When Li Tianchou arrived at the hospital,Xiaowen is supporting Wu Jianguo to bask in the sun in the corridor,He smiled and said hello to Li Tianchou,I went to Liang Hui on the excuse of something。

Wu Jianguo is in good spirits,Li Tianchou was calculated by Fat Zhu,He also heard,Repeatedly comforting Li Tianchou not to go to his heart,Work under someone else’s roof,There is no wrongdoing?Li Tianchou nodded and said yes,But also aware of the changes in his comrades,Become lacklustre,He is not good at evaluating the quality and right or wrong of this change,But from the bottom of my heart, I realize that the former pride and blood of my comrades are passing away bit by bit.。
Liang Hui’s body recovers much faster,The sea blowing in the hospital bed,Doesn’t look like a patient at all。There are many people in the ward,Except for two colleagues,Liang Hui’s brother and sister-in-law are also there,They came here specially,Seeing Liang Hui is fine,Are discussing rushing back home overnight。
Liang Hui is two poles better than Weidong,I yelled loudly when I saw Li Tianchou,After discharge,I have to beat that Fatty Zhu,Unpleasant。Brother and sister-in-law don’t understand the situation,Started to worry again。Make Li Tianchou anxious,He warned Liang Hui loudly if he dared to act rashly,This friend has nothing to do,Liang Hui hummed and shut up。
At noon,Li Tianchou reluctantly invited everyone to dinner,A lot including Xiaowen。He doesn’t know how to express his apologies and thanks,If I am not impulsive that day,Everyone will not be like this now。Maybe the only way,He can feel better in his heart。
Chapter Twenty Five The Fatty Plan died
Work in the afternoon,Li Tianchou collected a lot of newspapers,Start researching recruitment information。He is more interested in technical work,It is more reliable to learn a craft,It will definitely be useful to return home in the future。
The recruitment information in the newspaper can be described as massive,Li Tianchou watching while recording,After a while, I filled a small piece of paper,Is it a big city,Human demand is too great,This also makes him confident in his future job search。
“Tian Chou,The police friend from your last time called,He left you a number,I told you to call him free。”Captain Hao rarely appeared at the gate,Reached out and handed Li Tianchou a note,But calmly glanced at the piece of paper on the table。
Li Tianchou was a little surprised,I don’t know what’s urgent for Brother Xiao?Think about it,Picked up the extension in the guard box and called Xiao Yadong。
“Hey,please say。”Xiao Yadong’s voice seems tired。
“Brother Xiao,I am Li Tianchou。You just looked for me?”
“Oh,Tian Chou,I have something to ask you。We held a case briefing in the morning,There is a case about a group incident in your company,Several employees were injured,Have you participated?”