing Tao said that the current economic environment is in a case where there is a compression, there are local debts, and local debts are relaxed. The entire index will not have a very large upstairs risk, more to see the structure, now The opportunity is more diversified.

You can pay attention to some new energy links that still supply shortages next year, or observe some of the consumption opportunities for digestible. Compass the Bundao, a fund manager, the Bank of China, Australia, Silver Advantage (Class A: 013385; Class C: 013386) From November 18th.

The fund will adopt "bottom-up" strategy, through the in-depth study of the fundamentals of listed companies, based on the quality, growth and investment value of the listed company, the industry is selected, and the growth space is selected, and A combination of qualitative and quantitative combination, selecting a combination of stock constructs with competitive advantage and an attractive attractive.

It is the master’s degree in Fudan University of Economics, with the experience of 9 years of securities. It is currently the deputy director of the Australian Silver Fund Research Department. He has been managing Huifeng Jinxin, which has been serviced by HSBC Jinxin. The accumulated return of%, annual return% during the Division Fund. With long-term investment, Xing Tao has won the annual, three-year open stock Type Golden Cow Fund Award. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News. China Securities News, the author of the Securities, the author of the author, any organization does not use the above works without the transfer of the Chinese Securities, the Securities Network and the author’s written authorization, abstract or otherwise use the above works.

Where the website indicates that the source of non-China Securities News and Securities Network is reproduced from other media, the purpose of the reprint is to better service readers, the information needs, does not mean that this website agrees with its views, this website is not The authenticity is responsible, and the opposition should claim rights with the original unit unit.

Shanxi: Introducing guests into the trip to reward

  Original title: Introducing guests into the Tourism Agency can be awarded to further broaden domestic and foreign tourist passengers markets, enhance the consumption potential of cultural tourism in our province, promote the high-quality development of cultural tourism in our province, and recently the Provincial Wenke Hall and the Provincial Department of Finance. To formulate the "Introduction to the Introduction to the Tourism Agency", reward the introduction and reach a standard travel agency.

  "Introducing the Guest Jubic Travel Awards" sets three categories: the Acquisition Award, Big Tourism Awards and New Awards. Among them, the accumulation award is more than 3,000 tourists from the travel agency, and each night is rewarded 10 yuan per night.

  The Big Tourism Awards include charter awards, special prizes and large team awards. The charter award, the province of the province of more than 50 provinces, visit more than 1 A-level charge scenic spot, each one night awards 60 yuan. The special offer, the province of the province of 300 people, visit more than 1 A-level charge scenic spot, and each person has a night reward 30 yuan. The large team award, the provincial bus tour group, the province of the province, more than 200 people, more than 1 A-level charge scenic spot, each one night awards 20 yuan.

  The new state award includes the self-driving team award, the meeting (exhibition) team award and the research team award.

Among them, the self-driving team award, 20 vehicles organized by the travel agency, three vehicles in the province, the provinces and arrived in the night, visit more than 2 A-level charge scenic spots, and each person rewards 50 yuan for one night.

The Conference (Exhibition) Team Award, organized or undertake more than 100 people outside the province to open the night conference or exhibition team, visit more than 1 A-level toll scenario, each one night awards 30 yuan. The Research Team Award, organized or undertake more than 50 people from entering the night to open the night, overnight, more than three nights, more than 2 consecutive A-level charge scenic spots, each one night awards 30 yuan.

Zhang Ting Zhao Yafang.

People’s Network Hong Kong Branch Report Set

  People’s Daily (PeopleSdaily) is a China Communist Party Central Committee.

On June 15, 1948, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote a header for the People’s Daily on June 15, 1948.

On March 15, 1949, the People’s Daily moved into Beijing (the North Ping at the time).On August 1, the CPC Central Committee decided to transfer the People’s Daily to the China Communist Party Central Committee office and along with the period of June 15, 1948.

  The People’s Daily is the most authoritative and influential national newspaper in China. It is the bridge of the party and the people. It is an important window to contact the government and the people.The people’s daily report is timely and accurate, vividly promotes the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the latest policies of the Chinese government, and reports on major events at home and abroad, reflecting the wishes and requirements of the broadest masses.

The business environment see Taian’s signing to test production only three months of the company’s headquarters, "Ningyang Speed" – Wipe the ecological signage of Ningyang Ying Business Environment

Nobo Auto Workshop Production Scene The project is under investment and construction of Nobo Automotive System Co., Ltd., the project is landed, and the establishment of seven recruitment groups in Ningyang County, the establishment of the group of recruitment groups went to the township street, and the market and villages were worked. Propaganda, building a standardized canteen, rebuilt employee dormitory, and investing nine logistics cars to set up Ningyang to Baoding logistics line, and low cost provides logistics services.

The project tried to produce in April last year, officially put into production in June, refreshed the construction record of Nobo Automobile National Regional Layout Project, was known as Nobo Auto as "Ningyang Speed". Wang Lijun, deputy secretary of Ningyang County, said: "Innovation implements the company’s ladder, we focus on ‘transfer enterprises, small ranks, regular stocks, share listing" growth path to implement industrial enterprises, cultivate the’ 520 ‘action, according to Regulatory, backup, technology innovation, medium and small, small five-year-old type, each year’s screening determines the focus of concentrated elements.

"In 2020, Ningyang County Net Sanctuary, 19 industrial enterprises, 20" 520 ", the total profits of industrial enterprises increased year-on-year. Ningyang County Development issued" On Continued In-depth Optimization Business Environment Implementation Opinions " The county party committee and the county government are responsible for the leading group of the business environmental evaluation work of comrades, clarify the 13 key tasks, and prepare the "Ningyang County Business Environment Evaluation Manual".

Comprehensively promote the implementation of tax reduction and tax reduction policy, forming 11 financial services teams in-depth enterprises to help, regularly organize the silver-owned enterprises, 2020 coordinating financial institutions to add 100 million yuan to enterprises, this year, have helped 40 companies since this year The loan is bonced to finance billion yuan, fully utilize Huijin emergency transmissions, Di Run financing two financing guarantee platforms, and has carried out 96 billion yuan for business, effectively alleviating corporate financing problems.

Ningyang County also focused on improving the level of law enforcement involving enterprises, combining the various regulatory matters of the same enterprises into the department joint law enforcement scope, minimizing the interference of law enforcement supervision on enterprise production operation; fully promoting "Internet + supervision", 30 The administrative examination, administrative punishment, and administrative mandatory matters of department units are included in the "Internet + supervision"; optimize the judicial guarantee of foreign-related litigation, scientifically configure 12 Internet courts, all-in-enterprises cases are completed to 5 days, more province, The city’s prescribed time is 6 working days in advance.

Raffles, monorail "moving into the" 8 exhibition halls have seen

  Raffles, monorail "move forward" exhibition hall, cooking robots unveiled … 8 exhibitions have seen the 3rd West Fair will be held.

At present, major exhibitors have begun to construct the exhibition in admission.

  This year’s West Fair will set up 8 exhibitions, what do they look at? This newspaper reporter explored you in advance.

  N1 Chongqing Hall Raffles, monorail, etc. Chongqing Elements, the N1 Museum is the Chongqing Hall, including the Chongqing Comprehensive Exhibition Area, Qianjiang New District and Two Road and Two Road Inn Bonded Port Area. The overall shape of the Chongqing Comprehensive Exhibition area with "open mind" "open wings" as the design concept, there are Chongqing elements and landmarks such as Raffles, Grand Theater, Monorail and Yangtze River, and the middle channel takes "rivers" as a carrier, take "water Not rot ", meaning that Chongqing is open, and courageous. Two Jiangxin Districts, the two-way boiler industry exhibition hall uses high-tech show indigenous equipment such as transparent screen, through data flow, circuit board and other abstract maps, depicting the "smart two rivers" a grand picture.

  N2 Regional Cooperation (Provincial City) Huge ranking sail, highlighting the regional cooperation is located in N2 regional collabotrics (provinces and districts), which is also a highlight of this year’s West Fair. Including Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan Sanlin Provincial Region and Ningxia, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Shandong, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, etc.

  "Solid Sichuan" sector in the high and low LED column, the relevant data of Sichuan rolls through the form of dynamic visual effects, and is equipped with a beautiful view of the scene of city, scenery, industries. The Guangxi Exhibition Hall uses the overall shape of "giant round, sailing", interpreting the location of Guangxi’s unique "coastal + along the edge", showing the trend of "riding wind and savings, thousands of sails."

  Yunnan Province mainly demonstrates the construction of Land Sea New Channel to promote logistics development, "transportation + travel + cold chain logistics" and other economic pillar industries such as tobacco industry, biotechnology, mine industries, tourism industry.

  The N3 International Pavilion "Sinan" conforms "all the way" economic and trade Shengjing in the N3 International Pavilion, the international cooperation exhibition area has borrowed the "Sidan" in the ancient Chinese discrimination direction, the overall layout of the four-sided direction, the meaning of the four sides, The route is vertical and horizontal, vertical and horizontal, interleaved, mutual integration and aggregation. Join the container and ship design elements, showing the important strategic significance of "all the way" economic and trade scenery, meaning the important strategic significance of Lu Haixin channel. The main country exhibition area shows the leading results of Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia and China in infrastructure construction, investment, trade, financial, communications, and e-commerce, tourism and culture, etc. The African Comprehensive Pavilion exhibition area showed cooperation between African countries and China in manufacturing, food, medical, housing, economic and trade, tourism, transportation and other aspects and specialty products. N4-owned enterprises, "Black Technology" debut, can experience the automatic driving of N4, and will have a large BO-black technology product debut. It is understood that China Electric Construction will use the 360 ??holographic projection technology to display the assembly manufacturing strength of the group; China’s aluminum industry focuses on aerospace, national defense military, rail transit, car lightweight, new materials and other products; Chongqing Electromechanical Group will show Light Digital Infantry Brigade General Commodity Cart, integrated with a variety of communication methods such as satellite, radio stations, and short waves. In terms of interactivity, one of the world’s top 500, the residential industry in Hong Kong, the company’s exhibition hall set up an automatic driving test scene; China’s oil brings "face recognition, intelligent robot refueling" interactive experience, fine control drilling system and other new Technology. N5 Automobile and Motor Motor Museum exhibits the latest models and supporting products in N5’s AutoMatsu Industry Pavilion will have more than 50 well-known companies at home and abroad, mainly covering automobile and motorized car and its upper and downstream industrial chains. SAIC will bring the latest new energy models, Changan Motors will exhibit automatic parking technology and L3 automatic driving technology.

In addition, Great Wall, Longxin Motor, etc., will also show up to the latest and best-selling models.

  N6 Chengdu Shuangcheng Economic Circular Pavilion integrates into high-speed rail elements, Shuangcheng handed with "out of the circle", and the first Xiuxi Shuangcheng Economic Circle Pavilion. The pavilion has been singing "Double City" and builds the economic circle as the theme, located in the N6 Exhibition Hall. The museum is in the shape of a double "circle", which is integrated into a new pattern of the development of Shuangcheng Economic Circles in the intensive area, and needs to adhere to dual-core leaders, regional linkage, and integration. At the same time, the exhibition area integrates into the high-speed rail tour shuttle and other elements, and it is also meaningfully focused on the strategic positioning of "two bodies", promoting the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu.

  N7 Large Health Industry Cutting Robots and other healthy intelligent products debut in N7’s large health industry pavilion focused on "big health" "big data" "big ecology", divided into health services, women and children health, healthy life, healthy old-age 4 exhibition area .

Each exhibition area will have some high-tech products, such as cooking robots, intelligent assessment systems, 3D nutrition buffet systems.

  N8 Regional Cooperative (Chongqing District) Shuangcheng Economic Circle Strategic Cooperation City works in the exhibition area of ??Chongqing District, China, where there is a place in Jiangbei, Banan, Shapingba and Wulong, Lijiang, Pengshui, Yunyang and other districts centralized display. In these districts, some will be unveiled in the strategic city of Shuangcheng Economic Circle with Chengdu, for example, in May last May, the Chongqing Banni District of Chongqing and Chengdu Wenjiang District jointly launched, showing the industries of the two fields. Travel and other resources.

Our reporter Yang Jun (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).

Reporter Survey: Beijing garbage classification "three issues" also need to focus on solving

Original title: The "three major problems" of garbage sorting also need to focus on the progress of Beijing garbage classification work? Yesterday, at the "Beijing Domestic Waste Management Regulations", the relevant departments said that there is still three major problems in the city’s garbage sorting, that is, mobilization has a dead angle, the inaccuracy of the mobilization, and the lant station standardized management is also gap. .

In the future, the city will complain about the high-risk community to increase the frequency of law enforcement inspection, and the precision guidance of garbage classification will also extend from the residential community.

The precision guidance will introduce deputy director of the Urban Management Committee of the Office, and the news spokesperson Zhang Yan. In July, the city’s home kitchen waste days were 4,340 tons, and the divide rate was%. The city’s domestic garbage classification promotion work headquarters total 432 residential communities in July, found 1202 questions, all feedback notification rectification, the accuracy rate of autonomy of the residents is%.

Since this year, Beijing continues to carry out garbage transportation and special governance, strengthen the daily management and assessment of the garbage transport unit, and the street (township) of the top 20 of the appeal is premiere, the effectiveness is remarkable. According to statistics, at present, the city’s garbage clearance is not in time, and the number of claims have been decreased from 187 / day in January, and the total complaint is overall in a downward trend.

This month, 214 communities (villages) were rated as the third batch of domestic garbage classification demonstration communities (villages), including 147 cells, 67 villages in 2021.

At present, the total number of domestic garbage classification demonstration communities (villages) reached 1049.

Next, the city will continue to grasp the precision guidance of garbage sorting and the barrel site, accurate guidance will also extend from the residential community to the organ unit, school, office building, industrial park, etc., and pay attention to the publicity of individual classification responsibility The role of education, playing organs, enterprises and institutions of cadres, primary and secondary school students, etc. Where is the "knocking action" garbage classification for non-active people? At the press conference, Zhao Jiqiang, member of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, gave a "three major issues" of the garbage classification, respectively: mobilization launches still there in the dead angle, the landscaping is not accurate, and the barrel station standardized management also has a gap.

Zhao Jigui introduced that in the business building and park inspection, individual employees found that there were unclear people’s garbage sorting knowledge, not understanding, indicating that there is a blind spot in mobilization, need to further continue to do a good job in publicity mobilization; bucket According to the reflection, some residents do not properly put rubbish, in addition to kitchen waste, the remaining brains are thrown into other trash can, accurate classification and correct delivery also gaps and insufficient; summer is here, some barrel stations "taste" More important, in addition to the recent rainwater, causing a bucket of water, mosquito breeding, giving residents to put the garbage inconvenience.

In this step, the next step, the city will participate in the "knocking action" for garbage sorting, and accurately carry out "knocking operations"; organize the community to do a good job in the predecessor of the bucket, formulate a weekly session and weekend, to ensure that there is no appearance Blank manager in front of the bucket; encourages the leading residents to classify and put it, and establish an educational penalty mechanism to form deterrence effects.

The complaints of the high-risk community will increase the deputy director of the law enforcement frequency city management law enforcement, and since the implementation of the "Beijing Domestic Waste Management Regulations", as of the end of July this year, the city’s urban management law enforcement departments have investigated the illegal activities involving domestic garbage. Behavisable, applicable "Beijing Domestic Waste Management Regulations" investigated the illegal activities of living garbage classification, which is a fine of 2370 for personal misclassification and putting illegal activities.

Since the special law enforcement inspection of personal living garbage sort of "Urban Management Law Entering Community" in June, the city’s urban management law enforcement departments have investigated 5068 living waste classification illegal activities in the community, including 4869 for personal misclassification and delivery of illegal activities. A fine of 866 fines.

Next, the city’s urban management law enforcement departments will focus on the focus of 12345 people’s disregards, and the focus of living garbage sort of living garbage, and increase the frequency of law enforcement inspections, attack hard, boost the level of life. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.