What are the hazards of morning exercise?

What are the hazards of morning exercise?

We know that there are many ways to keep in good health, two of which are key. They are diet and exercise. Exercise can be divided into fitness, swimming, yoga, etc. These sports can not only shape the body, but also have a lot of impact on physical health.

With the acceleration of the pace of life, people do not have more time for exercise and generally choose to exercise in the morning or evening, but most people are more accustomed to exercise in the morning.

  Choosing different periods of exercise will have different effects on the body.

Many people think that exercising in the morning is good for your health, so most people choose to do morning jogging at 5 o’clock in the morning, and the location they choose is usually a place with more trees.

Because they think that where there are more trees, the air is also fresh and not polluted. In fact, these concepts are wrong.

  The Harm of Morning Exercises Since ancient times, physical exercise has been a way of strengthening people, and most people like to start exercising early in the morning.

Because they believe that the sooner you exercise, the better.

In addition, people generally like to do morning exercises in places with green plants, such as lawns, woods, and flowers. In fact, exercise is harmful to the body during this time.

Because air pollutants are the least prone to spread before 6 am, this is often the peak period of pollution.

  Moreover, before the sun came out, the plants did not perform photosynthesis, so the fresh oxygen in the surrounding air was small, but the reduced carbon dioxide was accumulated, which was obviously bad for human health.

Therefore, the morning exercise should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.

  1. Induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. With the increase of age, most people are susceptible to diseases such as hypertension. People with these diseases cannot exercise in the early morning.

Because early morning blood pressure is the highest ranking of many people in a day, it is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Therefore, people with this type of disease are best to exercise for a different period of time.

  2. People who are likely to cause hypoglycemia are generally carried out on an empty stomach during morning exercise. A large amount of blood glucose is consumed during exercise. This is likely to cause hypoglycemia in elderly and diabetic patients.

  3, easy to cause chest tightness and hypoxia Although many people think that exercise itself promotes health and wellness, but premature exercise has brought many effects to people, such as chest tightness and hypoxia.

5 to 7 in the morning are the worst days of the day.

If the weather is very hot or the humidity is high, and the densely wooded area is poorly ventilated, people will feel dull and hypoxic without exercising.

Therefore, Xiaobian advises everyone not to exercise during this period of time, fearless of the body.

  When is the best time for exercise? There are certain errors in daily health, so that physical health is constantly affected. It is best to exercise in the afternoon and evening.

The highest point and lowest point of the human body’s strength are controlled by the body’s “biological clock”, and generally reach a peak in the evening.

For example, the lowest point at which the body absorbs oxygen is at 6:00 pm.

Heartbeat and blood pressure are most balanced between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, while the body’s sense of smell, touch, and vision are also most sensitive between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Therefore, the overall effect of evening exercise is better.

  What to pay attention to when exercising1. Choose a familiar road exercise. Some people like to exercise in unfamiliar places. This can not only bring a sense of stimulus to themselves, but also bring a sense of freshness, but this way is not desirable.

Because choosing an unfamiliar place to exercise is likely to lead to getting lost and cause many hidden dangers to your own safety.

  2. Don’t exercise while listening to the song Whether you watch other people’s sports in a TV show or in real life, you will encounter this phenomenon. Many people like to listen to songs and exercise.

If it is exercised during the day, there is no danger of damage, but if it is at night, the harm is multiple.

Running at night and the daytime benchmark are dangerous. The runner’s vision has been affected at night, so it is best to maintain the full sensitivity of other senses, especially hearing.

Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that it is best to change the habit of listening to music while exercising to avoid accidents.

  Everyone knows that sports have been a popular way of keeping in good health since ancient times, but some people have misunderstandings about when it is best to exercise and what conflicts to watch out for. In the above content, the editors will explain them one by one, hopeCan help everyone.

Although there are many benefits to morning exercise, it is best not to always choose a place with more trees to exercise, in fact, you can exercise at home.