China FAW and Jilin Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly carry the mission and responsibility of the high-quality development of Jilin Province

As a local financial enterprise in Jilin Province, in recent years, it has firmly grasped the fundamental purpose of the financial services entity.situation.In the financial support of the automobile, closely revolve the decision-making deployment of the trillion automobile industry cluster built by the provincial government provincial government, through the shareholding FAW Auto Financial Company, set up the car industrial professional branch, configure the credit size of the exclusive industry, and constantly increase the JilinProvincial automotive industry support.Up to now, more than 600 customers in the Jilin bank, the total credit of the automobile industry has a total of nearly 20 billion yuan, which specially revoked the comprehensive financial solutions around the FAW Group, and served as a total of 12 billion yuan for the overall FAW Group.The 75-house dealers in the main plant provide financing support to provide credit support for more than 250 companies upstream of the automotive industry.